I'm walking through the techno ambience of the underground. There are lights strobing all around me, breaking the darkness into jerking fragments of reality. Stop motion figures dance to the pulsing, all devouring sea of sound and I am stoned beyond reproach. Godlike in my arrogance. Supremely indifferent to my surroundings. Moving through the crowd with slow eyes; watching eager hands moving across slick brazen skin, eyes flashing in the darkness, glittering like sparks in the night.

The people around me are like vampires, crazed with lust, biting at each other's necks, groping hands darting out to touch. A young man, boy like, is caught between two women as I pass by. His face turns in the staccato light to regard me. The older of the two women, plump, long techno coloured hair, presses her hips against his buttocks, and runs her hands across his thighs. Her greedy gaze watches as the younger woman moves in to kiss the boy's throat. Both women are wearing white boiler suits and black bowler hats.

This means something, some where, but my mind is indifferent. I watch the boy watching me as I pass by. His lips move but I can't hear what he says. He slips from my mind in a blur of slamming rythm and I find myself standing at a bar. It is bright orange, glowing like an amber river. My hands are placed on it and I am staring at the pulsing mouth of the woman on the other side. She is speaking to me, leaning forward. Her lips change from ruby red to dark blue and back as the lights flicker crazily about us. I nod slowly, closing my eyes as I do. When I open them again, she is gone and a half d***k glass of neon liquid is standing before me. I drain it in one long movement, and though I feel it sliding down my throat like freezing quicksilver, I cannot taste it at all. A man beside me is laughing.

I am on my back, staring up at the ceiling which is yellow. A figure in a gas mask is standing over me. It leans down with big looming insect eyes and I see myself being lifting off the floor. I turn to look at the dance floor, but there is only a dull blue door. The words EMERGENCY EXIT stenciled across it in flickering yellow. The insect figure begins to dance in a slow sinuous movement that is at odds with the music. I push it away and turn my gaze around towards the lights. Dark figures are silhouetted against a deep pulsing red. I feel some one press themselves against me, a cock rubbing against my ass. A woman in latex appears in front of me. She leans forward to kiss me.

The beat increases in volume as a new track begins. A woman's voice begins to chant in German and my head nods helplessly along with the rythm. Some one runs fingers through my hair. Some one else is licking my back; I feel the slug like trail of saliva like a cold shiver. I realise I am on my knees. The woman in latex kneels before me, and with fascinated eyes, presses a finger into my mouth.

The man behind me has pressed himself against my ass again and is gyrating his hips to the music. The woman in latex is watching him above my head. She is speaking to him but the only word I catch in the overpowering music is 'slut'.

I am floating in the warm sea of sound. Around me, alien voices chatter and splinter into sparks. The main theme of the music twists and turns, lifting me away from myself to fly in chasms of reverberation. Lights flash above me like laser bolts and a hundred small spheres of reflection run in rivulets. I realise I am in a car. The music continues and there is someone sitting on either side of me. A hand is busily exploring in my pants and I sink down into the back seat with lazy indifference.

Another drink is pressed into my hands. It is in a small flat bottle which contains a liquid fire. Two women are giggling, one of them pushes me gently out of the room. I am in another room. More lights are pulsing and my head is spinning. A grinning African face passes me a burning ember which I suck on. My vision blurs and when it clarifies I am sitting in an armchair looking down at a blonde head in my lap. I recognize the face that looks up at me, but I have no idea who she is. She is wearing latex. It is tight over her ass and reflects the lights which have grown dull and flickering. I look around at the room I am in, and see candles. The music remains the same. Loud, repetative and beguiling.

I am naked. Everything has been removed from my body. The blonde woman in latex has removed my underwear with a flourish, looking around the room with obvious triumph. Another woman looms over me. She passes me another burning moment of oblivion and I fall back into dreaming of the surface the sun for a while. When I come back to myself, I am flat on my belly and some one is pressing a cock into my ass. my head is turned to the left and the grinning African face is watching me. It comes closer and runs a hand across my cheek. I stare into black and white eyes that glitter in their depths.

I am moved to the edge of the bed then penetrated again. Some one is fucking me so hard that my whole body jerks with the momentum. I close my eyes tight as the feeling of penetration rides up my spine like a golden amber wave. Flickers of light and memories s**tter across my eyes. Hands run through my hair again, and a cock rubs against my mouth. My lips part of their own volition and the warm hazy smell of a human being in close proximity to my face overwhelmes my senses. I hear voices but the music drowns out any meaning to the words. Only their tone conveys any meaning. The cock in my mouth shudders and floods me with saltiness. I feel my self retching breifly but I am too numb to care about anything except the pounding intrusion of my anus. The sperm dribbles from my mouth like an after thought.

A gaping emptiness is followed by another blessed intrusion and the pleasurable heat returns. The woman in latex reappears before me, squatting down. I realise she has a black shiny cock. She leans closer and begins to lick my lips. The man on my back speaks to her. "Lick it all up!" I hear him say and she does. Behind her, the African face looms from the darkness. The woman's eyes are staring into mine and even in the orange candle light I see them widen as she is penetrated.

The woman in latex is gripping my head, twisting it so she can kiss me with savage intensity but we are both being fucked hard and her lips and tongue are continually pressed away from my mouth. As if from a distance, I can hear her voice when she begins to scream. A hand reaches from behind and grips her face; two finger tips pressing her lower lip down, gripping her teeth. A wave of confusion passes over me.

I wake up. I am in a bed in a room. There is a woman lying next to me. I sit up and look around a room furnished in comfortable dark red furniture. There are clothes, bottles and burned out candles littered all around. On a sofa is another woman. Lying beside her is an African mask and she still wears a black latex strap on. I know there was a man. I distinctly remember a man cumming in m mouth, but who ever he was, he has gone. As I swing my legs off the bed, I catch sight of a gas mask on the floor.
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