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The art and beauty of deepthroat

This is a 3 part article I have written myself for the sole purpose of sharing my journey and experience through deepthroat training.

The art and beauty of deepthroat-Part 1

I am an expert cocksucker and I play one on TV. LOL! Well, the internet that is.
My Master and I are oral fetishists and exhibitionists. That has lead the way to over 20 videos and many photos s**ttered over the free tube sites such as xhamster and xtube as well as Fetlife.

Because of this I get a lot of messages and comments from all over the world asking about my skills, praising them, and of course occassional lude and rude comments.

I have really enjoyed the attention I've received from these messages because it has made me realize how much they affect people's lives and how motivational and tutorial they can be.

Both men and women have been affected by these videos. They have been motivated to want more or to learn more.

A man in France went out of his way to contact my Master to praise us for the enjoyment he gets out of watching our videos. We made Durand president of our fan club. We don't have an official fan club but, lots and lots of viewers and friends who we love to share our life and love with.

A firefighter in Philadelphia offered to do anything to meet me, but backed out at the last minute because my Master's expectations and requirement for meeting me were out of his reach. He still sends me lovely messages on occasion to let me know he is still watching and yearning.

My point is...I've always been a people pleaser and wanting to touch people deeply, but wondered how I would ever do that being that I am too emotional to work in the medical field and I would not step foot in a church unless I was f***ed to.

Who knew it would be my oral skills, my love for deepthroat, my passion for writing, my exhibition that would bring me so much joy, fulfillment and respect?
I loved sucking cock before I met my Master and I was known as the high school slut who gave good head. It's not my proudest accomplishment from my c***dhood, but look where it's gotten me.

I am now a very proud oral slave to Master Humblestud, a corporate professional career women, an amatuer porn star, and a deepthroat expert/trainer. I couldn't be prouder.

My slut days are over now that I have found the man of my dreams, but she still lives inside me and I like living vicariously through my horny friends. I love inspiring them to also love cock and train them to take it deep. When I am not enjoying time with my kinky friends, I am online watching our videos to see what needs to be improved and also watching other porn to see if I can learn more skills. My quest for the perfect deepthroat journey carries on.

If you or anyone you know loves cock as much as I do and wants to learn how to deepthroat or just advance your already amazing skills, look no further. Let me help you. I am in the processing of writing a tutorial of my own research, basic skills, and advanced techniques.

The art and beauty of deepthroat-Part 2 is coming. It will include a lot of the information I share online, links to resources I've used to learn more technical skills, and a compiled list of my videos that are available for free on several tube sites.

Master and I do have videos for sale @ if you are interested in seeing and purchasing our best videos. We post previews of the best videos on xhamster and xtube, but save the full length for sale.

I am considering making a tutorial video, but I want to gather more feedback from my viewers before doing that. I want to make sure it is instructional and of course very sexy.

So please stay tuned and comment and criticize as you wish. I love the feedback and it helps motivate me to do more and learn more to share with you.

The art and beauty of deepthroat-Part 2

In part one I talked about how I got to this point, a deepthroat expert. Of course there is no real certification in this matter, but I am excellent enough and I've done the hard work to give me the confidence to say it so. Yes, I consider myself an expert and I want to help you to get to that point as well.

My journey began the night I met my Master. Long story short, we met one night and had an all night oral session that would make anyone wet and wild. We were hooked from the first night we met and it has blossomed to the most amazing oral sex I have ever experienced or performed in my life.

Master has traveled the country looking for the perfect BJ and I am his faithful student who is an over achiever and obsessed with his cock and deepthroating it.

So after that one night, he told me he had this fetish and thought I ranked with his #1 favorite cock sucker Angela of He knows her personally and in fact is in several of the pics and the video on her website. The guy she mentions who likes it rough on her main page is my Master. He challenged her skills like no other. This woman can repeatedly plunge 17 inches of cock like it's nothing, but he fucked her face good.

I watched it frame by frame to see how she was breathing, moving her lips, her throat, and even her neck and eyes. Every bit of the video had something to learn and I watched as a diligent and even obsessed student.

I ranked #4 on his list of amazing blow jobs he has received around the country. That's pretty good, but not good enough for me and after I saw what #1 could do, I was impressed and proud to rank anywhere near her on his list.
So, I was motivated by this and I have spent many hours reading, watching, learning and practicing deepthroat.

My first step was watching his videos of Angela performing oral and reading tutorials that I could find online such as an amazing article on There are a lot of good article to read on this site, but of course I go straight to where my heart is. The art of Oral sex!

Now I am ready to help you. Are you ready to go deep, deeper, and take the plunge into basic deep throating? Follow me...

If you want a medically boring, but accurate description of the cock and all it's parts, please follow the links above and do some research of your own. I am a basic and simple kind of gal, so that is what you should expect from the topics below.

Getting it nice and wet...ready to take the plunge

When you are learning to deepthroat you will learn quickly that saliva is your best friend and the best lubrication you could use to master this tasty task. Think of your throat as a rectum for this task.

Some people will suggest throat spray, flavored lubes, and even alcohol. That's the yummy kind not the rubbing kind. I do not recommend any of these things.

Alcohol weakens your gag reflex if you drink too much and it also impairs your thinking and judgement. Gagging is mind over matter. If you've lost your mind it won't matter how d***k and horny you are. You won't be able to concentrate on the mission. I am assuming if you want to suck cock, you want to learn the art of deepthroat. Yes! It's an art, a talent.

Throat spray will numb your throat yes, but it also tingles and weakens your sense of touch. I want you to feel every little detail that you and your other is experiencing together. By using throat spray you are minimizing the total experience. Please do not wimp out on me here. Well, unless you are a sissy boy and you can't help yourself. LOL!

Flavored lubes are yummy sometimes, but it coats your throat and causes an excess amount of lube coupled with your saliva. I can handle a lot of saliva, but the two of them together had my throat feeling goopy and not comfortable. I kept wanting to spit or swallow and not in a good way. I personally don't like it and don't recommend it. However, chocolate Reddi-wip and strawberry syrup are fun when I have a sweet tooth and feeling friskier than normal.

If you have too much saliva in your mouth it could choke you. So you will need to learn to swallow during plunging or you will need to push it out of your mouth, creating drool. Drool is not for everyone, but my Master and many other men love it. You can have fun with it by forcing it out of the corners of your mouth while plunging to make bubbles. Otherwise,you can let it just come out naturally and make a fine stream that connects you to your favorite cock.

I am not a fan of getting all over my face and into my eyes, so a towel might be necessary.


Timing is the best way to control your breathing. Knowing when to take a deep breath to go deep and when to catch a quick breath when plunging is very important. If you breath at the wrong time you could gag and choke. It's not fun.

I usually take a really deep breath before I go all the way down because I like to sit there for a while and feel Master's cock in the depths of my throat. Once I get to the bottom I like to sit there and then come back up slowly teasing his shaft with my tongue and maybe an advanced technique that I will discuss in Advanced Deepthroat.

For quicker breaths you need to figure out how far down you can go and still breath through your nose and throat. I strongly recommend breathing through your nose more than your mouth for one main reason. Air circulation. Cocks do not like cold air, it tends to make them soften up. It's need to feel encased as if it were in a your vagina. Warm, wet, and where it belongs.

You can use your hands to help encase his cock, but I prefer to just take it deep.

You want to keep the cock as warm and wet as possible, so try to breath through your nose as much as possible. Lift up just enough to take a good quick breath through your nose when plunging or being facefucked.

For those that need or want to breath through your mouth, there are a couple tricks to it. If you are throating a larger than average cock you can stick your tongue out as far as it will go to lower the back of your tongue and widen the corners of your mouth. This should give you more room to take a breath when needed.

You can also take your tongue and push out the side of your cheek to open up an air hole in the corner of your mouth.

For an advanced technique, you can try to catch a breath during the double swallow technique I will discuss in Advanced Deepthroat.

Gagging-testing your reflex

Gagging is good. Please do not be afraid of it. My goal is to help you learn to control it, not get rid of it. The benefits of gagging are lubrication and the pressure it puts on the cock shaft. You and your Other will learn to love it.

Gagging is mind over matter as I stated before. You have to train your throat into thinking that you love this cock in your throat and you want it there. Your throat was not designed to have such large objects lodged into it. So it's natural reaction is to reject it. Gag!

So let's train your throat now. I practice with a 12 inch double-headed dildo. It's flexible, durable, and of an average circumference. I recommend you practice with a dildo also. One that at least average in size, but preferably something larger so you can challenge yourself.

You will also need a glass of water, a towel, and a measuring tape or ruler.
Now, insert the dildo into your mouth just passed your lips and get it nice and wet. Lick it all around and love it. We need to train your mind and your throat into loving this huge juicy cock. It's the best thing you've tasted all day and you can't wait to swallow it.

Once your cock toy is wet push it further back into your mouth until you feel the urge to gag. STOP! Do not move the dildo, but breath. Breath through the sensation to gag and then push further doing it again and again until you need a break or a drink of water. Before you take the cock all the way out measure the depth you just throated. Make this a game of some sort. Challenge your self.

You cannot give up though, you need to push yourself further and further. Your throat is like a rectum and can open up the more your thrust it. That is why saliva is your friend. Just push yourself to take more and more cock each time until you reach the bottom. Use the breathing techniques listed above if you need to. Have some fun with them.

So those are the basic skills for deepthroating. I'm sure there are others and if so I would love to hear them. So if you have anything you would like to add, please feel free.

I hope this has helped motivate you to go suck some cock. Take it deep. And most importantly...

Advanced Deepthroat Techniques

So, you've made it this far. You can take his cock deep and you are loving it so much that you want to learn more. I am always trying to do new things with my throat, lips, and tongue. So I have named a couple techniques that my Master loves. These are techniques that I learned on my own while practicing and pleasing my Master.

The Squeegee is a technique I use to apply pressure to the cock shaft. The cock shaft is not very sensitive at all and pressure is about the only way to really get your rocket ready to launch. The head of the cock and the ridge just under it are the most sensitive spots. Especially the frenulum. That is the fold of skin on the underside of the penis just under the head or corona. The frenulum is sensitive to light touching and licking. Which is also part of the squeegee technique.

So the technique begins when your are balls deep or lips to base I like to say. At the bottom of his cock take your tongue and press it against the roof of your mouth while tightening your lips as tight as you can around his shaft.

Your tongue will be pressing against his cock on the under side while pressing the top side against the roof of your mouth. Now, while holding that position, slide and suck your way slowly to the top of his cock and just to the tip. Keeping his cock in your throat... lick the underside of his head, the frenulum, lightly with little flicks and caressing of the tongue.

Then repeat as many times as you or your Other wishes.

The Rabbit is something I need a better name for quite frankly. I think my Master called it the rabbit suck one time. LOL

What I am basically doing is aggressively sucking the tip of his cock as it enters my mouth. I do this by sucking on the back of my front teeth as if I wanted to make a rabbit sound. As he is entering my mouth I suck on the back of my teeth and puckered lips. So as he is entering my mouth he feels a hard suck on his cock head and he loves it.

The Throat Massage is fun for both the cock and the cocksucker. I love doing it because it strengthens my throat and neck muscles and pleases him at the same time.

What you do is squeeze and contract your throat muscles like you are swallowing while licking anything your tongue will reach. That's it!

The Caterpillar is my favorite and requested by Master every time. It involves a lot of tongue action and we are both orally talented and skilled tongue twisters. I could do a whole entry on just kissing alone. Yummy!

The caterpillar begins when his cock is in your throat. It doesn't have to be all the way down, but far enough to have some licking space.

While he is in your throat you suck on the back of your tongue and work your way to the front making a caterpillar motion or a wave motion with your tongue. You can also do a more basic movement such as moving your tongue back and forth, but I like to get fancy. This movement applies pressure in waves to the cock shaft and basically strokes him off with no hands.

The Double Swallow incorporates the caterpillar movement, but makes it more intense.

To do this technique you will squeeze and contract your throat muscles like you are swallowing while doing the caterpillar and sucking the head of his cock with your lips like a straw. I know that is a lot to imagine, but if you just squeeze and contract your throat muscles while sucking his head like a straw, your mouth will automatically do the caterpillar motion.

That's all folks. This is where I am in my journey and I am always practicing and learning more. Your feedback is most appreciated and encouraged.

Here are some links to my videos online if you would like to see these techniques in action.

Free streaming video

Kinky clips for sale- our best stuff
Happy sucking and viewing!

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This is great, I can use this to train the sluts.
3 years ago
YOU ARE FUCKING AWESOME!!! i really feel the passion that you put into words!! i REALLY understand how you feel about sex! (i wish that there were MORE girls like you in high school)...(hell...MIDDLE SCHOOL !!) lol i lost my virginity @ 12..(lovingly) by a 16 yr old..but i was exposed to hardcore when i went to the army !! I SAW EVERYTHING....EVERYTHING IMAGINABLE!! and a few that you would never think of! and every since then, i have had a seriously STRONG desire to be a videographer!! it,s STILL my dream! i consider myself VERY good with the camera, lighting, scenes, background, angles, ect.... just no subjects to photograph! if this sounds like something that you would be interested in....? i could get those close-ups, move around to diff, angles, without being all over the place...ect.. write me back, and lets chat! u-r-beautiful.. cuzzo