My best friends Mom

-This is real and not made up, lots of talks came of this and lots of events set in motion-

At the time of this happening i was 17, nearly turning 18. I had long brown hair, blue eyes, normal posture but i was tall for my age, about 6 foot something. She was about 5'7'', black hair, not fat, nor skinny, just right. She was divorced for the longest time possible and was a single mom.

So i was at my friends place one day. We were really close and i could visit stay for dinner and everything whenever i wanted to. I stayed over one night, just hanging out, playing some games. So dinner time came and i helped in the kitchen, trying to do at least something not to come over as a freeloader. So i came up to her and kisses her on the cheek and say thank you for having me for dinner, but just as i did there, she faced me, and we kissed mouth to mouth. IT was accidently, but non of us pulled away or anything. There was a small silence awkward afterwards, but two wide smiles to make up for it. 'That...was great...' I muttered out to her as she simply smiled. She said she would call for dinner and to just wait for dinner.

So i came back about 10 minutes later after she called, we all had dinner. My friend went upstairs to continue on his laptop, his b*****r went up to play the computer and me and her stayed downstairs. I was sitting on the couch next to her, my hand slowly sliding up to hers as i faced her. I started to talk. 'About what happened I-' I could only say before she kissed me again, this time with so much more passion and lust. I was caught off guard and just sat there, kissing back what i could before she pulled away. She smiled and whispered to me that she thought it was so sad i was so young. Then she slowly teased my thigh with her fingertips and grabbed my length. I was shocked, she had never done anything so far in all the 5 years i have known this woman. I was sitting there as she fondled me, me getting hard in my pants. She gasped as it reached full sized as she quickly stopped. 'We can't do this' She then said quickly. She quickly gave me a push and told me to go up and play with my friends for now and forget this ever happend. Yeah right.

I stayed over for the night and that's when i saw my chance. I hid my phone next to the bed i was sl**ping on which was half a room away from my friend. I set the alarm for 1 in the morning, making sure everyone was asl**ping. Time passed and my phone went off, i quickly turned it off before my friend could hear it. I hopped up and snuck out of his room into the corridor. Right onfront of me was the door to her room, i opened it and went in, closing the door behind me. Sneaking in her bed, undressing myself slowly till i was naked. I slowly slipped my arms around her as she slept on her sides, slowly pulling her down on her back without waking her up. I could smell the wine from her breath, she had been drinking, perfect. I slipped her panties down very slowly and revealed her sweet netherlips. My god what a view. I Pushed my fingers slowly up and down her clit and lips. They were already getting wet this easily! I couldnt wait much more longer, i slipped my fingers in, making sure to lube it well with her own juices. I pulled myself over her and then slowly rubbed the tip against her lips, rubbing it more and more, letting the tip get wet before suddenly pushing it in. One inch...two inches...three inches. It all slipped in so easily before i bottomed her out. I heard her groan softly as i listened closely. She didnt wake up yet. My god this was so breathtaking, i starting to thrust in slowly and she suddenly moaned and grabbed me. She woke up for sure now. ''t...' She gasped out as i kissed her again. She surrendered all the way now as i kept thrusting into her fine pussy. She bit her lip to keep herself quiet. Halfway through she stopped me and pushed me off suddenly before straddling me and forcing my length deep within her. She rode my like a possessed woman, holding me down as she fucked me merciless to her first orgasm. She gasped for breath as she fell back on the bed. I grinned and picked her up, turned her over onto her knees and drove back my length deep inside. She bit down on the pillow and still i heard her moan from it. She absolutely loved it getting fucked from behind. i fucked her harder and i could hit deeper then before, pushing her down, making her fine ass come up more. She moaned out and fell faceforward, twitching, shivering from her second orgasm. I grinned and spanked her lightly once. 'What you get for teasing me' I said as i kept fondling her asscheeks. She got up and pulled me downstairs again. I got a drythroat...but i dont want to end this yet.' She whispered.

We took a 15 minute break, drinking water and soda and wine, having a small snack before she smiled and finished her last cup of water and kneeled down infront of me. She took my soft length and started to play with it in her hands. 'I came twice...but you havn't yet...' She whispered and started to play with it, licking it occasionally. I moaned silently and grinned, petting her head. She gave the best head i had ever felt. God this was amazing. She suddenly stopped and got onto her hands and knees, leaning against the couch. 'Fuck me till you cum...' She muttered out. I got behind her and started to pound into her harder then before. It took another 10 minutes before my cock twitched and throbbed and i felt the sudden urge. I pulled out and came all over her ass and back. It took awhile before i caught my breath and befor ei knew it we were cuddling on the ground. We quickly rose up, figuring out my friend could wake up. I kissed her again before we both left for bed. Before we separated into other rooms. 'This is not the last.. ' She said silently. before turning of her light.

This was the start of something great!
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1 year ago
That's such a hot story your a lucky guy getting his mom.
1 year ago
1 year ago
amazing story. kept me hard
1 year ago
1 year ago
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1 year ago
good concept....but lacks any real depth to the description. this story could have been turned from a 1 page blurb into a 8 page short story. also slow doen and check how you describe things and your spelling.
1 year ago
rock hard
1 year ago
Great story
1 year ago
Very nice my friend ;)
1 year ago
very hot !!!!
1 year ago
great story