Confessions of my Steps****r (Part 2)

The surprise to see my s****r standing there, bare breasts out in front of me, sent a rush of adrenaline down my back. My first reaction was to just to apologize. I do so and slowly take 2 steps back. My s****r replies, "Come here, I need to show you something." I reply, "Sorry, didn't mean to." I was shocked to realize the next thing, there is a pause when I then realize she's walking closer to me. I slowly just walk back. The next thing happens completely random, when I feel her soft warm breasts against my right arm, and she softly grasps my boner. I am shocked at this, and stutter backwards, and reply, "What are you doing? Aren't you embarassed?" She replies, "I want you to come here." There is a long pause, and then I realize that we are not considered siblings in bl**d, and I don't know why I made such a decision, but I did. I walk towards her, and she replies, "Good boy. We both know we want this." We enter her room, as she dims her lights. I was hoping just to let this happen, not knowing what I will do after this. I am nervous after I hear the click of the doorhandle and realize what I'm headed for. After a brief minute or two, I realize that she's getting her clothes back on. I wonder what exactly she's doing, then she sits down and then starts to talk to me. As she does so, she slowly rubs her hand over my erect penis, which is causing a bend in my pants. She says that she has been thinking about me. Rubbing herself at night. Wishing that this day would come for nearly 3 years. She finally starts by unbuttoning my jeans and throwing both my underwear and pants by the door. She starts to slowly grasp and rub my erect bare penis with her cold hand. The lack of warm bl**d to her hand made a huge difference when she states how warm my penis is. She continues to talk about how she has been thinking about me. As she does so, she starts to give on a lion-like tone, first by a sexy growl, then when I ask to stop, she growls and bites hard on my dick. I yelp in pain and agony, asking if she would just please do something else. She ignores my comments, and continues to rub me. After a continuous 5 minutes, she takes off her bra, and nearly chokes me in her breasts. She asks me to lick her, and I do so. Another 5 minutes, and I begin to feel dizzy. Light headed. I wonder what has happened. I am not sure whether to be shocked or happy when she states she has d**gged me, which seems odd. She states this because she doesn't want me fighting. I am confused why she says this, when the next thing I realize, she's got her panties off, and is forcing me into the 69 position. I am so confused now, I decide to continue. I continue with a grueling 5 more minutes, when she decides to get on top of me. She places her vagina directly on my penis, and moans from the size of my penis. She slowly decends and ascends on my penis, until I ejaculate 10 minutes later. I am still confused from the d**g, and she continues. I pass out and wake up in my bed room, a nearly 5 hours later. My pants are still off and so is my shirt. I wait for another great adventure to discover more in the future.
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1 year ago
good but both could have made a better single post