Wife turned into a BBC Whore (Part 7)

My wife and I got in the car and started our two hour drive to Jamal’s party. My wife was dressed in a red sexy and provocative dress with a plunging neckline exposing her entire cleavage. Obviously she was not wearing a bra. Her hair and nails were done beautifully and the high heels she wore exposed her sexy calves. We did not talk much and I noticed she was deep in her own thoughts. She kept squirming in her seat the whole drive down and kept pressing her thighs together. She tried to hide it from me but at one point she sat very still and closed her eyes and leaned her back against the head rest. Her body quivered slightly like she got the shivers but I knew it was not that. She had orgasm'd thinking about what was going to happen at the party. She couldn’t wait for the black cock she was going to get. Jamal had her so addicted to black cock and she enjoyed it so much that in anticipation she could fantasize about it and make herself cum without being touched. My heart sank knowing that her mind had gone so deeply into the idea of fucking BBC’s that just thinking about them made her cum. How would she ever be satisfied again with my cock? She was spending more and more time in the company of black men than she was with me that I don’t think that I will ever get her back. Jamal had told me that he wanted to show me what she would do for him. This was another sign of how much she was in his control.

We arrived at the party which was in a particularly seedy part of town. It was in rather large house but a little run down compared to what I was used too. Jamal was waiting for us outside so we didn’t run into any trouble with anyone. He e****ted my wife inside by her arm as I followed along. Once inside the party was in full swing. There were at least 75 people there and of course most of them were single black male gang members. There were about 10-15 beautiful white women there all being swarmed by the gang members. They were dancing and it seemed like each woman had about 3-4 black men dancing with her. They were taking turns groping and grinding against them and you could see they loved the attention. Drinking and d**g use was rampant with no one attempting to hide it. Jamal took my wife and started dancing with the group. A few black men attempted to dance with them and grind against my wife but Jamal just gave them a look and they backed off. They must have been afraid of him.

I thought I would wander around the house and not one room was empty and everyone was having a good time. I walked by one bedroom and the door was wide open and I was a little startled with what I saw. A very attractive white woman was being fucked by several black gang members. They had her on her back with her legs spread and lifted up for easy access to her pussy. They took their turn fucking her as each gang members stood back and waited. The short time I watched she was fucked by at least five guys and screamed in pleasure the whole time. I finally noticed in the corner of the bedroom was a white man. It took me a moment and then it dawned on me that it must be her husband. He was watching them gang fuck her. Was that also going to be my wife tonight?

I was scared for her and hoped that was not going to happen to her. I hurried back to where they were dancing and found her there enjoying herself with Jamal. I observed their appeared to be a small group of other white men like myself and approached them. I soon discovered they were their just like myself with their wives here at the behest of a black bull. We all seemed to stay together for the most part, with each of us occasionally wandering off now and then following our wives.

My wife and Jamal were dancing, drinking and making out while dancing. He was easily groping her breasts and even occasionally flipped open her dress and sucked her breasts a few times. After a while they appeared to tire and went off into a corner by themselves for a bit. I noticed Jamal digging in his pockets and pulled out something I really couldn’t see. I saw Jamal raise something up to my wife’s nose and she sniffed it in deeply, Jamal then did the same. They had just snorted some d**gs…. I had never known my wife to do any kind of i*****l d**gs and I was shocked to say the least. I couldn’t believe Jamal had gotten her to do that. She looked over at me and I quickly looked away as to not let her know what I saw. They stayed huddled by themselves for quite some time drinking and talking. Obviously letting the d**gs take effect.

Abruptly I noticed everyone stepping aside to allow three individuals who had just walked in to walk freely about the room. Two men followed behind another one whom I could tell was clearly in charge. People either stepped aside and allowed him to pass or approached him and greeted him. Either way they showed him some sort of respect. He was a guff looking black man in his mid-30’s with several visible scars on his arms and neck. I later learned he was a high ranking member of the gang who controlled this local territory. The two men following him were his body guards but obviously in the gang. As he mingled around the room I looked at my wife and Jamal. Jamal was leaning in close to her and looking at the gang leader. He appeared to be giving her instructions. The gang leader was given a drink and sat down on sofa to socialize. It was then that my wife got up and approached the gang leader. He noticed her approaching him and they locked eyes. She looked so determined and with a confident stride about her she was sexy as hell. Her breasts bounced and her hips swiveled as she walked and everyone started looking at her as she got closer to him. Without saying a word she lifted her dress slightly and abruptly straddled his legs and sat down on his hips. She leaned in and kissed him deeply. When she pulled away he had this shocked look on face as if he did not even know who she was. She then pulled his head into her cleavage and he started kissing and licking her breasts. He pushed one side of her dress to the side of her breast and started sucking a nipple. She moaned and started grinding her hips back and forth.

The room was crowded and all eyes were on her. The music continued to blare loudly and no one was talking because all eyes were on them. My wife continued to rub the back of his head and pull him into her breast. I could see that she was truly turned on as her breathing did get heavy and her grinding was slow and hard . He was getting turned on as well as his hands were groping all over her ass and back. My wife attempted to get up which I later learned Jamal had told her to take him to a back bedroom. But he had other ideas and pulled her back down to his lap. He may have thought she was trying to tease him and then slip away from him but he was having none of it. He pulled her breasts to him so they smothered his face and he pushed her hips up and out from his slightly so he could reach down and undue his pants and release his black cock. Once his black cock was released he pushed her down and apparently his black cock slid inside her. She let out a loud gasp and moaned and pulled his head harder into her chest. He then lifted her dress up over her head and she was totally naked. Apparently she had gone pantiless all night. He began thrusting into her pussy and she started moaning. She began resisting some and was trying was putting up a little effort to get away as she was totally naked in a room full of people. As he pumped in and out he was using his hands on her hips to rock her back and forth I could see his big black cock. He was just over average length but was thick as a beer can. It narrowed as the shaft went to the head of his cock which would make it easier to enter my wife’s pussy. On every down thrust as she slid down his widening shaft she would moan loudly. As the pace quickened I could see that she had totally forgotten that she was fucking someone in a crowded room with everyone watching. I’m sure fucking she was getting and the d**gs she had taken earlier had finally eliminated her inhibitions. They fucked that way for several minutes putting on quite a show for everyone. He then pushed her back so her hands then fell backwards and she had to place them on his knees for support. This caused her back to arch and her breasts pointed up. She was beautiful and clearly the sexiest creature in the room. No other woman there even compared to her. He then took control and reached up to her breasts and squeezed and massaged them with one hand and grabbed a hip with the other and kept her rocking back and forth. His body guards were sitting next him and he said to one of them, “She is hot as hell isn’t she, her pussy is exquisite. “ I just may have to keep her as one of mine.” They nodded in agreement. “Man, she really loves nigger cock.” Hearing that my wife groaned even louder. She quickened the pace even more and suddenly without warning her body quivered and she screamed and then squirted all over him. Soaking his crotch. “Holy Shit, did you see that,” he said, and then his cock erupted and he shot his nigger cum inside her. As he shot his load her body spasmed and she squirted a few more times letting out a squeal each time. When she was done she leaned forward and collapsed against him. She had passed out again. He tried to wake her but she was totally limp lying with her chest against his and her head on his shoulders. His two body guards then got up and picked her up and carried her to a bedroom. Everyone cheered as they carried her away. I was polarized at what I had just seen, it was the most sexiest and erotic thing I had just witnessed.

It took me a few minutes to gather my thoughts. My wife had just fucked one of the most powerful gang leaders in our state and clearly enjoyed it. Jamal had set her up to this and she willing went along with it. I looked at Jamal and he got this shitty smirk on his face and nodded at me. I knew I had lost all influence with my wife and he controlled her now. He was right; she was willing to do anything for him. I gradually made my way to the bedroom where she had been taken. As I walked in one of the body guards was between her legs fucking her hard. Her head was rolled back and her eyes were glazed over. The d**gs she had taken earlier had clearly taken affect. She moaned every time he thrust into her and she had reached around and pulling his ass into her has he fucked her. She was in heaven getting pounded by nigger cock. “You like nigger cock don’t you?” She moaned louder. He began pumping with long slow hard strokes. He grabbed her by the chin and throat with one hand, “You want my nigger cum inside you?” She gritted her teeth while he squeezed her chin and mumbled,”Yes, yes I want your nigger cum”. His cock exploded and he shot his nigger cum deep into her womb. Her body spasmed again she squirted several more times. My wife was insatiable. The d**gs had her high and so horny. She passed out again from one of many orgasms that had her squirting. He climbed off her was totally out of breath. My wife laid there totally naked except for her high heel shoes she was wearing. Her arms and legs were splayed out and nigger cum was leaking out of her pussy. The bed was also soaking wet from her squirting. I look around the room and noticed we had gained an audience again. The other body guard quickly got undressed and took his turn with my wife. He was average length but was extremely thick. It matched his extremely muscular body from lifting weights. He could easily been a professional body builder. When he first entered my wife’s pussy she didn’t flinch as she was still passed out. But after a few strokes of his thick nigger cock stretching her out she began to awaken. She started moaning and rocking her hips to match his thrusting. She pulled her knees up to allow him to go deeper into her and she moaned even louder. Her arms lay outstretched and relaxed as he continued to just pound away at her pussy. Her head would roll from side to side as she moaned.

She finally came to more of her senses and she looked at who was fucking her. “Oh baby, I have always wanted to fuck you, I’ve heard about that thick cock of yours.” She reached up and grabbed the back of his head and pulled him down to her and passionately kissed him deeply. Tongues circling in and out of each others mouths. “Stretch that pussy out with your nigger cock, fuck me, and fuck me hard.” She was oblivious to the crowded room and was focused on getting fucked by another nigger cock. He fucked her for a good while in multiple positions and finished fucking her doggy style, “Are you a nigger cock whore?.........”answer me, are you a nigger cock whore”? He pulled her hair hard, forcing her chin to jut outwards and she let out a squeal. “You do anything to fuck nigger cocks don’t you?” “Yes, yes I am a nigger cock whore, I love nigger cocks, I will do anything for a nigger cock, please fuck me harder, harder, I’m a nigger cock whore”. His cock unloaded into her pussy, he pulled her hair so hard her hands lifted up off the bed, she was gasping and groaning so loud it was scary. He finally released her when he had emptied his cum into her. She collapsed, passed out again, onto her chest but her ass was still in the air as he pulled out. Nigger cum just oozed out of her pussy as this was the third load she had taken it what was to be a long night. Her entire pussy and thighs were covered in nigger cum.

My wife again was lying in the bed totally naked this time with her ass up in the air. I started to move towards her but just then another young black k** starting getting undressed. I watched wife fuck another eleven black gang members that night. She was so high and euphoric she had orgasms with each and cock that fucked her. She couldn’t get enough. Whatever Jamal had given her had her going crazy for nigger cock.

I also witnessed another first that evening. My wife had sex with a woman, a black woman no less and my wife was screaming like a banshee from the tongue lashing she got. But I will relay that event to you next time.

When everyone was finished using my wife for the evening I attempted to find her dress but was unable to do so. I wrapped her up in a bed sheet and had to carry her to our car half naked. I passed Jamal while doing this and he again had a shitty grin on his face. It was a quite drive home as she either slept or was passed out the whole way. When I lifted her up out of the car to carry into our home there was a large wet cum stain on the seat from all the cum that drained out of her pussy. And it was still leaking out.

I laid her in our bed and she again looked so sexy, beautiful and erotic. Jamal may have control of my wife but I am still thankful that she still comes home to me. She may not totally be mine but at least I still have her. I could not help myself but I spread her legs and began licking her pussy. The taste was indescribable. She began slowly moaning. I licked all around her thighs, ass and stomach and thoroughly cleaned her. Truth be told I was heaven myself. When I was finished I looked up and saw that she was awake and looking at me. “That’s a good husband, you know your place don’t you, be a sweetie and get me something to drink.” I obediently complied.

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Sexellent sexample of training a formerly pretty to a white smoking hot SlutWife into a nigger seed craving black cock WhoreWife couple owned by a BlackMaster bull !!!!!!!
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Thank you
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I've been loving this series of stories and hope they never end.