Wife turned into a BBC Whore (Part 6)

“Fuck me you bastard, fuck me, you can do better than that, come on, fuck me” my wife said as I pumped her doggy style. But there it was, right where I could see. A tattoo on her right shoulder was the number 515, a signature symbol of the largest gang in our area. Next to it was the queen of spades, a symbol reflecting that she preferred black men. “Come on fuck me, feel that nigger cum in my pussy, feel it all over your small white cock.” Jamal her bull with a 10-11 inch nigger cock, had just fucked her in front of me for the um-teeth time and filled her pussy full of his nigger cum again and then left. I was getting sloppy seconds and cleaning up as I usually do. I continued pumping her while looking at her new tattoos. The dreadful realization of what I had gotten us into was sinking in. “Come on you wimp, feel that nigger cum on your little white cock, feel how powerful and intoxicating it is.” This idea of my wife fucking a BBC in front of me had spiraled out of control. I pumped her pussy faster, feeling Jamal’s nigger seed inside my wife and making her pussy slippery, leaking out and dripping down my own balls. She was stretched out from his BBC and was not tight at all. She looked over her right shoulder at me. “What’s the matter honey?” “You don’t like the tattoo’s?” “Did Jamal’s BBC stretch me out to much?” she said as she laughed. My cock exploded inside her, I felt and knew I was inadequate to Jamal and his BBC but hearing her say it was demeaning but turned me on at the same time. I pulled her hips tighter against me and unloaded everything I had from my cock in her pussy. My wife didn’t even flinch or moan. When I finished she simply pulled away, got up and cleaned herself up. Apparently not really receiving much enjoyment from my fucking.

To recap a bit from what I related in our previous events. My wife and I fantasized about her fucking a BBC for many years. Eventually having watched her fuck a BBC and then see her get addicted to his bull nigger cock, he then manipulated her into fucking other black men for money. She has openly embraced fucking black men for him and has truly become a black cock whore. I have found that if a week goes by and she hasn’t gotten fucked by a black cock she gets extremely irritable. This usually doesn’t happen often but it has on occasion. Her bull, now essentially her pimp, will usually fuck her at least once a week if not more. I know she wants to fuck him more often but circumstances don’t always allow it. Her bull Jamal has masterfully used his BBC to control her by limiting how much she gets his monster cock. He had gotten her to work out daily and tone her body into looking like she was in college again. He bought her the sexiest clothes and jewelry to wear and paid for weekly beauty appointments. I liked the changes in her appearance but wasn’t sure about the cost to our relationship. Jamal had turned her into one of his high class e****ts and she loved it. I could tell she looked and was worth top dollar and was nothing like the girls you see on the street corners. But Jamal did at times treat her like a common street whore. His gang friends and he would often throw parties for themselves and they brought the women they controlled to entertain everyone. She has attended these parties alone before but Jamal approached me and insisted that I attend the most recent one so I could see the lifestyle my wife is now entrenched. Jamal told me he wanted to make it clear to me that my wife would do anything, and he meant anything that he told her to do.

The two weeks before the party Jamal stopped sending men to meet with my wife. He did not fuck her either and she was ordered not to fuck me as he wanted her primed and ready for the party. The day of the party my wife went for her usual beauty and spa treatments. Her hair and nails were done perfectly and she was stunning. She put on very revealing dress with a plunging cleavage open down to her stomach, making it very easy to access her breasts quickly. I wanted to ravish her myself but I knew that was not allowed. I was obviously more nervous as than she was as she was going about things casually as if she had done this several times before. I was scared as hell about what the party was going to bring but erotically excited at the same time.

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