It all started way back when i was 19, my moms friend often visited and we were kinda close coz she always likes to see me whenever she comes around. On a lovly tuesday while everyone was out either for school or work,aunt Cynthia came over, meanwhile i was watching an extremely erotic porn in the living room, i quickly paused the movie and went to the door. There she was a dark plump woman with the curves of a godess, her tits were so inviting one would get a boner just staring at it, her ass! WOW!!! her ass could put a pornstar to shame. i greeted ha and she came in,sat down and asked if anyone was at home,no i said and as i was about to leave she called me staring at my erect bone which i got by then she asked ,Whats that! i was speachless, she called me closer and threating to tell my mom,but wouldnt on one condition so she asked me to come closer as i approched she grabbed my cock,pulled it out of my boxers and started stroking it. i was filled with exitment yet scared, she said'im so horny seen that dick of yours that i wanna fuck it' . pulling off ha top she asked if i liked what i see i said yes and immediately she swallowed my prick,i moaned abd it seems it turned her on more and she gave me the biggest and most wonderful blowjob of my life,i grabbed her huge breast and squized pleasure outta em,ha tongue was so warm i couldnt take it anymore i pushed her lying on the couch and while squeezing her tits i slipped ma hand into her hairy hooooot cunt,i could feel ha juices all over my hand and i thrust to fingers into her pussy. URGGHH! she moaned ,'FUCK ME'she told me'FUCK ME NOW' i quckly pulled down her skirt,drew off the panties ,her legs were wide open as she bent over 4me and i thrust a prick into her from behind 'FUCK ME BABY' she cried,...i kept thrusting deeper my dick almost bent in the cunt, as my balls fired up and came over her big black butt!!! ILLKEEM
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3 years ago
well its wham bam thank you mam