The gloves are off

This really does follow on from the story I wrote about Caroline, the wayward wife. I only found out a lot later through conversation with a neighbour that there had been this other chap who used to visit the house, usually after 11pm and on occasions, the car would draw up silently (we lived on a hill) around 5:30am…

Anyway as I said “the gloves are off now” so on one Sunday a couple of weeks later, I left relatively late in the afternoon and drove back to my job as Project Manager at a well know holiday resort in the UK. Knowing what was going off behind my back left me a little peeved to say. However, on arrival I was unable to get into my Hotel room as it had been booked out over the week-end, so I decided to have a couple of beers at the hotel disco and sl**p in the car as it was a warm night.

“Hello you” I heard a voice come from somewhere behind me, I turned and saw a young lady I knew as Janet. She had come to the town to be close to her cousin and was temping as one of my cleaners. The look on my face must have said everything as she smiled, held her glass to her cheek and sexily said “refill”?

Janet out of work really did look quite a sexy bombshell, She was about 33, single mum and had been a model and beauty queen, I could not help look a little flushed at her request. “Sure” I said “providing I can have the last dance?” Ok, she put down her glass, got up and took my hand just as some slow song began to play in the background, Janet then said “this is the last dance”, we got up and went to the dance floor, I pulled her close She was wearing a one piece Red dress, Black stockings as I found out later and Red high heel shoes. She looked amazing beautiful. I should also note I had or have a fetish for stockings and white knickers, women my age seldom wear them. She pulled me close, her breasts crushed against my chest and breathed into my ear, "Ian, do you find me attractive?" she dropped her head onto my shoulder, her long auburn hair flowing over her slender shoulders, it felt like heaven. I wasn’t even thinking about the other week-end and what I had seen, the gloves were indeed off. Suddenly every problem seemed to melt away. This woman was breathing sex.

When the music stopped, she looked directly at me and said "Do you want to take me home?” with a slight smile. Her cousin as if reciting a scrip said “don’t worry Jan I’ll look after Charlie (her nipper had stayed over and they had used one babysitter), let go and have a drink at my place. Janet lived in a modest little place just out of town. We grabbed a cab, we got into the back and she gave her address, and just as quickly, she slid her hand between my thighs and kissed me full on and was appreciative of the reaction she felt in her hand.

We had barely got through the front door when she said “I think we will not bother with coffee?” She had a slight smile and a gleam in her eye. She began undoing my tie, my hand moved up to her slender neck, holding her head softly I kissed her full on, and slowly slid her zip down to her hips. She looked me in the eye and gave a giggle, “not in the hall way, I have a soft bed waiting upstairs”. We went upstairs but before I could inquire she was already pulling down my trousers. I slide her dress off and she had a sexy white lace with pail blue edging set on, also Black self-supporting stocking. We fell on the bed and she quick slid her fingers into my pants and whipped them off. Then before I could even think what was happening, her mouth was bobbing up and down on my now very hard cock. She kept sucking and nibbling my shaft getting faster and putting pressure on the backstroke, Janet then with her other hand, caressed my balls, gently squeezing and get faster and harder now, I shot a full load strait into her open mouth.

I took her in my arms and started to nibble her neck, and she relaxed her grip. With that I turned her over onto her back. And slid down her slender body, kissing every soft spot I could find. I then get between her legs and looked at her. She was full of anticipation. I said to her “ever been kissed between the thighs”. With that she lay down and opened her legs wide, she gave a slight moan the second my tongue touched her soft wet cunt. I licked her for a while sending waves of pleasure through her body, then moving up slightly, I started to suck and pull on her hard little clitoris, playing round and round with my tongue. Her body squirmed with pleasure and when I put one, then two fingers into her wet hole, her orgasm was loudly and she bent the headboard as she tried to get away.

Janet had hardly finished when she took hold of my head and pulled me up the bed, “fuck me Ian, fuck your cleaner” she whispered. I moved up and slid my cock into her very wet pussy. Janet wrapped her slender legs around me and pulled me in deeper. I kissed her hard as my cock penetrated her. We were both ready as I slowly slid in and out at first to try and make it last, each thrust forward going in hard and up to the hilt. “Make me cum again” she said and slapped her hands on my buttocks, now with each thrust I ground my groin into her groin, her wet cunt, squeezing my cock as she tightly wrapped her legs around my back, this was too much for me, "I'm going to cum soon I whispered but was lost in a growl, Janet let go and hit the headboard as her orgasm came as well Her wet juices squirting all over us soaking the bed. We lay there for a moment to regain our composure.

She raised herself and looked at me and said “you’re not getting away with just that” I immediately flipped her onto her knees and after a few wanking strokes, I took her from behind. She toyed with my balls, "That's it, hammer your cleaner." As she pushed back on my cock, meeting each of my thrusts, I held her hips firmly as I pushed my entire cock into her very wet pussy. Janet started to slip onto the bed, I went down with her, then unexpected to her, I started to kiss and nibble her neck, with one hand I put my fingers into her wet pussy and played with her clit while the other hand twisted her hard nipples. Janet screamed at me and I kept thrusting until her orgasm subsided, with which I slid off her and lay beside her, using just a sheet to cover her modesty.

Over breakfast I asked her why she had never wanted this before. Janet then said how she had overheard a conversation a week previous and guessed there was trouble in the household. So she thought she would make a play. When I turned up unexpectedly that evening, she knew she was on. With that I propped her on the breakfast table and entered her slowly while she hung onto my neck.

Janet and I saw each other during the rest of my stay in town, But that’s another story as they say.

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great story
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good story