Another memory

This is another true event the a few years after the last one

Well it was summer time again and in the small town we lived in summer was even bigger party time, afternoons in the bar then down the beach the ocasional barbie on the beach and some skinny dipping in the evenings and some serous parties at differnt peoples houses, was a really good time the regular holiday makers would come visit everybody would catch up and have a laugh and my friend daves parents would go on holiday for the same week every year, so we would always try and be about at the same time he wasnt away or me working away as I would crash at his place for the week and the same routine every year he supplied somewhere to crash nothing worse than walking home in the morning to get to bed lmao also the food, Iwould clean up after any parties and make sure place was like a new pin before mum and da got home.

Anyway this year was going as usual started with a hectic weekend into the week already been couple parties at daves house the week was just flying in then on the thursday as usual we had a quiet well quieter evening to try and rest for the friday and saturday again dint want to wear out or miss anything so anyway just a we were getting ready to go out daves s****r turned up she just thought she would come up for the weekend as she said she had just split from her boyfriend well I hadnt seen her for about 1 year and she was as I remebered shorter than me but only by couple inches shoulder length hair still wearing hip tight jeans and casual round the legs, she had what I call a voluptous body she wore mid height heel shoes to tighten up her legs and tops thet were up to her neck but tight on her tits and the were large, linda was older then me by about 15 years so at that time I was 21/22 she was 37ish anyway we had a ramble catchin up and she asked if we had been up to out usual holiday partying we just laughed and said dont tell me any more, she new us so well, anyway we went out to the local bar had a few games off pool and went down town and got a chinese well had no choice it was in the 70's and where we lived we were lucky to have a chinese, so back we went to the house with just couple mates, dave played the guitar we all sat round listening and chatting then linda and I were chatting about everything and she was telling me about here boyfriend and how it was all over anyway she must have noticed me staring at her tits as she smiled and said she was off, linda was the first one to crash so she went to bed, as I had said earlier thatI would take the sofa this evening. Well not sure what time but must have been 2-3 before dave finally went and crashed. I just pulled the table across feet up and in the chair with blanket over the top fell aleep, well I dont know how long I had been asl**p when I heard a noise as the living room door opened and in walked linda she wa wearing a cotton t-shirt, half aleep I aked her what was up, she just smiled walked right up to me and got on the floor in front off me still smiling and rubbing her hands on my calfs under the blanket she said well, you were looking at my tits all night now I just thought you would enjoy this as well.

Amazed still half asl**p and a bit doppy from the drink It was taking me a few minutes to get my head round it, here was linda an older woman my friends s****r now running her hand up my thigh, by this time I had one huge erection, still smiling I said she should stop, she looked at me grinned and said dont be stupid I know you have wanted to fuck me for years, at that her hand reached the top off my thigh one hand on each, and I can always remember this bit because it was the first time a truely experenced woman had touched my cock, one hand either side her palms resting on my thigh her thumbs slid under either side if my pants she pushed the pants up till her thumbs were touching my balls then she massaged my balls, I moved my hand to touch her hands to get them to start wanking me and she placed them on the arms off the chair looked at me and said this is my time now sit and dont move, she kept stroking my balls then with her teeth pulled down the waste band of my pants till it was round the rim off my head and started to lick the pre-cum which was already there, I started to moan at which point she pulled out her hands looked at me put her fingers to her lips making a shhhhhhhh shut up guester, then this time she looked and could see my cock was throbbin and twitchin, she grabbed either side of my pants buy the elastic and pulled it tight so as it was tight on my ccock head and then kept licking it, I was bl**dy ready to burst and at that she pulled off my pants and started to stroke my cock, she new by looking at me that I wasnt going to last long so sat her mouth in front of my cock cupping my balls with one hand and stroking my cock with the other, as I arched my back she whispered fill my mouth you dirty bastrd fill it and at that I squirted all my cum in her mouth spurt after spurt fuck I was so horny and my cock was tingling then to my amazement I watched as she spat my cum back over my cock the licked it all off as it ran down my cock and over my balls, then once she had finished she stood up kissed me and whispered still havnt seen my tits have you ..........
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4 years ago
nice and naughty cant wait to her what happens next