Merc's Movie

Merc’s Movie
An Erotic Tale Starring Kiki and Ty Blaze
Special guest stars Merc n Beth

It was a rainy Saturday Morning. Kiki Blaze awoke to the sound of rain on the windows. She knew from the scent of weed, that Ty was up, and she found him leaning out the window joint in hand. He was naked and she took a moment to admire her man before she reached out and squeezed his ass. “Hey baby” she said. He gave her a kiss and asked “what’s up baby?”
It was their first weekend off in a while and she was wondering what kind of trouble they could get into. “What you wanna do with the weekend Ty?” She asked. “Not sure, maybe just lie low, chillax.”
Their pontificating was interrupted by their business line. Kiki answered on speaker, “Nasty Nigga & Bad Bitch” Productions”.....”This is Kiki.”
the man on the line introduced himself as Antonio Mercurio, but you just call me “Merc.” He went on to explain that he was calling because he had a special request. He, like many, was a fan of their porn. He loved the way they had the hottest Blacks and Latinos, doing all kinds of nasty shit. He wanted to know if they would make a special private movie for him. Ty Puffed on his joint after taking it back from Kiki, and shot a puzzled look at her mouthing “What the Fuck?” Kiki continued with Merc, “You should know from our site that you can order custom videos on line and all our prices are there. Merc responded, “I want something a little different, I want a costar in the video with you.” Kiki said, “That’s not how the private videos work.” Merc answered her, “I know that, but this is special, and money is no object.” “You charge $250 for a 30 minute fuck video with personalized sex talk for your fans $350 with anal correct?” “Yes Kiki answered.” “Will $10,000 dollars allow me to have a costar of my choice in my video? “That depends on who the costar is, and what you want to see happen.” “The costar is a woman.” “Go on.” said Kiki “Her name is Beth, but she often goes by Betty.” “Who is she? Why her of all people? Kiki asked, “What the fuck is so special about this bitch?”
Merc sighed getting Kiki’s point. They were in the driver’s seat. They did not need his $10,000, at least nowhere near badly enough that they had to take unnecessary risks for Merc or anyone. “Very well.” He said, “Betty is my former friend and business partner’s wife.” Ty who had been listening broke into the conversation. “The Fuck she do to you Merc?” “She didn’t do anything at all.” “He however, tried to take over the majority of the business. He demanded to sell off to him for nothing. I refused, and he set off d**g bullshit in the office and made it look like it was me.” “It took most of my shares to get him to “fix” things like my FREEDOM.”
Kiki chimed in “So why you want us to fuck his wife?” “Because he hates black people.” “So do a lot of people, and?” Ty said. Look he ousted me 2 months ago. out of workf***e of 23 people, 9 of our people were black, and 3 were execs.” “He has in that time fired 7 of them, including all three execs.” “The moment I sold off majority interest he said he was gonna get rid of all the niggas and clean up our company. “Damn” Ty said. “That’s some fucked up shit.” “There’s no way to justify that many firings in so short a time period, but all black?”
“He’s a nigga hater for real yo.” Kiki said. “You want us to fuck his wife on film for blackmail material?” Ty asked? “No I want to destroy him.”
“The best way to do that” Kiki said, “is for us to turn the bitch out and make her a nigga lover.” “Then when he sees her video it’ll really fuck him up.” “I like it.” Merc said. “When can you do it?” “When can you get the bitch here?” Kiki asked, “Anytime after 2 today.” Kiki said, “Get the bitch here at five.” Merc said “I can do that.” “$10,000 right?” Kiki shut that shit down. “No motherfucker we never agreed to your price.” “You pay OUR price.” “$15,000.” Merc kept his cool. “I can pay that, but I want a couple of things.” “Go ahead.” Kiki said. “I want to know that you are going to be nasty to her. ‘Her husband’s hating of blacks is awful.” “She needs to fucked in a way that makes her look and feel like a slut.” Kiki answered “That’s no problem, we know what to do to a white bitch like that, what else?” “I want to be there, so I can observe and supervise.” “I want it rough and nasty and I want him to see me there so he knows I made it happen.” “Deal.” Kiki said They all shook, and Merc left.
He returned at five with Betty. Kiki let them in, and brought them down to the studio where Ty was waiting puffing on a joint. The cameras were going and the bed was ready.
“What is this place? It doesn't;t look like a recording studio at all.” Betty said sounding suspicious. Merc had told her she was going to a recording studio for a demo. She was a decent singer, but this was not her big break and she knew something was up.
Ty was drinking Betty in with his eyes.She was a hot white older woman with reddish brown hair that was long and a cute square jawed freckled face. Her tits were nowhere near as big as Kiki’s but they were nice and perky. She had nice tight nipples that pointed up from the center of her lovely pink areola. What blew Ty away was her ASS. She was a mature white chick with a Phatty and if he had his way that Phat ass was gonna get fucked. He looked at Kiki and they winked at each other as if to say “It’s On”. Merc what is this what’s going on? The cameras were rolling so Merc’s speech would be captured. He explained to Betty,what her husband had done to him, and how he had stolen the business, and fired all the blacks. That did not surprise Betty. She knew her husband was a “Nigga hater” but never knew why. She had always thought black men looked good from afar, but now standing in front of one, as well as his bitch, not knowing what was going on she was scared. The Blazes shared the joint and sipped drinks as Merc continued to explain. He went on to talk about his plan to destroy her husband, and as she listened she glanced at the Blazes. They were undressing. AT that moment Betty was in shock realizing that MERC HAD BROUGHT HER TO HAVE HER VIOLATED BY NIGGAS!!! She turned to run, but Merc grabbed her arm. “You’re not going anywhere Betty, these Niggas are going to fuck you.” Betty tried to scream, but Merc quickly clapped a hand over her head. He repeated himself, “These NIGGAS are going to fuck you Betty.” “They’re going to use you as they’re white female fuck toy, and we’re going to capture it all on film so that your husband Simon Storker can view it all.” “We’re going to premiere it big screen and every screen in his office building.” by the time he stopped talking sBetty was whimpering behind hid hand. he took his hand away from her face and she was looking at the black couple. In an instant they were on her like a pair of a****ls. Kiki tore her shirt open and started tugging at her bra,while Ty was tugging her pants open. He looked up at her and spoke, “I hope got some other shit to wear home bitch.” He and Kiki broke into a brief round of laughs. Betty was horrified, she could not believe what was happening. She was being taken by A hot light skinned Nigga and his beautiful brown skinned bitch, and Merc was there. There and doing nothing, in fact he had set her up. It was being filmed...Kiki was squeezing and sucking her tits. “I like these pretty little white titties of yours girl, mmmm.” She wasn’t even used to Kiki’s actions when she felt Ty’s long fingers invade her cunt. His touch was strong and f***eful. He wanted her to know he was taking her.” Her pussy responded to him and Kiki as if it had it’s own mind. She was getting wet. Feeling a little bit of shame she looked at Merc wondering if he noticed she was getting wet. He was looking on in approval and stroking his cock, while puffing on the joint. She never knew Merc had such a nice cock. She wondered what Ty had in store for her. Ty pulled her to the floor in one strong motion. he pulled of what was left of her pants so he could spread her legs and dove his face into her her shaved white cunt. She was moaning almost immediately because was a Nigga who could eat pussy. Kiki squatted over her face, “Don’t get lost bitch, Eat my black cunt whileTy eats yours.” Ty slapped the side of Betty’s ass Hard. “You better make that black pussy cum bitch you hear me?” She must’ve lingered too long because Kiki grabbed her by her read hair a tugged her face back to her pussy, “Don’t stop bitch, whatchoo waitin’ for?” “I told you to eat my fuckin Black Cunt.” Betty resumed eating Kiki’s cunt. she was loving the taste of it. She was shocked.Her husband always said nigga pussy was filthy and stinky. Kiki’s cunt was beautiful.It was hairy and had nice luscious lips and was full of cream that was flowing as Betty licked, determined to get the center of this sweet “chocolaty goodness”. It was hard, because Ty was eating with serious skill. He had just thrown Betty a curve by switching his focus and eating her tight asshole. his tongue sloshed through her ass crack moistening it as it snaked towards her asshole. She moaned when she felt his warm tongue one her asshole for the first time. She moaned loudly, but it muffled by Kiki’s hairy cunt as well as her own moans of pleasure. Betty felt Kiki’s hips begin to gyrate and sensed she was getting close. She wanted to push this nigga’s bitch over the edge so that she could enjoy her own orgasm. She stuck a finger into Kiki’s cunt as she licked her clit. Kiki’s moans increased. Ty spoke, “Your pussy feel good ma?” He asked Kiki, “Is this White bitch doing her thing? she working your pussy right?” Kiki moaned even louder. Eat that black pussy bitch, make her fuckin’ cum.”
Ty went back to eating Betty’s cunt and she was now trembling. Merc let out a loud low moan as he continued stroking his cock. He had moved closer to the action. Ty looked over his shoulder at Merc, “You want some of this?” “No.” said Merc, “This is great.” “As soon as she makes Kiki cum, maker her suck that big cock. Betty heard Merc and got a little worried. She thought Merc was packing and He said Ty was Big.
She wanted to make Kiki cum and she knew she was close. She already a finger up Kiki’s cunt. Instead of another in the pussy, she decided to stick another finger up Kiki’s tight Black asshole. Kiki’s loud moan told her she made the right choice. “Oh Ty, this white bitch is makin’ CUM, SHIT!!!!” Kiki was cumming hard and Betty was holding onto her brown hips and still eating. Lapping up that sweet chocolate cream that was oozing form Kiki’s cunt. As soon as she made Kiki cum Ty stuck a finger up Betty’s asshole, and dug his tongue deeper into her shaved white cunt. She began to shudder as her own orgasm was approaching. She was about to cum from a Nigga eating her cunt. Something her husband had always said Nigga didn’t do, because according to Storker, Niggas didn’t please their women, they just ****d them brutally and daily.
The very thought of it made her not care that she was where she was or that it was being taped. He was wrong. This Nigga was indeed pleasing her, and if he hadn’t ordered Betty to make Kiki cum, he would have pleased her sooner. She announced her oragasm with a loud moan as she called out to Ty. OHHHHHHH Nigga you’re making my white pussy cum, Eat my pussy nigga please don’t stop.” She was writhing and bucking up off the floor, but Ty held her down. “You like that shit don;t you bitch?” Kiki cooed, You like how amy Nigga eats your white cunt.” You like getting your pussy ate by a Nigga as much as you liked eatin my nigga pussy.” “You’re a Nigga lover bitch.” Kiki said as Betty continued cumming. She thought this orgasm would never stop, but it did. She lay back on the floor to allow herself to settle back down. After just a few seconds she felt hands grabbing her hair and heard Kiki’s sexy voice. “Get up Bitch, Get up and take this Nigga cock in your mouth.” Kiki yanked her up to her knees by her hair, and no sooner than she was up did she feel her mouth being f***ed open by the head of Ty’s big hard black cock. Oh My God she thought, She opened her mouth and Ty’s cock rammed it’s way into her mouth and throat. Ty stood with his hand on his hip and she thought “I get to set my pace.” She started working Ty’s magnificent cock slowly, clearly trying to seductively and subtlety take control. Merc looked at Kiki, who had now recovered completely from her orgasm and was on her feet. He signaled for her to “get things back on track” Kiki looked at Beth and Ty. Betty was working him slowly in a way she knew Ty would like, and she thought to herself, “This white bitch is good.” “Is the White bitch suckin you goo Ty?” He managed a long soft “Yessssssssss.” Her moment of admiration had passed, and she yanked Betty off Ty’s cock by the hair and said, “What you think you could take over this show just cause you white?” “It don’t work like that up in bitch, you in the hood, and we in charge up in this motherfucker, now Suck this Nigga cock the a White Bitch should.” She f***ed Betty so far down onto Ty’s black cock, that she gagged, causing a glob of spit to run down Ty’s cock. “That’s choke on it, choke on that Nigga cock bitch, do your job.” “Show a nigga how much you like it.” “If you can’t handle it, you better act like it bitch, and suck the dick.” Ty was now groaning as the intensity of Betty’s sucking increased. As she relaxed she realized she could take more of Ty’s cock than she thought at first. She was thrilled to discover she could take more of him in. She increased her sucking, she wanted to show him, show them both that she could be a good Nigga slut. Ty was starting to breath heavier and heavier, but Kiki stopped her. “No no no bitch, you not supposed to make him cum yet, you know that white pussy has to be fucked. “Yes, Fuck her with your Nigga cock Ty.” Merc called out. Ty pushed her back on the floor. “This is it, Black fuck.” thought Betty.
Kiki answered Merc, “Oh he’s gonna fuck her, Ty’s gonna fuck that pussy raw, but he has to fuck me first. “Ty, come get up in this black pussy you love from behind, so I can eat this White bitch out.”
Betty was on the couch, Merc now sitting beside her stroking and watching, Kiki was on her knees in front of the couch. She was eating Betty’s shaved pussy out. Betty was delighted to find out that Kiki was just as good at eating pussy as Ty was if not better. Merc spoke to Betty’s husband describing the scene for the cameras.
“Simon I wish you were here watching these niggas fuck your wife. I bet you’re watching and hoping this Nigga will cum before he fucks Betty with his big black nigga cock.” He capped his message off with a round of laughs. Kiki meanwhile was moaning loudly into Betty’s pussy as
Ty was hammering her black cunt into submission.nShe looked back at him and said, “Damn nigga it’s her pussy you supposed to beat up like that not mine.” Ty slowed at his woman’s statement with a chuckle.
“It’s cool, but I think it’s time for the white bitch to learn what being fucked really is.” She turned to Betty and continued, “Cuz Bitch, you ain’t been fucked, ‘til you been Nigga fucked.” Kiki pulled Betty to the floor fiercely, and from a position behind her head she grabbed Betty’s ankles and pulled her legs open and back, spreading her shaved white Cunt open for her man’s big Black Cock. Betty studied the scene which seemed to be on pause. Ty was kneeling between her legs with a sex lust in eyes unlike anything she’d ever seen. He was slowly Stroking his cock in a way that looked to Betty as if he was loading up a shotgun. Kiki was smiling down at her with the same sex lust, as though she were in some secret base excited about torturing a spy or something. Merc was sitting there with the joint, stroking his cock looking like he was enjoying a viewing a criminal who deserved it finally getting stoned to death. The fact this was being taped for her husband to see was fresh in her again, thanks to Merc’s message, as was the fact that by now if he were still watching he’d now know that his wife is now a “Nigga Lover”. She didn’t care. She wanted Ty and Kiki to continue their assault on her “pretty little white cunt”. She thought that perhaps he husband deserved it. After all he did steal the business by forcing his partner out and fired every nigga at the company. Maybe she was teaching him a lesson, and she was sure that she was showing him how she should be fucked. She wondered for a moment if he was up to the task, then was brought back to reality by Kiki’s next words.
“Ty, show that white bitch what a real cock feels like, Fuck her cunt.”
Merc chimed in with a huffy voice, as he was stoned and strokin’ “Yes Fuck her now you Nigga, FUCK WITH FULL NIGGA f***e!”
Ty rubbed his cock on Betty’s pussy and clit, clearly teasing. It was working. The warm head of his black cock felt electric when it first touched her clit. Kind like a first kiss. She was caught up and felt a second sensation. Kiki was playing with her tits. “Daaaaaaammmmnn these Niggas were hot, nasty and gooood.” Betty thought. then without warning, Ty grunted as he rammed his big black cock all the up her cunt in one hard. violent thrust. Betty Screamed “OHHHHH MYYY GOODDDDDDDD!!!! The moment that Ty’s big Nigga cock invaded Betty’s cunt felt like a Thunderclap that went off in her cunt and rippled through her body. AS soon as she got her bearing he started stroking. He was pulling out very slow and she was bracing for another hard thrust, but instead he pushed in slow this time. “Good she thought.” Ty’s slow stroke felt good and almost loving at first but then she felt a little pain. She looked up a little puzzled and the Kiki laughed looking down at her. “What, you thought he was all the way in on that first stroke Bitch?” “No that was just a little more than half his shit.”
The next stroke Ty came in a little faster, but smooth. He pushed a little deeper causing more pain. Each of these “introductory strokes” was a little quicker and deeper than the previous. Betty was grateful that he was easing her in. Ty looked at her and said “get ready bitch.” with that from halfway he rammed in all the way as hard as his first stroke. Betty felt another thunderclap when Ty’s nigga cock bashed it’s way in to the max point. She never felt full like quite like this. She loved the feeling of this Nigga cock in her cunt. Ty now began a steady rhythmic pumping of her wet white cunt. Kiki was kneeling behind her head and was still holding her ankles. Merc again spoke to the camera. “Look at your wife Simon, Look at her!” He spoke with the passion of a man getting revenge, his voice rising. “You stole the business, and I stole your wife and TURNED HER INTO A NIGGA LOVER!” Betty didn’t realize it but she smiled when Merc said that. She did realize that electric wave that ran through her when he said it.
Not paying attention to Merc, Kiki spoke, “The pussy feel goo Ty?”
“Is that shaved Pussy makin your big dick feel good?” “Fuck yeah.” Ty answered his woman with enthusiasm. “This shit is hot Kiki, breakin a White bitch like this in, especially one with a man like hers.”
“Good.” Kiki responded, “Cuz my pussy needs some love.” She squatted over Betty’s face. “Eat my pussy while my man is fucking your pussy you white bitch.” Betty moaned at Kiki’s command and her tongue lashed out to once again eat that tasty Black cunt she had feasted on earlier.
Kiki began to moan in approval. “Ooooohhhh that’s right bitch eat my black pussy.” “Look at you taking a Nigga cock in your cunt white you eatin a black cunt.” “You a nasty ass white bitch.” Kiki looked over at Merc and said “Hey Merc.” “Why don’t you stick your tongue up this black asshole while this white bitch is eating me. Merc was shocked. He’d been lost in watching and jerking and took a moment for what Kiki said to register. His only response was to put out the joint, and get on his knees. Kiki responded to the second tongue. “Yes motherfucker, YES!” “Eat my Black ASS White Boy.” Kiki said Merc and Betty ate her to another great orgasm together. They ate her black fuck holes out together as though it was their last meal. “Oh Shit, eat me you white motherfuckers eat MY BLACK ASS AND PUSSY!” Ty rammed Betty harder, as he heard Kiki approaching her orgasm. “Eat the pussy Bitch, Make that black pussy Cum.” he ordered as he Pounded Betty hard.
“Yes, yes eat me oh shit OH SHIT!!!” Kiki exploded into her orgasm, cumming hard thanks to the double tongue action of Merc and Betty.
Betty came hard right behind as Ty pounded her as though he was trying to really beat the pussy up. ‘Fuck me Nigga.” Betty screamed “Your big fucking Black cock feels so good,I’M CUMMING!!” Betty screamed.
Kiki had wiggled out and up, went and took a hit and walked out of the room. When she came back Betty had finished cumming. Kiki said, “it’s not over bitch, we’re not done with your white ass yet, Ty ain’t cum yet.”
Betty looked up and Kiki was now wearing a sexy black fishnet body stocking That framed her big, sexy ebony tits with chains.
Betty thought this Black bitch looked so fucking delicious. Kiki looked down and betty’s eyes followed. She noticed that Kiki was wearing a strap-on cock. “Look familiar” Kiki said, as she held her cock up for Betty to see. Betty studied it. It was familiar, it was a copy of Ty’s magnificent Nigga cock. She saw it as Ty, who had gotten up when she finished cumming, had gone over to Kiki to get the joint. the two of them walked towards Betty together. Ty said I’m taking that asshole first. “Aight.” Kiki answered.
Ty sat down on the couch next to Merc, who started stroking again.
Betty stood in front of him and Kiki said “Turn around Bitch.” She face Kiki who said “Back that ass up on that black dick.” Betty stepped back and Ty took her hand and helped her to mount him reverse cowgirl. Ty spit in his hand and rubbed it on his cockhead. The touch of his cockhead on Betty’s asshole was electric. She was scared and eager at the same time. Ty started forcing his cock into her asshole.
He was not being rough at the moment, but it felt like an all out assault. The head burrowed it’s way to her tight White asshole in a moment that seemed like slow motion torture. It was as though Ty’s cock was taking revenge on her not only for what her husband did to Merc, and the Blacks in their company, but for what all White men had done to all Black men since the chains came off. The thought was so hot. To have this Nigga take his revenge on the White Man by using his Woman’s pretty White asshole to as a fuck hole for his big Nigga cock. And she was going to get a second Nigga cock in her cunt too. In an instant Ty’s cock broke through her rim and his Nigga cock was in Betty’s asshole for real. She now truly felt like a Nigga slut. She was indeed a Nigga lover. Ty started his strokes at a faster pace than she expected. Her Nigga lover was finally entering his homestretch. There was a small part of her that felt relief, cuz she didn’t thick her asshole could take too much of this nigga cock, and Kiki hadn’t joined in yet.
As soon as that thought had passed through Betty’s head, she felt Kiki working her “Dopple-cock” into her cunt. She was amazed at how real the dildo felt. It didn’t just feel like Ty’s cock, it was his cock. She his big Nigga cock in her pussy and her asshole at the same time. Not only were these niggas hot as fuck with their sex, they were fucking Creative with that shit. Betty had never been much of a porn person before, but she after tonight she was gonna look for every movie these Niggas were in, and couldn’t wait to see the one she was making. She didn’t care what Simon thought. She thought he had this coming to him, not only for what he’d done to Merc, who’s cock was looking hot to her as he sat beside her stroking and smiling like a cheshire cat, but for being a racist bastard and not ever fucking her they way she really needed to be fucked. The way Merc knew she needed. To be Nigga fucked. Betty cried out as the Blazes relentlessly double fucked her.
“Oooooh God your Nigga cocks feel so good in my white fuck holes.”
“Fuck me, Fuck my white holes you Niggas fuck me.” Betty screamed.
“This is one nasty White bitch Kiki, fuck her pussy good.” Ty said to Kiki. “You know it Ty, your Big dick feel good in that white asshole?”
“Hell Yeah.” Ty answered. “Well show me nigga.” Kiki said “Fuck it like you like it.” “Fuck that white asshole like it’s hot.” Ty turned it up a notch, and Betty moaned “Yes, Fuck my asshole Nigga.” She reached over and took Merc’s cock in her hand and started strokin it for him.
he glanced at her and she smiled as if to say “Thank you for all this shit.” He smiled back and let her take over stroking his nice hairy cock.
Not to be outdone, Kiki rammed her cock into Betty’s cunt with a vengeance. “You forget me bitch?” Betty moaned in response. “that’s more like it. Kiki said, “You better let a bitch know you like it.”
After a few more minutes of this relentless double fucking Betty said
“Kiki, Ty, put me on the floor and fuck me so Merc can feed me his cock.” “I want to suck Merc’s cock off for bringing me here to be fucked by you Niggas.” Kiki loving what she heard said “Ty get this bitch on the floor.” “You the bitch Merc feed her your cock.”
Kiki laid down the floor and looked at Betty. “Straddle my black bitch.” Betty got down onto Kiki’s cock. It felt good going back up her cunt, like her cock was coming home. She felt Ty’s cock invade her asshole again. “Yes!” she moaned give me those Nigga cocks, fill my white fuck holes with those Nigga cocks.” Merc moved in now, cock in hand. he was thrilled. He had wanted to get a piece of Betty for a long time and now this revenge was complete. He looked at Betty who looked like a high heroin attic as she was taken the brutal Nigga double he’d arranged. It was well worth every penny of the $15,000 grand this was costing. Betty looked at him with sex d***k eyes and said “Merc.” Stop teasing me, give me your cock. Come fuck my mouth like a slut until you cum.” “Choke me with your fucking cock Merc, FUCK My Nigga lovin Mouth got dammit!” Merc rammed his big hairy cock into Betty’s mouth.
Her mouth was warm and she could suck dick. he was amazed at how strong she was sucking him after having had her mouth Stuffed with nigga cock by Ty and Kiki. His cock felt good, he knew he was gonna cum soon with Betty sucking him like that. He wanted to cum all over her face for Simon to see. “Yes Betty.” He growled, “suck my fucking cock.”
“Suck my cock while these Niggas fuck you, you Nigga loving slut!”
Betty was sucking the shot out of Merc’s cock while Kiki and Ty were hammering her fuck holes in a matched rhythm. When one cock was in the other was out. It was incredible. Her pussy nor her asshole had ever had this kind of attention. Merc fucking her mouth with his big hairy cock put the whole thing into the stratosphere. She was so up in the sky on her Nigga sex high and she never wanted to come down.
She knew this couldn’t last forever, but she wanted it to. Betty was sure that this was the closest she’d ever been to Heaven on Earth. She had a hot Nigga and his beautiful Black bitch giving her an unbelievable double fucking, and had another fat cock fucking her mouth.
The inevitable moment came, and Ty started blasting his hot load of Nigga cum into Betty’s asshole. his cumming cock felt like and out of control fire hose as it pulsed and throbbed in her asshole, filling her with Nigga juice. Ty had announced his orgasm with a loud guttural moan that sounded like the call of the wild to Betty. “That’s it Ty.” Kiki chirped, “get your hit off, cum in that white bitch’s asshole YES!!!”
As was most often the case, Ty’s oragasm sent Kiki into another oragasm of her own. She loved her man, and love making him feel good. They were so into each other no matter what, that there orgasm were almost always connected. Betty knew Ty had finished cumming, because his cock stopped throbbing. Merc Had pulled out of her mouth when Kiki and Ty were cumming so he could watch, and buy himself a few seconds. He had timed it right. Betty was just settling down from the intense experience of Ty giving her her first load of Nigga cum. Just as she was beginning to savor it Merc grabbed her red hair and yanked her head up. She focused on him and realized she was about to receive another hot load of cum, this time right in her open mouth and face.
Merc looked at her and said “You wanted to thank me?” “You’re welcome SLUT!!!” He yelled Slut at her just as his big hairy cock blasted it’s load of hot cum into her face and pen mouth. Kiki said “Yeah bitch drink it.” “Drink That motherfuckin cum like the slut you are.” Merc Threw his head back and continued cumming. For the time that night he thought there was some magical sex energy associated with Kiki Blaze,cuz he swore that when she said that he felt a surge and it was like he started cumming again. Betty didn’t complain either.
“Yes, Yes Merc.” “Give it to me. Give me all your cum.” “I’ll take every drop of your cum for what Simon did.” “I’ll swallow all your hot fucking cum you bastard. Merc continued jerking into Betty’s open mouth. Ty who was still beneath her said “Daaaammmmmmnn Merc” “You gonna drown the bitch if you don’t stop cummin’ motherfucker.” Ty’s joke came as Merc was wrapping up his orgasm and the four of them broke into laughter.
Betty who still sex d***k spoke. “Will somebody pass me that joint and pour me a fucking drink?” Merc was shocked, “Betty you smoke weed?” “I do now.She responded. I wanna hit that joint and have you and these Niggas fuck me again so I can see what’s like to be “Nigga fucked” high. Kiki responded. “Betty, you a bitch after my own heart.”
Betty looked back at Kiki and said “Thanks for letting your beautiful man fuck m e with his lovely Nigga cock.” Kiki said “It’s cool baby, I loved watching and helping him break your white ass in. Ty chimed in “Betty we’ll fuck you again if you want, on or off camera.”
“Definitely on camera.” Betty answered. “I think I could get used to this. She took a long pull on the joint and passed it to Merc. She had a feeling that somehow, when this mess with Simon and Merc was over she was gonna end up with Merc, the man who turned her into a Nigga Lover. The thought was delicious and made Betty smile as the hot n sweaty quartet shared the joint and drinks as they relaxed and waited for the next round of Hot nigga Love.....

The End.....?
100% (11/0)
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2 years ago
another great story...
2 years ago
2 years ago
Great story! Loved the way you described how you made her love the black dick, and it's impossible not to love a black pussy when it is used like that! Bravo!
2 years ago
That was pretty hot!
2 years ago
Interesting story...I kinda liked the revenge aspect and the forceful sex wasn't too off putting
2 years ago
3 years ago
Another very hot story, wow you're gifted!!
3 years ago
wow i cummed so hard ty
3 years ago
Don't usually go for the stories but this is good. Nice style that makes it easy to visualise the action.
3 years ago
Lol! This is GREAT! It's wild to see a story about us. The only problem is, Merc is 1/2 black so his charaterization is a bit off - but he loved it too!

If anyone wants to see the story's inspriation - hope you will visit our profile page.
~ beth
3 years ago
First class porn!
3 years ago
hot-n-crazy story