HCC Wifey's First Story Part 1

This is a story from the fantasies of HornyCoupleColorado (HCC). The story is completely fictional.
This is the first story that HCC Wifey wrote to HCC Hubby. I wrote this over a year ago when we were first exploring the fantasies of multiple partners. This one has a particularly hot memory for us since I sucked hubby’s cock while he read this aloud to me after I wrote it for him. I was able to make him cum in my mouth almost simultaneously with him cumming in the story.

When your birthday rolled around I told you that I wanted to give you a fantasy. I explained that several of our fantasies seemed to be very similar and that you could pick one of them and we would make it come true. I was not at all surprised when you told me what you wanted. More than once while I was sucking your cock you had mentioned that you wished my tongue could be in your ass while I sucked you. It wasn't hard to find someone willing to help me make that a reality.

I booked a hotel room for your birthday and after a very nice dinner we headed for our room. When we walked in Holly was already there sitting quietly in the corner chair. I had given her an outfit to wear. She and I were both wearing very short skirts and flimsy tops with nothing underneath. I was completely wet and ready to fuck as your fingers had been in my cunt more than once during dinner. Holly came over on my command and together we began slowly undressing you. Holly had been told her role. She was to find any way to please you she could while I sucked your cock and you fucked me. Knowing this she had put her long blonde hair up in a sexy messing bun. I told you that Holly would be allowed to lick you and that you could play with any part of her but she could not touch your cock - that was totally mine tonight.

After we stripped you naked, we provided you with a little visual entertainment by seductively undressing each other. I dropped to my knees and began licking you and you began playing with Holly's C cup tits and nipples. I ordered Holly to put her tit in your mouth. I continued to suck your rigid cock while you sucked on her large erect nipples. I got even wetter watching you flick her nipples with your tongue and feeling the effects she & I were having on you. I then told you to put one leg up on the bed. When you did Holly got down behind you and began tonguing your ass. You nearly lost your mind as I sucked hard on ur balls and her tongue flicked wildly between your ass cheeks. I put my mouth back over your cock and let you fuck my mouth until you squirted my mouth full of your hot juices.
You asked if I would mind sharing with Holly and you began getting hard again as you watched me kiss your other whore to share your cum. I kissed you and then had Holly do the same so you could taste your cum on both of us.

Then I laid you back on the bed. Your cock was already getting hard and I began rubbing it to help you along. Holly licked and sucked your balls while I rubbed your cock & played with your nipples. Within minutes you were fully erect and I climbed on top of you and put your hard cock in my throbbing pussy. As I slowly started riding you Holly began playing with your nipples. I was getting very close to cumming but wanted more visual stimulation. I told Holly to put her cunt in your face. The site of you licking her clit while I rode you put me over the edge. I came hard on your cock but continued to ride it wanting even more. My excitement and your tongue put Holly over the edge, cumming all over your face.

As she moved away you flipped me over and grabbed some lube. While you got us both all slippery I fingered myself, I was crazy with anticipation. You slowly put your hard throbbing cock into my tight waiting ass. Holly lay down and positioned herself between your legs. She rubbed your balls and fingered your ass as you slowly pumped your cock in and out of me. I screamed for you to go faster. The speed made you explode inside my ass. The night went on like this with me and Holly taking turns keeping you aroused and making you cum.

We awoke late the next morning to a beautiful summer day. We showered and got dressed then headed downstairs for some much needed food. We rehashed or night over a huge breakfast. We recounted how many times we had each climaxed, you hit 5 and I was right behind you at 4. I asked you which your favorite was. You answered that the first one was because it was such a new experience. As we discussed our favorite parts of the evening I began rubbing your cock again. We finished our meal quickly and headed to the car. As I sucked you off yet again you mentioned that you could hardly wait for my birthday to come.
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