Me and Domonic

My boyfriend Domonic were thinking about having our first time having sex he came over when my parents left on saterday to go to bowling, when he came through the door, he already had a boner. We went into my room and we started undressing ourselves. "Baby im scared, you wont hurt me right?" I said. " 'course not sexy". I started to suck his huge cock, "uuugghh baby that feels so good", after a while he came and swallowed his big load. I layed down and he slolwy put his cock in my pussy, " Fuck me hard baby, go hard"he started to go faster and faster "UGHHHH" I could hear myself moaning. He almost made me bleed. Once we were done with thaat we went to the computer and he logged on to and masterbated together, I sucked his cock and masterbated for him in the process.
Not a true story.
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