My Fantasy about Push-Up Bras

I love Push-Up bras, I very love Padded Push-Up bras! Thick ones ;)
Always love-it but don't know why?

My Gf wear only this kind of bras, I'm in paradise... She have an 36D but look a true 36E with this Add-2-Cups Padded Push-Up bras. Love this look! She have around 30 of this bras and more panties. She wear daily the Victoria's Secret Miraculous Bombshell bra and the La Senza Hello Sugar Double Push-Up bra. Her breast is so big, so high and very round I can't resist! Her cleavage is so amazing!

I love masturbate and cum in her bras. Love to think that she wear my fresh cum in her sexy bras, that my cum goes directly in contact with her breast. My dick came hard when I see his beautiful cleavage powered by a bra I've recently cum in. When she not at home or busy in others rooms, I open her lingerie drawer and have sex with her beautiful 36D Padded Push-Up bras. She have a lot so I can see and take several bras to increase my pleasure. She have also a lot of silicone breast enhancers and a tons of push-up pads that I like to masturbate with.

I cum everyday in her bra. I like-it! Normally I cum in each cup, yeah each cup so I need two masturbation sessions to fill one bra. My cum is all on her bra and full on her breast. Each cups was fill with cum and smelling the horny taste. Each day my Gf wear a cummed Thick Padded Push-Up bra and don't noticing-it ;) She don't know that I masturbate myself so oftenly. Its my secret garden.
Sometime I can cum 4 to 6 time in one bra! Yep, Its a big amount of cum, 2-3 cumshot per cups! The thickness of the cups foam padding absobre pretty fast and pretty well the cum so the bra can handle-it. Sure that can take me few days to prepair the bra. My Gf wear-it, sometime find that her bra was dirty but she wear-it! Sometime we do sex with her lingerie on so we cum on that too ;) I always become horny when I read the 36D size on her tags... Or fell the extreme thickness of the padding.

I also love to cum on my friends bras. A pure excitement! But it's append few times only. One of them is a 36C and wear Victorias Secret Very Sexy Push-Up bras and the other wear Aerie's Drew Double-Push-Up 32A bras. I will cum on others girls Push-Up bras when I will had the opportunities. Otherwise I masturbate myself oftenly with Bra Porn on internet. I love wank on lingerie websites like Victoria's Secret and others, Jerk off with XHamster girls bras and cleavage pictures/videos.

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1 month ago
mmmm thanks for sharing, love big bras too!
1 year ago
2 years ago
We have the exact same taste in sexy lingerie that makes girls tits look amazing! I love the bombshell bras and the drew bras theyre ridiculously padded and super slutty
2 years ago
you need a blow up doll............Sweet
2 years ago
Same pleasure in padded push up bras !