Threesome - Tara Strong and Mae Whitman

The Avatar panel had just finished. I went to go to the bathroom, when I ran into Mae Whitman, who plays Katara. We started talking and I mentioned how I had to leave early because I had no where to stay, and she kindly offered to let me stay at her place.

Later that evening, we met up outside of the main building and I followed Mae around to her car. “Tara told me you too knew each other, so I hope you don't mind...” We turned the corner and Tara was standing beside Mae's car. “She's crashing with us too,” Mae said. We all got into the car, Mae and Tara in the front and me in the back.

We got to Mae's and just chilled for a while, but then Mae got a phone call. She went into the kitchen to take it and came back several minutes later with tears rolling down her cheeks. “Chris, he......he left me!” She sobbed into Tara's arms. Chris was her boyfriend, and he had just dumped her. Tara gently shushed her and stroked her hair, I timidly patted her on the back. “That guy was a piece of shit anyway,” Tara whispered. Mae sniffed and said she was glad that she had us with her.

Tara and Mae sat on the couch while I made them some tea. I sat down cross-legged on the floor. Mae gave Chris a good tongue lashing and did her best not to appear to distraught, acknowledging that he was scum and the like.

I went upstairs to the bathroom, leaving them alone. I walked in and looked at myself in the mirror. I opened my bag and took out a comb, running it through my hair. I sighed and turned towards the toilet. I opened it, pulling the lid up. I undid my jeans and let them fall to my ankles, before sliding my pants down my legs. I pulled the seat up and leaned against the wall, curling my right hand around my penis as I started to go. I shook it out before pulling the seat back down, turning around and sitting down on it. I rubbed my face while I did my business and then did up my makeup. I reached over a grabbed a handfull of tissue paper. Standing up, I wiped my butt with it and threw it down into the bowel. I flushed it and pulled up my pants and jeans. I walked over to the sink and rinsed my hands before drying them in the towel.

I went back downstairs and froze in the doorway. Tara and Mae were now locked in an embrace; kissing each other. They pulled apart and Tara smiled. “You are a great kisser...” she whispered seductively to Mae before leaning in and running her tongue right down her bare neck. Mae turned her head and she jumped when she saw me. “Oh, good, you here. Now the fun can really begin,” Tara purred. Nervously, I walked over and sat on the couch.

“Don't be afraid,” Mae whispered. She leaned and kissed me, sliding her tongue all the way down my throat. It was very difficult to fight back and I just gave in to the passion of the moment. I wrapped my arms around Mae, pulling her even closer. She pulled her tongue out and pulled back.

Tara got down onto the floor and sat up onto her knees in front of me. “Go on, take it out,” she prompted, and without hesitation, I unbuttoned my jeans again and slid them down. Mae reached down and pulled my panties down herself. I blushed as her gaze fell upon my flaccid penis and she began to gently stroke it, then curling her fingers around it and holding it upright and she moved them up and down my shaft. Mae then spat on my cock, just as Tara leaned forward and slid all of it into her mouth. As she began to gently suck, Mae lay down on here back and I helped her to pull off her trousers and then her underwear. She spread her legs apart, allowing my clear access to her sweet pussy. I ran my finger through her dark pubic hair and then over her clit, stopping to focus on it. She moaned as I rubbed it, before actually slipping my two fingers into her. She moaned again, reaching down and pulling her t-shirt up to reveal to bra.

Tara released my now rock hard cock and got up from the floor. I stood up and she lay down where I had been sitting, leaning in to put her face between Mae's legs. I walked over to Mae and she took my whole cock into her mouth. I sighed as she did. She pulled back only to pull off her t-shirt and tossing it aside. Tara plunged her tongue into Mae's swollen crotch. Mae began to fondle her own breasts, eventually pulling her bra down, allowing her tits to pop out. I couldn't resist slapping them. Tara accelerated the speed of her tongue movements, making Mae moan more and more. Finally, she pulled back, saliva dripping from her lips and all over Mae's vulva.

I pulled my cock out and Mae whirled around. Sliding down onto her back, she put her legs into the air and spread them, giving me a clear view of lovely pink cunt and dark pubic hair. “whoah, are you sure your ready?” Tara asked. “What?” I asked. “I'm....a virgin,” Mae said. “But I'd rather you take it than some piece of crap guy.”

“Alright,” I said. Tara quickly got undressed and climbed onto the couch next to Mae. Reaching down, she used her delicate fingers to spread Mae's pussy apart. I rubbed my dick for a few seconds before pushing it up against her. “Ready?” I asked. “Sure. Go ahead.”

I thrust myself forward and my cock cleaved her tight, wet virgin pussy. Mae screamed as I tore through her barrier, sweet virgin bl**d gushing out all over my cock. Tara cooed and kissed Mae passionaetly as I pulled out. Tara bent over and lapped up the bl**d as it leaked from Mae's clit. “I'm sorry,” I assured, but pushing my cock up against her again.

I pushed forward and entered her. She moaned but it didn't hurt. I began to pump, sliding myself in and out of her. While Tara kissed her and slapped her titties. Then, she turned around and thrust her butt upwards. Mae instantly knew what she meant and plunged her fingers into Tara's butthole. Tara moaned with pleasure as Mae poked around in her ass, occasionally pulling them out to suck them. I continued to pump, but I inevitably tired and pulled out. Mae got up and climed onto the couch behind Tara. Wasting no time, I slid my cock into her tender clit and started to thrust. Gripped her by her shoulders, while Mae pulled my t-shirt and bra off. “Oh yes,” Tara moaned as I fucked her.

I finally pulled out and collapsed onto the couch. Mae got up on top of me. Tara held my cock steady as Mae slid herself down onto me, moaning with pleasure as she did. She started to slide up and down, and soon enough, she was riding my cock and loving it. Her lovely tits bounced up and down as she did and I couldn't resist grabbing hold of them and giving them a lick. Tara constantly kissed Mae and encouraged her, while Mae moaned and cried out.

“Oh my god, Tara, I think that I'm....I am! I'm gonna come.....I'm gonna some now....oh god, Tara...” Tara grabbed Mae's hand and held it, as if to show support as she neared her first orgasm. Wrapping my hands around her bare body, I pulled her close and rolled her over onto her back. She threw her legs upwards and screamed as she came. I pulled out as Tara dropped to her knees; her mouth wide open. Mae sprayed everywhere, mostly right into tara's face and her open mouth. Tara leaned in and lapped up Mae's orgasmic juics as they leaked from her vagina, while I grabbed her and lifted her lift. “I'm not done with you yet.”

I plonked Tara back down on the couch and lifted her legs. I quickly slid my cock into her waiting pussy. Mae climbed on top of her and kissed her whiel I thrust in and out of her, almost violently. I rolled Tara onto her side as I fucked her, harder and harded. “I'm....coming! I'm coming now!” She screamed and came all over my cock. I pulled out as Mae dived in to swallow Tara's cum.

Tara got down onto her knees while I shoved my cock into their faces and began to jerk on it. Mae began to suck on it, while Tara tickled and played with my balls. I grabbed Mae by her hair and pulled her head, pulling my own cock out and then cumming all over their faces. Mae opened her mouth and I squirted straight into it, before Tara licked all of the cum off of her face.

I sat down on the couch, panting, while Mae curled up next to me, lazily rubbing my cock. Tara went to the bathroom, and i rolled over and looked at Mae. I kissed her on her lovely virgin mouth. She then slid herself down and kissed me on the tip of my cock. And that's where I woke up the next morning.
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