This is a story my friend sent me that she wrote to me.

It had been a great night, so far. The two of us went to dinner, and then went to the movies. I always did enjoy a good horror flick. We walk from the theater, holding hands. Your fingers are tracing distracting little designs on the palm of my hand. You hold my car door open, and i sit.
you get in, but instead of turning the car on, you turn to me, and bringing my hand to your lips, kiss it gently . You then lean forward, and kiss me, softly at first, then more f***efully, slipping your tongue into my mouth. I breathe you in, and drag my nails down your arm.
Your mouth moves from my lips, to the side of my neck, little kisses, with the touch of your tongue tip on my flesh. The heat of your breath makes me dizzy. your hands travel my body, cupping my breasts, your thumbs teasing my nipples erect, even through my clothing. Your hands slide downward, teasing me through my pants.
I grip your wrist, stopping u. "Someone will see...," i say, glancing out my window at the parking lot outside. People walk to and from their cars around us .
You smile that smile, and say "There are surprises for you in the back seat."
I look over my shoulder, and see a bag sitting on the floor. Its size gives nothing away, no hint of its contents. I look into ur eyes, then reach back for it.
This time its your hand that stops mine. "You have to get in the back, to find out what's inside."
I bite down on my lip. I am curious, and Im wet. The smile, the look in your eyes, the situation..I can feel the moist heat building between my thighs. But this is a dangerous game. So many people, so very risky...
I look into your eyes again, at the trust there. And i slowly climb into the back seat, trepidation and arousal both speeding my heart beat, making my hands shake.
You slip into the back seat behind me.and have me move so my back is facing you. I begin to ask u what your doing, but u stop me, "No talking."
u reach into the bag, and withdraw my collar. you slip it on me slowly, taking your time, as i bite my lip harder. U runs your hands over my body, and i cant help it but to shiver, even as my eyes dart to the window, at the people walking by. U kiss the nape of my neck, and i pull in a hissing breath. Your hands slip up under my shirt, and unfasten my bra. I quickly spin around, and face u in shock. u look at me, angry..except for the playful sparkle in your eyes. u slowly push me back into position, then on all fours. My heart is beating wildly, and i squeeze My thighs together, enjoying the throbbing in my snatch. I give a little start as I see someone walk right past the window..not looking in, by pure chance.
Im so distracted I don't even realize U have cuffed my wrists together until i hear the metal snap in place.
"What the fuck..?"
U shake Your head sadly. "I told you no talking..." You reach in the bag, and take out..something. All i can see is that its long. I start to move again, but You are fast, and gets your fingers into my collar, jerking my head back. I Freeze in place, excitement making me whimper. One hand reaches around, and grips me by the jaw, and f***es my mouth open. I struggle, but its too late.

u slip the gag into my mouth. i can feel you buckle it behind my head. Its small, not too uncomfortable..but exciting. I slump forward, on all fours, closing my eyes..jerking only slightly as u cuff my ankles together. u open my pants, and slide them down my hips. i feel your fingers dance over the front of my panties..and i hear your breathing speed up in my ear as u discover how soaked they are.

Roughly u pull my shirt up over my head, so it pools over my restrained wrists. I feel u slide my panties down as far as they will go. Im shaking, my eyes as tightly shut as they can be. I flinch when i hear someone laughing as they walk by.
"Open your eyes, my love." I moan against the gag in My mouth, and shake my head.
"Open them." Its a command now. Almost against my will i open my eyes. As i do so i hear one of the small but powerful vibrators i adore kick in, and u press it to my clit. i strain against my a little cry into the rubber filling, my mouth. One finger slips inside my pussy, as the vibe hums on my clit.Your other hand teases and tweaks my nipples.

I watch a pretty young girl get into the car beside us, laughing and talking to her friends. As they pull away she looks over, and i see the surprise on her face as she sees me like this. my last image of her was of large round eyes, and a shocked mouth.

I cum hard, being seen. i strain against my bonds, biting down hard on the gag. Then i Feel limp, spent. I almost fall forward, except ur supporttin me with one arm. u unlock my ankles from their cuffs, and I am kinda relieved to be done.

You slip up between my legs, and i can feel u hard and naked against my pussy. I stiffen up, looking back over my shoulder in surprise. u smile at me, and grabs my hips, pulling me back, so that my panocha slides over ur cock. I moan loudly as u fill me.
"I don't think we need this anymore, do we?" u ask touching the gag. I shake my head, wanting to be able to breath through my mouth, to pant. You un-buckle it, and let it fall away. then u slowly start to fuck me..deep hard thrusts. I close my eyes again, and get lost in the feeling of u inside me.

"Open your eyes my love." you say and i do, and i see a man standing outside the window, watching. He looks surprised to see me there, naked and mounted. He looks around, and steps carefully forward. You keep fucking me , that same slow steady pace, as u watches the two of us watch each other.
The man is close now..less than 2 feet away perhaps, separated from me by only a pane of glass. You suddenly pull me up by my collar, into almost a kneeling position. I am completely exposed to this stranger now. His eyes slide over my breasts, down my body to my shaved pussy. As you thrust into me, harder and faster now, I know the stranger can see Your cock, slick and glistening with my juices, sliding in and out of me.

The man starts to rub the growing bludge in his pants as he watches us fuck. I gasp with each thrust, as you continue holding me up on display. The stranger looks around again, and slowly unzips his pants. He steps closer still, and i can see the desire in his face. His cock is swollen and purple, as he starts to jerk off, staring at our show..
You slide me forward, just a bit, so my face is inches away from the mans cock. Your fucking me hard now..asking me if i like being being wanted. All i can do is whimper in reply. The man out side is close i can see the tip of his cock glistening..his muscles straining..his eyes are locked on my pussy being fucked.
The mans eyes flick to my face, locking with mine, and he cums..seamen shooting from him, splashing on the window, inches from my face. You cry out then, and i feel you release inside me, hot jets filling my pussy. And i am swept away. Digging my fingers into the car seat, i grind my hips into you. I can distantly hear myself crying out.

The stranger slips his now soft cock into his pants. He stars at us a moment more, then swiftly walks away, without looking back. With a gasp you slide out from inside me. and slowly and lovingly redress me, kissing me softly. Shakily i climb back into the front seat.
You start the car, kiss me again, and whispers into my ear how much u love me, before u drive me home.

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