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Hey guys, I'm not really the best at describing myself and there is not much to really tell. I'm 23 turning 24 in March of next year. I'm a shy guy I tend to keep to myself and not associate with people but not because I don't like people, I'm just very fearful of peoples intentions. I learned growing up that there are very few decent people in this world, so I always keep my guard up. I only have a few close friends and acquaintances that I can trust.

I don't work but I'm currently in school to get my high school diploma, i'm 6 credits short of completion and should be done in another year and a half. I've been asked a lot of questions regarding my physical and mental well being, so allow me to clarify a few things. I was born with a physical disability called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita(AMC)it's a rare non-progressive disease that inflicted me at birth. It's a contraction of muscles and bone structure in parts of the body leaves me with very little range of motion. In my case the disease affected my hands, elbow and my legs but for others it could be more severe. When I walk I can't straighten my knees. As for my hands I can't completely straighten all my fingers but I still manage to get by. I can still do everything fine with my hands and if you don't believe me just ask the guys I jerked off lol. I try not to let me physical appearance affect my humor but i do tend to use humor around people. I do use humor as a defense coping mechanism, i poke fun at myself before I'd let anyone else try and take their shots at me.

Now that that's out of the way, let me go on to say I am gay and out. I have been out since I was 16 or 17 but I've known I was gay since I was in grade 3. I remember I would wait until one of my classmates went to the washroom and I would then go in a few minutes after just to watch them take a piss. Yeah, I was a disturbed gay kid at age 10. As I got older I felt it was harder to control my gay urges especially when it came to my best friend who happened to be my first ever crush. I liked him a lot but he didn't return same feelings and when I came out he stopped talking to me. Life went on for me as I turned into a big slut, I met up with a countless number of guys over the year but I have only ever had two serious relationships and both have taught me a lot about myself and love. I learned it's better to be alone for now and find happiness with different strangers. I can't be tied down right now when I'm still so young and need to experience all the sexual pleasures with guys my own age before I grow old and its too late. I find the key to real happiness is to find the thing that makes you feel good and sex with different guys is what makes me happy, don't let anyone tell you it's wrong. I spent my entire life being told I'm wrong but I've always listened to my heart.
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1 month ago
Hola.amigo! Felcitaciones por tus videos... admiro mucho lo que haces ,como asi tambien tu coraje...yo aun no eh salido del armario y aun sigo siendo virgen y ya tengo 26 años :/ ...me gustaria que me cuentes como haces para conseguir hombres tan guapos como ese chico brad, el de buso rojo y el de gorra blanca ....lol... exitos y como todos aqui te pido mas videos con chicos guapos lok
4 months ago
You've got some real sexy videos in your profile. Real hot guys.
5 months ago
I really like the statement in your profile: "I learned it's better to be alone for now and find happiness with different strangers." I believe that is very true, sometimes we can find the most comfort with others that we do not know because they do not judge us and there is no pain when you do not know someone.
9 months ago
How did you meet the guys in the videos?
10 months ago
Great stuff! I like kevexman's suggestion too!
10 months ago
Great vids. Do more please. You should have your own website in which you give guys erotic massages.
10 months ago
You remind me of myself! I think you are so hot n cute! I'd love to make a vid with you! It shows that you are very passionate about sucking a cock and pleasing . I LOVE IT SWEETIE!!
1 year ago
Great vids, Moore please
1 year ago
where are all your new videos??
1 year ago
straight and live in oakville, add me
1 year ago
Great profile...add me please?
1 year ago
nice profile with hot vids and pics
wish i could be one of your friends and get this special friendship service :)
1 year ago
You have one hot profile ;)
1 year ago
Great page man! How do you get all the best looking straight guys?!
1 year ago
more vids?
1 year ago
when will you post new videos????
1 year ago
hot videos
1 year ago
Dude, love your profile (and vids!)! You are super cool baby boy! Love from Kentucky....Josh
1 year ago
Got some really hot videos bryan
1 year ago
Love your vids ;-)
1 year ago
great videos, thanks for sharing
1 year ago
Great videos Bryan ! Love your profile.

1 year ago
brad is the hottest guy you've gotten
1 year ago
Hot vids and pics. Thanks for sharing!!
1 year ago
A very honest profile. That's what makes your videos so hot!
1 year ago
Absolutely Great Profile Love your Candidness and Honesty. The Vids are Really GREAT!! I was quite Turned On by Them!! They are All HOT!!!........ garry
1 year ago
great vids go for it eat as much cock as you can eat your only young once thanks for posting
1 year ago
I dig it!
1 year ago
hi baby
1 year ago
loving your page

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