Something new..

Last weekend, we decided to try something diffrent in bed.

We thought about some naughty things, and decided that he would be a Master and she his litlle slutty student.
She changed her clothes and came in to the bedroom in student uniform.

The story was that she didn't do her homework, so she needed to be punished.
After being mad to her, I told her to pull off her shirt, she toke it off and stand there, being naughty.. I told her to take off her skirt 2, after that I said that she had to open my pants and take my dick out.
She toke him out, and started to suck him, without me telling her to do that. So i pulled her back up and spanked her ass, and told her only to do what I tell her.. She was very sorry and wanted to make it up with me.

So i sai to her, now you can suck my cock as a dirty slut, and she began to suck and lick my cock. I toke her head and hold it thight, and pulled it towards my body so she would have a deepthroat. She started to gag on my cock and I pulled her back and let her suck the normal way. She was sucking my cock so good that I almost had to cum. I told her to stop and I jerked myself of the last 30 sec. and cum on her face and in her open mouth. She liked it very much, wiped all the sperm of her face with her fingers and likced it. And after that she swallowed the whole load.

I let her stand up and let her take off her Bra and panty. Her pussy was very wet, and there was a big wet spot in her panty. I pushed her on the bed and bound her arm, she laid on her back with her arms tied and her legs spread. When I saw her fucking wet pussy again i started to lick her, 2minutes pasted en I putted my finger in her pussy, soon the 2nd finger follow also as the 3rd and I fingerfucked her very hard. While I was still licking her clit.

She was moaning and told me that she was almost cumming. I stopped it all and rubed her asshole, which she liked.. So I licked it and spitted on it, till it was wet enough to slide a finger in her asshole. I fucked her with 1 finger and put a 2nd finger in her ass after a while, and it went on. Her pussy was still soaking and I decied to lick it again and within 3 minutes she was cumming. With my permission. I licked all her pussy juicy and put my dick in her pussy.

That was something she liked the most, and I started to fuck her hard, we fucked a while and I had to cum again, I shot all off my cum right in to her belly.. And went on fucking her.. She was cumming also..
I asked her if she enjoyed all of it and she said YESSSSS Master!!!!

When she thought I was done with her I started to fuck her ass, so thight. We have done that only once before. But she enjoyed it 2 and had to cum again.. She did and I toke my cock out her ass and putted in her mouth so she would taste her ass, and she sucked me untill I had to cum again and she all swallowed id.

She said it tasted very very nice, while I was untieing her arms.
She jumped on me and wanked me off, the last thing she wanted to do.
After this all decied to sl**p, and do it all over, very soon!
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4 years ago
4 years ago
Hot story - get your slutty student to tell the next episode, how much she liked to be abused and punished.
4 years ago