My Wife turned into a BBC Prostitute(5th part)

Over the next couple of months Jamal had sent on average 2-3 black men to our home to fuck my wife. She made the two hour drive to see him on average twice a week. So she was getting fucked by BBC’s at least five times a week. Needless to say the only way I got any action was cleaning up after she was used by a BBC. My wife started dressing really sexy and would come back from her visits with Jamal with sexy outfits. I can’t say that I objected to that. She was started working out more and when she dressed up she was looking really hot and sexy. The outfits really accentuated her bust line and always showed her cleavage. She was really turning into a vivacious creature that was hard to resist. Her mid-40’s body was turning into the body of a college girl. But Jamal had control over her. His monster cock and domineering personality had her doing his will. As long he fucked her with his massive BBC she would do what he asked.

One evening as I returned home from work there was a strange car again in the driveway and I knew what that usually meant. As I entered my home I immediately heard my wife screaming and moaning. I headed to our bedroom and what I saw was total amazement.

On our bed was my wife being fucked simultaneously by two very young black guys. They couldn’t have been but 19-20 if not younger. I could see that they were covered with tattoos with symbols from a local gang. I’m sure Jamal had set this up. They saw me standing in the doorway but didn’t bat and eye and kept on going. My wife was lying in her back with one black k** beneath her with his cock in her ass and the other on top of her between her legs fucking her pussy. She was drenched in sweat and the black k** on the bottom was pinning her arms outstretched to the side. The one on top held her legs up and spread open as she screamed in pleasure with her head bobbing up and down. They were pounding her relentlessly hard and she was having one orgasm after the other. She was screaming “fuck me, fuck me,” “fuck me you black bastards.” The one black k** fucking her pussy kept saying how good her pussy felt and asked her if she liked being a black cock whore. She answered with an emphatic “yes” and convulsed in an orgasm. He leaned forward and I could see he was wearing a condom and he grabbed her by the throat and asked “You want my nigger cum in your white pussy whore?” Through gasping breaths she said, “Yes, yes I want you to cum inside me.” With that he quickly pulled out and removed the condom and slid back in her pussy. She gasped and moaned loudly. “You really want this black cock cum inside you”. “Yes, yes, I want you’re cum” “You want me to breed you, breed you with my black cock.” “Yes, yes, breed me now, I want it so bad.” With that he thrust into her with wild abandoned and then stopped while penetrating deep inside her. He shot is load deep inside her pussy and let out a howl, “take that you white whore, take that nigger cum, let a black baby grow inside your white pussy.” She convulsed and screamed louder than she had so far. She reached up and pulled him down to her and wrapped her arms and legs around him pulled him deeper into her. Her whole body was convulsing in orgasm.

After several moments the black k** on top finally pulled out and climbed off the bed. This left my wife lying on her back on top of the other black k** with his cock still up her ass. He was giving her mini strokes as she was still coming down from her orgasms. Her legs were down now splayed open on the outside of his. He reached under her arms and grabbed each breast and began caressing them and pinching her nipples. As her breathing slowed and became more regular she began responding to him. She raised her arms up over her head and reached behind his head and began caressing him back. He continued pumping his cock in her ass with short slow strokes. She was moaning and whimpering softly. I had never fucked my wife in the ass so I was mesmerized watching this and amazed she was taking it with no pain. She must have done this before and never told me. He slowly began picking up the rhythm and going deeper. My wife’s moans began getting louder in progression with him. My wife had never been this passionate with me. She was so sexy and erotic and looked irresistible. Hearing her moaning and seeing her sexy body being fucked by big black cocks made me want to cum just standing there watching her. He then reached up with one hand and grabbed her throat and chin and squeezed very hard. With the other had he squeezed her breast really hard. My wife gasped and whimpered in pain. He gave a hard thrust of his black cock deep into her ass and she let out a loud yelp as her legs rose up into the air. Her ass was fully exposed and his black cock was all the way inside her with his balls touching her ass cheeks. “You like my black cock in your ass whore?” “Yes, yes, take my ass with your nigger cock.” I had never heard my wife speak like that.

He pushed her body upwards and she then reached back with her arms propping herself up. Her legs were spread wide and he began pumping as hard and fast as he could. He reached up and grabbed the hair on the back of my wife’s head and pulled. Her chin jutted upwards and her back was arched which made her breasts stick out and upwards. Her 44DD’s never looked so sexy and enticing. She was rocking back and forth in time with his thrusting. She screamed each time his black cock slid inside her. I couldn’t believe what was happening. My wife never screamed as my cock slid inside her at anytime. He looked at me watching them. “Look at her husband watching you take this black cock up your ass.” She looked at me and then moaned. “What kind of dirty whore are you that you fuck black cocks while he watches? She started cumming and her body convulsed and fell out of rhythm with his thrusting. He kept thrusting into her ass. He looked at me with a smirk on his face. “That’s it white whore, take this black cock up your ass as your husband watches, knowing only a black cock can please his wife“. His eyes and mine were locked on each other as he pushed with one hand on her lower back and thrust his black cock deeply into her ass and pulled harder on her hair and froze them in that position. There was a pause that seemed like it took forever. He started shooting his nigger cum in her ass and once she felt the first squirt she started screaming, “oh no, oh no, omg it feels so good, what’s happening, omg omg.” We were still staring each other in the eyes when suddenly my wife let out the loudest scream I have ever heard come from her as her body shuddered. Her legs began quaking uncontrollably. What happened next totally caught me off guard. My wife started squirting from her pussy. She squirted and screamed at least six times. He kept looking at me intently while he pumped his nigger cum in her ass as she screamed, squirted and orgasmed all over his black cock. When they were both done he let her go as she collapsed back on top of him panting.

My wife was totally limp and motionless. He attempted to wake her but she had passed out. He slipped out from underneath her and attempted to wake her again but she did not move. The bed was totally soaked in her juices. He looked at me and with a shitty smirk on his face and said, “Now that’s how you fuck a white whore, she will never be the same again”. Somehow I knew that to be true.

When they both finished getting dressed the k** who fucked my wife’s pussy grabbed his cellphone off our dresser. It had been propped up on its side. He started playing with it then showed the other black k**. One of them commented “awesome, this will bring big money.” They had just video recorded themselves fucking my wife. As they left one of them handed me a wad of cash and said that I better make sure Jamal get’s all of it and they would be needing my wife’s services again soon.

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