The Summer Rain

Outside the rain is falling and I have my window open to enjoy the ambience. Tomorrow promises to be as busy a day as today, and the soothing sound of the rain calms my mind. It also provokes my memory. It was on a night like this that I finally penetrated the mystery of Majken.

She was a beautiful girl, one year younger than myself, broad chested, shorter than me, and always wearing black. For a long time I had regarded her with lust but with the passage of time I came to understand that friendship was all she sought. This was disapointing to my ego, but not such that I could hold it against her and deep down inside there was always the entertaining though ulikely notion that perhaps one day she might suddenly throw herself at my feet and beg to be butt fucked.

Since I didn't believe my own desires would ever be realised, I wasn't too upset when she took to telling me her inner most thoughts with regards to the various other men who made advances to her. I thought it slightly odd that she should be so disinterested in all the handsome and charming men who came her way and I did think it very odd that she should tell me these things too, after all, didn't she have any girl friends she could talk to?

One day, as we sat in the near darkness of a late summers evening, listening to Offenbach's 'Les Contes d'Hoffmann' playing quietly on my stereo, I asked her outright about her friends.
"What about your friend Lily?" I suggested. "Don't you ever talk to her about these men?"
She gave me a long hard look, made all the more piercing by the smoke from the joint she had lit.
"Why would you mention Lily?" she replied. I accepted the joint and shrugged. This wasn't the answer I had expected. The truth was, Lily, her flat mate was her only female friend that I knew of. She shook her head as if she was annoyed.
"I can't tell Lily anything" she told me.

It was the way she said it that gave her away. In that instant, I understood that Majken might be a lesbian, that she was probably infatuated with Lily, possibly even in love. I regarded her for a while, savouring the marijuana, before I put my observation to her in the form of a question. She didn't seem surprised.
"Have you told her?"
"No" she replied emphatically.

Until that day, I had never met a lesbian before. I had seen them in the streets of Aarhus, kissing in door ways, holding hands and touching each other at concerts. I had however never spoken with one and I had a vague idea that they were antagonistic towards men. A part of me took an instant dislike to the idea that Majken was a lesbian, but another part took solace in this explanation of my own rejection. I disregarded both of these treacherous thoughts though because I was fascinated and strangely dizzy at my discovery.

Majken was watching me closely. I smiled at her. I was some what stoned. She began to question me with regards to my thoughts on sex and soon she was asking me about my sexual conquests. Who was the last girl I had been with? What did I do to her? What was it like?
"Are you a virgin?" I blurted out. She wasn't. She'd had sex, but only with boys; only the sort of d***ken fumbling at parties which left her feeling confused and dejected.
"Tell me how it feels to fuck a woman" she said with naked curiosity. She paused for a heart beat then said "Tell me about Ester".

"How do you know about her?" I asked in amazement. How could she know that I'd had sex with my neighbour. How could she know that a woman ten years older than me had knocked on my door one afternoon and asked me to help her lift some boxes into the attic? "How...?"
"I came round and heard you" she shrugged.
"Heard me?"
"Yeah. I listened at the door. It was open"
Her door had been open! I gaped.

Ester's front door was right alongside mine. I lived on the right of the stairwell, she lived on the left. I realised that any one coming up or down the stairs would have heard us. Majken was still watching me.
"What was it like?" I prompted myself. "Well, it was nice..."

Ester was a social worker of some kind. I didn't know much about her job except that it involved sitting all day in an office with several other women. I'd lived next door to her for almost three years and in all that time I had never seen her with a man. Sometimes I'd meet her on the stairs, usually when she came home from work, carrying her grocery bags, breathing heavily, red faced with her big fat breasts heaving. If I was going up, I'd offer to carry her bags because I knew she had weak knees from an accident in her youth.

Once or twice she'd invited me for a cup of coffee and we’d sat and talked in her front room but thats all that had happened. I’d d***k my coffee, listened to her conversation for a while and covertly admired her chest.

I don't know why she seduced me on the day she asked me to help with her boxes, but since I was so much younger than her, I'd assumed it was from sheer loneliness and desperation. I’d helped her move her boxes, then we’d sat down to drink some coffee as usual. The first difference I noted was when she offered me a beer instead.
”I’m out of coffee” she explained as she passed me a bottle. I thought nothing of it.

”She was loosening you up” Majken explained. I nodded and asked her when she’d arrived. She shrugged and said she’d heard us fucking from the door. She didn’t know how long we’d already been at it before she arrived.

The next difference was her dress. Ester usually dressed in drab, sensible sweaters, cardigans and the like, but that day she was wearing a predominantly red floral dress. It struck me the moment I saw it that the dress accentuated her magnificent breasts to a most startling degree. I still didn’t understand what was happening though. Even when she sat beside me on the sofa I drank my beer and smiled happily as I cautiously feasted my eyes on her cleavage.

It was only when she flicked her eyes to catch me staring that I realised something untoward was happening. Rather than seem annoyed, she smiled. Shyly at first then ever more brazen. I might have been slow on the uptake, but my cock wasn’t. The moment I saw her eyes and that cheeky grin, I felt the bl**d stirring below. The ’old man’ gave a sudden lurch and my breath caught in my throat.
”What the fuck?” I muttered.

She suddenly leaned forward, cupped my head with one hand and kissed my mouth. Every hair on my body stood on end and a sensation not unlike neon electricity flashed inside my eyes. She drew back and looked into my eyes, but I was still in shock and offered no resistance. She kissed me again, only this time she opened her mouth and pressed an insistant tongue into my mouth. I reacted, tenderly cupping one of her breasts, and marvelling at the size and weight of it, but my reaction was merely that, a reaction. She had taken the initiative and she kept it. She moved closer to me so that her breasts pressed against me and my face was turned up to hers. Her left hand began to massage my thigh with spread fingers whilst her thumb rubbed the head of my cock through my jeans.

”What does your prick look like?” Majken asked abruptly. I stopped talking and stared at her in disbelief. ”Let me see it” she added. I wondered if I had been smoking too much, but there was no mistaking her intention. She wanted me to pull out my penis, right there and show it to her.
”I thought you were a lesbian” I protested weakly. I felt the ground was falling away beneath me. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pull out my cock, not least because I wasn’t all that sure she would care for it. There was something intimidating in her body language. Or so I thought.
”I never said that” she replied, ”Well... not in so many words”
”Why do you want to see my prick?” I asked. She shrugged and then leant forward. The length of the sofa was between us, and she crossed it on her hands and knees with the lithe grace of a predatory feline.
”Let me see it.” It was a command rather than a plea. I stared into her eyes, and they were implacable. Demanding. I blinked and stood up. She knelt back on her heels to watch as I kicked off my jeans and boxers. I sat down again with my back to the wall, facing her with my knees drawn up in front of me.

The music ended and Majken lit another joint. Outside the rain fell steadily. Neither of us made any comment about my erection.
”What happened next?” she asked as she breathed out the first puff of smoke.

Ester continued to work her hand up to my crotch as she kissed me. Her weight was pressing me into the corner of the sofa and her proximity was over powering me with the scent of her body. She was wearing perfume, but it didn’t hide the smell of her excitement. She was sweating enough from her arm pits and breasts that my head was dizzy with her odor. Many people are put off by sweat, but I found the fresh smell of her body’s odor to be exhilerating.

She was kissing me and breathing heavily into my mouth at the same time and my dizziness sent shivers down my legs. With extreme difficulty I undid my belt and pushed down my trousers. This gave her unrestricted access to my cock which was painfully erect and slick with excitement. Her hand curled around the shaft and began to softly work it, and I groaned with the exquisite agony of impending orgasm. I had been taken completely by surprise and I was utterly helpless. I didn’t want to come but she was merciless. She leant down and with her hand still gently massaging my balls, took the head of my cock in her mouth. Gently then, she slid her lips down the length of it, repeating this movement until, despite her weight, my body was arched beneath her and I felt the long thick stream of cum ejaculate into her mouth.

”She probably needed it more than you did” Majken said. Whilst I was talking, she had leant forward again. As I watched her, she reached between my legs and began to fondle me. I reached out to take her head in my hands but she jerked it away.
I frowned, confused.
”Tell me more” she said.
”Why?” I asked.
”Because context is everything” she said.

After Ester had swallowed every last drop she sat up and smiled. I looked at her with glazed eyes, unsure in the face of such complacence as to what was expected of me. She didn’t seem to be too concerned by my reticence however. She reached for her beer and drank down half the bottle then passed me the remainder.
”Can you come again?” she asked. We both looked down at my swollen cock which was already begin to rise at the prospect of yet more sexual adventure. ”I guess so” she laughed.

I knew what she had in mind but I wasn’t going to simply perform like some kind of a poodle. She’d made me come and it felt like I was at something of a disadvantage. I resolved to pay her back before she got anything further from my cock, and so I began to kiss her in the way she had kissed me. She may have been a big girl, but I was stronger. I pressed her shoulder until she sank back into the other corner of the sofa then I took her head in my hands and kissed her greedily. She offered no resistance at all, and I ran my fingers through her hair as I licked in and around her lips. She breathed heavily as before and one of her hands began to seek my balls. I dodged it and pressed myself between her legs. This caused her to open her mouth even wider and she began to make small panting noises. I realised she wasn’t wearing any panties when my fingers pressed between her thoighs to find the moist flods of a hair vagina.

”Of course” Majken interjected. Her eyes were locked on mine. Hypnotic. My story was becoming disjointed as her fingers absently played with the head of my cock. I had no idea what she was up to, but I was f***ed by discomfort to shift my position and I stretched my legs out on either side of her.
”Thats much better” she observed. Now she could really work the shaft with her hand whilst maintaining her cool detachment.
”What did you do next?”
I could hardly remember.
”I licked her”
”Obviously. Tell me about it”

Ester’s vagina was a plump, red, wet darkness, sprinkled with the golden highlights of her pubic hair. Her smell was over-powering. She tasted strong and acrid at the first lick, but as I grew bolder and her involuntary movements settled down into a rythmic pattern, I found her taste mellowed considerably and soon I was pressing my whole face into her, using my nose to nudge aside her labia and pressing my tongue as deep into her as I could.
At first I avoided her clitoris. The sensation of her big wet pussy was too good to ignore, but eventually I found myself drawn to it by her responses. Can any one lick a clitoris and not be moved by the woman’s desperate cries for release? I certainly couldn’t, and soon I found I was trapped between two big pale thighs as Ester shuddered and gripped my hair.
”Come on. Fuck me.” She whispered, but I paused. I didn’t have any contraceptives with me and I had no intention of fathering a c***d. I told her this, but she waved it aside. ”I’m on the pill” she said, ”Oh God. Just fuck me!”

”She said that?”
I was on my back, my legs spread as wide as the sofa would allow. My hands gripping the cushions. My heart beat was throbbing in my neck. Majken’s hand was still slowly working my cock whilst she smoked her fourth joint. My mind was swimming in an exctasy of sexual frustration, confusion and marijuana.
”Of course you fucked her. I heard you.” She said.
”What did you hear?” I whispered.

”I came up the stairs and just as I was about to knock I heard her making all that noise. She was quite loud, and the door was ajar. I was going to knock but then I heard your voice too.”
”What did I say?”
”You said; ’I’m going to come’. When I heard it was you, I stood and listened to you come.”
I was silent. Up until this point her hand had been slow and cntrolled Now she was losing the rythm and my heightened state of excitement couldn’t maintain itself without the stimulus. I lost it and her hand became painful. She became aware of this and stopped. In silence, we regarded each other in the near darkness and outside the rain fell.

”Did you enjoy it?” she said softly. ”Her?”
”Yes.” Of course I had. How could I now have enjoyed it?
”Will you see her again?”
”Not if you don’t want me to” I answer almost without even realising what I’m saying.

For a while she said nothing. She just sat there between my legs, one hand still on my erect penis. I had a moment of clarity where the absurdity of my position presented itself to my mind, but I ignored it and the moment passed. She might have had a similar moment, or perhaps she was thinking of Lily, but her moment passed too and she suddenly gave my cock a good natured squeeze.
”I’ve never had a cock in my mouth” she said and in the darkness I could tell she was grinning.

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