A man starts chatting up a girl in a nightclub. He mentions he plays the sax and because of that he's pretty good with his mouth. The girl takes him up on it- he's not bad looking. He mentions his job takes him all over the place so he's staying at the hotel nearby, but when she tries to find out what he does he won't say. They head back to his room and start fucking and having a pretty good time. But just before he starts to climax, he pulls out of her pussy, runs across the room to his sax, plays a couple of chords and shoots his load at her across the room right onto the bed.

The girl looks at him and asks what the hell he did that for.

"I am the music man! I come from far away!"
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4 years ago
By far and away the most shocking thing I've read since I joined the site lol ;)
4 years ago
boom boom
4 years ago
nice giggle