A Dream for Kat Dennings...

Here I am sitting, watching porn with the TV playing in the background. Then this new show comes on; 2 Broke Girls. I don't know much about it so I decide to give it a watch.

I'm watching and it soon dawns on me that this show is shit. But the girls are really hot. Beth Behrs is nice and all, but that dark haired girl...I don't know her. So I look her up. Kat Dennings is her name. She has some nice tits on her. With not much else to do, I decide that I may as well have a wank. I get a nice photo of Kat's face up on the screen, grab some tissues and start rubbing. My cock is hard in no time and I love the way her eyes seem to stare into mine. Mesmerizing.

Soon enough I can feel the white stuff starting to come. I wrap the tissues around my cock and focus on Kat's delicious face and amazing tits. I soon fire out three or way loads of hot cum into my tissue. I let out and exasperated sigh and decide to go to bed.

Suddenly I find myself in a room that I don't immediately recognize. But then I realize that this is the apartment from 2 Broke Girls. I look around and it's eerily quiet. Kat and Beth mustn't be here right now. I'm thinking about getting up off of the couch and walking around.

Suddenly the door opens and I almost jump. I begin to panic; how am I supposed to explain my presence to Kat and/or Beth? I nervously look up and it's just Kat. She acknowledges me with a friendly 'hello' and I feel confused.

Kat puts her keys down on the kitchen top and then opens the fridge. "Want a drink?" She asks me. I'm not thirsty, so I politely decline. She looks around in the fridge, takes out a carton of orange juice and pours out a glass for herself. I watch, entranced, as she drinks it.

Then, she comes over to the couch and sits beside me. I can feel myself getting hard and awkwardly shift around, trying to hide it. I notice that she is wearing her waitress uniform. She places the glass down on the table and I glimpse her ample cleavage as she leans forward.

"Well, are you ready?" She asks me. I have no idea what she's talking about! I look at her oddly. She grins and it makes me feel nice. "I got what we needed...you still up for it?" I'm still confused. "I....guess."

"Good," she smiles again and sticks her hand into her pocket. "But I hate you for making me wait this long!" She pulls her hand back out and I notice that she is holding a condom. I try not to appear too surprised. I hesitate to do anything, actually.

"C'mon! Hurry up! It's been like, almost two weeks since I've last fucked someone. Then you and I are about to and you don't have any condoms! It was struggle to get through today without rubbing one off at work. But I got the condom on the way home and now I'm ready. C'mon, I'm dying to fuck you!"

I smile and realize that this must be my lucky day. Kat rolls her eyes and reaches for my crotch. My heart flutters and I smile even more. She unzips me and pulls my underwear down. Out pops my long, hard penis. "Oh, wow! It's even bigger then I'd thought!" These kind words make me happy. She throws her hair back and leans over my cock, spits on it and begins to rub it.

No longer able to resist, I grab her breast and begin to massage it. I reach up and pull her shirt away, then drag her bra down over her tit, leaving it plainly exposed to me. I caress the nipple and feel it go hard. She goes down further and begins to suck on my cock, slightly giggling to herself as she does so. I let out a moan as her lips cover my head and she blows me.

She then releases me and sits up, brushing her hair back again. "Here," I say and lay her down on the couch. I kneel down on the floor and pull her skirt up, exposing her black panties to me. I smile and pull them back with my hand and then lean in. Her pubic hair is trimmed to the shape of a triangle and her pink cunt is wet. I kiss her flower and then begin to lick it. I feel good as I make her quiver. I also prod her asshole with my finger. I pull them out and sniff them, then lick them.

I pull her skirt and panties off and she sits up, pulling her shirt and bra off completely. She is now fully naked before me. I examine her amazing body and slap her on the ass, making her shriek with delight. I drop my trousers and boxers to my ankles, letting my dick jut out in front of me as I also remove my t-shirt. Now, we are both fully nude.

I sit back down on the couch and she picks up the condom, opens it, and slides it on over my penis. I smile as I feel her hands on my member. "Finally!" She says. "I'm gonna ride you like there's no tomorrow! I can't remember the last time I went for so long without a dick in my pussy..."

Kat climbs on top of me and slides my dick into her pussy. She moans as I enter her, pleasing me. She begins to slide up and down, I feel pleasure in my dick. I grab her amazing titties and begin to suck on one of her nipples. I smile as this pleases her. She's truly riding me in no time, she's in control. She grips my shoulders as she rides me. I love the feeling of her body on top of mine, my hard dick in her tight pussy....

Soon she goes too hard and my dicks pops out. She climbs off and turns her back to me, leaning on the arm of the couch. I know what I must do. I grab her by the hips and take her from behind. She moans again as I sink my cock into her pussy with ease as she is moist for me. I start to fuck her extremely hard until she comes and her whole body is shaking.

No time to lose, I pull out and rip the condom from my dick. I spin her around and shove my cock into her face and begin to rub furiously. She opens her mouth wide, her tongue out, waiting to receive my milk. Soon, I grant them. I unload into Kat's mouth, cumming and cumming, I don't think I can stop.

Suddenly, I wake up. I'm lying alone, in bed. I look around. I'm in my bedroom, I'm in my house. Kat Dennings is not here, and I'm certainly not fucking her. I groan, roll over and beat my pillow. I sigh and throw back the covers and wrestle my erect cock out of my shorts. I'm saddened that it was bigger in my dream. I think about fucking Kat again and start to masturbate, climaxing quickly and drenching my hand in cum. I sigh and close my eyes, wishing that I will soon doze off and be fucking Kat Dennings again.
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1 year ago
great...gotta agree with you, show sucks..girls are hot :)
1 year ago