Friday Night Fan Fuckfest...

Friday Night Fan Fuckfest
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Kiki and Ty were one hot ass black couple. Not only did they look hot, they were hot. Hot and nasty. They had become stars in the underground porn scene. Ty had been a gangbanger, and in that life discovered that niggas liked his dick as much as bitches did. Kiki loved that fact about Ty. She herself loved pussy, and loved the fat that her man was so free, that he would let niggas suck his dick for her or even fuck a nigga for her. That freedom is what led them out of the gang life and into the porn scene.
Tonight they were doing a live fuck show that was off the hook. She was taking his big honey colored black cock up in her tight black asshole on stage, while a few lucky High tipping fans were on stage jerking off over them splattering them with cum.
When the show was over they were chillin at the bar when they were approached by a white guy. They had noticed him, because most of their white fans came in as couples or single women, but not too many single guys.
They guy was a little stocky, but handsome and not quite as tall as Ty who was 6’1”. He introduced himself as Lee, and said that he had enjoyed the show so much from his front row seat. Kiki rudely shot back “Well excuse me, but I wouldn’t fucking think you liked it since you didn’t fuckin’ tip us motherfucker.” Ty simply smiled and didn’t say a word, but did look at Lee. Lee taken aback, but responded. “you’re right, but that’s because I wanted to give you a special big tip, and I wanted you to know it came from me, in the hopes that my tip might get me a request.” At that he handed Kiki gift box the size of a shirt. She opened it up and found a picture of her and Ty that Lee had “Tributed” and next to it the real tip, $10,000 in cash. “OH SHIT!!! TY”. Kiki exclaimed. Ty looked, “DAAAAAYYYYYUUUMMMMMMMMNNNNNN” Lee smiled. “Is this real?” Kiki asked. “absolutely” Lee responded. “Yo What the fuck do you want?” Ty asked “You not giving us for nothing”. Lee said “I would indeed walk right out of here right now if you told me to, but since you’re asking.” Lee continued, “I had hoped that maybe we could arrange a private show, so that I could watch you two fuck and then suck you both to orgasm”.
“I’ve seen your videos and lots of pics, and would love to eat Kiki’s sweet black cunt and suck your big cock Ty”. Kiki and Ty looked at each other. The look said it all. Ty knew they were about to have a guest. Kiki said “I think we could arrange that real easy”. “You ready now motherfucker?” Lee said “Yes”. Kiki and Ty were part owners of the club “Freak House” and had and apartment that they kept there for nights they didn’t want to go home, or for when they wanted a joint between shows, or when they wanted to hook up with a fan or friend right away rather than go across town to their house.
They went up their private way, and told Lee to come through the regular entrance in 20 minutes, to give her and Ty time to clean up from the show. When Lee came up to them at the bar, they hadn’t cleaned all the cum off themselves yet. Lee was excited that they accepted his advance, although $10,000 was indeed quite a tip. He’d wondered if he might have gotten this chance for less, but didn’t care. He ordered a drinkand waited, his cock growing harder and harder every second. He was wondering just what was in store. Was this really going to happen? Was he really going to party with Kiki and Ty Slick? Ghetto king and queen of underground porn? He knew he’d taken a risk coming all the way uptown to “Freak House” alone. Like most of these places usually were, “Freak House” was in one of the rougher areas, but was by the water and had an awesome backdrop for it’s lustful offerings.
More than 20 minutes had passed, because Lee was getting a text that read WTF? You Cummin or what? He’d at some point ordered and finished a second drink.
He got up and exited the club and walked around the corner to the other apartment entrance. They buzzed him into what he thought would be a barren waehouse loft. It was a posh small lobby with an elevator. He buzzed, and Kiki let him in. The elevator opened into a hot little apartment and when Lee entered, there was some cool sexy Jazz playing, and he saw Ty sitting on the couch naked but for a half towel. Lee saw the top of Ty’s pubes and started to ooze precum in his pants. Kiki was beside him in her sexy fishnet outfit with the chains over her tits. She looked even better than on stage. They both did. She was sipping wine and Ty was puffing on a blunt. Lee asked for a hit and Ty passed him the blunt.
Kiki said “If we’re gonna do this, I need two things”. Lee said “sure anything”. Ty chimed in, “don’t be too quick. They all laughed. Kiki cotinued, “1, I’m video taping, if you not down leave now.” “That’s great” Lee said. “Two, You have to wear this bitch”. Kiki handed Lee a pair of sheer black crotchless pantyhose. Lee took and asked “where can I change?” He headed off to change and when he got back Ty was on his knees with his face buried in Kiki’s juicy, cunt. Lee was amazed at how hairy it was now that he was so close. He could smell her cunt juice now, something he could not do in the club. Kiki was already moaning vigorously as Ty continued eating her cunt. This man knew exactly how to eat his wife’s cunt, and she was clearly not tired of it yet. Lee was unsure what to do. He did not know if he should join in, but he could no longer just watch. He took his cock out and started jerking off. He was wondering what the Slicks would think of his cock. He didn’t have to wait too long before getting into the action. Kiki said “what the fuck you waiting motherfucker?” “You really gonna come up in here and just watch bitch?” Ty broke in with “I told you this white boy was a punk.” Kiki shot at Lee “Damn white boy, you makin’ me look bad.” “We never brought a white boy home, and I figured you was cool since you had the balls to come up here alone but damn.”
Realizing he might blow it Lee said”Tell me what you want Miss Kiki, I’ll do anything” “I just didn’t want to be out of line”
Kiki said to Lee “what you think motherfucker?” “TY’s eatin’ my cunt, you suck his dick”. “Suck that big black dick like a bitch” Wasting no more time ee dove to his knees and took Ty’s big, black cock in his mouth. Ty moaned in acknowledgement and shifted to give Lee access to all of his cock. Lee was amazed at how good this black cock felt in his mouth. Kiki was moaning louder and louder as Ty was hitting all the right spots of her hot hairy cunt. Her cream was all over his lips.
She looked down at Lee and said “Ohhh that’s right, suck that big black cock, suck it like bitch.” Lee moaned. He was loving Ty’s cock in his mouth and couldn’t wait to taste Kiki’s cunt. “You like how he’s sucking you big black cock baby?” “Is he sucking that shit like a bitch” Lee was so tuned by Kiki’s talk.
Ty had turned on his side so that he could pump his hips into Lee’s mouth. He grabbed his head in one had and f***ed Lee down on his cock. Kiki said That’s right bitch, choke on that black cock”. Lee was loving it.
After a while Kiki said I’m ready for some dick TY.
She lay back on the couch and Ty slid his cock into that juicy black cunt. Lee watched and began jerking his cock again. Ty said “you not on break bitch”. Lee ooked at Ty, who looked back, and then down at Kiki’s cunt. Lee got the hint. He bent over and started licking from Kiki’s clit, down to where Ty’s cock was sliding in and out of her cunt and would lick up as far on Ty’s cock shaft as he could get. Ty adjusted his speed slightly to allow Lee to get some good licks on his dick. “Yes, yes lick my fucking clit while Ty fucks me bitch.” Kiki commanded. Kiki’s cunt cream was now all over her pussy, Lee’s lips and Ty’s cock. “Yeah bitch suck my dick while I fuck my woman white boy.” Ty said. Lee was jerking his cock so hard he might pull it off.
“Ty, I want your dick in my asshole.” When she said that,Lee felt a jolt. He wondered if Ty would ever actually fuck him, but he didn’t dare ask.
Ty lay on the couch and Kiki mounted him reverse cowgirl and took his big cock in her asshole. She LOVED Ty’s cock in her asshole, and tonight was off the hook.
Lee watched as Ty fucked Kiki’s asshole reverse cowgirl style. It looked so fucking hot. Kiki called him back to action, to his delight. “Yo bitch start licking, you got all kinds of ass to lick.”
Lee got down on the floor and started licking them. He licked from Ty’s asshole,up his balls and shaft up to Kiki’s asshole while fingering her pussy.
He focused on Kiki’s clit as Ty pounded her asshole. She was about to cum and he was helping. He sucked on her clit and jammed two fingers in her cunt. Kiki let him know it was the right thing to do. “YES white boy, Yes. Eat that fuckin black cunt while Ty fuck’s my black asshole.” “ Y’all motherfuckers are gonna make me cum”
Kiki exploded in orgasm, cumming all over Lee’s tongue. “lick that shit up white boy, every drop” He didn’t even stop to say “yes Miss Kiki” he just kept licking.
Ty continued to dig out Kiki’s asshole. He was fucking her asshole deep. Kiki was telling her man it was time for him to cum. “fuck my asshole Ty.” “”Show this white boy how a nigga fucks his bitch”. Lee was jerking and close to cumming himself. Kiki shocked both of them next. “Ty I want you to take your dick out of my asshole and cum in that white boy’s mouth” Ty let out a loud guttural moan, while Lee was licking Ty’s shaft moaned like a bitch. He started licking Ty’s balls, staying close to the prize now. Ty’s breathing got faster and faster.”That’s it Ty, cum for me, give that white boy his first taste of nigga cum”. Ty pulled out of Kiki’s asshole, and started shooting his hot load into Lee’s waiting hungry mouth. “Yes, suck that cum, suck that nigga cum up.”
They collapsed on the couch, and Ty lit up a fresh blunt while Kiki got some more wine. Lee said as he took a hit, “I was wondering if you were gonna fuck me.” He said to Ty, feeling brave. Kiki chimed in, the night is young so just chill....................

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1 year ago
Boy! is ya stories just keeps getting better and better
2 years ago
i have a feeling that guy had one ruff night
3 years ago
Wow!! Very intense action.. Great descriptive sexual detail... I want to play with you two :)
3 years ago
the back door is opened ... a nice appetizer!
3 years ago
fuckin hot
3 years ago
Very nice! Two thumbs up.
3 years ago
mmmm i want to be the dumb white guy lol
3 years ago
Hot story, would love to serve a dom Black couple.