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Our first time together sexually was phone sex. We live thousands of miles apart. I first met Angie in a chat room where we flirted and joked around, pretty much like everyone else in the chat room. Angie lives near LasVegas and we met for dinner and a show a couple of times when I had business trips there. Her boyfriend knew we met but was grudgingly accepting of our friendship. We kept our relationship platonic because we each were in relationships even though those relationships were difficult at best. I’d phone Angie sometimes and we’d kick around general conversational ‘stuff’ like k**s, computers, shows etc. We don’t phone often though because it’s tough to find a mutually available time slot as we’re three hours apart in time zones.

There is a growing undercurrent of sexual tension between us that I enjoy immensely. After one of our dinners, a goodnight kiss by her car became two and then three and then a solid ten minutes of breathless tongue kissing before Angie got concerned that we were way too old to be making out in a parking lot like teenyboppers. I also think she got scared too about where all this might lead.

Chats and emails between us picked up a sexier tone and we exchanged fantasies sometimes. Once, I was away from home on a trip in her time zone and gave Angie a call. She too was alone that night and we talked for a very long time. Our conversation grew sexier and I began telling Angie what I’d like to do if I was there with her right now.

I talked about kissing her deeply and of rubbing her skin. We spoke at length about undressing each other and how I’d kiss and suckle her nipples and how she’d do that to mine as well. I felt myself getting hotter and precum was leaking all over the place so I ditched everything but my underpants. I asked and Angie replied that she was wearing a tee shirt, no bra, panties, shorts and crew socks. When I told Angie I thought she was overdressed, she hesitated for somewhere between two seconds and eternity and then replied, “You’re right, I am; wait a sec.” Warmth filled my chest as I heard the rustle of her clothing coming off and the soft squeak of her bed springs as she returned to the phone. “I’m back” she said and her voice had taken on an earthier tone.

“What are you wearing now? “ I asked.

“Only what Mamma sent me into the world with” Angie said lightly, with a delightful huskiness to her voice. I could almost see her smile through the phone. Our conversation gathered heat. At one point I thought I could hear the sloshing of her wet pussy being massaged. I told Angie how sexy that was to me. “Listen closely,” she said and Angie held the phone near her vagina with one hand while she stroked wetly with the other. I was beside myself with lust and my cock throbbed madly in my hand!

We teased, dared and cajoled each other for precious minutes and I was taunting now that my cock was fully inside her. Angie’s gasps and moans were driving me insane! With my hoarse whispers gathering tempo, I chanted about fucking her, hammering her pussy, driving my cock into her and getting ready to fill her with my sperm. On a hunch, I added an element and told Angie,” I’m getting ready for your pretty ass now Baby. I’m `gonna jam my finger deep in your ass while I fuck that sweet pussy”!

My hunch was right on and the “Oooo’s coming from Angie intensified markedly then. She began chanting my name over and over, “Oh Michael, Michael, Michael and I could hear her body thrashing wildly on her bed as the spasms of Angie’s orgasm hijacked her body and soul. My underwear was long ago gone and I was right there with Angie as I came in long ropey strands.

Angie had obviously heard me cum and so her next words brought a broad grin to my face and a chuckle, “You’d better leave the hotel maid a generous tip Michael.” As we floated back to earth, I had the sensation of what it must be like to descend and land in a hot air balloon.

We began the soft, easy small talk that lovers do after sex and it was clear that we’d turned a corner in our relationship. After maybe fifteen minutes of love-talk our intensity was picking up again and I had both the urge and the nerve to kick it up a notch. I told her if I was there that I’d bring her to my hotel room in Vegas and fuck her there. After fucking her, I’d tie Angie to the bed. Angie had once mentioned being intrigued by bondage but afraid of it too. I told Angie that I’d tie her feet firmly in a spread eagle position but that her hands would be bound in long loops that if she wished, she easily could slip out of. The only thing binding her hands would be her hands themselves closed on the loops holding her bound. In other words, Angie would be bound only as much as she wanted to be bound. I told her I’d blindfold her, and jam a pillow under her hips for easier fucking and so the sperm would sink deeper into her body.

Angie’s voice shook as she responded to me. I told her when I was done fucking her I’d make a call on my cell phone and simply say, “She’s ready.” I told Angie she’d be sucking my dick when the hotel room door would open and she’d hear a man undressing.

“Oh my God,” Angie moaned across the wires. I could hear her vagina sloshing again and I knew that she was masturbating furiously.

I told Angie that she’d soon feel a huge uncircumcised cock invade her body and use her like a slut. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, please” she gasped. “Michael, this always has been my hottest fantasy, a secret one that I’ve never told anyone!”

“He’s gonna fuck you hard” I hammered on “ He'll use you and slap your slutty ass as he jams his meat deeply into you and you suck my cock until we both come. “ Angie was close to the edge now and I decide since my instincts have been good thus far, that I will push her just a little harder. “He’s black Angie.” “That’s a huge black cock filling your pussy and he’s about to fill your belly with sperm as I cum down your throat like you were my slut.” I heard Angie go incoherent across the phone and it sounds like she’s thrashing on that bed like a runaway train! Her infectious excitement sent me over the edge and I dropped the phone onto the pillow as I came in a long series of convulsions. Even though the phone was a good eight inches from my ear I could hear Angie’s orgasm almost as if she was in the room with me. Using the washcloth and towel that I’d brought to the bed during a pee break, I tidied up and picked up the phone.

“You OK?” I asked Angie.

“Oh God yes,” back in a minute she said in a contented voice. I heard her pad off to the bathroom and Angie returned in a few minutes. “Michael ,how did you guess your way into my most secret fantasy? You found it - all of it – my being tied, blindfolded and taken by an unknown black man who would fill me while I sucked a lover’s penis. Somehow Michael, you saw into my soul. “

“Oh, I just played a hunch and see where it led, “ I replied. We remained on the phone growing still closer to each other in the afterglow of our amazing night and as we said our goodnights, just as I was placing the phone on its cradle hanging up, I heard her afterthought. “I love you” she said. Wow. On my next trip to Las Vegas, I don’t think we’re going to see a casino show!
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