Freak House Superstar Come Fest

Freak House Superstar CumFest
An Erotic Adventure Starring
Kiki and Ty Blaze
Special guest Star
Cameo appearances by:
Mercnbeth as Betty & Merc, Handson1 as Steve & Marie,
Cocklover47 as Lee, MrAction as Jordan Charles,
MoFreaka as “Peach Cream”, Toofreaky42 as T.F.Fulton
Aymeric as Aymeric, Andearl as Andrea & Dave
Sexy1314Stl as Vanessa Heart xHamsterGirl as Jazmyn
Justthe2ofus as Joel & Shan ,hungwhitedude as Ben
& thebigdickbitch as Big Dick Bitch

Part I

Kiki and Ty Blaze were doing their thing. They were living on their love and passion, literally. The couple had taken their love, passion and desire to please one another and turned it into their livelihood. They had become stars in the world of underground porn. Their production studio, Nasty Nigga n Bad Bitch productions, was putting out some of the hottest Black porn. They had recently taken full ownership of the exclusive and expensive sex club they helped open called “Freak House”. “Freak House” on the outside appeared to be like most sleazy strip clubs. This was done deliberately, to make the place appear less desirable. Inside however, was very posh, and now it all belonged to the Blazes. The main room of the club was like most strip bars. There was the main stage and two smaller side stages with poles. They featured mainly girls but had a couple of guys on weekends. The real gem of “Freak House” was the super exclusive “Members only” area known as the “Green Room”, where members enjoyed live fuck shows. The Green room had a bar along the rear wall near the door, and a round stage in the center with tiered seating around it on 3 sides. There was a roomy area at the rear of the stage with chaise lounges known as the “Playpen”. The “Playpen” was exclusive to “Gold” members. Performers in the Green Room fuck shows had been in, or were going to be in the Blaze’s videos. Kiki and Ty themselves performed on certain special weekends, and whenever else they wanted to. The shows there were always wild, and sometimes high tipping audience members were invited to participate a little. Participants usually came from the “Playpen”, but not always. Kiki and Ty’s shows were always sold out,and there was never a shortage of high tippers who were willing to break the bank to join them all over the Green Room. When They invited audience participation, it was special, because they didn’t do it all the time. They didn’t have to.
Their next show was in a week,and they wanted to do something really wild. Ty was sitting in his home office puffing on a joint and checking his emails. He opened one that would turn out to not only be a surprise, but would give them the idea for their next live show. He read the email. “Oh Shit!” he thought to himself. The email was from someone who was herself a star in the underground porn world. Lorraine aka “Princess Creampie”. She was well known as a cam girl/cumslut and had done some cumshot and creampie videos. That was how Ty recognized her. The email read something like:
“Dear Ty and Kiki. I’m Lorraine. You may know me as a cumslut/cam girl. If you’ve seen my videos you know I’m a nasty bitch. I love the work you two are doing and would love to be a part of it. I would love to do a show with you at “Freak House”. Let me know if we can do something together. I think it would be great for all of us career wise, and I know it would be fucking hot.... Your favorite cumslut...L,“Princess Creampie.”
Ty was super excited. He had cum watching Lorraine take load after load of hot white cum all over her pretty Ebony face, more than once. He immediately typed a response. “Hey Lorraine,thanks so much for reaching out and showing love. You are so fucking amazing. I have seen your Cumshot vids girl, Fucking hot!!! You have inspired quite a few late night solo cumshots. We would love to work with you. Not only at “Freak House” but we would love to shoot with you as well. We are doing our next live fuck show next weekend. Why don’t you join us? I have been toying with a new idea, and it would be beyond perfect to kick it off with you. I look forward to meeting and fucking you...He hit send, and went to tell Kiki the news, that they had attracted the attention of a pornstar who wanted to get with the Blazes...
Ty found Kiki in the living room sipping a glass of wine, stretched out on the sofa. He leaned over, kissed her face, sat down and handed her the blunt. “Hey baby, I think I know what our next show is, check this out.” He showed her Lorraine’s email. “We’re turning heads.” Kiki looked at the email. “Kool. She’s got quite a rep.” Kiki said to Ty. “It was only a matter of time before someone with a real rep would want to be down with us.” “What is your idea for the show?” She asked. Ty explained his idea to Kiki. “Well she’s like a serious cumslut, so we wanna use that.” “You remember my idea for that new video series I told you?” Kiki looked at Ty with an expression of sarcasm. “Nigga you know you have about 27 ideas a week.” Ty laughed as he blew a cloud of smoke. “That’s true.” “I meant the cum shot series I told you about?”
Kiki answered, “You mean that “Cum covered couples thing?” “Yeah that one.” Ty said. “It would be hot to do some shit like that with her live.” Kiki began to smile as pictured Ty’s idea. “I will say this.” She said. “That Lorraine is one fine bitch, and I would love to fuck with her.” Ty responded. “Kool.” “We could do a threesome, and have some of our special members bid for the chance to come up and cum on us as we fuck the shit out her and each other.” Kiki listened with a smile. “I like it.” “You can fuck her with your strap on, tell me that shit wouldn’t be hot.” Kiki tilted her head as she listened to Ty. “We can pick a couple of our special peeps, but let other motherfuckers throw their money down and bid for the chance. “Could be a great night.” Kiki agreed,
“Yeah let’s set that shit up.” Ty started to head back to his office but Kiki called out to him. “Where you goin’ boy?” “To start setting things up for the show.” he responded. Kiki looked at Ty and continued. “I know you’re not gonna leave this pussy after you came in here and got me all wet.” Ty smiled and walked back to Kiki, knowing it was time for a hot afternoon fuck....
He put his macbook down stubbed out the last of the blunt, and turned to Kiki. “Come get this fucking pussy Nigga.” She said. Ty stepped toward Kiki as pulled his big black cock out of his sweats. He reached out, grabbed the back of her head, and with a hard yank pulled her head to his cock. His unexpected show of strength made Kiki’s Black Cunt cream. She gasped as Ty’s cock filled her mouth in a rush.
A line of spit trailed out of the corner of her mouth and down Ty’s cock. She caught her breath from her mouth having been so “suddenly stuffed”, reached her right hand up and took hold of Ty’s cock. Another line of spit ran down Ty’s cock as Kiki reached her left hand down and started fingering her hairy, wet, Black Cunt. “Yeah suck that dick bitch.” Ty said to the woman he loved more than anything. He said it like he was talking to a filthy whore. At that moment, he was. “Suck that motherfuckin dick you Fuckin Black Slut.” Kiki Moaned, and fingered her pussy harder and faster. Ty was the only man on the planet who could talk to her like that, and when he did, she Fuckin Loved it...”Oh baby...” She said gasping for air, still jerking his cock.
“Tell me more.” “Shut the Fuck Up and Suck My Dick Bitch!” Ty said.
Kiki felt her pussy ooze. She couldn’t believe it, she was cumming.
Ty had her cumming as she sucked his dick with his dirty talk.
“Oh Oh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Kiki shuddered and let go of Ty’s dick as she came. Ty Jerked his dick as he watched her finish. As soon as she was done, Kiki laid on her side, lifted her leg and looked at Ty. “I want you to fuck my asshole nigga.” Ty smiled. He Loved fuckin Kiki’s tight Black Asshole. He got down on his knees, spit in his hand and lubed his cock. he pressed the head of his cock into Kiki’s tight brown asshole. She grunted and moaned as his cock snaked it’s way in passed the rim of her ass. “Oh Yeah baby Fuck me.” Kiki said, letting him know he was all the way in. He started pumping his cock in and out of her asshole, slowly at first. “Damn Bitch, no matter how much I fuck it, your asshole is always so fuckin tight.” Ty told her. She moaned in response and began gyrating her hips. “That’s it Nigga, Get that asshole.” Kiki told Ty. “Get that Black asshole nigga.” Ty moaned as he fucked her harder. “You like that shit Bitch?” “You like that fucking Big Black Cock up your fuckin asshole?” Ty asked. Kiki Moaned, “Yes Nigga, I love your fucking Big Black Cock.” Ty continued to pound Kiki’s sweet Black asshole, as sweat dripped from his face and fell on her tit.
“Cum for me Nigga.” Kiki said to Ty. “Gimme that fuckin nut.” Ty fucked Kiki faster, as he felt himself getting close to cumming. “Where you want me to cum Bitch?” Ty asked. “Cum on my fucking ass Nigga, I want that hot cum all over my ass.” Ty pulled his cock out of Kiki’s asshole with a loud moan, and blasted his hot load of cum all over her ass.
When he was done cumming, he spread it around with the head of his cock. Kiki looked at Ty and said,”Nigga that was hot.” Ty moaned and leaned over and licked his cum up off of Kiki’s ass. “Mmmmmm” Kiki moaned, as she felt Ty lick his load off of her ass. “You nasty motherfucker.” Ty kissed her, letting her taste his cum before he answered. “And you love it Bitch.” He laughed. Kiki giggled as they kissed and hugged, enjoying the afterglow......

Ty emailed Lorraine to let her know that they were excited to meet and perform with her. He explained that he had an idea for the show that would be perfect, but that he was going to keep it a surprise. Her response came a few minutes later. “Hey Ty and Kiki, Sounds great. I love what you two are doing so I’m sure whatever you’re planning for me is going to be hot,and I love surprises. I’m telling my fans I’m doing a show at “Freak House” but not what it is. I want them to be surprised too. I can’t wait to fuck and be fucked by you and Kiki. I’m soaking wet thinking about it.” Ty shot her another email, advising her about membership rates for “Freak House” in case any of her fans decided to join. He suggested that might be smart,as this event was likely to sell out fast. It was set.

Next, Ty sent out invites to a few of V.I.P. “Gold” members. The ones that were he and Kiki’s “Peeps”, he knew would not want to miss this event. The first invite went out to Antonio Mercurio or “Merc” and his new wife Betty. The Blazes had met Merc and Betty about a year earlier. At the time, Merc hired them to make a custom video, to blackmail and bring down his corrupt and bigoted business partner. The man was attempting to frame Merc, steal the business and fire all the Black employees. Merc’s coup was so successful that he not only ended up with the company, but also with Betty, his former partner’s ex-wife. She had been introduced to Black by the Blazes and did not want to go back. The fact that Merc was half Black, along with the fact that she had always admired him from afar made things for them happen quickly. Ty explained that there would be a special “superstar” guest joining him and Kiki for their next show, and this was not one to be missed.

Next, Ty emailed the Handsons. The Handsons were the only white couple that were members of “Freak House.” Thanks to horrible GPS directions, their “Date Night” gone wrong became such a special night for them. They’d been Gold status members ever since. They attended plenty of Kiki and Ty’s shows and often went “upstairs” afterwards. Tariq “TooFull” Fulton, one of Ty’s few remaining friends from the gang banger life got an invite. “TooFull”, or T.F., as he was often called, according to some got his nickname Too Full, from his swagger and attitude, but folks like Kiki and Ty knew it was because he had a nice full Ebony cock that they and many admired. T.F., was like a big b*****r to Ty, and had mentored him in he Gang life. Ty learned everything from T.F. He had once helped T.F. take down a rival gang, and instead of killing the leader, T.F. punked him by fucking him like a bitch in front of his bitch and gang. That was a huge lesson that Ty took to heart. Turnin’ motherfuckers out instead of shooting them helped both T.F. and Ty do significantly less time during their gang bangin’ years. Like it had been for Ty, it was also the woman he would marry that helped pull T.F. out of the gang life as well. He was now into photography and was one of Ty’s main camera guys. If his wife wasn’t so shy he too would be in the videos with Ty and Kiki.

Ty also sent out an invite to Lee, a longtime member who had gotten a chance to have a private party with Kiki and Ty, thanks to his $10,000 tip. He was their “self proclaimed” #1 fan and it probably was a legitimate claim. Lee was at “Freak House” so regularly that he often served as an MC, especially when Kiki and Ty were performing.

Ty told Lee that he wanted him to MC the next show, so he had to let him know what type of show it was going to be, but he didn’t tell him who the guest star was. He wanted everyone to be surprised at that. He did tell Lee that he and other invited guests would be in the “Playpen” and would have the chance to participate if they wanted to. Ty explained he would also open a few more slots for bidding, so no one would think it was all preplanned as far as who got to participate. Lee, would mange the flow of participants not in the “playpen”. They didn’t want an onstage crowd to block them from audience or the cameras. Ty told Lee that he could also “fluff” guys on the line if he wanted, and that if he did it would be for tips. Audience participation in their lives shows had to be limited so it almost always was done via “pay for play”. If you really wanted to get in on the action, which rarely ever included out and out joining in the fucking, (Kiki and Ty were very selective about their playmates). In short, the highest of the high tippers always had the “nights to remember.”

Lorraine smiled as she read Ty’s last email. The night was set and she was excited. She turned on one of their movies and sat back with her favorite dildo. She fucked her pussy as the Blazes fucked on screen “I can’t wait to feel Ty’s fucking cock in my cunt.” As Ty fucked a Latina girl in her ass Kiki joined in fucking her with a strap on. “I hope they Fuck me Like that” Lorraine thought. “Kiki” she thought to herself. she took out a second dildo and started probing her asshole.
She fucked both of her holes and tried to match pace with the movie she watched. She Fucked her holes faster as she now only heard the action, because her eyes were closed. She felt her orgasm coming one and she fucked her ass hard while she took the other dildo out of her cunt and played with her clit. She exploded into a nice orgasm that was so intense she let go of the dildo in her asshole. ‘Ohhhhh Fuuuuccck!” She screamed. Her pussy throbbed as she came. Her asshole muscle spasmed, causing the dlido to shoot out of her ass and fly halfway across the room. and when she was done she thought, “Shit, I was just watchin a fuckin movie.” “I can’t wait to fuck them.”

One by one, the response came in. All who had been invited planned to attend. Ty let the couples know that they could fuck while in the “Playpen” as usual, but the guys may want to save their cum shots when they find out what the main event was going to be. Ty shared the info with Kiki and told her some more of his plans later that afternoon, which of course set off the evening fuck that night.

A couple of days later Kiki and Ty kickin’ back after having done a shoot earlier that day. Kiki was sipping wine and checking emails when she burst out laughing. “Oh shit.” Ty asked what was funny and she forwarded the email to his macbook. When opened and read the email he too cracked up. it was from someone who no matter how hard they had tried, they couldn’t quite leave behind. It was Jordan Charles. On her last legit job, he had been Kiki’s boss back when they were first getting the porn hustle going. He was a mostly harmless jackass, who had lusted after Kiki the whole time she worked at his video editing company. In his desperation to get with her, he one day snatched a flash drive off her desk and discovered that Kiki was doing porn. While his blackmail attempt did get him a chance to finally fuck Kiki, it happened on her terms, not his, and he had his ass turned out and fucked by Ty’s big black cock in the process. Since then, Jordan had spent a lot of time and energy trying to get back into Kiki’s good graces with limited success. He helped them secure their first distributor, which is why the Blazes did not shut him out of their world completely, even though Kiki couldn’t really stand him much. Charles had somehow heard about the show and wanted to be there. Since he wasn’t a member he offered to $5000.00 to get in on the event. The Blazes decided to let him attend, since they didn’t have to fuck with him themselves, and his $5000 would go right to Lorraine, giving her more than her usual fee, while still guaranteeing them a good take on the night. Ty saw Jordan’s footnote that he was a member of Lorraine’s fan club and that she had put out the alert to her fan base. Even with Charles there, this event was going to be quite a happening...

As the week went on the excitement around “Freak House” grew. Cumslut Lorraine’s announcement of her upcoming appearance at “Freak House” to her fan base was generating a few new Gold members, and that was without the knowledge that she’d actually be performing with the Blazes. Kiki and Ty were excited. Nearly all of the invited members had confirmed. Two days before Kiki got an email from their friend from London, Dave. He and Andrea were arriving in town that night. He was coming in to be the “Parliamentary Presence” at a couple of events over the next few days, and wanted to finally try to visit “Freak House”. Since they were already coming into town, it would be easy to slip off for some fun, as opposed to just planning an unscheduled trip to the States just to visit “Freak House”. She told Dave about the “Superstar ficklest”, and invited them to attend. Dave responded telling Kiki that the night of the fuckfest was one of their only free nights and they were looking forward to finally sitting in the “Playpen”.

There were many people from Lorraine’s fan base trying to make reservations, but due to limited space many couldn’t get in. One of her most loyal fans, a man named Joel Hardman was smart enough to Join the “Freak House” “Gold Circle” which guaranteed him and his wife, Shan attendance and as gold members they would also be in the “Playpen”. Thanks to Lorraine, “Freak House” now had a second white couple as members, “Gold” Members.

Since seating and availability quickly became an issue, and so many of her fans were being turned away, Lorraine called Ty to try to work out something for her fans. Ty decided to close the main room down to members only, and show the party on all of the monitors in the club, instead of just the one in the “Keyhole Room”. The “Keyhole Room” was a small lounge area in the rear of the main room, just beside the Green Room. Here non members, who did not have access to the green room could sit and watch Green room shows on a monitor that was set up with a direct feed. It was of course it usually only saw use when Kiki and Ty were the performers, and then it was usually overflow as their shows always sold out. “If we shut down and use the main room for overflow we can get a bunch more of your peeps in.” Ty told Lorraine. “Question is, can you fill it?” “Damn right I can Ty.” Lorraine answered with just a hint of sexy attitude. “Damn.” Ty laughed “I’m gonna fuck your asshole extra hard for that attitude.” Lorraine laughed right back. “Is that a promise baby boy, cause I’ll give a little more attitude if it is.” After their moment of laughter passed, Lorraine switched gears on Ty. “Ty you are so fucking lucky, you are Blessed b*****r.” “I know.” Ty answered. “I could’ve very easily been in jail or dead by now.” “No that’s not what I mean.” Lorraine said, “Though that is true.” “I was talking about Kiki.” “What about her?” Ty asked. “You don’t know how lucky you are to have your wife in it with you.” “Oh.” Ty sighed. “We started this together, she encouraged me.” He told Lorraine. “I know that.” She responded. “That’s what I mean, your love for each other is so apparent.” “I love the tag on your vids.”
“Kiki and Ty always make you feel good, because they always make each other feel good.” “That was so powerful when I first saw it.” Lorraine said. “I thought Deep.” Lorraine went on, “I have a new boyfriend and...”
“He don’t know what you do, and you’re afraid he’ll run?” “Yup.” She answered. “He thinks I’m just a model/stripper.” “Just invite him it’ll be fine.” Ty told her. “He probably knows and just hasn’t said.” “If he freaks out, you’ll find a freak right at “Freak House.” They broke into another round of laughter. Lorraine told Ty that she wanted him to invite him, because her boyfriend loved Kiki and Ty. “I’ll tell him I’m dancing at your club.” “Thanks Ty.” He answered her, “No problem girl, see you at the show.

Ty made sure that “Peach Cream”, their best stripper was going to open up and warm the crowd before the cumfest main event. “Peach Cream” or Peachy as Ty often called her, was one beautiful hot Black Bitch. She had a chocolate brown “Brickhouse” body, Big tits, and a Fat ass that she knew how to shake. Her dance and dildo shows were off the hook. The only danger was that she might have too many folks cumming too much before the main event. Ty reminded her that her priority was to tease and warm them up, not get them off.

Aymeric, a new actor in their stable of their performers was going to be on hand. He had just recently signed on and would be seen in one of the Blaze’s upcoming videos, so Ty figured this would be a good way to introduce him to their fans. He was the first white actor to join their stable. he was a handsome young man with a British accent and a nice cock. His presence would certainly turn some heads and get a few folks excited to see him in an upcoming video. It never hurt to throw in some advertising. He would be (though he didn’t know it yet) be doing a fuck show with Vanessa Heart. Vanessa was another recently signed actress in the Nasty Nigga n Bad Bitch stable. Kiki had found her while shopping for lingerie. Vanessa had recognized her and started talking to Kiki. After vibing with her awhile, Kiki just asked if Vanessa would be interested in shooting. Vanessa jumped at the chance. Her private audition with Blazes had been one hot fuck session, and had it been at the studio and not their house, it was in editing for release right now. She was hot ass bitch, and she was freaky. Kiki and Ty were gonna make a superstar slut.

The night of the “Superstar Fuckfest” had finally come. “Freak House” was buzzing. Tonight’s event was so popular, that with the exception of the lucky people who got in through Lorraine’s fan club, there were no non members admitted. The main event was actually being shown on the monitors out in the main house, as the event was sold out.

The lights went out the main bartender/hostess, Pepita “Pepper” Vargas, a Hot ass Latina greeted everyone with her now famous “Welcome to Freak House Bitchezzz.” “Tonight is gonna be some of the hook shit, so I’m gonna be at the bar in here tonight slingin’ the drinks and blunts so I’m gonna let tonight’s MC, Lee take over, give it up, Give It Up Bitchezzz.!” The audience or “guests”, as Kiki called them applauded Pepper as she exited the stage blowing kisses and saying “Besos bitchez, Besitos.” Ty smacked Pepper’s big tight ass as she went by.

Lee stepped onto the stage which was empty, and again greeted the guests. He was wearing sheer black crotchless pantyhose, like the ones Kiki made him wear the night he partied with them after tipping them big one night. Best $10,000 he’d ever spent. “I too would like to welcome you all to what’s gonna be a Hot Fucking Night.” “We have a lot going on, and it’s packed house so we’re gonna get right to it, but first I want to explain a couple of things. He went on, “First and foremost, tonight, “Playpen” seating is by invitation only. Participants outside of the playpen will be determined by usual means, and tonight we’ll take 10 tips. The usual means meant the highest tips, and in this case they would invite the 10 highest tippers would be invited. Lee went on, “We’ll take four of those bidders from the main room to keep things fair.

Out front, Lorraine’s boyfriend arrived. He was greeted by Pepper, as he came into the Green room and shown to a seat right in front just outside the “Playpen”. “You’ll be able to see everything from here Papi., enjoy the show.” Pepper said as she seated David and sashayed back to the bar.

Lee was finishing his intro. “We have so much planned, but I’m not going to list it, as I’ll get too horny.” The audience chuckled, and he went on. “No really it’s cuz we want to keep the surprises coming, right on up to the main event.” First I’d like to invite our Invited guests to the “Playpen”.

Steve and Marie made their way to the “Playpen” first. They took their robes off as they entered (clothes are optional in the green room). Steve was naked except for leather bracelets on his wrists, while Marie wore a hot red and black corset with sheer black stockings. Right behind them were Merc and Betty. Betty looked elegantly wild. She had a feathery looking stole around her neck which fell nicely around her tits and a belt with fur and silk strips hanging down. She looked like a redheaded super sexy princess out of a Conan like movie. Merc was sporting a biker look with an open black leather vest and black chaps, nothing else but aviator sunglasses. They looked hot as he led her to a chaise lounge. The two new members who had joined from Lorraine’s fan base, Joel and Shan Hardman came down next. They were so excited to be there and could barely contain it. They knew they had been lucky to get in, but seeing the crowd brought the realization home. Shan was wearing a pink corset with black stripes that gave her a serous hourglass shape. T.F. came down with his wife Shonda. Shonda took off her robe revealing sexy red fishnets and a grater belt. Shonda was thick and as sexy as can be. She had a fat ass and great tits, a true BBEW, Big,Beautiful Ebony Woman. The last guests to come down to the “Playpen” were Andrea and Dave. They were understandably wearing sunglasses. Andrea had on a sexy black fishnet body stocking that made her look like a sexy ass catch of the day.

“Now that our “Playpen” guests are seated, we’re ready to begin our night of surprises.” Lee said. “Our main event is going to be awesome.” Lee continued “First, let’s welcome to the stage, “Freak House’s” Hottest dancer, “PEACH CREAM!” The audience applauded as the lights went out and the stage lights came up. A hot reggae dance beat started, the guitar line of “murder she wrote” came up. There was a cloud of smoke and Peach cream came dancing out onto the stage. She was wearing a Black fishnet top over a sexy red bra, matching red fishnet crotchless pantyhose and a pair of sexy red boots. She came on stage charged, feeding off the vibe of the crowd. She dipped and twirled, turning her back to the front of the house giving an awesome view of her lovely Black ass. Audience began to applaud as she started “twerkin n jerkin” that ass around.she reached up and unhooked her bra through the fishnet top, while twirling her hips in a slow sexy way. She looked as though she were humping someone in slow motion. This drew more applause and whistles, as well as her first round bills being thrown into the “Playpen” Peach Cream turned back to face the front of the house very slowly, still working those hips. The sight of her pussy moving back and forth as she continued her slow humping motion was just as sexy as watching her ass. She stood working her hips for a moment, then in one sudden strong move she ripped the fishnet top and red bra off. The crowd went wild, and she made her way down into the “Playpen”. As she came down a few guys lined up to stuff $20s, $50s and $100s into the waistline of her stockings. Peach looked at the guys seductively and thought to herself “The first few motherfuckers always miss the wild shit.” Lee allowed the three guys to move up and Peach danced over, twirling her ass the whole way. After they tipped her she moved toward the center of the “Playpen” “Y’all motherfuckers want me to get nasty?” She called out. The crowd responded and she moved toward Lee. Lee handed her a big white dildo. She took it and started running it all over her body. “Y’all wanna see what I can do with this?” She teased. Again the crowd responded. After running it over her body again, she pushed it up against her belly button, with the head facing up. With her right hand she slowly pushed the dildo up, as she hugged her tits tightly around it with her left arm. As the Cock head rose between her tits, she dipped her head to meet it. She opened her mouth wide and took the dildo in to her mouth as though it were her man. She started sucking it hard, making loud slurping noises. There were moans and groans being heard throughout the audience and with the “Playpen”.

Betty had Merc’s cock out and was slowly jerking him as they watched Peach cream. Marie was laying back against Steve, who was fingering her cunt. Jordan Chase was sitting in the front row jerking his cock. Between Lee and Peach Cream he didn’t know who he wanted to fuck first. Being Jordan Chase, he decided he would fuck whichever of them let him.

Peach Cream was now on her knees, still sucking the cock between her tits. Spit was now running out her mouth all over her tits, and dripping from the dildo. She slowly took the dildo out her mouth, allowing a gob of spit to drip out all over her tits. “Y’all like that shit?” She asked, clearly workin’ the room. The “Yeah” chant went up. There were a couple of more tippers up, to go with the bills that had been thrown to her. The next two tippers got to place their hands between her tits, and she squeezed them around her hands. When they slowly withdrew their hands they released the bills. “Thank you baby boy” She said. She looked at the crowd and asked “Y’all think this pussy need some love?” The crowd cheered, and Peach “sassed” them. “Y’all some nasty motherfuckers and bitches.” The crowd laughed and applauded as she slowly started working the dildo into her juicy black pussy.

She started fucking her pussy slowly at first,rubbing her tits with her free hand and moaning loudly. In no time the dildo was glistening as it was wet with her hot pussy cream. Lee spoke into the mic to rile the crowd a little more. “Oh it likes Peach is getting extra creamy folks.”

Peach winked at Lee, who opened the rope for her. She got up and walked to the first row of seats, right where David was sitting. She put her left leg up on the armrest of his chair so that her pussy was so close to him he could smell it. He was turned on by her pussy scent, as she gyrated her hips in front of him. David smiled up at Peach cream, as he slowly reached for a $50. She looked at him and spoke in a very sexy, seductive voice. “Hey baby you wanna fuck me like this?” She suddenly rammed the dildo up her cunt and started fucking herself violently. He let out a moan as she worked the dildo in and out of her shaved Black cunt, right in front of his face. Her dildo made spongy noises as she fucked herself A drop of her pussy cream dripped onto David’s lap. He tried to scoop it up and lick it off his finger. He put the $50 back and pulled a fresh $100 out of his pocket. He ran his hand with the $100 down between her tits, across her stomach and down to her things placing it in her stockings. Peach cream looked at the $100 and at David and said “Thank you baby boy.” As she took her leg off his chair, she took the dildo out of her pussy and held it up to his mouth saying, “Taste my pussy for real baby.” David surprised himself and licked up the shaft of her dildo. He was now really able to taste her pussy cream and it was delicious. Before he could get a second lick she had already moved on to another guests’ chair. This time she stooped in front of a woman. She was a cute petite white girl with a $50 in her hand. She clearly was thrilled to have Peach Cream stop in front of her, and stuffed the bill into her stockings. She was wearing a hot little red mini skirt, that was more like a belt, and a sheer lace top that showed her perky tits. Peach looked down at her. “Hey bitch what’s yo’ name?, I never seen you here before.” Peach seductively glared into her eyes. The girl looked up slowly in a way that suggested she was extremely submissive. “Jazmyn, Ms Peach,” She answered. “It’s my first time here tonight.” Peach smiled at her as she slowly eased her dildo back into her cunt. “First time?” Peach repeated, as Jazmyn wiped a bead of sweat from hr brow with what looked like a balled up piece of cloth. “Shit.” Peach said, “you got any panties under that skirt?” She asked Jazmyn. “I just wiped my face with my panties.” Jazmyn responded. “That’s a good bitch.” Peach told her. “‘cause this is how we do it at “Freak House.” At That Peach slid the dildo out of her pussy, leaned over Jazmyn,lifted her skirt and rammed it up Jazmyn’s pretty white cunt. Audience members cheered as fucked Jazmyn’s cunt with the dildo. Jazymn put her hands on the armrests, so that she could lift her ass off the chair and give Peach better access to her cunt. Peach pushed the dildo in farther and harder. From his spot Lee spoke to the crowd. “Peach is spreading her cream around folks”. he went on. “If you want her to stop by and see you get those tips out.” People started cheering and some started pulling out bills.

Back in the “Playpen” the special guests were all getting frisky. They were all close friends of Kiki and Ty and knew they didn’t want to be spent before the main event, but that didn’t stop them from playing around. T.F.‘s lady Shonda, was on leaning over and stroking and lightly licking and kissing his cock. He was leaning back puffing on a blunt and rubbing her fine ass, as he watched Peach work the crowd. Merc was leaning against the backrest of their lounge, watching Betty who was dancing in front of him. The Dj was now spinning a “bump and grind” set, and was in the middle of a long set of Prince’s music. As soon as “Partyman” started playing Betty was up and dancing. She was still up shakin’ her ass to “Sexy Motherfucker”. Merc had a hard time deciding whether he should watch Peach Cream or Betty. For this song at least Betty won out.

Dave had Andrea sitting in between his legs leaning back into him. He had her tits out on display and was playing with them. They talked about what they would do with Peach Cream if they had a shot at her fine Black Ass. Dave joked with her. “Her sweet arse is worth a cock suck.” Andrea laughed at the reminder of the fabulous birthday rendezvous he had arranged for her with the Blazes. She had always loved Dave, but her birthday present pushed that love beyond the stratosphere. With that one event, her husband (who was one of the youngest members of Parliament) had catapulted their sex life and marriage to a whole new level. He not only gave her the chance to fuck Kiki and Ty, but he fulfilled another fantasy of hers when he sucked Ty’s cock. The thought that he might be willing to do it again made her wet, and she reached down and started playing with her clit.

Joel Hardman was on his knees licking Shan’s asshole out. She was reaching one hand back and fingering her clit as she enjoyed Joel’s tongue work. “Oh yes honey, lick my fucking musky asshole just like that.” “I love when you lick my asshole motherfucker.” Joel grunted, reaching out and squeezing her tits, as he licked Shan’s musky asshole. “It’s so hot being here with all these hot Black Cocks and Cunts.” Shan moaned as Joel tongue fucked her tight ass.

Jordan Chase winked at Lee, as he continued stroking his cock.
He’d thought he caught Lee looking him over, and this time Jordan was right, though he wouldn’t know for a while. Peach was still fucking Jazmyn with her dildo. Jazmyn was now bucking her hips and moaning loudly. Peach was woking her over hard. “What the fuck, you nasty White Bitch, I thought you liked this shit.” She told Jazmyn in a very dominant tone. Jazmyn barely moaned out “Ohhhh I am Ms. Peach.”
“Then show me bitch, make that White Pussy cum.” Jazmyn moaned to Peach. “Ohhh yes Ms,Peeeaaacccchhhh.” Some of the crowd started a quiet chant of “Cum....Cum...Cum.” “Give me that fucking cum bitch, show Ms Peach how much that White Pussy likes this shit.” Jazmyn burst into an explosive orgasm. “Ohhhh God YESSSSSSSS!” The audience cheered. Pepper brought Jazmyn a glass of champagne, for being the first girl to cum that night, as Peach Cream moved on to her next victim. He was an older Latino looking guy, with curly hair and a mustache. He wasn’t really her type, but Peach was interested in the $50 bills in has hand, as this was after As she made her way up the isle towards him she noticed a white guy in a row behind her original target. He was a young, handsome White guy, with a bald head, thin eyes and a thin beard. He clearly had been watching her even before she saw him. That made her smile to herself As Peach moved she could see he had his nice White dick out. She thought to herself “That’s a Hung White Dude.” She went past the Latino and went up to where the “Hung White Dude was. “hey baby boy. what’s yo’ name” She said to him. In a very cool manner not at all showing how excited he was he answered her, sounding like Clint Eastwood, “Ben” Peach glanced down and took note of Ben’s lovely hardening dick. “Well Big Ben, your fine ass can’t be up in here alone with all that dick, where your girl at?” Peach asked as she seductively moved closer to Ben. Just as cool as before Ben answered, “I could say she’s standing right in front of my chair holding a dildo, but I don’t know if that would be a lie.” “Damn he’s smooth” Peach thought to herself. She just smiled at Ben and asked, “You wanna watch me fuck this big dick?” Holding up her dildo. Ben responded, “No Peach, I wanna watch you suck it.” He began to reach for his wallet to get out her tip.
Before he could reach it or realize what was happening, Peach Cream was on her knees sucking His cock and not her dildo. He was shocked, as was the crowd. Lee chimed in right away, seeing what was going on. “Ahh Shit, it’s Peach is turning up the heat.” There were plenty of cheers. The Latino guy turned around and stuffed a $50 into Peach’s stockings, gave her ass a few good squeezes and said, “Chupa, chupa el becho mamacita.” He tried sliding a finger into her ass crack, but she slapped it away hard enough to let him know to back off. to make up for it he stuffed two more $50s into her stocking, which got a thumbs up from her. All that happened without her taking her mouth of the Hung White Dude’s dick, which at that moment blasted a load of hot cum into her mouth and face. There were cheers and applause, as Peach sucked Ben’s cock. It very quickly became apparent that she was sucking his cock for real. He rolled his head around and grabbed the back of her head. Spit was running all down the sides of ben’s cock. She increased her speed as she worked hard on Ben’s cock. Some of the guys around them were chanting “go, go, go.” Lee continued chiming in. “We have a first ladies and gentleman.” “Longtime members know Peach Cream”, has never gone this far with a guest before.” “That is either very special, or a great tipper.” A wave of laughter resonated in the house. Everyone was focused on Peach and Ben. Spit was flying as she sucked the life out of his cock. Peach was fucking herself with the dildo as she sucked Ben, was moaning loudly. “Yes Girl suck that White Dick.” Peach was jerking him with one hand as she sucked. She was clearly trying to make him cum. “Cum in my mouth Big Ben, give it to me.” She pleaded as she cam up for air. “Shoot that White dick off in my fuckin Black mouth.” She dove back down as Ben’s breathing got faster and faster. He exploded, his cock spewing his hot load into her mouth and face. “Yes, Yes, Give me all that hot white cum.” Peach said as Ben started cumming in her open mouth and face. Strands of thick cum erupted some landing square in her wide open mouth, and some hitting her face, chin, chest and hair. She milked every drop out of Ben’s cock before she let him go. When he saw Ben had stopped cumming, Lee announced “We have our first male orgasm of the night.” Everyone applauded, and Pepper came over with a glass of champagne for Ben. “Here you go Papi.” she said as she placed the glass on his drink holder
Peach got up and without wiping her face off turned to walk to the stage exit when Ben called out. “Ms Peach this is for you.” Peach turned and saw that he was holding out Two fresh $100 bills. “She looked at him, smiled and said, “I don’t take tips from my man”, winked at him and walked toward the the “Playpen”. The guys nearby who heard let out a loud collective “Oooooooooh”. A couple of guys patted Ben on the back.

Not missing a beat, Lee said to the crowd, “We’re making new friends at “Freak House” tonight folks.” He looked at Jordan and continued “we’re making new friends all over the place tonight.”

As Peach walked into the “Playpen” towards the stage exit, Lee worked the crowd. “Lets hear it for the lovely Peach Cream.” Peach waved to the crowd as she picked up the bills that had been through in to the playpen. “Gimme some love Peach.” Lee said as she moved past him. She blew him a kiss, to which he laughed and said. “you can do better than that.” Peach smiled, walked over and stuck her dildo in his mouth almost to his gagging point in one motion. “Here;s your love baby, suck my pussy off that dick.” Lee slurped hard on the dildo for a couple of seconds, then handed it back to Peach. “Once again folks.” he said. “Give it up for Peach Cream.” She smiled at him and waved to the crowd. As she exited she told Lee to make sure Ben joined her at her table.

“I think we need some drinks in here Pepper it’s hot.” Lee said as he stepped to the mic. “Was that hot or what?” He asked the crowd. The cheers went on for almost a full minute, and certainly would have gone longer if he hadn’t raised is hands to silent the audience. In the middle of it, Lorraine’s new boyfriend David sat enjoying himself. He couldn’t wait for Lorraine’s turn on stage. He had only seen her dance a little bit for him, but that had been enough to fuel his imagination. He figured she would do a hot dildo act perhaps with two dildos, or maybe with another girl. He only knew she was performing, and assumed it meant a tease dance. He couldn’t wait. He texted her to let her know he was there. Her response was “Great sweetie. Enjoy the show.” “You wanna come up on stage during my act?” David was surprised at that and responded. “Wow. I’m not sure.” She responded to him. “LOL, I won’t bite too hard. Think about it. Kisses” David sat wondering what Lorraine was gonna do, and whether or not he’d have the balls to join her. He knew others would if an open invite went out, and he hoped it wouldn’t. He sat lost until thought until Lee spoke to the house.

“Next up folks we have a treat”. “Who is putting out the hottest underground Black porn?” The crowd chanted “Nasty Nigga n Bad Bitch.” “That’s right”. Lee confirmed. “Tonight you are going to get a special sneak preview, a Live sneak preview”. There was a fresh murmur in the house. Pepper and her crew were serving drinks and handing out fresh Blunts for the herbalists in attendance, as “Freak House” was 420 friendly. Lee continued, sensing a little curiosity in the house. “What I mean by a live sneak preview is not that we are going to watch a dvd.” “That’s no treat.” There were a few chuckles, and a couple of people were heard saying “Word up.” “You are going to meet two performers who were recently signed with Nasty Nigga n Bad Bitch, and they’re going to do a little something for you.” Lee continued, “The first is Aymeric, the first White Guy to sign with Nasty Nigga n Bad Bitch. The Dj cued up Aymeric’s entrance music,James Brown’s Superbad, and Aymeric strutted in. He was wearing a long matrix looking leather coat with a hoody under it. the hood hid his face, giving him a mysterious look. When he reached the front of the “Playpen” he threw the coat and hoody off and raised his head in a dramatic fashion. A couple of ladies moaned, while another in front row threw her thong at him. He looked at her, smiled and blew a kiss. He stood there looking well groomed and though thin, very chiseled at 6 feet. He had a G string on that barley held his good sized cock in place. Folks applauded when he did some vogue posing next to Lee.

Lee said “Aymeric anything you wanna say to the house?” Aymeric Smiled and said, “Hello freaks.” He spoke with a sexy British accent. “I’m here to show why I’m the first White boy they hired.” That drew fresh cheers from the crowd.

Lee started his next intro. “His costar for tonight’s is the other sexy new addition, Miss Vanessa Heart. Vanessa came in to the sound of Sade’s Paradise. She moved in slowly like a sexy Tiger. Vanessa was a honey colored, blonde haired sista girl. A fine BBEW who stood 5’ 9”, with Big tits, her right one sporting a hot red heart shaped tattoo. She had on a red see thru bed jacket, and red fishnets. Her ass was big and tight, and she had a hot juicy pussy that she kept shaved clean. The look on her face was that of a woman who knew how to fuck. She looked at Aymeric with a base look that seemed to say “I’m gonna fuck the shit out of yo’ ass White Boy”. For the first time since meeting Ty and Kiki Aymeric felt just a little nervous as Vanessa Heart moved towards him. When she reached him and Lee, Lee spoke. “Hey There Miss Vanessa, do you want to say anything to the crowd?” Vanessa looked at Lee and responded. “Hell no I wanna fuck the shit out of this White Boy.” The crowd responded as Vanessa had clearly thrown down the gauntlet. Someone called out “You know he can’t handle you baby.” A girl up front said “Don’t hurt the baby boy Vanessa.” Trying to stoke the flames Lee looked at Aymeric, and in a fake accent said “Well Aymeric, what say you?” Aymeric smiled at the joke, but looked right at Vanessa. He ripped his g string off as he said “Bring it”. Vanessa was clearly pleasantly surprised when se saw his dick. She got down on her knees and started sucking it. Right away it was clear that she knew how to suck dick, cuz she had Aymeric moaning quickly.
She looked up when she heard him. “Mmmmm you like that fuckin shit don’t you white boy?” “Them British bitches don’t know how to suck dick.” She asked. Andrea, who was still sitting on Dave’s lap hear her and responded as if she were the one asked. “Yes we most certainly do know how to suck cock baby.” Vanessa took her lips off of Aymeric’s cock long enough to acknowledge Andrea. “Alright mama I hear you.” Some folks laughed as she went back to sucking Aymeric. “MmmmThis White dick is nice boy, mmmm” He held the back of her head as she sucked his dick. his moaning and breathing were increasing. as she was now sucking him with a fury. She felt his body pulsing and looked up at him. “Don’t you dare fucking cum now motherfucker, take it like a man.” She went back to sucking him and went even harder on him. Some of the women in the house started cheering her on. “You go girl, make that white boy work.” Aymeric was fighting so hard to hold off, as she was sucking the life out of his dick. Just when he thought he was gonna lose it and blow his load, Vanessa eased up on him. “Damn she’s fucking good.” He thought to himself. She had taken him to the edge of the cliff, pushed him over and caught him and pulled him back before he could fall. People cheered when they saw he hadn’t cum. Aymeric opened his eyes and looked down at Vanessa who was smiling up at him.
“I had to test you out a little baby boy.” “Come eat this pussy out.”
Aymeric got down on the floor and started licking Vanessa’s pussy. She smelled and tasted good. He eased his hands under her ass cheeks as he licked into her juicy cunt. she spread her lips with her hands for him. “Oh that’s it baby, eat that Black pussy.” Aymeric started fingering her pussy as he licked her clit. He had just found her spot. She shuddered as he sucked hard on her clit. He thrust 2 fingers deep into her pussy and one up into her fine asshole as he sucked her clit.
“Oooo what are you doing to me, what are you doing to me White boy.”
Vanessa cried as Aymeric got deep with his pussy eating. He clearly was letting Vanessa know he had skills of his own. Vanessa started rolling her hips underneath Aymeric. He was sucking her hard on her clit as she started cumming. “Oh Eat me, Eat my Pussy motherfucker.” Her hips were bucking and Aymeric grunted as he dug in and continued sucking her clit. “Oh Shit you’re making this Black Pussy cum you nasty fuckin’ bastard.” Vanessa squealed. Her big tits heaved as gasped through the final throes of her orgasm. The crowd cheered and some bills came flying towards them. Vanessa opened her eyes and saw Aymeric looking down at her with a sly smile, as if to say “Well?” Vanessa smiled back as she caught her breath. “Oh shit that was fuckin good baby.” “Your British ass know how to eat pussy real good.” Aymeric nodded, but before he could say anything, Vanessa spoke. “ I’m ready for that dick, give it to me.” The crowd clapped and whistled as Aymeric moved to slide his cock into her pussy. Her hairless caramel brown pussy was moist and glistening with her cream and his saliva. He teased her, rubbing his cockhead on her clit, and around her lips. She rubbed her tits as he continued running his cock along her her pussy and clit. “Stop fucking around and Fuck Me motherfucker.” Vanessa demanded. Aymeric plunged his cock deep into her pussy. She let out a loud moan as he entered her.

The show was clearly causing heat to build all over. In the ”Playpen”, T.F. was leaning back while Shonda squatted over his face. She moaned as he licked her asshole. “Oh baby, Get up in my asshole with your tongue Nigga.” He moaned as he ate her asshole. She was jerking his big black dick as he ate her asshole. Steve was enjoying a slow sexy blow job from Marie. So much spit had run out her mouth and down his balls, there was wet spot on their chaise lounge. Merc was now fingering Betty. He had two fingers in her cunt and one up her asshole. He was talking shit to her as he fingered her.
“Who’s fuck holes are these?” He asked. She leaned her back and gritted her teeth as she moaned. “Oh these are your fuck holes Daddy.”
‘Who owns your white ass?” He asked. “Oooohhhhh You own my white ass.” “You my Big Black Daddy.” She cooed. “Don’t ever forget it.”
Joel was now tit fucking Shan, and she was licking his cock as it’s head peeked out from in between her tits. “Oh Joel this is so fucking hot.”
“We’re in Kiki and Ty’s club.” Shan said. “I hope we get to see them.” Joel answered. Since they came in through Lorraine’s fan base, they did not know for sure, the Blazes were going to be there. Lorraine told her fans “Freak Show”, but not the Blazes. Had she done that, they might have had to do two shows.

Back on stage, Aymeric was fucking Vanessa’s cunt with deep strokes. They were clearly now enjoying each other and had found a rhythm. The trash talking now was more to get the audience hot. “I thought you said you knew how to Fuck White Boy.” Vanessa said, “Make me feel that dick, or get the fuck off me.” She was smiling at him. Aymeric thrust his cock to the hilt in on hard thrust. He followed that up with a series of slow, hard, pounding strokes. “You feel that Bitch?” He said to her as he pounded her cunt. “Yes, Yes, Fuck it baby” She moaned, “Get that Black pussy, fuck it like you like it
motherfucker.” Feeling her hips start to roll again Aymeric increased his speed. He squeezed her ass with both hands and sucked her tit.
“Oh shit, you tryin’ to make a bitch cum again,oh Oh OH. He held on as he pounded her pussy into another orgasm. “OH SHIT,I’M CUMMING!”
Vanessa screamed. “Got Damn you know how to fuck.” She said as her orgasm subsided. “Oh Baby.” Vanessa said “I want that fuckin Cock up my asshole.” Aymeric was surprised. “Fuck my asshole now baby.” Aymeric spit on his cock as Vanessa laid on her back and lifted her legs. He started easing his cock into her asshole. “Oooooooooooo.” She let out a low moan as his cock began to burrow it’s way into her asshole.
Aymeric Sucked in a breath through gritted teeth as he worked his cock into her asshole. It was fucking tight and felt good, and he wasn’t even all the way in yet. There were more tips flying up and claps and whistles. Someone in the house called out “Fuck her Black ass good White Boy, show you can represent.” The woman next to David, a Brickhouse looking sista-girl called out to Vanessa. “Hey girl show that boy some love he made you cum twice.” Aymeric’s cock finally passed her rim and he was all he way in. “Ahhhh yeah, Fuck it baby.” Vanessa told him. “Fuck my Black ass.” Aymeric started fucking her slow and steady. Her asshole felt so fucking good. He was on the edge of cumming, but held up. Vanessa looked at him and said “No baby, don’t hold back.” “Gimme that nut, cum for me.” The chant of cum was heard in the room by a few people in the back of the room. Aymeric increased his rhythm and started fucking Vanessa’s asshole with little regard for trying to hold off. He knew he wouldn’t last long, and decided to let go and enjoy it. “Your arse is so fucking tight, yeah?” His accent sounded extra sexy ass his orgasm approached. “That’s it baby Fuck it.” “Fuck my ass until you cum baby.” Aymeric asked “where do you want this cum Bitch?” “Cum in my fucking mouth motherfucker what you think?”
“Now Fuck me.” Aymeric stroked Vanessa’s asshole until the last possible second. He quickly pulled out of her asshole. Vanessa yelp when he pulled out. She sat up to meet him as he brought his cock towards her face. Guest started clapping as the first rope of cum erupted from his cock before he got it to her face. It landed on the tattoo on her tit. The second strand of cum splattered on her forehead and she opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out to receive the rest of his load. He continued cumming right into her mouth allowing her to milk his cock clean. When she was sure he’d stopped cumming. she let go of his cock and stood up. He stood behind her and held her tits. Vanessa opened her mouth, showing the crowd his cum. She held her hands up as if asking the audience “Well, what now?” One by one people began saying swal-low swal-low. She gestured and the bills came flying. When she had seen enough, she tilted her head back and swallowed Aymeric’s load. The audience stood and applauded. Lee, who had moved over to where Jordan Charles was rushed back to his mic. He had been jerking Jordan off. Jordan wanted more, but Lee told him later, because he was too busy. Jordan smiled, knowing he was gonna fuck Lee’s smooth ass.

“Let’s hear it for Aymeric and Vanessa Heart.” he said to the enthusiastic and horny crowd. The two of them bowed to the crowd. When the applause stopped, Lee asked the crowd “Were they hot?” When the next round of applause was over he asked Aymeric “Was she hot?” Aymeric’s response was. Hell yeah. Lee turned to Vanessa. “And Miss Vanessa, was he hot?” She looked at Aymeric with a smile, and the to Lee. “Baby boy’s got mad skills.” “ I hope we shoot together.” She added. “Give it up one more time for Aymeric and Vanessa Heart.” Lee Yelled. As the crowd showered them with one more great round of applause, Vanessa and Aymeric collected their tips and exited.

Lee Fanned himself before speaking. A woman called out “I know that’s right.” He went to speak but pretended he couldn’t. People laughed. When he did speak he asked the crowd, “Is everybody alright?” YESSS.” The crowd responded. Anybody ready to leave? “Noooooooo.” “Good,let’s keep this shit going.” “We have one more act before the main event.” That statement brought a brief round of applause. No surprise. These folks were ready. “This next act is a surprise.” Tonight is a night of firsts, here at “Freak House”. You’ve already seen our top stripper suck off a guest in the audience.” “Our regulars know Peach doesn’t fuck around like that.” some guy called out “You can say that shit again b*o.” Lee continued. “Then you saw the first White actor to sign with Nasty Nigga n Bad Bitch, and we gave the first interracial performance by Nasty Nigga n Bad Bitch actors.”
“Now freaks n bitches.” Lee continued. “Here’s the first She Male to sign with Nasty Nigga n Bad Bitch Productions.” “Meet the Big Dick Bitch. The Dj cued up her music, her own custom rap song. She strutted in to the hip hop track, tall and sexy at 5’7”. She wore a sexy red miniskirt, that crisscrossed in the front, exposing her midriff and her huge tits. She was a brickhouse as well. She had big fat juicy silicone enhanced ass that was unbelievable. She had a big thick cock that had many mouths watering. Her sexy round face and full lips were framed by her long red hair. She had sexy Tattoos all down her right thigh and forearm, and on her left shoulder. She walked in with a cloud of smoke. The room was electric with her entrance. That she had her own theme song was wild. Both she and Andrea noticed Dave looking at her hard as she walked by. Andrea whispered in Dave’s ear. “I bet I know what you’re thinking.” He laughed. “Thanks to Kiki and Ty, you just might.” “Big Dick Bitch looked at the Dj and signaled him to keep playing the track. Seeing that she was going right into her act, Lee stepped out of the “Playpen” and back over to Jordan. He got down on his knees and started sucking Jordan’s thick hairy cock. He knew he wanted it the moment he saw him. Jordan put his hand on the back of Lee’s head and pushed his head down. “Yes....” Jordan said. “Suck it Bitch.” “Suck my fucking cock.” Jordan leaned forward and smacked Lee’s ass in that said, “I’m fucking this asshole tonight.” Lee moaned in response, as if to say “I know Daddy.”

Big Dick Bitch reached the front of the “Playpen”. Right away she started working the crowd. “I’m the Big Dick Bitch, what.” “Y’all don’t know, but I’m the best.” “That’s why I’m up in here with Nasty Nigga n Bad Bitch, cuz they the best at what they do. She was fucking beautiful. She slowly jerked her cock as she walked around the “Playpen” like a lion looming over it’s prey. People were already reacting to her with moans and groans. Several hands were on cocks and on clits.
“Y’all motherfuckers wanna know why I’m the best?” Not waiting for the crowd to respond she continued. “I’m the best ‘cause I suck dick, I suck dick like bitch.” “Who wants to see?” The Latino guy that Peach Cream passed stood up with a $50 in his hand. Big Dick Bitch looked at him “Well bring yo’ fuckin’ ass down here Nigga.” The guy tripped on his way down and almost fell on his face. He looked at Big Dick Bitch as she stood in front of him. “Well Nigga?” She said to him. “Oh sorry.” he laughed, as he handed her the $50. “Thanks.” she said and immediately dropped to her knees and started sucking his cock.
Her full lips engulfed the guy’s big cock. She slurped loudly, letting spit drizzle out of her mouth. She squeezed and smacked his ass with her right hand, while she jerked him with her left as she sucked. Almost immediately he started breathing faster and faster. Big Dick Bitch Jumped up “I didn’t say you could cum did I Motherfucker?”
“I ask you if you wanted to see how I suck a Nigga like a Bitch, now sit yo’ ass down.” He turned obediently, disappointed. Before he took a step, Big Dick Grabbed him from behind, and started stroking his cock slowly, teasingly. “What’s the matter Nigga, you wanna cum?” The dude nodded. Big Dick Bitch asked the crowd “Should I let this Nigga cum?” The crowd cheered her on. I want another Nigga to get up and suck this motherfucker’s dick while I jerk that shit off. The sitting next to Ben jumped up with a loud, feminine “Oooohhhhh.” Big Dick Bitch looked at him, “Well bring yo’ bitch ass over here Nigga.” He scurried over and dropped to his knees and opened his mouth for the cock, but Big Dick Bitch held it from him. the “femme” guy looked up at Big Dick Bitch, to see if there was a problem. She looked down and said “Hel-lo?” “Femme” boy giggled, realizing what she wanted, and took out a $100 for Big Dick Bitch. She quickly stashed it, then spoke to “femme” boy.
“Now suck this fuckin Dick Nigga.” Big Dick Bitch said as she pointed the Latin cock towards “femme”. She let go of the cock and took hold of “femme” boy’s head. “Suck it, suck that big fucking dick motherfucker.” “Get all that shit in your mouth.” Big Dick Was working “femme”s head up and down the Latin cock with hard pumping strength. She was pushing his head to the gagging point. “Femme” Gagged as she pushed him down. “Nigga you better Shut the Fuck up and suck this fuckin Dick.” The “Latin gentleman” was breathing heavy. She said to as she started stroking his cock. The dude was loving getting jerked off by her from behind while “femme” sucked him. In addition to her jerking him, he could feel her big cock rubbing up against his ass. He tried to get it in between his cheeks. Big Dick Bitch, knowing what he was trying to do moved with him, so that her hard cock slid up in his ass crack. “You feel that Big Black Dick Nigga?” “You want that shit don’t you.” The gentleman let out a moan. Big Dick bitch went on. She was slowly grinding her cock in between his cheeks. “Yes you Do want this cock up yo’ asshole Nigga”. She turned her attention back to “Femme” “You suck that motherfuckin Dick Nigga.” The gentleman started breathing heavy. Big Dick Bitch urged him on. “That’s it, cum in that Nigga’s mouth. she said, sounding sexy as can be. “Cum all up in that Nigga’s mouth motherfucker.” The gentleman blasted into his orgasm with a loud moan. Big Dick Bitch looked down at “femme” “Suck all that cum Nigga.” “Get all that motherfuckin cum in yo’ mouth.” As soon as the gentleman stopped cumming, Big Dick Bitch said to “femme” “Get the fuck up Nigga.” As “femme” stood, she grabbed him and kissed him sucking up some of the cum. She pushed him away, then grabbed the gentleman. “Taste yo’ fuckin cum motherfucker.” Big Dick Bitch Kissed him and pushed some of his cum into his mouth. Big Dick Bitch kissed them both again before she spoke. “Now sit down.” They each kissed her hand and placed two more $50s in it. There was a quick round of applause. Big Dick Bitch said ‘I get fucked like a Bitch.” A Dark chocolate b*****r stepped forward waving 5 $100s. Big Dick Bitch threw her leg up on the rail that ran up the center isle. Mr. Dark Chocolate brought his hard cock up to her asshole. “Get up in that ass baby.” Dark chocolate worked his cock into Big Dick Bitch’s asshole and took a couple of long deep strokes. “I thought you were gonna Fuck me like I;m a bitch Nigga.” She said. Dark Chocolate started pumping his Big Black cock into Big Dick Bitch’s Asshole with harder deeper strokes. She ket him know that was what she wanted. “Yes Nigga Fuck me.” “Fuck my Ass Nigga,FUCK ME.” Big Dick Bitch’s Fat Juicy ass was tight around his Dark Chocolate cock. He threw his head back as he continued fucking Big Dick Bitch’s asshole. His cock was throbbing with each thrust of his big Black Dick. His teeth were gritted, his ass muscles clenched, and sweat dripped from his chin. He was fucking her as if his life depended on it. Big Dick Bitch was loving it. She reached back underneath and palmed his balls firmly. She eased her middle finger into his asshole. “Oh Nigga You Fuckin’ My asshole so damn good with your big Black Dick.” She Squeezed her asshole on his dick in reaction to his powerful strokes. “Yes Nigga YES!” It was too much for Dark Chocolate. He pulled out and jerked his cock off onto her ass. Big Dick Bitch continued bucking her ass as he came. “Yes Nigga shoot that Dick off.” “Nut all over my fuckin ass.” she told Dark Chocolate. After he dumped his load on her Big beautiful ass, Big Dick Bitch looked at him over her shoulder. “Now clean my ass up Nigga.” “Dark Chocolate did as he was told, and bent over and licked his cum up off of Big Dick Bitch’s ass. The White girl sitting next to him was fingering herself as she watched had enough. She couldn’t just watch anymore. When she was Heard Big Dick Bitch Tell Dark Chocolate to clean her ass off, she got on the floor and started licking his cum off of Big Dick Bitch’s ass with Dark Chocolate. As soon as he saw her, Dark chocolate put his hand on the back of her head as if she needed to be held in place. “Yo Bitch.” Chocolate said to her. “Yo’ White ass is late up in here.” She answered him with the sass of BBC slut. “Can’t still fuck me later with your Big Black cock Nigga?” Chocolate smiled and licked his cum of off big Dick Bitch’s ass with the White Bitch, kissing each other as they did. Bg Dick Bitch looked over her shoulder with a smile. “Look at this nasty White Bitch helping this Nigga clean that cum off my ass.” There was a murmur of “Ooos and Ahhhs” as the pair finished cleaning big Dick Bitch’s ass. When they were done, Big Dick Bitch moved on continuing her electrifying performance. “I fuck Bitches and Niggas, just like a Nigga.” she stated. She was so damn sexy and her dominant manner had the house hypnotized. “What y’all motherfuckers know about that?”. There was a couple down front near David that stood up with a lot of $100s ten of them. “Five and five” Big Dick Bitch said. “Come here Bitch.” She bent the hot looking “ghetto superstar” chick over and started fucking her pussy from behind. Her hard strokes made the girl moan. “Oh Shit”. the girl moaned. Big Dick Bitch Fucked the girl hard as her man watched. “Nigga you need to be fuckin my ass while I fuck yo’ bitch.” The guy responded. “Then you might not fuck me.” Big Dick Bitch put him on blast. “This nigga think I can’t take his cock while I’m fuckin his bitch, and still fuck him.” Some other motherfucker wanna help me how him I can?” from behind David came a Bald b*****r wearing a leather collar and leather bracelets. He hand a couple of $100s to Big Dick Bitch who was still fucking the punk’s girl. The Bald b*****r wasted no time and rammed his cock up Big Dick Bitch’s ass so hard, she moaned and stopped stroking the punk’s bitch for a second. “Ohhh Nigga.....” “Fuck me Nigga.” big Dick Bitch moaned. She resumed fucking the punk’s Bitch. She was enjoying being fucked by Big Dick Bitch, and wasn’t ashamed to show it. “Oh Big Dick Bitch” she cooed. “Fuck my Black Pussy with yo’ Big fuckin Dick.” The three of them fucked to the rhythm the Bald b*****r set. “Oh Keep fucking my ass Nigga, fuck it with yo’ Big Black Dick.” She looked at the punk, “You see me gettin fucked like a Bitch while I fuck Your bitch motherfucker?” she said. The punk was jerking his cock as he watched. “I should let your punk ass watch motherfucker.” His girl was moaning louder as she listened to Big Dick Bitch berate her man. big Dick Bitch could feel her pussy getting wetter. I should just let your punk ass watch, cuz yo’ ass didn’t think I could handle this shit.” Punk’s girl was clearly turned on. Big Dick Bitch kept talking and fucked her harder all while Bald b*****r fucked her grunting with each stroke. “I should not only not fuck you motherfucker, but I should take yo’
bitch home with me.” As soon as she said it, punk’s bitch started cumming with a scream. The kind of scream he never heard. “YEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! he bucked all over as she came. Big Dick Bitch was in full gear. “Cum all over this dick bitch.” “Cum all over this dick while your man watches.” She turned to bald b*****r, “Fuck me motherfucker, fuck me like a bitch with your Big Black Dick.” bald b*****r could take anymore. He grunted like a caveman as he blasted his hot cum all up into Big Dick Bitch’s ass. “Yes Nigga cum in my motherfuckin ass.” she cooed. She looked at punk “This could have been you.” “Bring yo’ punk ass over here and bend over. Bald b*****r had neither pulled out, or gone completely soft. Big Dick bitch said to him, “Damn Nigga, you don’t wanna stop fuckin a bitch do you Nigga? He simply kept fucking, grunting as he did. Big dick rammed her cock all the way up Punk’s ass with a pretty hard stroke. He squealed like a bitch. “You thought I couldn’t handle it motherfucker?” She said as he pounded his asshole hard. “I’ll show you who can’t handle shit motherfucker. She fucked him deep and smacked his ass while she pumped him. He squealed like a bitch. “Shut the fuck up and take it Nigga.” “You wanted this Big Black Dick up your asshole, now you got it bitch.” She pounded his asshole hard and started jerking his cock with one hand. “I told you mother fucker I’m the best.” The crowd applauded as he started cumming all over her hand, “that’s it motherfucker, cum like a bitch.” “Show all these motherfuckers up in here who can't handle who.” “Show them who the real bitch is.” He squealed again as he finished cumming all over her hand. “Now clean it motherfucker.” He licked his cum off her hand. He lick her hand all over thoroughly, making sure he got every drop. She got up waved at the crowd as her song was ending and looked to the crowd once more. “I’m Big Dick Bitch.” “Am I the Best?” The audience again rose to their feet and cheered. tips flew to the stage. Lee pried his lips off Jordan’s cock and took the Mic. “there you go “Freak House” The first she male to sign on with Nast Nigga n Bad Bitch. As Big Dick Bitch walked out she saw Dave was holding a few $100s out. “Thanks baby but , they told me no tips from y’all up here.”
Dave spoke to her , his accent sounding sexy to her. “Darling don’t take it as a tip, take it as a gift. He handed her 5 $100s. She asked him “What kinda taste you want motherfucker?” Dave said “I want to suck that Big Black Dick of yours.” “Get the fuck to it then”. Big Dick answered. Dave took Big Dick Bitch’s Dick into his mouth, while Andrea watched. She was thrilled watching Dave, who hadn’t sucked a cock since her Birthday weekend. He had sucked Kiki’s dildo and Ty’s cock that whole weekend.” She placed her hand on the back of his head and helped him bob up and down on Big Dick Bitch’s Cock. Big Dick Bitch placed her hand on top of Andrea’s. “Yes bitch, push that motherfucker down on this dick.” “Feed that motherfucker this big Black Dick.” Big Dick Bitch was Enjoying it as much as Dave and Andrea were. Andrea told her husband, the love of her life “Go on then, Suck her Big Black Dick you political bastard you.” Hearing Andrea’s British accent turned Big Dick Bitch on. “Got Damn Bitch.” she said. “Yo’ White Ass sounds so motherfuckin sexy.” “Tell that motherfucker to suck this Big black Dick you English Bitch.” Andrea, obeyed Big Dick Bitch. “You heard her suck that bl**dy fucking Big Black Cock you filthy fucking bastard.” Her pussy was so wet and she plunged a couple of fingers in. Lee,seeing the latest action chimed in. “I think Ms Big Dick Bitch is ready for her own nut.” This brought a new quiet “Cum” chant. Big Dick Bitch looked at Andrea. “Your man sucks Dick like a Bitch.” Andrea felt a fresh tingle in her pussy, and tried to find it with the fingers that were already probing her hairy cunt. Big Dick Bitch felt like she was getting close to what would be a hell of cumshot. She told Andrea, “Bitch get yo English on your knees and help this motherfucker suck my Big Black Dick”. Andrea joined Dave on her knees. “Let me have some of that lovely Bitch’s Big Black Cock you bastard.” She told Dave. She went to work on the head of Big Dick Bitch’s cock with him. They looked as though they were sharing a Lollipop. A Big Black Lollipop that was about to shoot it creamy middle into their hungry waiting mouths. Big Dick Bitch’s head rolled back, as the couple sucked her Black cock together. “Oh yeah Suck my motherfuckin Big Black Dick bitches. “Y’all love this Big Nigga Dick in your mouths don’t y’all.” She continued. “I know y’all nasty English motherfuckers love this Big black Dick.” She had one hand on each of their heads. Andrea was holding Dave's hand as they shared Big Dick Bitch’s cock. Her breathing was getting faster and faster as she was about to cum. There was so much spit dripping from Andrea and Dave’s mouths, it was starting to pool up on the floor. Big Dick Bitch exploded into a big orgasm. “Oh Yes YES!!” She shot long strands of cum into Dave and Andrea’s wide open mouths. “Yeah motherfucker take it.” She said as jerked her cock, milking her big Dick into their mouths. “Take this Black Juice bitches, drink it up.” She splattered their faces as she jerked her dick hard. “Get it!” Big Dick Bitch said. “Get that fuckin cum bitches.” When she stopped cumming they lifted their heads from Big Dick bitch’s cock and smiled at her. “Y’all some nasty English motherfuckers.” Big Dick Bitch said smiling at the couple. They smiled back at her, with cum still on their faces. Big Dick Bitch took each of them by the hand and led them to stand. She put her an arm around each of them. “That was good babies, thanks.” She said, and shared a hot three way kiss, sharing the bit of cum Andrea still had in her mouth. Big Dick Bitch smiled at them again, turned to Lee and the crowd and waved and strutted out as Lee said, “Miss Big Dick Bitch, Give It Up!”
The house was on their feet and Big Dick Bitch came out after a few seconds for her curtain call, blowing everyone one final kiss.
When the house settled down,Lee talked to the crowd...I think we need a minute before the main event.........

The End of Part I

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