Final Fantasy

I never imagined i would ever get to bang my aunt in my room all alone without the fear of someone coming in until now! Well here's what happened:
Astrid was renovating her house and needed a place to spend a night, the house was already completed but she couldn't stand the dust so she wanted to give a day to settle before she moved in. She then came our f****y house to crash the night,we had guest that night so almost every where was packed up except my condo. So everyone suggested she stayed in my room and i said ok with a face looking as if i ain't down with it. she packed her bags and went into my room.
At about 11.00pm everyone had gone to bed because of the big day ahead, as i looked at my door,i saw her HOT,WET and TEMPTING...she just came out of the shower and had nothing on except a towel. I felt like stroking my dick coz i could handle the urge to bang her that instance. As she laid down on my bed and i was on a sofa i had in my room,i could help but notice the extreme ass she had,i just have two words for that ass :ONION BOOTY,coz it can make one cry.
When i noticed she was asl**p i got up and started to take a good look at her body and was slowly pushing up her towel when she grabbed my hand,i was so scared and shocked,immediately she pulled me up the bed and we started kissing.i grabbed her her ass with one hand and her juicy breast with the dick was so hard it could break a diamond,i pulled the towel down and sucked on her boobz kissing and worshiping in with my tongue,'Urghh!!",she moaned as pleasure swept through her body,she quickly pulled down my boxers and began stroking my dick.
The fun was just getting started,as i slipped my hand onto her wet pussy,i rubbed her clit like hell,'Urghh'she cried again"please don't stop"she said and it was like music to my ears as i rocked her pussy harder!!!
Before a twinkle of an eye,she flipped me over and gave me her specialized blow job 'Arghh" i yelled as her warm tongue massaged my cock...dick in hand she looked at me and said"how on earth did your dick grow this big?" i could only blush as that statement had an answer that wasn't in my head as on then,the only thing i could think of was her,her cunt and ass. She sucked my dick so well that i went pale..."dont cum yet,i want you in me strong and hard". I got up opened her legs and kissed her cunt,she grab my head and pushed it in"harder" she cried"Suck my pussy dry,babe".Her pussy tasted like vanilla so sweat i liked it and sucked her juices."Get up and fuck me"she said pulling me up. As I slide my dick into her cunt i felt like heaven,it was warm,tender and lovable."Urghh" Go deeper" she said. i began to ram it inside as hard as i could..."Ooooh" she yelled at the top of her voice that i had to cover her mouth."Fuck my dry babe,urghh" "deeper" she said this time in a low but sexy tune tune. i pulled out and turned her over,now she was on all fours"i wanna break your ass" i said as i slowly pushed my dick into her asshole.Her ass was something out of this world,she wined her waist as i fucked and it increased the pleasure by 1000percent...I hit it harder and grabbing her boobs"squeeze it" she said"squeeze my boob and my nipple" . SLAM! SLAM!! my dick was hitting the ass and making funny noises. she pulled out again and asked me to lay down on the bed,after i did,she climbed on me, and slowly sat her cunt on my rock hard dick...YEAH,fuck it" she said with her head back as she rode my dick,i held her my aunts breast and squeeze them as hard i could as she came all over my dick,"tell me when your about to cum,i want it in my mouth" as she fucked the life out of my dick...after about five minutes of passionate fucking i could feel my balls boiling"i...i am uh uh cuming" she quickly grab hold of my dick and began sucking it,she had all my meat down her throat this triggered the bomb as i shot my load into her mouth,she smiled and sucked my dick dry,we both collapsed on the bed and slept off....
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