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Having fun in our cam shows! Don't get Banned

First I would like to thank all of our viewers for watching our cam shows. Yesterday we were on cam all day doing threesomes with Purrfect’s lovers and it was great!

Unfortunately, because the 3 of us were more interested in having sex than watching chatroom comments, the room was out of control much of the time. I really don't *want* to ban anyone and would be most happy if I could go the rest of my life in such total harmony that no bannings were ever needed. But you should know something - I *don’t mind* banning people, the same way I don’t mind taking out the trash, or reporting spammer... Continue»
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I Love My Life - The Blonde & The Redhead

My living room floor is covered with a king size bed of memory foam. This morning I woke up in a sandwich between two hot women I love, both of whom give great head.

After skull-fucking them live on webcam, I cuddled in bed with the blonde while the redhead made us breakfast, which they ate naked.

I'm not bragging. I'm incredulous that I'm living a Dear Penthouse lifestyle every day, that I'm an adult educator and performer with an incredible slave and new poly lifestyle.

This afternoon the girls went shopping for men for tonight's show. I joked they treated like a shopping... Continue»
Posted by Humblestud 2 years ago

How to get deepthroated by my BBW MILF suck slave.

If you've seen any of our vids, you know I own a BBW MILF trained to deep throat. Sorry, her pussy is only for me, BUT she truly does love to suck cock and I love to share her mouth!

We go to 2 private parties a month at Club Princeton in Columbus. Look for the Fetish Friday and the Lucky Luscious Ladies parties. The Fetish party is BDSM, the L3 party is for BBWs. There is a lot of black cock at that one, and I love watching her suck them!

Those are special "VIP" parties, held upstairs in a private VIP area of the club, complete with bar, hot tub & smoking c... Continue»
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