Bitchy stepmom

[Guys this is just a story i thought of.Although its a story i am going to use a first person scenario.Witness how a 17 year old guys fucks his step mom again and again for years]

My name is Stephen.I am a 17 year old normal guy.Everything's normal about me but 2 things aren't the first thing is that i am 6'3'' which many wud say is a normal height and the second thing is i am a virgin.Yes i havent fucked anyone, what's unbelievable is the fact that i have masturbated only twice once when i was 14 years old,when i saw my private tuition teacher fingering her wet pussy in the bathroom.
The second time was when i saw my father fuck my step mom in their bedroom early in the morning.I was only 15 then but i was amazed on seeing my step mom's big boobs and the way she sucked my dad's huge cock.I wanted to lick clean her wet pussy but it wud be some other day.
My mother died when i was 5 years old,i dont remember much about her.Soon after my mom died my dad married Gwen[My step mom].I think they were having a affair.
My dad is a very rich business man.I think he deals with gadgets and now he is going to start his own gadget company.He is very rich so he gets to fuck that gorgeous bitch.She is amazing and absolutely gorgeous,at 5'9'' aged 32 that angel is a treat to the eye she's got a amazing tan and equally amazing body,you should have seen the way she sucks my dad's cock.
My dad travels a lot mostly on business trips.He usually doesn't take Gwen on such trips.He says That business and love are two different things and i totally agree.Well on one of the trip i got to get close to Gwen.It was Unbelievable.
My dad had gone to a trip to Malaysia.He was gone for almost 3 weeks.So I and Gwen were alone in the mansion.Usually we had a cook but she too was ill.So Gwen decided that she would cook for me.I would reach home pretty early and she would have prepared lunch for me.It was not too tasty but i would try to flatter her.
Once she served me burned toast.She could have made better but didn't.I with great difficulty bit on it and swallowed it.She was watching me,"Sorry for the burned toast."She said from across the table."Its pretty tasty",i flattered."no it isnt"she replied.She was apolizing continuously and it felt weird.
But suddenly she came towards me.I stood up,she pulled my trousers,pulled my dick and started sucking it."Wow"i said."You like it,For the burned toast" she replied.She vigorously sucked on my dick.
She let my dick go of my dick,"You've got a huge dick larger than your dad i think i would love it in my pussy"She said.I Opened her panties spit on her pussy licked it and inserted my dick on her pussy.My dick made her pussy stretch and she loved it.After few minutes i starting cumming,but she wasnt even starting to cum,experience i guess.I pulled my dick which was small by now she cleaned my dick.I licked her pussy to make her cum after some minuter she was spraying all over my face.
After the amazing sex we showered together she gave me a blowjob again.We did this for days until my dad returned."Don't worry we will have sex again" she assured me.We had sex for years.I had graduated and even got a job and a girlfriend but i would fuck her once again i dont know if dad knows.But i am grateful I've got the most bitchy step mom.
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Short but great
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press F5 thrice if you like it
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Pretty cool
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I'll take burnt toast with pussy anyday.......