Cum on Me!

A few years ago, when I was a single mum living with my 2 k**s, I made friends on an internet chat room with a guy called Pat. We chatted for months, but as he was in a 20 year relationship and lived 200 miles away from me, it was never really sexual, just friendly. One day, he called me, devastated that his relationship had broken up, I tried my best to offer him comfort and also asked him if he would like to come and stay with me for a weekend if he wanted to get away from it all. To my surprise, he agreed to this, he was going to ride up to see me on his bike! I was excited to meet Pat at last, but didnt think anything else would come of it. Anyway, on the arranged day, he arrived in his motorcycle leathers and with his long rocker hair. He was great, we laughed and joked about life and he even met my k**s.
That evening, my k**s had gone to stay overnight with their dad, me and Pat sat around listening to music and drinking. It seemed like we talked for hours. There was a little harmless flirting, and it was obvious we were attracted to eachother, but that was all. At bedtime, we were both a little d***k, and we shared a long slow kiss before I headed off to my room and Pat headed off to my son's room for the night.
Im not sure how long I slept for, but I can remember sensing that there was someone in the bedroom with me. I always sl**p naked, and I was lying on my back with the covers thrown back. It wasnt dark, but not light either, so when I opened my eyes just a slit I could clearly see Pat standing by the side of the bed - he was naked and was slowly stroking a huge erection, watching me sl**p! This turned me on so much, but I decided to play along with him and pretend to be asl**p, but I couldnt help but keep sneaking peeks at the sight of this sexy man wanking over me! He was obviously very very turned on, I could see his erection jerking and straining in his hand as he pumped it at first slowly and then getting harder and faster. At this point I saw him throw back his head and he let out a very low moan (of course, he thought I was still asl**p and didnt want to wake me!). I took this opportunity to get a better look. He had a good looking cock, not massive but certainly not small! His body was slim but firmly muscled - and for a minute I thought I was having an erotic dream!
Even though I hadnt been touched, I could feel my nipples hardening and the familiar tingle between my legs that told me that my pussy was getting wet! I was desperate to slip a finger into my pussy and play with myself but I didnt want to spoil his fantasy. After a few minutes, I could tell from the quickening of his breath and the increased urgency of his hand on his cock that he was approaching his climax - this was something I really wanted to watch! I watched though my half open eyes as he wanked his cock hard and fast for the last time, I saw his balls tighten, and the next thing I felt was his hot sticky cum spurting onto my tits, splashing up into my face and hair! He came in about 5 long hard spurts, I thought he was never going to stop! Finally, he released his cock and looked down at me....and of course this time I opened my eyes and looked up and smiled at him. He said to me "thank you for making my fantasy come true". I replied "no problem, it was my pleasure.....but I think that now there is something you can do for me........" To be continued..........
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3 years ago
Mmmmm looking forward to the next bit! x
3 years ago
hope the sequel has been good as the first one :D
4 years ago
why my name isn't pat ?!!

4 years ago
the lucky swine
4 years ago
i can hardly wait
4 years ago
cant wait to her what happens next
4 years ago
wow hot story cant wait to read what happens next