three rounds

I couldn't belive it, it was going to happen after 3 years I kept saying no you are a virgin then finally you lost it to someone else. You emailed me and told me let's get it on I was so hoorny fuck my balls where nice a warm and I was talking to you and jerking my cock I remember we were talking and I was asking you a million questions my heart was beating out of my chest you sent me a picture of you wearing a string bra and I was jerking my cock so hard and thinking what I would do to you. You have any idea how hard it was to not cum that night ? And go straight to sl**p

The day finally came you asked me to meet you and I grabbed 2 bottles of powerade and a pack of smokes I walked down to where we were supposed to meet my girl friend was ringing my phone off the hook but I didn't pick up. I was just thinking of one thing and one thing only and it was what the fuck I was going to do to you as I was walking I was stroking my cock in my jeans and just waiting to rip off your clothes I can still remember how fuckin horny I was.

We finally met where we needed to I finally saw you and you were wearing a short skirt and you looked fuckin sexy your long black hair was sexy and I got in your ride and we took off to a motel. I paid for the day and took no money from you. We finally got there and I closed the curtains and and lit up a smoke and you were getting ready I had goosbumps all over my body once I was done my smoke you came out in your red satin thong and kissed me and I wish I could kiss you again like I did but with even more passion. Fuck you have no idea that feeling was so pefect. I started kissing your neck and then down to your chest and grabbed your tits both palms full I won't forget those fuckin dark brown nipples and tanned skin of yours and I worked my way down to your pussy and that was so wet and hairless.

We both landed on the bed in a heat of passion more kissing and fingering then you grabbed my cock I wish you could grab it again like you did then you kissed me from my chest down to my stomach I was like fuck she is going to suck my dick I was so shy I wanted to grab your fuckin head and choke you out with my cock but I held back you grabbed my cock and started slurping oh god was it nice I still remember that feeing you started jerking my cock with your spit and you were gigling and asking if I was okay I was exstatic and then it finally happpend I was about to unload my cum I did what I felt was right I cummmed in your mouth I hadn't cummed in 2 weeks just saved all that cum for that moment you hicupped and I just kept on gushing my warm jizz in your mouth wish I had just jammed it down your throat and slapped you around with my cock and just held you down forcing each and every single drop.

I lit another smoke and you said let's go for round 2 I was like give me a few mins my dick was still hard and throbbing for more I wanted more finally I was ready again round to was all about pounding your pussy that pussy was fat and I remember that pussy wet and juicy I did put on a condom and I went to town for about fifteen mins until you said no let me do the work you got on top your ass put towards me and u riding me like a rodeo and u rode me each thrust was getting more wet I wish I did not have that condom on and given you a creampie and watch that cum drip out your pussy drip with hot cum and watch role down your thighs I cummed so hard in that condom

Another 10 mins and now it was round three I put on another condom and bent you over I wish I had my fingers in your mouth ripping your mouth apart and I remember you saying go slow I wanted to unleash the b**st but was afraid that you would not want to go more further that was all in my head and I wish I had done that also. You bent over and said go in my ass slowly it was my first anal experience and that asshole let me tell you was so warm and I was so nervous never had I ever done this before you said don't be shy go ahead but go in slowly the first couple of trys it didn't go in until you said spit on my asshole and I complied once I did it I was in and that feeling can't be explained it was the perfect moment. I was in a girls asshole I was fuckin exstatic so warm and tight I wish I could go back and fist the fuck out of your ass I was being a gentleman stupid me had I only known.

You weren't feeling good so I pulled out you said the condom wasn't good for you I was hesitant then you said take the condom off don't worry I took my doctors test I was like you sure like an idiot your like trust me I took it off and spat on my cock and your asshole again this time wow that fucking feeling was amazing you have no idea I wish I could have that feeling every night with you I ut it in and it was so warm you squilled like a little whore I was thrusting it slowly at first then started going harder and harder until I couldn't hold it in anymore that fucking cum went straight in your ass and I wmy eyes rolled back and I was going to pull out but you said wait do it slowly I finally let go of your tits I could still see mt hand marks on those tanned tits oh gad I wish I could fuck you again like that when I pulled out I was catching my breathe and wipeing my temple of the sweat.

I finally pulled out my cock coverd in that cum I wanted to turn you the fuck around and make you taste your ass but again I was a fuckin idiot. We made out for another ten mins and you said you had to go we both got ready and went to eat I was falling in love with you you dropped me off to my house and I gave you one final kiss and hug and that was it.

You emailed me but my girl friend found out and that was the end of us I wish that didn't happen but you were my favourite mistake and for the last 2 years I wake up each and everyday thinking about that day in my head when I go to sl**p and when I wake up I wish we could do it again but things are different I never wantted anything bad to happen and the way it ended I wish I wish I wish it hadn't ended like that.

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