What about mom?

Donna and her best friend, Susan, were both barely s*******n when they became lovers. They had grown up together, almost like s****rs, and had only gradually become aware of their budding sexuality, without ever really talking about it. Neither could put a label on her feelings for the other. They were close friends and it felt good - that was all that mattered.

Donna's parents had gone away for the weekend and she was sent to stay at Susan's house. There was a spare bedroom available, but the girls preferred to sl**p together.

Donna felt different that night, as she snuggled up to her friend. Susan was lying on her side, with her back turned to her, but Donna sensed she felt it too. They had almost been nervous about getting into bed together and Susan had passed several lighthearted remarks about her friend keeping her hands to herself.

Donna made the first move, almost u*********sly, gently slipping an arm around Susan's waist and cuddling up tightly against her, burying her face in her raven black curls. The other girl responded by sighing softly and shifting against her. Her ass pressed pleasantly against Donna's mound, stirring a kind of heat that was becoming increasingly familiar.

Donna's hand crept gradually down along her belly and up under her lemon tee shirt. Susan's skin was warm and silky. Donna inched her tee shirt up along her body, until the bumps of her small breasts were bare. She instinctively knew her friend would enjoy her touching them and especially squeezing the nipples. Donna now did this for her and she purred that that was nice. There was something else Donna suspected she might also like. She slipped her free hand between Susan's legs, from behind, and squeezed her pussy through the thin cotton of her panties, feeling her damp warmth. When her friend responded enthusiastically, she grew bolder, slipping a finger under the gusset of her underwear.

"Put your finger in my cunt!” Susan panted. "Ohhhhh…, that feels good! Push it deeper, like you’re fucking me!"

The teenagers had never actually engaged in any intimacy before. A few weeks earlier, Susan had admitted that she liked to penetrate herself with her finger, when she was wet. Sometimes, when she was really horny, she managed to stuff three fingers in there. Lying on her bed that night, her panties stretched between her knees, Donna had tried it for herself. Her friend was right. A finger probing deep in her pussy felt truly exquisite.

Donna pleasured her friend with her finger for several minutes, until Susan suggested they both take their clothes off and do it to each other. Donna flung off her nightdress and unclasped her bra, while Susan pulled down her panties. The short, blonde girl was very well developed, her body stopping just short of plump. Donna envied her, wishing she herself had such a voluptuous body.

When both girls were naked, they lay side by side and gently masturbated one another, moaning softly and occasionally giggling. They did not stop until their fingers grew tired. Donna then embraced her friend and kissed her softly on the lips. Susan resisted at first, but they were soon passionately French kissing and exploring each other's bodies, with a hunger and curiosity they had never before experienced.

After that first delightful night, Donna realized she was in love with her best friend. She had no misgivings about her sexuality, having long ago decided she preferred girls.

Unfortunately, Susan was less enthusiastic about embracing her sexuality. But that did not prevent a repeat performance the following night. On this occasion, Donna went a step further and planted a few brief kisses on her girlfriend's pussy. Many more nights were to pass, before Susan returned the compliment.

The passionate love affair continued for over three months. Then, Susan suddenly decided she wasn't gay after all and Donna lost both a lover and best friend. Once she decided she was 'normal', Susan wanted to forget all about what had happened between them. Donna was cut out of her life with a vengeance.

Donna went through a brief period of believing that she might be wrong. She even went out with a handsome twenty year old stud and allowed him to take her virginity. At least he could brag that he had screwed her, so nobody would think she was a lesbian.

But she was only fooling herself. Guys left her cold and losing her virginity was an experience she could only recall as being both degrading and extremely painful. She remained in love with Susan, even though she knew she had lost her forever. Three miserable months later, she met Belinda.

The red haired eighteen-year-old was strikingly attractive, with a slender body that was little short of perfect. Donna met her at a birthday party in a nightclub and fell in love, even before they had exchanged a word. She watched her on the dance floor, admiring the shape of her long legs and slender hips, sheathed in a minuscule red dress. Belinda was easily the sexiest girl in the entire room, yet she turned down any guy who asked her to dance, as did Donna. Could it be possible she's like me? the younger girl wondered. Shortly afterwards, Belinda caught her eye. Donna smiled and she smiled back.

They left the club together, while the party was still in full swing, not caring what anybody might think.

"Have you got a ride home?" Donna asked, as they walked.

Belinda shook her head. "My place is only a short walk from here. We’ll be there in five minutes. You’re welcome to stay, if you want.”

“I should call my parents.”

“Okay. Tell them you’re staying with a friend.”

“Are you sure it’s okay?”

“Positive. I live with my mom and she’s super-cool. What’s mine is yours and all that.”

“My folks are okay too,” Donna murmured, fishing her phone from her purse. “I’ll just call them and …”

“Tell them you’re staying with Belinda tonight."

That was exactly what Donna told her mother.

“She won’t worry now,” she said. “Can I ask you something, Belinda?”


"How come you turned down every guy who asked you to dance tonight?"

"I could ask you the same question," Belinda replied. "But we both know the reason, don’t we?"

Donna did not trust herself to reply. Belinda took her hand and squeezed it tightly.

"I’m so glad you didn’t dance with some dickhead, just to look straight. I would have been crushed."

Donna blushed. "Was it that obvious?"

"You couldn't keep your eyes off me," Belinda replied gently. "I wanted to approach you sooner, but I was too scared. Can you imagine hitting on a girl you liked and finding out she was straight?”

Donna thought of Susan. “I can imagine much worse than that. But what about your mom?"

Belinda smiled. "My mom is my gay idol.”

“Your mom is a lesbian?”

“Yeah. But don’t worry. She doesn’t have a shaved head or wear a boiler suit. She’s actually really sexy.”

"You're k**ding!" the younger girl cried, aghast.

"Come back to my house and find out," her new friend replied.

Belinda wasn’t joking. Her mother welcomed Donna warmly and made snacks for them both. Judith was in her late-thirties and it was easy to see where Belinda's exceptional looks came from. She actually invited Donna to stay the night, even before her daughter got around to suggesting it. The s*******n-year-old accepted the offer without hesitation, visibly excited by the prospect of sl**ping with Belinda.

Belinda's mom sat with the two girls and talked into the early hours of the morning. Donna was shocked by her openness about her own sexuality.

“Belinda was conceived during a d***ken orgy,” she said. “Don’t look so shocked. She already knows the story. The one and only time in my life I tried a cock that wasn’t made of rubber, I got pregnant. The funny thing is…” She glanced at Belinda. “Do you mind if I tell her this, babe?”

Belinda shrugged. “Go ahead, mom.”

“The man who got me pregnant was my own b*****r. There’s a history of i****t in our f****y.”

“You had sex with your b*****r?” Donna exclaimed.

Judith nodded. “He was the only straight guy there. Well, I say straight. He’s actually bi. My uncle was there with a couple of his friends, but they weren’t going to make any babies, if you know what I mean.”

“You mean they were gay?”

“Unfortunately, yes. We had five women and four men and three of the men just wanted to suck each other’s cocks. My b*****r worked hard that night.”

“Enough, mom!” Belinda cried. “Donna comes from a normal f****y. She doesn’t need to hear all the gory details.”

“I guess my f****y is kinda straitlaced,” the shocked teen murmured.

“So are mine, most of the time” Judith told her. “It’s not like we have an orgy every time we get together. My b*****r – Belinda’s dad – is a happily married f****y man with two teenage daughters. As for me, I’m in a loving relationship with a very hot lady cop. She and Belinda get on very well together, don't you, baby?"

Belinda giggled and snuggled up to Donna on the couch. "The first time I met Margot, I wanted her for myself."

Her mother smiled. "You still do, darling. I haven't forgotten that morning you brought us breakfast in bed and crawled in between the two of us, wearing nothing under your tee shirt. The way you were rubbing yourself off Margot was shameless.

Belinda blushed. “Please, mom! I was just being nice.”

“I know. And Margot appreciated it, believe me. Anyway, it's way past my bedtime and I’ve betrayed enough f****y secrets, so I'll leave you two girls to have fun, without me getting in the way.”

She leaned over and kissed her daughter briefly on the lips. The kiss she gave Donna was much more lingering and accompanied by a gentle squeeze of her right breast.

"She wants to get you into bed,” Belinda smiled, as soon as her mother had left the room.

It was Donna’s turn to blush bright red. “Don’t be silly. She’s just being nice. You're so lucky to have such a cool mom. Mine is okay, but she'd freak out if she knew I was a lesbian."

"I won't tell her," Belinda smiled, cupping Donna’s chin in her right hand and lowering her mouth to hers. Donna was sorry that Judith had decided to take her leave, just when the conversation had become most interesting. She had so many questions she wanted to ask, but they would just have to wait for another time.

For the next half-hour, the two teenage girls remained on the couch, in an almost unbroken French kiss, tightly embracing one another. Eventually, Belinda took the blonde girl's hand and led her upstairs to her bedroom.

Standing face to face in the center of the room, they slowly stripped one another, discarding their clothes on the floor. When they were both naked, they kissed again, hands caressing and cupping bare buttocks. Donna worked her right hand down between the thighs of the older girl and cupped her palm over the lightly thatched mound of her pussy. She was hot and wet, honey trickling from her slit. As Donna slid a finger up inside her, Belinda's right hand found its way between her thighs. Two fingers parted her petals, then a fingertip penetrated her tight slit. Moaning softly into each other's mouths, the girls finger fucked themselves to a mutually delicious orgasm, then collapsed onto the bed.

Donna had never known such bliss. With Susan, she had always sensed a reluctance to give herself fully, as though she could never be convinced lesbian loving was normal. Belinda suffered no such inhibitions. She knew what she was, what she wanted and how to enjoy it. While Donna sat on the pillows, her back to the headboard and legs spread wide, her lover French kissed and finger fucked her juicy pussy at the same time. She even inserted a wet finger in her ass and thrust it gently up and down her tight rear tunnel, arousing erotic sensations Donna had never before experienced.

When it was her turn to pleasure Belinda, she did so with utter enthusiasm and total abandon. The girl crouched down on all fours, her firm round ass thrust up in the air. Donna licked and sucked her pussy hungrily, spreading the fleshy pink folds with two fingers of either hand. Belinda's warm juices trickled over her tongue and down her throat and she savored every drop. When she was almost screaming with pleasure, Donna thrust a third finger up between her thighs and deep kissed the pink rosebud of her anus, eventually pushing her tongue up into the snug orifice. She had never done anything like this with Susan. Belinda shrieked in ecstatic response. Her mother would have to be deaf not to overhear.

"You're the hottest girl I've ever met," Donna said, some time later, as the two lay naked in each other's arms, their bodies sheened with perspiration.

"Does that mean you'll be my girlfriend?" Belinda responded, caressing the soft blonde hairs of Donna’s lightly coated pussy.

Donna nodded eagerly. "I'd love that."

"We'll have such fun together," Belinda promised. "You can come and stay here as often as you like. Hey, I've got something to show you."

She leaped off the bed, opened the top drawer of her dressing table and produced a slim line gold vibrator.

"My mom gave me this for my eighteenth birthday," she said proudly, holding it up for inspection.

"Your mom gave you a vibrator!” Donna exclaimed. “Mine gave me a Shakira CD. I don’t even like Shakira.”

Belinda giggled. “I bet you wouldn’t say that if she was lying here right here right now, with her legs open, begging you to lick her wet pussy.”

“Probably not,” Donna admitted. “But that thing looks scary. Does it hurt?”

"Mom showed me how to use it,” Belinda replied. “Believe me, it doesn’t hurt."

Donna wanted to ask more questions about how exactly Belinda’s mom had taught her to use a vibrator, but that would have to wait for later. Right now, the sex toy was buzzing and she was the one about to be educated.

Belinda briefly teased her nipples with the throbbing black latex head, then glided it down along Donna's belly and in between her thighs. The instant it touched her pussy lips, the teenager shrieked with pleasure.

Belinda smiled. "Feels good, doesn't it?"

"It's beautiful!" Donna gasped. "Don't stop

The red haired girl teased her pussy with the vibrator until she was soaking wet, then gradually eased the smooth gold shaft up between her thighs. Donna was so hot and juicy, she felt little pain, as the vibrator opened her right up. She had her right hand between Belinda's thighs and three fingers buried in her hungry pussy. She raised herself into a sitting position, so that she could see the vibrator thrusting in and out of her pussy, the shaft slick with her juices. This was how losing her virginity should have felt.

After it was withdrawn from her, she and Belinda shared the delightful task of licking it clean. Belinda then lay back and spread her legs wide, urging Donna to use the vibrator on her. The wet, crinkled pink lips, pouting through her dark pubic bush looked so mouthwatering, she would have preferred to use her tongue. She doubled the pleasure by using both simultaneously. Belinda buried her face between the younger girl's thighs, sucking and tongue fucking her so eagerly, it seemed she had not tasted pussy in months.

Eventually, the girls fell into a blissfully exhausted slumber in each other's arms. The last thing Donna told her lover before she drifted off was that she loved her. If Belinda heard her, she did not respond.

Donna was awakened by the pressure in her bladder. Without waking Belinda up, she crept out of bed and tiptoed to the bathroom across the hall. She did not bother to get dressed, nor did she bolt the door before going to the toilet. She had just finished peeing and was dabbing her aching pussy dry when Belinda's mom appeared in the doorway. All she was wearing was a tiny pair of black lace panties. Her eyes roamed freely over the young girl's nude form.

She smiled. "Good morning, Donna. Did you sl**p well?"

"Yes, thanks," she replied, feeling slightly uncomfortable under the woman's intense gaze. "Did I wake you?"

"I've been awake for hours," Judith replied. "I couldn't sl**p properly, thinking about you and Belinda next door, listening to the sounds you were making. You two had a good time together."

Donna blushed. The woman leaned seductively against the doorframe, continuing her lustful appraisal of her. They eyed each other silently for a minute, then Judith stepped towards the teenager, placed both hands on her hips and leaned down to kiss her. Donna remained frozen to the spot, uncertain of how she should react. Judith was a very attractive woman, but it didn't feel right to be kissing her, no matter how pleasurable the contact. Even while she was thinking these thoughts, Donna found herself responding with increasing passion. She felt a soft hand gliding down between her thighs and cupping her hot pussy mound. She moaned softly into Judith's mouth and the older woman knew she would not resist her now.

Taking Donna's hand, she led her into her bedroom, pushed her gently down onto the bed and lowered herself between her thighs. The girl drew her knees up to her chest, fully exposing herself to the experienced tongue and fingers of the older woman. Belinda's oral skills had been exquisite, but her mother was even more adept in the art of giving pleasure. Donna could not help moaning aloud, too excited to care whether or not her girlfriend overheard her.

Judith slowly licked her to a shattering orgasm, murmuring delightedly as she lapped up her free-flowing juices. Then, she climbed onto the bed and lowered her cunt to Donna's face. Her panties were damp and the smell of her excitement was intoxicating. The teenager briefly licked and sucked her through the soaked black lace, then gripped the waistband of her panties and pulled them down over her hips and smooth thighs. Judith's cunt was shaven as bare as that of a little girl. Love juices trickled from the puckering pink gash. Donna had never seen anything so utterly gorgeous. She licked the glistening lips, then plunged her tongue into the hot hole of her girlfriend's mom.

"Ohhhhh, that feels so good!" Judith moaned, grinding her cunt against Donna's face and squeezing her own stiff brown nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand.

She was at the peak of her climax when her daughter appeared in the doorway. Belinda was completely naked and holding the vibrator in her right fist.

"I knew you wouldn't be able to keep your hands off her," she said, moving towards the bed.

"So did I," her mother panted, rolling away from Donna and shamelessly kicking off her panties.

Nothing could have prepared Donna for what happened next. Belinda climbed onto the bed, switched on the vibrator and handed it to her mother. Judith massaged her daughter's nipples with the pulsating head and slipped her right hand between her thighs.

Donna was too stunned to do anything but watch, as mother and daughter sensually stroked and finger fucked one another. She knew she should probably be disgusted, but the sight was far too erotic.

"Join us, darling," Judith purred, reaching between her thighs with her free hand and sliding the vibrator up into her daughter's slick pussy.

A few minutes later, Belinda was sharing the licking of her mother's cunt with Donna. Judith was working the vibrator up and down inside her and had her tongue buried in her asshole. Two fingers of her other hand were wriggling inside Donna.

Some time later, as the three shared the delightful afterglow of their unbelievable passion, Belinda kissed Donna softly on the lips.

"Do you still want to be my girlfriend?" she whispered.

Donna smiled. “Only if you don’t mind sharing me with your mom.”
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