Unemployment Compensation

Unemployment Compensation
An Erotic Adventure starring Kiki and Ty

Special Guest Star MonaOwned

Kiki and Ty need no introduction. They are married, in love, hot and nasty. The former gang bangers left that life and turned their love for each other, life and Nasty ass sex into their enterprise and became huge stars in the underground porn/sex scene. They started a line of black porn so hot and nasty that ballooned and from they set up the club. Their club “Freak House” was hot. They featured live sex shows that often got hotter than their videos. Only serious “ballers” could get in, as it was expensive, but so worth it when members often had chances to interact with Ty and Kiki themselves.
In the period after the gang banging but before the porn got going Ty worked a regular gig. He worked for a small video production and editing company run by a man named Steve Cuckold. Cuckold’s company produced some porn and wanted Ty and Kiki Blaze to shoot, but Ty insisted they weren’t interested.
When Cuckold learned that the Blaze’s were trying to do their own porn he fired Ty cold. This angered the Blazes and Ty was determined to get revenge. This is the story of how that revenge came, but in a very different form than expected.......

Ty and Kiki were ready. It had been three weeks since that motherfucker
Cuckold fired him. On top of that he filed a false report and seized Ty’s camera. He had not stopped Ty and Kiki Blaze, although he thought he did. Not only did the Blazes vow that they would get their porn company off the ground, they vowed to make Cuckold pay, and today was they day. They found his house and were gonna run up in there and pop a cap in his ass. He’d fucked with the wrong nigga.
Cuckold never saw them hiding in the bushes next to the garage, and did not see them sneak in when he opened the door. When He turned off the engine of his BMW X5 and got out Kiki and Ty crept up and as he opened the door to his basement Ty grabbed him and shoved him through the door so hard he fell in. “Remember me motherfucker?” Ty asked. Before he could open his mouth Kiki spoke. “Yo bitch I’d be quiet as a motherfucker if I was you” Steve looked and saw a pistol in Ty’s hand. “You fucked with the wrong nigga” “One thing to fire me, but to steal our equipment”? Cuckold knew he was in trouble. “You’re gonna shoot me for that?” “Yeah probably” Ty said. Before anything else could happen the door opened and in walked Cuckold’s wife Mona. She clearly had just come from the gym or a spinning class, because she was wearing an orange bikini that itself would have covered nothing at all, over black tights and a tight sports top. She stopped when she saw the scene. Kiki caught her by the arm and firmly, but gently ushered her to a chair where she could be seen. “Relax mama”. she said, “ain’t nobody here to hurt you, but he ain’t so lucky.” Mona was scared but spoke. “Who are you? why do you want to hurt my husband?”
Ty explained that Cuckold had fired him, and stolen their equipment in an attempt to stop them from starting a porn company that would be better than his. “Did he tell you about that shit bitch?” Ty said to Mona. For the first time she realized that in addition to fear, she was slightly turned on by this Hot Black couple holding them. She had always wondered about Black men, and her imagination wandered for a second. It stopped when Kiki asked Mona a question. “Hey bitch did you know he did you know that’s how he do business?” Mona said “I didn’t even know he did porn.” Cuckold spoke to Ty. “Ty are you really gonna kill me now that there’s a witness?” “ Can’t we work something out?”
Kiki who had been watching Mona spoke next. “Ty let’s see if we can find some shit He don’t know about his little white bitch here.” “Let’s turn his bitch out.” Ty said hell yeah. He walked over to Mona and said “You ever fuck a nigga before?” “No” Mona said honestly, and slightly fearfully. “Good” Ty said. Kiki chimed in with “You ate pussy before bitch?” Not waiting for an answer Kiki continued “Fuck that shit, it don’t matter if did or not, You gonna eat this Black pussy and asshole up in this motherfucker tonight you white bitch.
Cuckold, realizing what was about to happen spoke up. “NO!!!” “Anything please” “Take me please don’t touch her” Ty who was now lighting up a joint and undressing and Kiki both fell out laughing. Kiki was the one to speak. “Motherfucker do it look like we want you?” “You ain’t got no pussy and you certainly ain;t got enough dick for my black ass” “Sit your ass down and shut the fuck up”.
Kiki made Cuckold strip and tied him to a chair. Then she joined Ty who was groping at Mona. She was a little stocky, and had some big tits. Ty imagined how how hot her fat white ass would look in that orange bikini and nothing under it.
Kiki walked up and in a very deceptively soft manner reached up for the top of Mona’s shirt. She violently tore it open and they were on her. They stripped her quickly and rough. “Yeah your white bitch here is about get fucked by a nigga couple motherfucker.” Mona was moaning in protest as her clothes were coming off, but at the same time was getting wet. She tried to fight off the blazes and her own body but she couldn’t.
Kiki had her left tit in her mouth and was squeezing the other as she sucked hard. Ty was jerking his black cock slowly and kissing Mona’s neck as he held her head way back by her hair.
Cuckold watched as the niggas began to ravish his wife. Ty looked at him and held up his big black cock. When Cuckold saw it he gasped. Thinking that a nigga was actually going to fuck his wife was horrible. That it was happening in their basement lounge and he had no choice but to watch was a nightmare.
Kiki was on the couch pulling Mona’s face down to her pussy. Mona was whimpering in protest,but Kiki was strong and f***eful. “ah ah bitch, you not backing up”. “You gonna eat me, you gonna taste some Black pussy.” She pulled Mona’s face straight into her cunt, and held it there. Mona felt Ty’s fingers exploring her pussy and ass. He had not entered her fuck holes yet, but his hands on her ass, and around her pussy were telling her that he was not going to be gentle. He gave her ass a slap that was so hard that Kiki looked up, “Daaaayyyyuuuummmm Ty you gonna fuck her ass or beat it?” Mona let out a soft cry at the slap. Ty responder to her, “what you thought I was gonna be gentle bitch?” “ Hell no I’m not gonna be gentle this is revenge bitch” “That’s right.” Kiki continued, “we not gonna kill your man no more, but we gonna kill your pussy and your asshole bitch”.
“Please” Cuckold pleaded. “Honey are you ok?” Mona didn’t answer him. She had given in and began to eat Kiki’s black pussy. It smelled so fucking good to her, and tasted even better. From her moaning and writhing, it was becoming clear to Mona that Kiki was liking it too. Mona was glad. She was digging this. It was like a fantasy come to life to be taken by a black man. That he had his Black bitch with him was even hotter.
“She makin the pussy feel good Kiki?” Ty asked. “Hell yeah, this white bitch ate some pussy before, or she just a nasty bitch.”
Satisfied that Kiki was feeling good, Ty decided it was time to get deeper with it. After a hit on the joint, got down on his knees and began eating Mona’s pussy. She couldn’t not believe how good Ty’s tongue was feeling. This nigga knew how to eat pussy. Mona couldn’t help but let out a loud low moan. The kind that told her man she was getting turned on.
Cuckold saw it, and could not believe it. His wife was being eaten out by a nigga who had come to kill him, while she was eating the nigga’s bitch out. If Mona had come in just a minute or two later, he might be dead now, and Ty and Kiki back on the run. Instead he was tied up watching a nigga couple take his wife, and SHE WAS STARTING TO ENJOY IT!
Ty was eating Mona’s cunt furiously. Kiki was still being eaten by Mona and started egging Ty on. “Yes mother fucker, eat that white pussy out like you eat my pussy Ty.” “Make that bitch eat me harder.”
Mona increased her intensity, just as Ty did. Kiki was starting to cum in Mona’s mouth. “OH EAT MY BLACK CUNT YOU WHITE BITCH.” “You making that black pussy cum.” Kiki finished cumming all over Mona’s face, and lay back. Mona was close to her own orgasm, as Ty was now Licking her tight asshole.
“Yeah Ty, get that bitch’s asshole ready for some nigga cock.”
Ty continued to Eat Mona’s asshole and was fingering her clit too. Mona reached her first orgasm, and let everyone know it was good, “OH YES YOU NIGGA YOU”RE MAKNG MY WHITE PUSSY CUM.” “OH YES, EAT MY WHITE PUSSY NIGGA.” Kiki who was now puffing on the joint and fingering her pussy looked at Cuckold and said “You see how that bitch is liking Nigga love?” “ She ain’t even had the dick yet.”
When Mona heard that her pussy started throbbing again.
Kiki sat up and looked at Mona, “Time for you to taste some Black dick bitch.” Ty got up and sat beside Kiki on the couch. Kiki told Mona “Whatchoo waitin’ for bitch?” “Suck that big black cock.”
She grabbed Mona’s head and pulled it down towards Ty’s big Black cock.
Mona was shocked. She came in to find a couple holding her husband at gunpoint, and was now on her knees sucking on the big black cock of the nigga who had the gun. She had her lips wrapped around this strange nigga’s cock and was sucking it with at least as much passion and lust if not much more than she would her own husband on the best day. She felt like such a slut. The fact that she had just been eating out some nigga pussy made her feel even dirtier. The fact these two niggas were passing her back and forth in front of her husband would have been humiliating but she found herself enjoying it. She was being used by these niggas and she was loving it. She suddenly felt dirty. Dirtier than she had ever felt. She thought of what her f****y would say if they could see her on her knees sucking on a nigga cock in front of her husband.
She told herself she was doing it to save her man’s life, but at this point she was loving it and didn’t want it to stop. Ty’s big nigga cock felt good in her mouth. She hadn’t yet taken more than half (her man’s length) and wondered how much she could take.
Seeing her slipping into the scene Kiki commented. “Yeah you like that black dick bitch, you like sucking a real cock, you like sucking a nigga cock.”
It was true. Mona did not want to ever let this cock out of her mouth except to maybe put it in her pussy. She knew there was no way she could take it in her asshole, and was hoping they wouldn’t make her.
“Suck my dick white bitch, suck so your man could see.” Ty commanded. He offered more of his dick to Mona. It was a little too much for her and she tried to back off a little. Kiki grabbed the back of her head and held it firm, keep her at the gagging point. “No bitch, you’re not going anywhere, keep sucking that Cock.” Hearing Mona gag Kiki continued, “I don’t give a fuck bitch, Choke on that black dick.”
Mona struggled to accommodate Ty’s big black cock. She had never had a cock this big in her mouth before. She was loving this black cock. She had always dreamt about being taken by a black man, but now that it was actually happening, it felt so much better than she could have imagined. She learned that she loved the taste of nigga, cock and cunt and her knew found knowledge was making her pussy feel good. She kicked herself into high gear, determined that she was gonna be a good fuck toy for her new nigga masters. It wasn’t until Cuckold gasped, that she remembered her Husband was in the room. The secret was out.
Steve Cuckold gasped. His wife was a “Nigga Lover”. She was sucking a Nigga’s big black cock, while his black bitch was eating her out, and she was Loving it. He could tell from her sounds and by all he was seeing that his wife of 20 years was doing the worst thing he could have ever imagined. She was fucking a nigga right in front of him, and it was his own fault. Had he not fucked with Ty and Kiki, They would not have come to kill him, and his wife would not be sucking this nigga’s dick to save his life. Cuckold hoped that somehow Ty would cum before he actually started Fucking Mona. He didn’t think he could ever satisfy his wife again if she took Ty’s big nigga cock in her cunt.
He called out to the trio. “Ty Please stop, I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you.” Mona silenced him “Steve shut the fuck up, I got this.” “They won’t hurt you.” Steve answered his wife “They’re hurting me now by making me watch this.” “I’ll see if we can leave you and go into another room.” Mona said. Cuckold was shocked. His wife DID NOT WANT TO STOP. Was it already too late?
“You can forget that shit, we stayin’ right here where he can see everything we do to your white ass bitch.” Ty said, “It’s called revenge, and payback’s a bitch white boy.”
Cuckold swore he heard Mona moan in response to what Ty said. It appears she was enjoying this on many levels.
“Yo Ty, I think she ready for some real dick now.” “I wanna see you break that white pussy open, FUCK HER.”
Ty salivated at his woman’s command. He loved Kiki so much and no matter what or where, their first priority was always making each other feel good. Mona trembled with both fear and anticipation, wanting to feel this big nigga cock enter her tight white pussy, and afraid she wouldn’t be able to take it. Cuckold held his breath. He could not believe a Nigga was about to stick his big black cock in his wife’s cunt.
Kiki grabbed Mona’s ankles and pulled her legs open and back. She had a bird’s eye view as Ty positioned the head of his big black cock right in front of Mona’s pussy lips. He gently starting teasing her pussy with his cockhead. Kiki said “Yeah Ty, get that bitch ready.” “She don’t know.” Mona’s pussy tingled as Ty caressed her clit with his cock.
“Fuck that white cunt Now Ty.” Kiki commanded. Ty suddenly drove his cock straight into Mona’s pussy in one hard stroke. Mona let out a loud scream “OH JESUS!!!”....Cuckold looked at his wife in shock. He never heard a scream like that. Filled with great pleasure and Pain at once.
Kiki was right there watching, “Yeah Ty fuck that white bitch. Do that pussy feel good?”
Mona looked at Ty who wasn’t moving but was smiling. She didn’t realize at first but saw he’d been still for a few seconds. Cuckold wondered if after all that this “Big porno nigga star on the rise” as Ty had referred to himself had premature ejaculation. What a funny thought. He looked closer.
Mona looked at Ty who was smiling and was trying to figure out why he was still. Had he cum? was it over? If it was, then she either had blacked out, or something because she didn’t think it had been that long.
“Why you stop TY?” asked Kiki. She answered her own question as soon as she looked down at Ty’s cock “Damn, she screamed like that and you only half way in?” I feel sorry for that bitch.”
Mona couldn’t believe it. Halfway? He stopped halfway in? Part of her was thrilled that this was just the beginning, but part of her was scared. Overcome by her new “Nigga lust” Mona shot out “Fuck me nigga, give me that big nigga cock, I can take it.”
Ty started fucking Mona hard, giving her tight white cunt ALL of his massive nigga man meat. She was screaming so loud, Kiki joined in. “Bitch shut the fuck up and eat this pussy.” She squatted her pussy right over Mona’s face. Mona went right back to eating Kiki out like she hadn’t stopped. Kiki was rubbing her clit as Mona worked her pussy over. Mona’s moans and screams were muffled as Kiki’s hairy black cunt consumed her face. She now had her hands on Kiki ass cheeks, and was pushing Kiki up. Kiki said “what you need some air?” She lifted her ass too much. She realized that Mona was not trying to get Kiki off of her, she just wanted access to her asshole. She realized as soon as she felt Mona grab her ass an dart her tongue up into Kiki’s asshole.
“Oh you a nasty white bitch. You wanna lick my black asshole out now?” “Lick my asshole out you white bitch, lick it good.”
Steve Cuckold was amazed at what was happening to is wife. The scene was nasty and yet sexy. Part of him was............jealous.....He realized that his wife was being fucked by a hot a nigga couple,and he was right there but not involved. He could not believe how big Ty’s cock looked as it pumped in and out of Mona’s cunt. He wondered what Kiki’s black pussy tasted like. He looked at her ass hovering over his wife’s face and wished he could lick that black asshole along with his wife. In denial he called out. “Please stop.” Kiki looked over at him and laughed. “Shut the fuck up white boy.” “Ain’t nobody got a problem here but you, and you just hatin’ cuz you not playin.” “What does that mean?” He asked Kiki. “It means you wanna be down with us bitch, now shut the Fuck Up. Ty said. ‘I want you niggas to get off my wife and out of my house.” Kiki said “They why your dick so hard motherfucker.”
Cuckold looked at his hard throbbing cock. He so wanted to get in on it but could only watch.
Mona was hitting her stride. “Yes, Yes, give me all that nigga cock you black bastard.” Kiki was rubbing her clit as moaning was still paying attention to her black asshole. “Time to fuck this white bitch up her asshole Ty.” “I want you to get up in her asshole.” Ty took his now glistening cock out of Mona’s cunt. Mona looked at him and was slightly afraid. Her pussy had just endured a serious fucking by this nigga’s cock and now he wanted her asshole. “Please...at least lube up.” Mona wanted that cock in her asshole, but needed lube. “Ty said where the fuck am I supposed to get lube bitch?” “We have some upstairs” Mona responded. “Like we going walking around.” Ty shot back. Kiki chimed in, “Ty let that motherfucker lube your dick up with his mouth.”
It was like a bomb had gone off. Kiki looked at Ty, and ty smiled back. Kiki loved the fact that Ty was as quick to let dude suck his dick as he was a bitch.
Kiki, Ty and Mona moved closer to Steve’s chair. Ty stood there, his cock right in front of Cuckold’s mouth. Kiki said “Start sucking. Suck it like a bitch.” Without warning she f***ed his head down onto Ty’s waiting cock. His mouth was stuffed with cock. BIG BLACK NIGGA COCK. He wanted it out of his mouth but Kiki was holding him down and he had no choice but to start sucking just to try and breathe.
Ty’s cock was enormous in his mouth. He still felt the hand on the back of his head. “Suck that nigga cock and get it ready for my asshole you bitch.” Mona!!! mona had just said that. he tried to look up as best he could but the hand he thought was Kiki held him down. He was able to see enough to see that it was Mona who was holding him down. “Suck that nigga cock so it won’t tear my asshole up honey.” “You look sexy sucking this big Nigga cock like a bitch.”
Cuckold knew now that he never should have messed with Ty.
His wife was forcing him to suck Ty’s cock. Mona was now a full fledged “Nigga Lover” and it was his fault.
“I’m ready for your Nigga cock in my asshole now.” Mona said. As she turned to Ty she saw Kiki had strapped on a dildo, and it was a copy of Ty’s cock. Kiki answered the question that was in Mona’s head as if it had been asked. “That’s right bitch, we’re gonna fuck your ass down real good.” “You’re gonna get the coco deluxxx double fuck.” “You like Ty’s Nigga cock bitch?” “Now you get it in both holes at the same time, cuz my shit is a copy f Ty’s nigga cock.”
Ty sat down and Kiki ushered Mona to him so she could mount him reverse cowgirl style. The moment that Ty started working his black nigga cock into her tight white asshole was like fire. It was hurting more than anal sex ever had, and she normally loved anal. It was where her husband made the greatest impact. She had been a non anal virgin since high school, when she would only do anal cuz she couldn’t have babies.
Now after all that, this nigga cock was splitting her asshole and wasn’t even all the way in.
Cuckold couldn’t believe all that was happening. he’d just been sucking on a big nigga cock. Choked and gagged all over it, and now it was forcing it’s way into his wife’s asshole with great difficulty.
“Get up in that asshole Ty, get up in there so I can fuck this pussy.”
Ty finally got his cock “In” with one big push. Mona screamed “OH GOD YES, IT”S IN, YOUR BIG NIGGA COCK IS IN MY ASSHOLE.”
Ty started fucking her slowly at first, but then his rhythm increased. Mona’s asshole felt like it was on fire. She had had quite a few cocks up her asshole over the years, but not even the very first time felt like this. Ty’s cock felt endless in her asshole. “Fuck my asshole nigga, fuck me like the white nigga whore I am.” Kiki said “ah shit, the bitch done been turned out, it’s on now.” As if in response to Kiki Mona said “Come stick that other black cock in my nasty white cunt you nigga bitch.” “Come fuck me with your man.” “I want to be your white whore as much as his.” Kiki rammed her strapon into Mona’s cunt to the hilt.
Kiki was relentless in her fucking. She was doing almost as brutal a job as Ty was doing on mona’s asshole.
Mona was screaming non stop now. Kiki and Ty were fucking her hot white fuck holes with reckless abandon. It was almost as though they were trying to out fuck each other. Kiki urged her man on. “Go on Ty, Fuck that white asshole, show me how good that shit feels.” Kiki was loving this. She loved fucking bitches with Ty and it made her hot to watch Ty fuck other bitches, or feed his cock to other bitches or niggas too for that matter. She loved pussy as much as he did and was enjoying fucking this white bitch with her strap on. “Your pussy feel good ma?” se asked Mona. “Oh God Yes” was her response. “You niggas are making my pussy and asshole feel so good.” “Don’t ever stop fucking me you nasty fucking niggas.”
Cuckold was shocked by his wife, yet he was also turned on by her. These niggas were fucking unlike she’d ever been fucked, and she was loving it and was showing them and him. He’d never heard Mona talk so dirty or saw her be so nasty. She was like a fucking a****l. She was taking two big nigga cocks at once. One in her cunt and one in her asshole. Ty’s big black pounding Mona’s asshole was punishment enough thought Steve Cuckold, but to see how Kiki was abusing Mona’s cunt with her strapon which was a copy of Ty’s cock. She was fucking Mona’s cunt with a vengance. Steve could not believe that a woman could treat another woman the way Kiki was treating Mona. She was fucking Mona’s pretty white cunt as though she was trying to break it.
At the same time Cuckold was so turned on, watching Kiki’s beautiful tight black ass and hips move as she pumped her cock in and out of Mona’s cunt with reckless abandon. “You like that shit bitch?” “You like gettin’ your white pussy fucked by a black bitch?” Ty’s grunted as he continued fucking Mona’s asshole. Kiki’s rhythm and pounding was pushing both he and Mona closer to orgasm. “That white asshole feel good Ty?” Kiki asked “you like fucking that bitch’s white asshole?” “Hell yeah.” Ty answered. “Her shit is tight.” “This asshole feels real good, my dick is loving this shit.”
“Oh Honey” Mona called out. “THESE NIGGAS ARE FUCKING ME SO GOOD.” “You wish these niggas would let you play too.” “Keep filling my white fuck holes with black cock you niggas.” “Fuck my white asshole, fuck my white cunt. Nigga fuck my holes you Black bastards .” Mona was out of her fucking mind. Clearly sex d***k on nigga cock. And..........She was right. Steve wanted to get in on the action so bad. He must have let out some sort of a noise as he was watching, because Kiki looked at him and flashed a sly grin, then looked at Mona and Ty. “I think somebody is feelin left out and shit.” The three of them broke into a round of brief laughter. Mona said “fuck him. Let him watch.” “It’s all his fault.” Kiki said “Mona you my kind of bitch, Now Take my cock bitch.” She rammed Mona so hard, that she started cumming. She could no longer take the dual Nigga assault. Ty’s cock in her asshole had her on the edge of ecstasy the almost as soon as the terrible pain of him getting it in had subsided. She was surprised that she was able to open up and accommodate this fine nigga cock once she relaxed. Kiki’s thrust finally pushed her over the edge. “OH GOD I”M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING.” Mona bucked her hips like a bronco. She shook Kiki’s cock right out of her cunt, but Ty had grabbed her ass tight and was still pounding her asshole. He was now going for his own cum. Watching Kiki fuck Mona was hot. He knew Kiki was as into it as he was and that made it all better. Kiki knowing Ty was enjoying this, and knowing he was cloe urged him on. “Go on Ty, fill her white asshole up with cum.” “Give that bitch some coco cream.” Mona fell right in with Kiki as her orgasm wrapped up. “Yes Ty, give me your nigga juice.” “I want your nigga cum in my asshole.” Ty was close. Mona pushed him over with her next statement. In fact she even made Kiki, who was now rubbing her pussy cum again too. Mona urged Ty to cum, “Come on Ty.” “Give me that nigga cum.” “Shoot your hot nigga cum in my white asshole.” I want to show you niggers how much I want you to fuck me again.” Mona went on, “Cum in my asshole, and I’ll make my husband eat your nigga cum right out of my asshole for you.” At That Ty and Kiki both exploded into orgasm.
Kiki Moaned “damn you nasty ass white bitch you makin my pussy cum again talkin that shit.” Ty Let out a loud guttural moan that sounded pure a****l, and blasted his hot load up into Mona’s open asshole. The feeling of Ty’s big black cock pulsing and throbbing as he shot his hot nigga cum up into her white asshole drove her into another orgasm of her own. “Oh my God, your nigga feels so good cumming in my asshole, Your nigga cock is making me cum again.” “Oh shit!!!!.” Mona came even harder as Kiki was finger her clit with her free hand still finsihing herself off with her other finger. “Yes bitch Cum for your niggas.” “Show that motherfucker how good niggas make you feel.” Ty’s cock had stopped throbbing but was still a bit stiff. To Mona’s surprise pulling it out hurt more than she expected. She could te sounds of air moving as though a vacum seal was being broken as Ty’s cockhead finally popped out her asshole. “Damn, she thought,My fucking asshole was never that full before.” Kiki sat beside Ty was lighting up a fresh joint. he took a pull and passed it to Kiki who hit it and passed it to Mona. Mona to a deep hit then stood up. she moved in front of Steve’s chair and pushed it over so that it fell backward on the couch. his was leaning up and was next to the Blazes. Kiki and Ty looked at her and Ty said “What the fuck?” Mona answered “You forgot my nigga master?” She then stepped over Steve, and said “Open up your mouth honey, Open Wide mother fucker.” Realizing what Mona was about to do Kiki was like “Oh shit, she really doing that shit Ty.” Ty responded, “I know this bitch is off the hook.” Mona squatted over Steve’s face and started to spread her asshole open. “Honey, I got something for you.” “Open up and eat this hot nigga cum out of my asshole.” She let Ty’s cum ooze out into Steve’s face and mouth. he was in shock. He felt humiliated by Ty and Kiki, but so turned on by his wife. He could not believe she was capable of such nastiness. “Do you like that nigga cum baby?” “I hope you do, because if I have my way you’re going to have to eat a lot more nigga cum.” Steve was wishing he could jerk himself off.
Ty and Kiki were puffing on the joint and Kiki said “Ty I think it work out better this way.” Ty told his woman “word, if we had popped that motherfucker we’d be on the run.” “Now we got him back and he can’t do shit.” Kiki answered “that’s right we done turned his bitch out.” “He ain’t ever gonna be enough for her no more.”
Steve heard this as he ate ty’s cum out of Mona’s asshole. He felt like a little bitch but loved it. He looked up after Kiki spoke wondering if her words were true. As if she heard his thoughts Mona said, don’t worry honey, I’ll still fuck you, but only after I serve my niggas first.”
Ty looked at Kiki and kissed her. “baby that shit was off the hook.” He then looked at Mona, and said to Steve, “Yo Cuckold, that’s what I call Unemployment compensation motherfucker.” The three of them broke into laughter and continued sharing the joint. Mona said I hope you don’t have to leave so soon,the night is young...Kiki and Ty looked at her and each other and said “Shit I guess we could stay a little longer.”.............
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great nasty story!
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I still get wet when I read this story - you two are the best. ~Mona
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Love this filthy story....
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Great story!
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Damn! You have me hot and excited !!! Just imagining I was Mona
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Loved the story. Can just see our friend Mona.
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got my pussy soooooo fucking wet uhhhhh i love reading dirty dark storys one and a while eveyone need sum good CUMMING and reading verse always looking at pic n vids eheheheh hubby just said u should write books :)
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Sweet revenge ;) I luv u make Mona scream like a virgin whore :D
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This story definitely got me hot and excited.
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Lucky Mona ^^
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this is so hot i really like dis
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I love nasty stories like this one. Only one detail : I wish the girl didn't want at first to be fucked by the black couple and feel humiliate too....for a while ! It would be more nasty ! But the Cuckold humiliation is perfect ! I wish I was the girl !! and I wish I was....the cuckold !! both of them !!.....badly !!!!!
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hot story! Love the cuckold action! Loving the white bitch getting used. Awesome
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Great story!
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that story was so fuckin hot.
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probably the best story I have read on here