My Cumming Story on my Friend Sexy Bras

Sophie, age 29, 36C, Victoria's Secret Lingerie

Its my best friend that I cum for the first time in others girls bras. Sometime when I'm in her house I go to the bathroom I see her bras in the laundry basket on the washing machine. So the bras was perfectly clean and smell fresh. She leave her laundry always in the same place so I've seen often her bras but never masturbate with before. I know her size (36C) and her type of bras (Push-Up ones) since long time but just keep-it in my mind...

First cum : One day I just cant resist when I saw a beautiful VS Very Sexy push-up bra (pink with small black dots). I never see that bra before and I was very excited and my cock get very hard. I tell to myself that I must to try to cum in her bra. I was really nervous. Nervous to being caught and most, I've never do that before. So I start the fan for fake some natural needs and then take the bra, unzip my pants and start rubbing my cock. I smell the bra, touch the padding and read the tag size. It was so nice. I rub the bra around my cock and start masturbating whit. I was so nervous that it take me a long time to cum. So I take the bra, put it on the floor and sit on my knees to have a better power of masturbation. That helps a lot. I set the bra for see the inside of the cups and start to wank fast like I love. I finally cum on inside each cups while reading the 36C tag size. I was really proud to see my cum on my friend bra. I zip my pants and replace gently the bra in her original place. Nobody seems to realize my long absence so I just cross my fingers that she will wear her bra full of my cum...

Second cum : Few weeks lather, sharing a good diner with friends, i take time to go to her bathroom. Like my strategy was, I find her fresh laundry on the washing machine with her bras. I was really happy. So I do the same thing that the first time but with more confidence. I take another VS Very Sexy push-up bra (black one with white lace on the top on the cups) put-it on the floor and sit on my knees. Before I start to masturbate, my other friend knock on the door for telling me that she wait for her turn but return with the others guest. So feeling the pressure that somebody will notice I start masturbating really fast, but really fast. Until few minutes I cum in the both cups and enjoy her 36C size tag. Well done, put-it back in place and continue the diner. No mater happen.

Third cum : Few weeks lather I go to her home for a summer night outside party. During the night, when all people was on wine and bear, I eclipse myself to go to her bathroom. In the bathroom I didn't see her lingerie basket like usual. I was really sad. I've start to search more and more to find a bra. I finally find a bra under a bathrobe hooked beside the shower. I was really happy. But I was surprised when I saw that the bra was a VS Miraculous Bombshell. Yep a Bombshell one! This Add-2-Cups Padded bra are my fav!!! I get hard instantly. Like the other times I put the bra on the floor and start masturbating. But these time I was alone because all people was outside chilling together. So I take my time to masturbate and feel the Bombshell bra on my cock, play with gently, take time to wank wile watching all details of the bra (white with all lace) and the size printed inside the side of the band. I've really had sex with her bra, her fucking beautiful Thick Padded Push-Up bra! Maybe 20-30 minutes lather I cum inside both cups, but cum very hard like never I cum in her bras. All the Thick padding of her 36C cups was filled with my cum. I was proud to do this. I finish the party with my friends. After the night, back at home, I fuck my girlfriend while thinking to cum on my friend Padded push-up bras...

Now I'm just waiting the wright opportunities to cum again in her beautiful sexy 36C Push-Up bras.
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1 year ago
sweet,But mine are slips.
1 year ago
Excellent story..!!!
2 years ago
hot story friend i love the sexy super padded victoria secret bras theyre great to jack off with
2 years ago
get yourself a blow up doll..............Sweet