My first time was with a other guy one day after s

I love sex just as much has the next person. I m Bisexual and I have been dressing up in bra's and pantyhose since I was in my early teens. I also enjoy role playing. I am looking to find others who enjoy the same as me and right now Discretion is a must for me. My big turn on is pleasing my partner and I am VERY MUCH into giving oral to men or women it don't matter to me. I was in my teens the first time I had sex and it was with a boy that was two years older then me and I WAS NOT HIS first that's for sure I found out a few day's later he told me and since he was the frist person I had ever had sex with and since him I have beem with two other guys in my teen years and at age 18 - 19 or so I started dating only girls and at age 27 I got married and never told my wife about being with guys and into Cross dressing but she knew that pantyhose was a big turn on for me and she ALWAYS would wear them when we had sex god love her:) One night during foreplay she asked me if I would put on a pair of her old pantyhose cuz she wanted to know what my legs would feel like in pantyhose and I had to put on the big act like no way is that going to happen cuz she really caught me off guard when she asked me that but I really wanted to wear them so Blah Blah Blah I said I would but she better not ever tell anyone so on went the pantyhose with a hole cut out for my cock and we got our grove on and she said it turn her on and I down played it but I loved it and from that night on when ever she did ask me to wear pantyhose I would put on the act and say better not say anything She enjoyed giving oral just as much has I did but when she would be sucking my dick I would lay there thinking back when I was sucking someones cock and the things I did to drive that person crazy :) and when I was getting ready to cum it was ether in her mouth or on her face and tits where ever she wanted my cum it was up to her but I would remembering when how turned I would get when I made a guy cum and the things they said while cumming. It took me awhile before I could let someone cum in my mouth at first I or they would wipe the cum off there cock and then go back to sucking there cock again and there cum on my hands dint bother none and the taste of cum seemed OK I guess what little bit that was still left on the cock after the wipe off and then one day my playmate swallowed all my cum and that was an awesome feeling know one ever done that to me before and he told me I would have to do the same to him cuz it's only fair and I said know and I would do it and he said it has to be with in the next three times that I suck his dick so a week or so later we are in his basement laying on our sides 69 like wearing his moms pantyhose playing with each others cocks and we started sucking each other off and see if we could cum at the same time and he told me that if I let cum all over my lips he will swallow all my cum again I said OK and while his cock in my mouth I was getting ready to cum all I could think about was how awesome again this was going to feel I just started to cum in his mouth he filled my mouth with his cum and I swallowed it just fine no gaging no throw up feeling at all just mind over matter I guess. So I am looking to meet other for some safe adult fun and I am very clean, open minded, discreet and d/d free. Contact me for some fun together Hoselover.
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1 year ago
VERY sexy stuff!!
2 years ago
Oh my yes, dress, 69 and cum
2 years ago
My favorite type of story, you did great writing it.
2 years ago
Sounds good to me! I love pantyhose and cum.