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A Christmas Fuck

I opened the door to my apartment and smiled as my girlfriend greeted me, dressed in nothing but a skimpy Santa outfit and pink lacy underwear. I welcomed her in and we went ot my bedroom, climbed onto my rickety old matress and then....passion overcame us.

I pulled the Santa outfit open but did not remove it. I pulled down her bra, exposing her left breast. I grabbed it and ran my hand over it's smooth nipple and she bit her lip as I held her perky left breast, before reaching for her right one. I pulled it down and then placed my lips over her nipple, sucking gently on it while she moaned and tightened her grip on my shoulder.

I rolled over and she giggled with surprise as I did so. I kissed her and ran my fingers through her silky blonde hair. I ran my fingers down her back and then placed it on her bare leg, gently stroking it while working it back up and touching her butt.

I furled the costume up and pulled her panties down. Then, I rolled over again and pulled my boxers down. "Hang on," she said, pushing me back. "I want to give you my present," I grinned. "Uh-uh, I've been a very.......naughty girl this year. I need you to....punish me." She slid down and placed my cock in her mouth. I let out a slight moan as she did this and then began to suck. She began to get faster and faster, and then stopped just short of me jizzing in her mouth.

"Have I been a good girl?" She bit her lip. "Maybe...it's time for your test."

I rolled her back over and pulled the costume up, before plunging my head between her legs. Her whole body shuddered as I ran my tongue along her clit and jabbed my little finger against it. She went rigid as I escalated, once again stopping myself before she orgasmed.

Finally, I climbed up on top of her. "You've pasted your test. Are you ready for your present?" She giggled and kissed me, before I pressed my cock against her cunt and with a heave, I entered her.

She gasped as she was penetrated an I almost lost control as I fucked her wildly. Suddenly, she pushed me back over and pulled herself up ontop of me, pulling the Santa suit off of her. I grabbed her tits and squeezed them as she rode me, panting and gasping with pleasure. "Oh, yeah, fuck me. C'mon, that's it. Yeah, fuck me. Fuck me hard!" She screamed ans threw her head back, her whole body rocking violently as she came to a heavenly climax. I pulled out and she grabbed my cock and jerked furiously before I came, jipping all over her hand and her pussy.

She lay back down next to me, panting. "Merry christmas."
Posted by IFuckedYourGF 2 years ago
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