My magical night and weekend with Alexis

[image]NOTICE: ALL of my stories are of real experiences that I have had. My previous 2 stories about Eddie and I are 100% true, as is this one......

I should begin by telling you that I have an almost insatiable thirst for Shemales. I have had several encounters with Shemales over the course of my life thus far. From meeting them at bars that specifically cater to the Shemale (I'm not embarassed to admit it) sometimes paying for the company of Shemales and their rather large packages.

With the technological advances that we all enjoy, now I have been able to sometimes meet and get to know Shemales through Instagram. It was through Instagram that I was fortunate enough to make the acquaintance of Alexis. We chatted back and forth for a while and then agreed to meet on a Friday. The evening came when we met at a bar, we talked, felt each other out and hit it off. That evening, Alexis came back with me to my apartment. After smoking some bud with her, drinking some wine and listening to some mood setting music, I leaned over and planted a kiss on Alexis's full soft lips. She was very good at kissing and used her tongue well. I could only begin to imagine how that tongue would feel in other places. As we kissed, I was rubbing her tits and, eventually, my hand wandered down to her "pussy". I proceeded to remove her pants and Alexis laid before me in sheer black panties. I could see her cock shaded by the fabric of her panty. I asked her if she would mind my having a taste of her "womanhood", she replied "Please do." I brought my mouth to her crotch and began to kiss, gently bite and suck her cock through the sheer fabric. At first Alexis's cock was semi-hard, but as I worked at it, her cock began to harden and grow beneath that panty. I could hold back no longer, I reached in and took her by now hard cock out and began to, feverishly, fill my mouth with her cock, which was about 7", nicely thick and a beautiful caramel color. I licked, sucked, nibbled, munched and swallowed her cock over and over again, telling her "Your cock is so beautiful.". Alexis was moaning and gyrating her hips and effectively humping her dick into my mouth. I could taste the precum that was oozing from her cockhead as I devoured her sweet dick.

At a certain point Alexis stopped me and told me "Your turn!" I gladly laid back with my cock pointed upward as Alexis lowered her mouth onto my cock. To say that she was incredible at sucking cock would be an understatement. You see, Alexis didn't just suck my cock, she made love to it, she caressed it, and she swallowed my sword until her chin was firmly resting against my cum filled balls. She also tongue fucked my asshole and as she was eating my prick she was sliding her fingers in and out of my asshole...first one, then two! I wanted to fuck her and wanted to blow my load deep inside of her ass, so I gently got her away from my cock, laid her down and proceeded to eat out her asshole. She was shaven and her asshole was squeaky clean. I bathed her asshole with my spit and tongue fucked her, every now and then I would stick my thumb in her ass.

The moment came when I wanted to slide myself into her. I placed her in the missionary position and began to penetrate her very tight asshole. At first there was some resistance as my cock is rather thick, but soon, my head plopped into her sphincter, followed by the rest of my cock, slowly, until I was buried up to my balls in what turned out to be a sweet cock hugging ass. I fucked Alexis as she said "Antonio, your cock feels so good inside of me. Don't stop fucking me baby. Keep pumping me Papi." As I was fucking her with wild abandon, every now and then I would reach out and pump on her sweet dick with my hand. We fucked for what seemed like a good long while, but alas, all good things must cum to an end, and that's exactly what happened. I told Alexis that I was about to cum, and this hot Shemale told me "I know baby, I can feel your dickhead expanding in my ass. Well you feel this Papi." When she said that her asshole began to greedily suck and hug on to my cock, I screamed out that I was cumming and began to unload several hot gushes of cum deep into her bowels. She grinded her ass-pussy against me as I came in her and took everything that I had to give.

When I had finished cumming, I leaned over to her and told her "Your turn!" Alexis's cock never went soft as I was fucking her. In fact, her cock seemed to get even harder. I positioned myself doggie style and Alexis had taken some of the cum that I planted in her asshole, and rubbed it onto my asshole as a lubricant. She got behind me and gently pushed her dick into me. I winced a little with the pain, but then I opened up and took all of her. Alexis knew how to fuck a man, she knew how and when to be rough, or soft like a woman. She pleased me immensely as she sawed my asshole with her sweet dick. She was lovely and told me "Papi I want to fuck you forever.", to which I replied "Yes Mami, I want you to keep fucking me forever. Your fuck-stick is soooo good baby!" Eventually Alexis's fuck pace began to pick up speed, she asked me "Baby, what do you want me to do when I cum?", and as I was panting, I excitedly told her "In my ass my ass. I want to feel you boiling over inside of me." The time arrive when Alexis did EXACTLY as I had requested, she started spilling her hot seed inside of me. I could feel her cock expanding and contracting as her hot cum hit my insides. Her cum felt hot and I felt full. The inside of my asshole felt bruised, but in a good way.

After we had finished with our intimate pleasures, we curled up and stood in a euphoric state for a little while and then got up. I asked her to hang out with me at my place for the weekend and she agreed. We wound up talking a lot, watching TV, and not only fucking, but making love as well...but that's for another story........

P.S. You can see Alexis in a few pictures on my page!
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