Andrea's Birthday

Andrea’s Birthday
An Erotic Adventure Starring
Kiki and Ty Blaze
Special Guest Stars

Andrea gasped as she came. “Fuck me with your big Black cock.” she moaned, as her body shuddered. She rammed the big black dildo she had been fucking herself to orgasm with deep into her asshole while she fingered her clit. A woman’s voice said “Fuck that bitch’s asshole.” She cried out as if in response. “Yes fuck my asshole with your big black cock.” Andrea screamed as she stared cumming. She was jolted back to reality by the sound of breaking glass. As soon as she caught her breath, she sat up on her sofa embarrassed. She had gotten so into her masturbation session, that she kicked her wine glass off the coffee table.
She was embarrassed, because she had once again forgotten herself and gotten carried away, which always happened when she watched any porn starring her favorite pornstars, Kiki and Ty Blaze.
They were a hot husband and wife porn duo, and they were putting out some really hot shit. What made their movies so hot to Andrea (and many others), was that their passion and desire to make each other feel good always came through in their scenes. She looked around and made sure she was alone, because a month ago, her husband Dave had come home early and found her masturbating. Hearing her, before he actually saw her, made him think she was actually fucking someone, and he charged into their lounge screaming and ready to fight only to find Andrea on the sofa legs spread wide with a big black dildo up her cunt.
Andrea could not believe she had let Dave catch her like that. Dave had fucked her hard that night, but she wasn’t trying to be caught like that again, because it was embarrassing.
It had been a while since they fucked. Dave had recently been elected to Parliament, representing his home district, London’s “East End”. She was so proud of Dave, as at 35 he was one of the youngest members of Parliament. The prestige and wonderful lifestyle did have it’s price.
Dave didn’t have as much time for her right now as either of them would have liked. It wasn’t permanent, but it was tough. Andrea was especially pissed, because her birthday was only a few days off and Dave clearly seemed to have no plans. In fairness he was busy, but it was no excuse and she did not want to even imagine that he had forgotten her birthday was coming. She knew she wasn’t going to get that trip to the states that she wanted. She had mentioned to Dave that in addition to movies, that Kiki and Ty Blaze had a sex club in Central City USA, but she knew that was out of the question now, as Dave was a member of Parliament, and couldn’t be seen in such places.
She was hoping that Dave would at least make sure he was free to take her to dinner and fuck her brains out afterwards.
The day of her birthday had finally come and Dave had said nothing at all to Andrea. She was fuming. There is no way he could have possibly forgotten her birthday, not after missing Valentine’s day and canceling their anniversary dinner, as that happened on a night that he had his first Formal Parliament dinner. “That Bastard”. Andrea thought. She’d been home all day and Dave hadn’t even called.
Dave called 15 minutes before he should have come through the door, to tell her he was just leaving. Great. Now he was coming home late. “Some birthday”. She thought.
When Dave got home Andrea was sitting in the lounge waiting. She looked so sexy, dressed and ready to hit the town. “What’s all this”? Dave asked. Andrea was speechless. “I thought you might be taking me out tonight”. She finally said. Dave, looking like he had no desire to move said “Why would I do that?” Andrea felt as though she had just been slapped. He forgot...”No reason, just because.” She said, trying not to sound upset. The silence was broken by the doorbell. Neither of them moved, and when the bell rang a second time Dave suggested that she answer the door.
Thinking of nothing better to say, Andrea turned and headed for the door. As she reached the foyer, Dave called out to her. “Drea, before you answer that let me first say happy birthday.” “Hmmm” She thought. “so he looked at a calendar. too late., and it’s probably some political bastard at the door who will spoil what’s left of my birthday.”
When Andrea opened the door she was so shocked at what she saw that she screamed and slammed the door shut. Taking a second to steady herself, she looked through the peek hole to be sure. She did in fact see two black people dressed up like gang bangers (or so she thought). They were wearing dark glasses and she did not wait but turned and ran back to Dave.
Dave was already on his way to the door when Andrea nearly ran him over. “Oh my God, there’s a couple of black gang bangers at the door”. I think they mean to rob us. Dave nearly fell over with laughter. “What a right paranoid and prejudice thing you sound like, yeah?” Dave said. “Just because they’re black doesn’t make them gang bangers.” “No one’s here to rob us, that’s your birthday present”. Not at sure of what was going on Andrea looked at Dave who was smiling like a Cheshire Cat. “What are you talking about?” She demanded, “There’s no delivery truck out there and they have no package.” The doorbell rang once again. Dave went to open it. “No!” Andrea screamed. “Trust me.” he laughed as he reached out to the door. Andrea tried to scramble back, Dave caught her by the hand. She had the shock of her life when the pair walked through the door and took off their sunglasses.
Andrea stood speechless as she looked at the pair of blacks she had mistaken for gang bangers. The Ironic thing was that these two had indeed been a part of the gang banger life at one point. That was before they made the changes that would eventually lead to Andrea discovering them and enjoying their work.
Kiki and Ty Blaze stood in the foyer smiling at Dave. “Surprissssseeeeeee” the three of them said to Andrea. Dave spoke to Andrea. “Darling, I’d like to introduce you to.” “Kiki and Ty Blaze!” She blurted out, cutting him off. “Oh My God.”, “What are they, I mean what are you,..oh...Hello.” Andrea stumbled. Kiki looked at Dave and laughed. “Dave I think somebody needs a drink.” “Word.” Ty echoed. Dave laughed and lead them all into the lounge for drinks. As he got the drinks, Ty lit up a blunt, took a hit and passed it to Kiki, who hit it and passed it to Andrea.
Dave sat down and explained to his wife, how turned on he had been when he found her masturbating that day. It made him explore the dvd to see just what it was that had her so caught up that she didn’t hear him come in. He fell in love with Kiki’s hot black body, and could see why Andrea loved the pair as well. “I got so into them, I started doing research.” He explained. “I found out about their club “Freak House.” Dave continued, “I was blown away, but didn’t think I could pull off going there unnoticed, so I decided to see if the Blazes would travel for a modest fee.”
Ty told Andrea how Dave had reached out to them and asked if they would be willing to travel abroad for a private party. Kiki added how Dave talked about how turned on Andrea was by the Blazes, and that he wanted to give his wife the pleasure of playing with Kiki and Ty.
“Andrea your man was going on about how hot you were and how he wanted to give you your fantasy.” Kiki said. “Girl you know I love a man who will stop at nothing to please his lady.”
Andrea teared up. “Oh Dave, I can’t believe it, this is such an awesome birthday present.” she said to her husband. “What happens next?” Ty answered. “It’s your birthday mama, let’s get this party started.” Dave looked at his wife and said “Baby, I love you, and I want you to have fun with them, enjoy your present.” Kiki spoke next. “Dave you gonna enjoy her present too.”
Kiki took her clothes off, revealing a sexy fishnet body stocking. Ty got his cock out and they went to work on Andrea, while Dave watched.
Kiki and Ty laid Andrea down and started sucking her tits together. Dave smiled as he watched. Andrea reached out and took hold of Ty’s big black cock with one hand, and reached out for Kiki’s cunt with the other. She moaned as the Blazes sucked on her tits. “OMG!” She thought. “Ty’s big nigga cock feels so good in my hand, and Kiki’s pussy is so wet.”
Dave was slowly stroking his cock as he watched. Kiki’s ass was slowly gyrating, and he found it hypnotic. He moaned and Kiki turned to him. “Shit..Come lick my black asshole white boy.” Dave had his tongue up Kiki’s black asshole in an instant. His nose drank in her musky scent as he ate her asshole. “Happy Birthday to me too.” he thought.
Andrea looked at Ty, “I want your big Black nigga cock in my fucking mouth.” “Aight bitch.” He responded. It sent a shudder through her when Ty called her bitch. She loved it. He held his cock in front of her face. Andrea stared at it for a moment. She was about to suck her first Black cock, and it was not just any cock either. It was Ty Blaze.
She took his head in very slow and apprehensively. She hadn’t sucked a cock other than Dave’s in a while and was a little nervous. Ty didn’t let her hesitate long. “Don’t fuck around bitch Suck my Cock.” With that he grabbed the back of her head and pulled her face down on his cock. She was so turned on by his slight f***e, that she felt a fresh wave of pussy juice welling up in her. She was so into sucking this big Nigga Cock. The cock she’d fantasized about so often in her mouth right now and was gonna keep it there as long as she could.
Kiki had rolled over and now had Dave eating her hot wet cunt. The two of them had a little vibe going. Kiki Blaze loved to have her pussy eaten. She didn’t care if it was by a guy or a girl, as long they ate her like they wanted to. Nobody could eat her they way Ty did, but that didn’t mean she didn’t enjoy it when others did it. She was enjoying Dave’s tongue work, and he was clearly loving eating her Black pussy. “Eat that fuckin Black pussy White boy.” Kiki commanded. “Show me how much you like my Black Pussy.”
“Eat that fuckin pussy like you wanna fuck it White boy.” Dave jerked his cock with one hand as he ate Kiki out. He let go of his cock and slid his hands under her ass. He started to work a finger into her asshole as he licked her cunt. “Ooo, you a nasty white boy, eat that pussy motherfucker.” Kiki cooed at Dave. “I so want to fuck your black pussy darling.” He said to Kiki. “It’s Andrea’s birthday, that’s extra.” Dave looked at her and said, “I’ll pay whatever I have to, to fuck your sweet Black pussy.” “Be careful.” Kiki smiled as she threw her head back. I mean it I want to fuck you.” Dave said. “It’s not money.” Kiki said
“Niggas don’t get to fuck me unless they show Ty some love.”
Ty moaned as Andrea sucked his cock. “I love your nigga cock Ty.” Spit was running down the sides of his cock and hanging from her lips as she spoke to him. “It’s so fucking big and beautiful.” Andrea was ecstatic as she sucked Ty’s cock. “I can’t believe I’m sucking your Big Nigga cock Ty.” She continued. Ty let her know she was doing a good job. “Shit yeah, suck that cock birthday bitch, show me how much you like your present.” Andrea smiled up at Ty with spit dripping from her lips. “I love watching you get your cock sucked by guys in your movies, it’s so fucking hot.” “I want to see you play with Dave but I don’t think He will.” She cooed at Ty. “It’s your birthday and we’re here to make your dreams come true.” Ty said. “Kiki will get him to do things you never thought you’d see.” “Besides Ty went on, anybody that fucks Kiki has to pay the price of respect to us both.” Andrea smiled inside as bobbed back down on Ty’s cock. “Just like in their movies.” she thought.
Ty held the back of Andrea’s head as she worked his big black cock. He was amazed at her skills. This girl could suck cock like some of the baddest bitches Ty and Kiki had in the movies they made. He moaned as she worked a finger into his asshole. “Yeah bitch.” He said as he spread his ass open for her with his free hand. Andrea was so excited she gagged on Ty’s cock.
Kiki who was really enjoying the attention Dave was showing her pussy, lifted his head and said “Baby you eat some good pussy, but we’re neglecting the birthday girl.” Dave laughed. “Right, I sort of forgot why you were here.” Kiki and Dave went over to Ty and Andrea, whose mouth was stuffed with Ty’s big cock. “Hey girl we got something for ya.” Kiki started eating Andrea’s pussy as she continued to suck Ty’s cock. She moaned around Ty’s cock to let Kiki know it was just what she wanted. “Oh yes Kiki,eat my white pussy while I suck your man’s big Nigga cock.” Kiki started fucking Andrea’s asshole with a finger as she worked her tongue in and out of Andrea’s cunt. Dave got his knees opposite Ty, so that Andrea’s face was in between their cocks. Andrea was still sucking on her Black Birthday cock as she reached out and took her man’s cock in her hand and started wanking it. “Oh happy birthday honey.” he said as she stroked him. She took Ty’s cock out of her mouth and said, “Oh this is the best present ever.” She started sucking Dave’s cock as a show of her gratitude. Dave’s head rolled back as she worked on him. “I’m glad you’re happy baby, it’s all for you.” Dave told Andrea. Ty spoke up. “Let’s stuff her fucking face full of all this dick.” Ty and Dave thrust their cocks forward and Andrea strained to get them both in. She rubbed the cock heads together as she licked and kissed them. “do you like it boys, you like me sucking and rubbing your cocks together?” “Hell yeah.” Ty responded. Dave just moaned.
Kiki came up for air and said “It’s time for the birthday girl to get fucked.” Ty pushed her down and started to ease his cock into Andrea’s cunt. She let out a loud gasp as she felt this big beautiful Nigga Cock enter her cunt for the first time. Kiki wasted no time and squatted over Andrea’s face. “Time for you eat some chocolate pussy bitch.”
Dave sat and jerked his cock as he watched the Blazes with his wife. It was so fucking hot. He wanted to get back in on the action, but waited and watched. He was really enjoying watching Andrea, who seemed at the moment not like his wife, but more like one of their costars. As he watched it was clear that the Blazes, no matter what was going on always were aware of each other and clearly cared to make sure that the other was feeling good and enjoying what was happening.
“You eat pussy as good as your man does baby.” Kiki said. “Parliament my ass, y’all some nasty white motherfuckers, I love it.” She went on. Ty chimed in. “She makin' your pussy feel good ma?” He asked Kiki. “Hell yeah Ty, this bitch is nasty like us.” Andrea answered Kiki “You nasty niggas have no fucking idea.” “I love eating your nasty nigga cunt.” “Oh God Fuck my white pussy you black motherfucker!” She said as Ty pounded her pussy. Kiki, knowing that Dave was watching urged Ty on. “Go on Ty, Fuck that white pussy, let that bitch know who she’s fucking.” Dave’s cock was so hard and he was stroking it so hard he was afraid he was going to break it off. He wanted to get in on the action and fuck Kiki’s black cunt so bad, but was not sure what she would make him do, so for now he simply hung back, puffed on the blunt and enjoyed the show. It had been expensive to get the Blazes there, but he would do anything for Andrea, and it would all be worth it if he could fuck Kiki.
Andrea was writhing on the floor as Ty was fucking the shit out of her cunt. “Your white pussy feels so fucking good baby.” He said. “Oh God, don’t stop fucking me with that nigga cock you bastard.” Andrea said. “I want to feel that nigga cock in my asshole.” Ty sat up on the edge of the sofa and Andrea got in a reverse cowgirl position, and started easing Ty’s big black cock into her asshole. “OH MY GOD.” she gasped as Ty’s cock head passed the rim and entered her asshole. He started pumping her slowly, enjoying the tightness of her asshole.
Kiki looked to Dave, “Come on over here and help Ty fill your bitch up.”
Dave smiled at Kiki as he moved in and stuck his big cock into his wife’s cunt. Andrea moaned loudly as her husband joined Ty in fucking her.
“Yes, YES Fuck me boys, Fill my fuck holes with your cocks.” Andrea screamed. “I LOVE MY BLACK AND WHITE BIRTHDAY FUCK.” Fuck my holes you nasty motherfuckers.” Dave was loving it. He had never seen Andrea so wild, and had never himself been a part of such a wild scene. “Do you like being birthday double fucked baby? Dave asked as he pumped his wife’s cunt, trying to match rhythm and f***e with Ty.
“Yes,baby, and do you like fucking my cunt behind a nigga cock?” “Yes I do baby, you nasty bitch.” He answered. While the three of them fucked, Kiki quietly took her strap on out of her bag. Her strap on was a copy of Ty’s cock, and with it she had fucked many bitches and niggas. She walked up on Dave and ran the head of her cock along his ass. Dave looked around not knowing at all what he had felt. He saw Kiki behind him with the strap on. “Who’s that for?” he asked. “whoever the birthday girl says.” she responded. “Fuck him Kiki.” Andrea moaned. “Fuck Dave’s asshole like Ty’s is fucking mine. Kiki looked at Dave. “You heard the bitch, and it’s her birthday.” Kiki pushed her cock into Dave’s ass. He moaned loudly but took it in. “Ooooooh, somebody likes having my shit up their ass.” Kiki cooed “You are one nasty motherfucker aren’t you?”
She fucked Dave as he and Ty double fucked Andrea. “You like that shit white boy?” “You like having a hot Black bitch fuck your ass?” Dave was loving it. He and Andrea sometimes played around, but he had never let go like this. He would not have had Kiki given him an option. He was glad she didn’t. He knew after tonight, his sex life with Andrea would never be the same again. That fact alone made the money he spent to make tonight happen, about $15,000.00 U.S. well worth it. He was enjoying Kiki fucking his ass much more than he ever thought he would.
“Does it feel good being fucked by a Black Bitch honey?” Andrea asked. “Do you like it as much as I like being fucked by this Nigga cock?” Dave grunted in response. Damn, was this really his Andrea?
“Your bitch’s asshole feels so fucking good b*o.” Ty said to Dave. Andrea felt a tingle when she heard that. She loved being talked about like that, and loved that it was someone talking to Dave about her. She felt like such a slut, and loved it. “Oh honey I want Kiki to fuck me.” “I want to be fucked by both of these nasty Niggas.” Kiki pulled her cock out of Dave’s asshole and wiped it off so she could fuck Andrea. Dave moved to let Kiki get to her, and Kiki eased her cock up Andrea’s cunt. Andrea let out a loud moan, as Kiki’s cock entered her. “OHHH Fuck me Kiki, fuck me with your man.” Kiki teased Andrea with her cock, just giving her the head. “this cock feel familiar ma?” She asked Andrea. After a moment of feeling the head slowly playing around her clit and lips, she looked at Kiki. Kiki in response pulled it out and showed it to Andrea. “That’s right mama, it’s a copy of Ty’s cock.”
Kiki pushed her cock all the way in and matched Ty’s rhythm. Andrea couldn’t believe how hard Kiki was fucking her. It was like she was a guy. Dave watched Kiki’s ass move back and forth as she pumped her cock in and out of Andrea. The motion of her fine Black ass was hypnotic. He crawled over to her and again started eating her black asshole out. Kiki looked over her shoulder at him. “Yeah you keep eatin' my asshole while I fuck your wife White boy.” Dave loved hearing Kiki talk like that. At the moment he wondered if there was anything this woman couldn’t get him to do. “I so want to fuck your sweet Black cunt.” He said as he continued to eat her asshole. “You still got a price for that.” She said.
Dave wondered what it would take to fuck her. He didn’t care, because he wasn’t going to let Kiki leave without fucking her sweet Black cunt.
Andrea was close to cumming as she could barely stand the double fucking that the Blazes were putting on her. “Oh Yes, Fuck my filthy White fuck holes you nasty Niggas.” “Happy fucking Birthday to ME.”
Ty’s cock pounded her asshole and Kiki fucked her pussy. it was incredible. She had a magnificent Black cock up her tight asshole and the same cock was strapped to a hot Black bitch who was fucking her cunt with it. She was being doubled fucked By Kiki and Ty Blaze and was loving it. “Fuck me, Fuck me you Niggas.” “Fuck my asshole, fuck my cunt. Fuck me Niggas.” “YEEESSSSS!!!” Andrea exploded into an awesome orgasm. She was cumming so hard that she almost shook both of them off.
Dave looked at Andrea who was still reeling from her orgasm, and then at Kiki. “I’m ready to fuck that sweet Black pussy of yours.” Kiki
looked back at him. “You sure, you think you can handle it?” “Of course I can.” Dave responded. Ty, who was still slowly pumping his cock into Andrea’s greedy asshole smiled, as he knew what Kiki was up to. Kiki said to Dave I told you, you gotta pay the respect price.
“What’s that” Dave asked. “You sure you wanna know?” Kiki asked.
“Stop fucking teasing me and tell me what I need to do to fuck you already.” Ty had pulled his cock out of Andrea and the two of them were watching Kiki and Dave. Kiki looked at Ty and Andrea and winked.
She looked back to Dave, “Normally, no nigga ever fucks me unless Ty fucks them too.” Andrea’s pussy tingled as Kiki spoke. Dave gasped. Before he could utter a word Kiki went on. “I said normally, but I fucked your ass with my cock so.” Dave didn’t wait for her to finish.
“Then we’re good let’s go.” Kiki laughed. “I fucked you, but you still gotta show Ty some love, so you need to suck his cock.” Dave was shocked, but relieved that Kiki said Ty didn’t have to fuck him. Resorting to his Parliamentary skills he spoke. “Are you saying that I should suck his cock in order to fuck you?” “In that case then logic should dictate that he should suck mine since he fucked Andrea.” Kiki looked at him and smiled. “Well that’s not necessarily true, cuz, 1,you brought us here to fuck your wife for her birthday and 2, if that were true it wouldn’t be a problem, cuz Ty would suck your cock in a second.”
Andrea getting excited again chimed in. “That’s a good idea Kiki, I’ve always wanted to see Dave suck cock and Ty’s would be perfect.”
Kiki smiled and looked at Andrea. “Thank you baby.” Dave looked at his woman. “What are you talking about?” Andrea looked at Dave and answered him. “Yes darling, I’ve wanted to see you suck cock for a while. I would imagine it when I watch their movies.” “Please suck that Big Black cock for me.” Kiki spread her legs wide, dipped a finger into her pussy looked at Dave and licked it clean. You want it?” She said teasingly.
Dave thinking they were going to trick him asked. “How do I know Ty will suck me once I suck him?” Ty answered. “You supposed to do it to fuck Kiki, not for me to suck you off man.” Dave looked at his wife. He had never seen Andrea looking so excited. Her face and body language seemed to say “Suck that cock for me so I can cum and watch you fuck her Black cunt.” He then looked at Kiki who was still fingering her cunt and teasing him. He looked at Ty who was hard and clearly enjoying the whole scene. Ty said to him. “Fuck it man let’s just 69 for the girls real quick.” “b*o, if you do this, She’ll fuck you like you never been fucked before.” Ty said. “Do it Dave, for me.” Andrea said. “Fucking suck that Nigga’s cock for me.” Dave took a long pull on the blunt, passed it to Ty who did the same. They got down on the floor in between Kiki and Andrea in a 69 position. Ty took Dave’s cock right into his mouth. Dave was surprised at how freely he did it. he was also shocked at how good Ty was sucking him. How could he suck cock like this after fucking Andrea so good? Andrea roused him. “What the fuck are you waiting for Dave?” “Ty’s sucking your cock, now take that Big Black Nigga cock in your fucking mouth now!” Dave opened his mouth and took Ty’s cock in to his lips. he was shocked. He couldn’t believe he was sucking another man’s cock. It was a strange sensation. He (like many guys) had wondered what sucking cock felt like, but never figured he would ever find out. He heard his wife’s voice. “Yes baby that’s it...Oh God you look so fucking sexy with that big Black cock in your mouth.” Wow...Andrea was loving it. Dave felt a little more relaxed knowing that Andrea was turned on. He focused on that as he sucked Ty’s cock. Kiki chimed in as well, giving him further inspiration. “Ooooo that’s it White boy, Suck that cock.” “Suck that cock like you fuck this Black pussy.” Ty was working Dave pretty good. He was enjoying Ty sucking his cock. It felt good. He was surprised that he was enjoying being sucked off by a guy as much as he did when Andrea sucked him off. He increased his own sucking to keep pace with Ty. “Oh shit, you trying to out suck a nigga.” Ty said. “Fucking suck that Nigga cock Dave.” Andrea said. “Suck that Nigga cock like a bitch.” “You look so fucking hot and my pussy’s s wet, Suck that fucking cock.” Kiki cooed at Dave. “Somebody’s trying to fuck this Black pussy tonight aren’t they?” Dave continued his hot 69 with Ty. “It so fucking hot seeing two guys in a Black and white 69 suck off baby.” Kiki spoke to Dave. “Ooooo baby come fuck this Black pussy.” She pushed Dave on to his back and straddled his cock reverse cowgirl style.
Dave moaned loudly as Kiki lowered her Black cunt onto his white cock. This was what he was waiting for. “Oh God this Pussy feels good.”
He said as he started pumping his cock up into Kiki’s cunt. Andrea was fingering her cunt as she watched her man fuck Kiki. Ty crept up beside and stuck his cock back into Dave’s mouth. It was Andrea’s turn to watch the Blazes with Dave...Kiki moaned loudly as she came all over Dave’s cock. “Fuck me White boy,fuck me.” “You making my Black pussy cum, YES.” Andrea was so fucking turned on by what she was watching.
She joined in, and got down on the floor and started licking from Dave’s balls, up to where his cock entered Kiki’s cunt and on up to her clit.
Both of them moaned as she licked all over them. The four of them were engaged in a hot orgy all about making each other feel good. Andrea and Dave knew that Kiki and Ty had introduced them to a whole new level of passion and there sex life was forever changed.
Ty took his cock out of Dave’s mouth and went around behind Andrea. He Rammed his cock up into her asshole again and fucked her as she continued licking Dave and Kiki. The four of them fucked like that for a while. Soon they all made the birthday girl the focus again. Dave sat on the sofa and Andrea mounted him reverse cowgirl and took his cock up her asshole. Kiki went back to work on her pussy with her strap on so that she and Dave could double fuck her while Ty fed Andrea’s mouth his cock.
Andrea was in a state of sheer ecstasy. Her husband was fucking her asshole with his nice big cock, while Kiki Blaze was fucking her cunt with a strap on copy of Ty Blazes’s cock, and Ty’s real cock was in her mouth ready to fill it with a load of his creamy chocolate cum.
She moaned loudly as she was being fucked from all sides at once.
“Cum in my mouth TY.” She said. “I want your hot Black cum in my hot white mouth.” She was finger fucking Ty’s asshole as she sucked his cock and begged for his load. Kiki and Dave continued the simultaneous pounding of her fuck holes. Andrea tried screaming around Ty’s cock.
“Mmmm Ooooo Fuck me...” Ty threw his head back as he exploded into his orgasm. he blasted his hot load into Andrea’s face and mouth. “Yes, give it to me.” “Give me all that hot Nigga cum.” Ty jerked his cock as continued shooting his cum into Andrea’s waiting face and mouth.
“Yes Ty Cum in her fucking mouth.” Kiki said “Take that Black birthday cum bitch.” Andrea sucked and slurped, getting every bit of cum that Ty’s cock offered up. Kiki, excited began cumming herself.
“Oh shit, y’all are making me cum again....” Dave Was fucking Andrea’s asshole with reckless abandon. Kiki had moved off and was cuddling with Ty. They two of them watched as Dave and Andrea came down the homestretch. “Give me your cum Dave.” “I want your cum in my mouth too.” Dave took his cock out of Andrea’s asshole and moved around. She looked at him and spoke. “Baby give me all your hot cum.” “Wash that Nigga down my throat with your white love juice.” Dave blasted his load into Andrea’s face and mouth. She took her husband’s load as she had taken Ty’s. She loved the taste of the two men’s cum mingling in her mouth. Dave Grabbed her head as he continued cumming. “OH SHIT baby, suck my cock.” “Suck my cock like you sucked Ty’s, drink my white cum baby.” Andrea drank her husband’s load down. When dave was done cumming Andrea kissed him passionately. “I love you darling.”
this was the most awesome birthday gift. She turned to Kiki and Ty who were sharing a blunt and smiling. “Thank you so much for giving me such a wonderful birthday.” Kiki Smiled back at Andrea “No problem girl, we had fun too.” “When I got Dave’s letter, I knew we were gonna make your dream come true.” Ty Chimed in. “Word Andrea, I was down once we read that you were cumming so hard he thought you was fucking someone, but it was you watching us.” “That alone made me wanna come, but once I saw the picture of you in that yellow bikini, DAMN.” The four of them Laughed. Dave got a couple beers for him and Ty and wine for the girls. They passed the blunt as they shared there drinks.
Andrea said to her man. “Dave thanks for sucking Ty’s cock that was so fucking hot.” “I never thought you would ever do that.” Dave answered quickly and emphatically. “I didn’t think so either, but between wanting to fuck Kiki and wanting to make you happy I figured what the hell.” Andrea smiled and turned to Kiki. “What are you guys doing the rest of the weekend while you’re in London?” “What the fuck you think we’re gonna do, YOU.” Andrea looked at Dave who looked just as puzzled. Kiki looked at them with a sigh. “Do y’all really mean to tell me that after you got our asses all the way the fuck over here, you’re gonna let us leave after just one little fuck?” Andrea looked at Kiki and Ty, and at Dave. Dave Spoke to Kiki. “I thought that I would only get one night.” Ty answered him. “If we were back home you would, but since we’re here, and we had a blast. Kiki finished his thought as though she knew where he was going. “We might as well get some more fucking in.” Dave asked Kiki “You mean at no extra charge?” “Damn.” She said Your political ass can at least afford to buys us dinner...
“I think we could manage that.” he said “Good.” Kiki answered.
Andrea loving what she was hearing said, “Well Dave congratulations.” “You just used your political power for personal gain....They all broke into laughter and continued sharing drinks and weed, relaxing into the night...

The End?

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Another great story.
2 years ago
this story was so hot i wanted to cum at every sentence
2 years ago
the best present that can do a man to his white wife is a bbc because to make her happy
2 years ago
love this one xx
2 years ago
i fuckin loved this! so hot and sexy can ya visit me for my birthday??? lol
2 years ago
Oh wow. You are good at this. Wet myself :D
2 years ago
What a crazy birthday party!!! Niggas do best ;)
2 years ago
wow so horny!!!
2 years ago
Ty! this is a really good sexy story! I will read it again later out loud for JH... I love how you put in the little narrative details like she kicking the wine glass (that stuff does happend hahaha), or Dave forgetting important dates... Great stuff!
2 years ago
very nice ;** :) xxxx fantastic
2 years ago
ty and kiki available for Oregon birthday parties? LOL. We would both LOVE to play with them :-) we will "pay what ever"
2 years ago
WoW, what a great story...loved it
2 years ago
Very good !!!
2 years ago
3 years ago
great story is there more?
3 years ago
love it great story