My First TIme with Eddie

I'll begin this story by describing myself at the time of this memorable event. I was 17, 5'8", Latino, with a tight body, a young sizable cock, PLENTY of stamina, good looking, and at that stage of life where I wanted to sexually explore my options.

My friend, "Eddie", was 5 years older than me, also Latino, slim, very good looking, and stood at about 6'1", and had, what turned out to be, one hell of a fine fucking prick!

This was the very first time that I tasted another guys cock.....

Eddie and I were hanging out one particular night, smoking some bud, drinking some wine, and listening to the sounds of Santana. Somehow, we got into some playful wrestling. Since Eddie was taller than I was, he had leverage and managed to pin me on my back in a missionary wrestling position. Through my jeans AND his, I could feel his cock, which by now was hard, pressing on my ass.

At this point, I was seriously wondering if I could go through with what was to follow. Throwing all caution to the wind, I started rubbing his stiff dick through his jeans, feeling and KNOWING that I was in for something special on my first taste of cock! Both Eddie and I knew at this moment, that we were taking our friendship to a WHOLE new, and other, level.

His Grandmother was home and, as we were in the upstairs part of her house, we snuck down to the laundry room in the basement. Eddie sat up on the washing machine and I rubbed and felt his prick through his jeans, before finally undoing his belt, jeans button and his zipper, and fishing out the first piece of meat that was going to invade my mouth. Eddie turned out to be circumsized, with a thick prick that had to be at least 9 inches! For it being my first time, I surprised myself with how eagerly I went down on Eddie's ever growing cock. I kissed, licked, and nibbled on that piece of man meat. I ran my tongue underneath the crown of his cockhead...I pretty much worshipped Eddie's cock from the first moment that I felt it hard...and I took to sucking cock like a fish takes to water. That day, I deep throated Eddie's cock as he humped up from underneath, into my mouth. I could smell the muskiness of his, balls, his cock and his cock hairs. I sucked his precious prick from the sides, sucked and chewed on his big balls, and especially loved feeling his big, smooth cockhead invading my throat. Eddie got to the point, where I was to soon find out, he was going to reward me with my first taste of cum. He started humping his cock into my mouth faster, I could feel his balls begin to tighten as his cock and his cockhead began to swell. Finally, he began to cum in my mouth, I began to gag as I was not at all use to the taste of cum...some of it inadvertantly made its way down my throat. His cum was hot, salty, and bitter, but I didn't give a fuck, I was just pleased to have had Eddie's cock in my mouth and to have made him cum with such f***e and intenstiy!

After that magic moment, Eddie and I began a casual relationship over the years. In another story, I will telll how I eventually gave my ass up to Eddie, and other stories involving Eddie. Stay tuned.......
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13 days ago
only tried my own cum but would luv 2 try a young boys
7 months ago
on to part 2
2 years ago
like hearing about first time experiences!
2 years ago
Great stuff, can't wait to read more.
2 years ago
fuck yeah! cant wait to
2 years ago
Lust for first times!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Nice start...looking forward to more.