Wife getting her first BBC part 2

The next day I missed the ballgames that I wanted to see. But that is another story all together. Jamal had plans and this time it involved video.

The next morning I awoke lying in bed next to my wife who was still a sl**p. I began caressing her body and thinking about the surreal events the night before. It was so unbelievable it was hard to imagine it really happened. My wife was always so prim and proper and would never stoop to the level of a common slut fucking a nigger cock and letting her fill him with his cum. It was beneath her, but yet it had just happened. She took it, and took it all in her pussy without reservation and screamed with pleasure while begging for his nigger cum to fill her womb. She even begged for him to breed her, to have his seed swimming in her womb attempting to impregnate her. She can no longer get pregnant but she wanted to be bred by his nigger cock so obviously she was having some primal sexual urges.

I had no idea what to say to her or how she would feel when she woke up. I just know that she looked so sexy and beautiful and I loved her very much. Her pleasure and happiness is all I wanted. As I caressed her she slowly began stirring. We didn’t talk, just laid there holding and caressing each other. She reached for my cock and began stroking me. Rare for her to initiate so I was little surprised but excited by it. She then straddled my cock and as I slid inside her I could still feel the cum from the night before. Still wet, very slippery and an oh so erotic feeling. She sat straight up and just rocked back and forth looking upwards, massaging her own breasts and moaning to herself. She looked absolutely heavenly. I could only imagine what was going through her head. What imagery she was reliving or fantasizing about. She leaned forward and pressed her 44DD’s into my face. I could taste the dried cum from the night before as well.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. My wife slowly got up and looked out the peephole and opened the door. In walked in Jamal, for some reason he looked different that he did the night before. In the natural daylight his youthful features really showed now. He looked every bit of a twenty year old college k**. We even have a c***d older than he is. But as I said he was a big k** standing 6’5 and was a very imposing figure and commanded attention when he walked into a room, you could tell he was a born leader with a dominant personality.

Jamal told my wife to get dressed as he wanted to take her somewhere. He instructed her to put on a dress with high heels and no bra and panties. I started to object as I knew this would make her feel uncomfortable but to my surprise my wife dutifully agreed. She put on a dress that went down to her knees and had a button down cleavage. We left the hotel room and all headed to our car. My wife’s breasts bobbed freely and her nipples could easily be seen. Jamal walked with his arm around her shoulder and down her waist as she had her arm wrapped around him as I followed. He started making out with her in the elevator and feeling her breasts and body. He kept whispering in her ear and I could see her getting more and more turned on by what he was saying. When we finally arrived at the car Jamal and my wife sat in the backseat while I drove. Jamal instructed me to head towards his college which would take about 20-30 minutes in the traffic. As we drove there he continued making out with my wife. He was leaning on top of her and she had her legs open wide and one ankle rested on the headrest behind me. He had her breasts pulled out of the top of her dress and was sucking her nipples. He was fingering her pussy with his large hand, inserting two long fingers, which together were longer and thicker than my cock. He began finger fucking her and she began moaning and grinding against him. I could see most of this in the rear view mirror.

I was having a hard time keeping my eyes on the road and even noticed other drivers looking intently at the backseat of our car. A huge black man leaning over with some white legs with high heels in the air. Not too hard to figure out what was going on. My wife really started moaning and I could see his fingers pumping rapidly in and out of her pussy. She was so sloppy, the wet sounds were unmistakable. Her one leg kept hitting the back of my car seat as she was bucking all over. I kept hearing her making comments like “you’re driving me crazy, “I want to cum so bad,” “please let me cum.” Jamal was finger fucking her to the edge or orgasm and then stopping.

As we approached the college Jamal told me to pull up to his dorm. He and my wife got out and said they would wait in the lobby for me while I parked the car. They started walking inside arm and arm. It took me a good 15 minutes to find a parking spot on campus. As I entered the lobby Jamal and my wife were sitting on a sofa in the far corner of the huge lobby. I waited and observed for a few minutes as the two lightly made out and with Jamal cautiously playing with her pussy when he thought no one was looking. k**s were coming and going all the time. I then noticed Jamal’s cock was out of his pants and she was stroking it, trying to cover it with her dress so no one would see. My wife even discreetly bent over and sucked on his cock for a brief moment. I decided it was long enough and didn’t want them to go too far and get caught and started walking that way. Jamal noticed me and discreetly put his nigger cock back in his pants and they got up. My wife walked up to me as we met and gave me a deep long wet kiss running her tongue all over my mouth and lips and I could taste Jamal from her. I could hear Jamal snickering and whisper “that’s my little girl, do as your black daddy says.” My wife looked me in the eye and said “black daddy owns my pussy now”. I didn’t know what to think or say. I just stood there looking at her with my cock about to explode knowing she was getting the best sexual encounter of her life. They then started heading to Jamal’s dorm room as I trailed along.

Jamal ran into a few friends on the way and stopped to chatted with them. He introduced my wife as a good friend of his mother who decided to stop and visit him. He said she was just like a mother to him and were very close. He then said he wished his mom could be as good looking as she was and then put his arm around her back slipping it beneath her arm cupping the side of her breast with her arm hiding his hand and he squeezed her tight. My wife played along and said that Jamal was just an adorable teddy bear and she would do anything to see that he was happy and turned towards him with her back to his friends gave him a quick peck on the lips and turned back with a smile. What they couldn’t see that I could was that with one hand she had grabbed his nigger cock and gave it a squeeze.

At that point I could see now that Jamal was the one really turned on and he abruptly ended the conversation and proceeded to take my wife to his dorm room. Once we entered the room Jamal stated he needed to quickly check his computer email and took his laptop off a shelf just above his bed. Within minutes he put it back. Jamal walked up to my wife and pulled her dress off and then began fervently kissing her and feeling her breasts and pussy. My wife was clawing at his clothes and finally managed to get him undressed. They both stood there naked with my wife looking so small and petite. She barely came up to the bottom of his chest. Jamal moved to the edge of his bed and pulled my wife with him and pushed her down to her knees. He shoved that huge nigger cock in her mouth and she knew what she had to do. She started sucking that cock, barely fitting the head past her lips and maybe getting another inch or so in. Jamal moaned, “oh baby, your one hot milf, I love those tits pressing against my legs right now, suck my nigger cock, suck it like all white women know how”. He grabbed her head and f***ed his nigger cock deeper with each thrust. Causing her to gag but he didn’t care. This triggered more saliva and his nigger cock started dripping with saliva down to his balls. My wife couldn’t keep up so Jamal stopped and pulled out. Saliva dripped from her mouth and chin to his nigger cock. He slapped her face with it while she caught her breath. He then reached behind her head and grabbed her hair pulling it back forcing her to look up, he slapped her face a few more times and said, “you’re a good little white slut aren’t you, you want this nigger cock?” while he slapped the head on her lips as she tried to get it in her mouth but her head was locked from being pulled. “Huh, you want this nigger cock you white whore?” She immediately answered “yes, yes black daddy, let me have it, I have to have it”. With that he shoved it down her throat all the way and locked her head there. He called me over. “You see that, you see what she is doing to my nigger cock?” I just looked at him. “I own your wife’s pussy now don’t I, don’t I?” I sheepishly looked at him and said “yes black daddy you own her pussy now.” He pulled out quickly and let her catch a few breaths and shoved it back in all the way. It easily went deep into her throat cutting off all air. He held her there until she began clawing at his hips and thighs trying to push away. He repeated this several times making her almost pass out each time. I could see that Jamal really enjoyed controlling her, forcing her to do his will. I couldn’t tell if my wife was crying or if the tears in her eyes were from the gag reflex of the constant fucking of her mouth. But when he did pull out to let her catch a breath or two she didn’t try to flee so I am guessing she was enjoying herself. She would have never allowed me to do this to her and it was such an erotic turn on watching her turn into a sexual slave with no boundaries.

I stood back and watched my wife on her knees in front of this monster of a black man towering over her like a giant with his hands engulfing her head completely making it barely visible as he fucked her mouth. Jamal finally stopped pumping and with a loud growl he unloaded his nigger cum into her mouth. He pulled part way out to allow room his cum. “Take it you white whore, take that nigger cum and drink it down, drink that cum from the nigger that owns you know.” With that my wife wrapped her arms around his hips and grabbed his ass and looked up into his eyes. I saw her legs squeeze together and she began to shake and buck her hips. Heavy breathing came out her nostrils and guttural noises came from her. She was cumming and cumming intensely. “Oh yes baby, you like that don’t you, that’s it, drink that nigger cum, you’ll see that it tastes better than any white man’s cum, you’ll be begging me to drink my nigger cum from now on won’t you.” She nodded her head yes with his nigger cock in her mouth. Jamal finally released her from his grip and my wife slumped next to bed leaning on it. She was still cumming and her body continued to quiver for a few minutes as she caught her breath. Jamal leaned over and whispered something in her ear. She managed to get up and walked over to me and her chin and face were still covered in cum. I was sitting in a chair and she straddled me and kissed me long and hard sticking her tongue in my mouth and providing me plenty of cum left over from Jamal. She ground her hips into my cock and pressed her breasts into me getting me excited beyond belief while she whispered in my ear, “Isn’t his cum so intoxicating? Taste it, feel it in your mouth, that’s what I’m going to get from now on. I hope you’re enjoying the show, I sure am enjoying myself and I do hate to say it, but his huge nigger cock can fuck me anytime and anywhere he wants.” I grabbed her head and pulled her close and kissed her passionately. She was so sexy, grinding her hips and her soft breast’s into me I was ready to cum, I was so turned on and I couldn’t get enough of her. She was so intoxicating it was driving me crazy. I continued running my hands up and down her entire body pulling her closer to me and kissing her with so much passion I didn’t want her to ever climb off me.

Jamal being a young viral stud he barely lost his erection and he was not nearly done using me or my wife who was turning into his black cock whore. He grabbed her by the back of her hair and pulled her off me and over to the bed. He turned to me and handed me his cell phone and set it to video record. He ordered me to video everything that happens. He turned to the bed and put my wife on all fours while he stood and the edge. His placed his nigger cock on top of her ass and it easily reached to her lower back. He slapped it on her ass cheeks and I could see her shudder. “You have been waiting all morning for this nigger cock haven’t you?” She moaned a “yes”. “I can’t hear you whore!” She responded loudly, “Yes, yes, I want your nigger cock.” “Yeah, that’s right, have a nigger cock once and now you can’t get enough.” With that he pushed the head of his nigger cock inside her pussy and my wife let out a loud moan. This time she wasn’t d***k and was fully aware of what she was feeling and pushed back against him. Jamal held back and wouldn’t enter in any further. My wife squealed and bucked trying to get more inside her. Whatever power Jamal had over my wife it was sure working, she wanted his nigger cock bad and I was willing to let her have it. As if I could do anything about if I wanted. Jamal reached forward and grabbed the hair on the back of her head pulling it and forcing her chin up as he thrust his cock deep into her pussy. She let out the loudest grunt and groans as her body spammed in orgasm as her hips rocked back and forth while Jamal held still. His nigger cock pressing all the way to the top of her pussy as she ground her womb and cervix against the head of his nigger cock making her orgasm draw out.

Jamal then slowly pumped in and out of her pussy, teasing her with slow strokes. He kept a grasp on her hair and with every push in and out she would let out these loud deep groaning moans. She looked so erotic being held in submissive position, her face and mouth exposed showing the ecstasy she was feeling with the sounds she was making, her breasts swinging below and her ass high in the air.

Jamal looked at me while I was videoing with his cell phone, “you getting this, you getting this on video, look at your wife, look at how you wife loves this nigger cock.” “You like watching your wife get this nigger cock, huh, you like watching her get fucked like you never could do it?” I quietly answered “yes”. “You want me to fuck her harder? Fuck her real hard, leave that pussy all tore up and broken?” I hesitated, suddenly my wife spoke up, “tell him, tell him to fuck me hard and fast, tell him now you worthless bastard, tell him”.

There it was, it was now complete. A nigger making my wife and I submit to his huge nigger cock. My wife telling me how much she enjoys it and now telling me to tell Jamal to fuck her like she has never been fucked before. To fuck her so hard as to figuratively break her pussy.

“Fuck her, fuck her hard with your nigger cock. Make her your nigger cock whore.” I couldn’t believe I said it. I was willingly giving my wife to a nigger with a huge cock that could reach places in her pussy my cock could never reach, giving her pleasure that she would no doubt be begging for over and over again. Jamal looked at me, “your pathetic with that little white cock, giving her away for someone else to fuck, especially to a nigger like me, now watch the transformation of your wife into my personal whore for black cock.”

Jamal then released the grasp on her hair and grabbed both of her hips. He then started pounding her so hard. She screamed so loud with each thrust I knew the whole dorm floor had to hear her. She spread her knees wider to get more of him inside her and her panting and screaming sounded like she was giving birth again.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh-oh-oh, it feels so fucking good”, my wife couldn’t stop cumming. Jamal kept a rapid pace and being an athlete he showed no signs of slowing. My wife went from one orgasm to another often saying she couldn’t take it anymore but yet exploding into another orgasm, and Jamal continued unabated. She came so many times it was impossible to count, her thighs and the bed beneath her were soaked in her juices.

After what seemed like forever Jamal stopped and without his cock slipping out my wife he reached underneath her belly and flipped them both over so he was on his back. She was straddling his cock facing his feet. She collapsed on his chest with her back on his chest and her forehead nestled next to his chin on his shoulder. He had her bring her legs up and he grabbed her behind her knees causing her legs to spread open exposing her pussy to me showing his huge cock inside her pussy.
This view was very easy to video and I got down between their legs and the edge of the bed. He started to slowly pump his hips up sliding his cock in and out. He pumped slowly as to relish the feeling and give her time to recover from the intense pounding she just received. My wife laid there moaning softly as he slid in and out of her. She brought her arms ups over head and reached around Jamal’s neck and head. Her breasts became fully exposed and looked so beautiful. She caressed his neck, head and face as they got into a rhythmic motion. She was cooing and moaning with each movement with her head rolling back and forth. Jamal released her legs and they fell forward but still remained splayed open. Jamal reached up and began caressing her belly and breasts with one hand grasped her neck with another lightly choking her. He began whispering in her ear she began to grind her hips into his nigger cock and her breathing began to get rapid. Her moaning intensified and she kept repeating “yes, yes, yes”. Jamal had not sped up his thrusting at all so whatever he was saying to her was getting her excited.

My wife looked so beautiful splayed out like that so I put the phone on a shelf aiming at the bed to catch all the action. Her breasts were so enticing I leaned over both of them and started kissing and sucking them. I couldn’t help myself, I was a mad man possessed. I licked and sucked them like I would never get to again. This turned my wife on as she started moaning louder. I slowly kissed my way down her stomach. When I reached her pussy Jamal’s nigger cock looked huge inside her pussy. It was stretching her wide open. I licked her clit and felt her shudder and then quickly closed my lips around it and sucked. My wife bolted upright and grabbed my head with one arm, holding herself up with the other and screamed in an intense orgasm. She bucked against my mouth, “suck it, suck it you bastard, make me cum.” She came several times to screaming orgasms. She then did something that shocked me. She pulled my head of her pussy and then pulled his cock out of her pussy. It was huge seeing the whole thing up close. She then grabbed my head with one hand and his cock with another and tried to f***e me to suck it. I resisted and she said “suck that nigger cock now” while pushing my head down. I opened my mouth and let the head slip in. I could taste my wife’s juices on his cock. A taste that I had many times before. But it was different this time. So erotic and taboo, mixed thoughts going through my mind as I was sucking a nigger cock but tasting my wife. My wife pushed my head deeper onto his cock and then began pumping head up down. “That’s it, suck that nigger cock, you know you like it. Suck it you bastard.” She then climbed off Jamal and got next to me. We then took turns sucking his nigger cock. Something I never ever though thought I would do. But my wife is so sexy I would do anything for her sexual satisfaction. Jamal looked down at us and seemed to relish the fact that he had a married white couple sucking his nigger cock together. Jamal stood up and both of us remained on our knees in front him continuing to suck his cock. I had him deep in my throat and my wife was sucking his balls, he had a hand on each of our heads. “Oh, that’s it. Look at you two, on your knees worshiping that nigger cock. You two are going to make some good nigger cock slaves.”

Jamal finally had enough and laid my wife on the bed on her back. She spread her legs again for him as he crawled between them. In one motion he slid his nigger cock inside her and she wrapped her arms and legs around him. “Fuck me Jamal, give me your nigger cum, breed me like a black cock whore and give me a nigger baby”. Jamal fucked her like a man possessed. My wife screamed and moaned over and over again. “Are you baby, are you my black cock whore? “Yes, ohhh ohh yes”. “I love that nigger cock Jamal. Ohh, Jamal I’m yours to fuck whenever you want”. “You want me to breed you baby, you want my nigger to cum in your womb? “Oh, yes black daddy, yes, yes”.

Jamal’s nigger cock exploded and he let out a loud scream as he pumped in and out I could see cum all over his nigger cock and leaking out of my wife’s pussy. After some passionate kissing with my wife Jamal got up and looked at me. “Ok white boy, you know what to do”. I didn’t know what he meant and he then grabbed me and pushed my face into her pussy. “Lick her clean”. I did as I was told. My wife looked down at me. “That’s a good boy. Clean mommy up, that’s what you will be doing from now on.”

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26 days ago
That she is. I have licked more BBC cum from her pussy than you can imagine.
27 days ago
Sexellent story about how both of you two black cock craving kumdumps came to be owned,used and abused by a young nigger cock Master to shared around as nothing more than KumDumpSlaveWhores !!!!!!!!
10 months ago
OMG I love it!
10 months ago
Soon! There is much much more. This guy really used my wife and me for everything he could get out of her. It got quite depraved and she went along with it all for a quite a while thinking he was sincere but as we finally figured out he was not.
10 months ago
Well, yeah! Great story, hope there's more on the way.