College Love, The Club X Prelude

“Avril was a filthy fucker,” he laughed, sucking determinedly on the joint we had been sharing.
“Hell yeah,” he replied, the heavy smoke billowing through his nostrils as he handed me the reefer. “She couldn’t get enough.”
“Really?” I asked, taking the sweet smoke deep into my lungs and holding it.
“Oh, yeah,” he crowed. “Used to love giving head, too. Just loved to suck cock.”
“No way,” I spluttered, coughing smoke into the room.
“I’m telling you,” he said, reaching out and taking the joint once more, “she was nasty; a real nymphomaniac. Loved it.” He took a long slow drag, the hot tip glowing brightly in the dimly lit room. The thin cigarette paper crackled in the flame as he worked the joint between his lips. “Would always let me cum in her face, too. Couldn’t get enough. I almost felt sorry for the bitch!” he added, handing me the d**gs, with a sly grin. I caught his eye and the laughter was irresistible.
“She take it all?” I asked, drying my eyes.
“I told you, she loved facial.”
“No, no,” I persisted, “did she deep throat?”
“Man, I was balls deep in her face every night!”
“No way.”
“Way. She would work the whole length, balls and all.”
My mind drifted naturally to a vision of her sitting in class, looking like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. How many times had I wished I had been that pencil as I watched her nibbling the tip, sucking it through her luscious, pouting lips? An image of her on her knees, sucking off my best friend popped unbidden into my mind’s eye and, inevitably, my penis twitched in my jeans.
“Wow,” I said, shifting my position. “She sounds perfect. Why’d you dump her?”
“Who said I did?”
“I just thought-”
“No, no. Are you crazy? She gives the best blow-job in the World, man. Why would I give that up?” He shook his head incredulously, cracking a beer and passing it to me. “Change the CD, mate. Your turn to choose.”
Unsteadily, I climbed off the mattress which lay on the floor, the base long since lost, and wobbled gingerly over to the CD rack.
“What do you fancy?” I asked, glancing over my shoulder.
“Something nice a mellow,” he replied, wriggling on the floor, furtively removing his hands from his crotch.
I put on the first Bob Marley album I saw and settled back down, picking up the makings and building another spliff; anything to take my mind of the erection that was clearly visible through his jeans.
“You know,” he began, “I think she’d do us both.”
“Really?” I said, pausing in my work to steal a quick glance.
“Yeah, I bet she would,” he replied. “I told you, she just can’t get enough.” My mind raced with the possibilities. “You’re not shy, are you?” he teased.
“Of course not,” I lied, terrified.
“So, what are we waiting for? I’ve got her number right here,” said he, with a wink. The coarse fabric of his jeans tightened tantalisingly over his bulging genitals as he lay back to fish his mobile phone from his pocket. “When she finds out there’s two of us, she’ll be here quicker than you can say, ‘Dick!’ I hope you’re ready for this.”
“Hell yeah,” I declared, laughing nervously, hoping my bravado would compensate for my nervousness. “Let’s spit roast the bitch!” Carefully, I lit the next spliff, blowing on the tip and flaring off the excess paper. “I’m going to blast her right in the-”
He held his hand up, cutting me off, calling for silence.
“Shh! It’s ringing!”
My heart jumped in my chest, and my stomach squirmed.
“Hey, Avril! You up for it?”
I couldn’t hear her reply. He must have had the volume turned down low.
“Yeah? Really? Look, there’s two of us here and we want to give you something. Up for it? Excellent. No, my place. You’ll find out when you get here. Yeah, he’s big! Just get over here. Yeah, we’ve got some, and some beers, too!”
“Well?” I asked, struggling to control my excitement.
“She’s on her way,” he smiled, taking a slug of beer.
“No fucking way!” I blurted, incredulously, my cock swelling in anticipation. “Unreal,” I added for emphasis.
“Well, it’s going to get damn real very soon, mate. She’ll be here in 20 minutes.” He announced, swaying to his feet while pulling his T-shirt over his head in one smooth movement.
I stared at his ripped torso, the broad pectorals, the sculpted abdominals, the narrow line of wiry hair disappearing suggestively into the top of his jeans. I had always admired his sporting physique but had never really noticed just how fabulously toned he actually was. I suddenly felt quite inadequate.
“What are you doing?” I asked, nervously.
“Got to take a shower before she gets here because, for all her filthy ways, she’s quite hygienic!” Abruptly, he yanked down his jeans and his cock leapt upright, standing perfectly erect in front of his tummy. “Damn!” he declared, “I’m so hard for you now.”
“For her, I mean, for her. I’m so hard for her,” he stammered, stepping from his recently shed clothing.
I stared up at him, amazed but not utterly shocked. As he smiled down at me, my gaze slipped over his body, over his smooth broad chest, down his toned tummy and lingered for the briefest of moments on his powerful erection. Embarrassed, I snatched my eyes away but not before noting the neatly trimmed pubic hairs, the shaven balls, the broad spunk tube and the scribble of thick proud veins lacing his perfectly rigid phallus.
“Damn, I am so hard now!” he announced one again, pushing his erection down, till it was horizontal, his foreskin gliding smoothly over his pale puce glans then letting it snap back to attention.
I laughed, anxiously as he stepped over me, his penis bobbing in front of him, like a dowsing rod. He was so close, I could smell him, could feel the heat of his sex on my face. My heart raced and pounded in my chest. And then he was gone. Directly, the shower could be heard and I felt like I was perched on the very edge of the highest diving board, contemplating the jump. I began to imagine his cock slipping in and out of Avril’s mouth, making her gasp and moan. I imagined his muscles convulsing as he covered her pretty little face in masses of hot, thick spunk. Was I really going to do this? A threesome? Should I stay, or should I go?
Unsurprisingly, my erection had not faded. and there was no denying that he had a gorgeous body, not an ounce of fat on him. I loosened my jeans and pushed my hand into my underpants, slipping my thumb under my foreskin and rubbing at the tip. I was surprised at how wet I was. Tentatively, I raised my thumb to my lips and, so engrossed was I with my fantasy, I didn’t notice that the shower had stopped, or that he was standing in the doorway, watching me.

“Getting ready, I see,” he chimed, stepping into the room, his damp body glistening in the candle light.
“I, er-”
“Come on, she’ll be here any moment. We have to be ready.”
“Get your clothes off! You need to take a shower.”
Hesitantly, I kicked off my shoes and wobbled to my feet.
“Come on, come on!”
“Don’t rush me,” I retorted, making for the door.
“You are shy!” he laughed, letting his towel fall from his waist and striding over to block my exit. “Do you need a hand?” he teased, lifting my T-shirt with one hand while simultaneously forcing the other into my loosened jeans, down into my pre cum damp underpants, and onto my cock. With what I can only assume to be well practiced skill, his fingers wrapped around my erection, peeling aside my loosened jeans with his forearm. My protests were speedily muffled as he passionately pressed his lips against mine, immediately slipping his tongue into my protesting mouth.
I almost swooned. It was a curious paradox, everything seeming to happen so quickly and yet in exquisite slow motion, as if we were watching a movie and had fast forwarded through the build up, straight to the hardcore sex. Upon reflection, it seemed as if his cock suddenly filled my mouth, as if there was no build up. But that was far from it.
He skillfully worked my cock with his fist, running his fingers through my hair, caressing my scalp with his free hand while his tongue probed my mouth. I have to say, he was a great kisser! I closed my eyes and surrendered to his overtures. He began to strip away my jeans and underpants as our tongues writhed and twisted, each exploring the other’s mouth. We separated for the briefest of moments as I pulled my T-shirt up and over my head before taking his head in my hands and returning his passion with enthusiasm. Immediately, he responded to my hunger, rubbing his cock against mine, as I worked my fingers up and down his back, squeezing his rounded firm bum cheeks, raking my nails over his flesh.
My heart was hammering in my chest, the heat from our bodies adding to the fire of our desire. We were gripped by a desperate furtive lust as we knew we might be discovered at any moment; we each enjoyed the other in a frantic paroxysm of passion. I was consumed with curiosity and a simple craving to touch his cock. Reaching between his legs, I wrapped my fingers around his sex and took a firm hold on his erection. I was amazed at how hard it was, how hot and potent he felt in my fist. He buried his face in my neck, kissing and nibbling my ear.
The strident scream of a police siren snatched me from his seduction and I suddenly became acutely aware of my state of undress, the rigid penis beneath my fingers, my friend’s hand on my erection. I hesitated, embarrassed.
“Avril,” I said, flatly.
“She won’t be here for a while yet,” he soothed.
“What if she catches us?”
“She won’t mind, trust me,” he added, placing both strong hands firmly upon the top of my head and doggedly encouraging me to my knees. “Kiss it,” he whispered urgently, steadily increasing the pressure on the top of my head, f***efully guiding my mouth to his wish. “You know you want it.”
My mind was in chaos but my erection was unambiguous. I was aflame with curiosity, wholeheartedly desiring to experience the fantasy I had repressed for so long, to ultimately know what I had so often imagined and masturbated about, to finally give substance to my covert dream. I was so utterly unrestrained and knew instinctively how to proceed. Inevitably, gratefully, I yielded, kissing his neck, his broad shoulders, his hairless chest. I flicked my tongue over his nipples, taking each one between my teeth. Slowly, I inched my way over his body, dragging my lips and tongue all over his firm sculpted flesh, delighting in each soft sigh, each encouraging moan. I followed the thin line of wiry hair down from his belly-button, taking the thickening hairs between my teeth, pulling gently, making him gasp, until I was kneeling before him.
“Do me next?” I bargained, knowing that my first experience of fellatio was inevitable, regardless of how he answered.
“Of course,” he soothed, peeling back his foreskin and pulling my face firmly towards the florid bl**d flushed tip.
A surge of adrenaline coursed through my supplicating body and I involuntarily licked my lips, gazing with hungry eyes at the proffered penis mere inches from my face. His swollen glans reminded me of an inverted purple heart, perfectly sculpted and cleaved by his hard pale frenulum and a sudden sharp panic gripped me. Was I really going to do this? There was no denying that I wanted to but I agonized over the implications, the irrefutable redefining of myself. There could be no undoing, no going back. Clearly, as in the words of the song, it does take courage to enjoy it. Sensing my hesitation, fearing I might bolt, he pulled me still closer to his erection.
“Hold out your tongue.”
His scent was intoxicating, the heady combination of musk and testosterone saturating my mind, heightening my arousal. I could feel his heat on my face as his cock dominated my entire field of view.
“You’ll tell me when you’re going to cum, right?” I asked gingerly, parting my lips for him.
He smiled down at me pressing his bell-end against my tongue. It felt so hot and, as I moved to wrap lips around his manhood, he pushed his cock smoothly into my vacant mouth.
“Don’t worry,” he grinned, “l’ll shoot it all over your face,” and, taking his hands from my head, he stretched up to the ceiling with a look in his eyes of utter satisfaction at his latest conquest.
I didn’t care. His hot bell end slipped delightfully over my spit slick lips, pressing down on my tongue, filling my mouth. The butterflies in my tummy fluttered manically as I tentatively sucked him into my mouth, making a tight seal over his shaft, taking him deeper and sucking harder with each successive movement. I drew his pre cum up his shaft and it oozed liberally into my mouth. The most heavenly flavour spread across my tongue, heightening my arousal, making me spontaneously moan as his warm salty sweet delectation spilled freely from his cock. I rubbed at my erection as his pre cum lubricated my mouth.
“Ah, you like that, huh?”
“Oh God! It tastes great!” I enthused, stroking his pole with my fist. I was fascinated by the mechanics of his foreskin, the precision of the movement of his flesh, the true beauty of his penis. I was transfixed by the bold potency of his erection. I could feel his heart beating in the veins, pumping life into his manhood and as I ran my thumb up his majestic pole, his cock spilled forth a torrent of pre cum which trickled down the front of his shaft in a glistening river. I giggled, like a school girl and quickly stooped to lick it up. “Mmmm, so tasty!” I declared, before once more wrapping my lips over his fat velvety bell-end.
“Yeah, I just knew you’d love it,” he declared, taking his cock and bashing it against my up turned face. “Not so shy now, eh?” he teased. I knelt there, following his every move with my gaping mouth, eyes wide in exhortation. “You’re going to make a cracking cum slut, a Grade-A cock whore.”
My mind raced at the veracity of his comments. I grabbed his hips and pulled him onto me. His cock filled my mouth again and I began working my head in a slow deliberate rhythm, savouring every taste, every texture. Ever so gradually, I began to up the tempo. His body responded with increasing volumes of seminal fluid. I swallowed, working the rest over his glans with my tongue; his throbbing cock spread it all over my mouth as he slipped easily in and out of my face. My throat was soon thick with it and I began to inch ever closer to his tummy, hungry to swallow the full length, eager to deep throat him.
“Oh, yes, that’s good. Take it all, cock slut!”
Again, the abuse turned me on so much. I enthusiastically inched ever forwards until his neat tuft of well groomed pubes was tickling my nose. To be brutally honest, his cock was disappointingly small, definitely below average length and way shorter than mine. Still, it was good and fat and tasted terrific and besides, subconsciously, it was his sperm I was craving. I filled my throat and as I held my breath, my head began to swim. After a while, I began to feel quite dizzy and I had to withdraw to catch my breath.
“You love it, eh?” he teased, while I continued to work his erection between my fingers. I stooped to his cock once more but he placed a hand on my shoulders in restraint. “Just a minute,” he said, picking up the joint from the ash tray and holding it up to his mouth. As he breathed life back into the herb, I flicked my tongue over his hips, his belly, his spunk heavy balls. His cock twitched playfully as I toyed with his flesh but I had been sucking on his erect penis for so long now that my knees were burning and my jaw ached. As he drew the smoke into his lungs, I twisted onto my bottom and wriggled out of the last of my clothes, tearing off my socks with a flourish and tossing them up into his face. Naked now, I reclined on the mattress and pushed my cock up to meet him. I took a deep draught of beer and smiled up into his eyes.
“Fucking Hell, Jake!” he gasped, “you were at the front of the queue when they were dolling out the dick!”
“You like it?” I smiled.
“Oh, boy, do I!” He took a long drag on the spiff and lay down next to me. I took the proffered joint and reclined as he began to work his mouth all over my pole. The beer and smoke collaborated with his wonderful technique and I felt so high as he began to greedily devour my cock.
I thrilled to watch my erection slipping wetly in and out of my best friend’s mouth. He stared up into my eyes as he gripped my shaft tightly between his lips. Faster and faster he took me while moaning lasciviously, like some cheap whore. It was very intense and I began to fear that I might cum too soon.
“Here, suck on this,” I said, lifting his chin and passing him the joint.
My cock slipped from his mouth with a loud pop and lay glistening on my tummy, wet with spit. He took the spliff before dragging his tongue along the full length of my cock, his tongue skipping lightly over the base of my swollen helmet. He took a deep drag and filled his lungs before pressing his lips to mine and breathing the hot sweet smoke into me.
“Here, suck on this,” he imitated, mounting my chest and pushing his hard fat penis against my lips. As he teased and stroked my lips with his florid glans, I slowly breathed out a thick cloud of heavy sweet smoke; his cock looked primeval, wreathed in the broiling fumes, like some kind of Pagan phallic symbol. He put the spliff to lips, just as I took his penis to mine and then, just like him, I sucked hard, his inflamed prick slipping into my mouth, like a finger into a glove. I slurped loudly over his engorged manhood while Bob Marley crooned something or other about easy skanking. “Oh, yes, Jake, suck it like that.”
I glanced up at him, his head thrown back, eyes closed. His hips rocked gently to the rhythm of the music, dancing on my chest as if in some primitive sex rite. The predictable nature of his sensual movements made it easy for me to maintain a good solid seal over his thrusting member. I felt so very alive! So intensely aware of every sensation, every texture, every taste. The heat of his cock as it slid repetitively back and forth over my tongue, oozing sex juice and smearing it around my mouth, was intensely invigorating. I began to moan in time to the music, sucking as hard as I could, willing him on.
“Oh no you don’t,” he announced, suddenly dismounting me and standing up. “Not so fast!” My disappointment was impossible to conceal. “Don’t look so sad,” he mocked, stooping to pick up a beer.
Now that we had parted so close to fulfillment, suddenly in this unwanted hiatus, I felt tremendously self conscious, even a little ashamed. All things considered, lying there naked and unfulfilled, my cock, pubes and balls wet with spit, my mind reeling as it tried to reconcile and accept my new sexual personality, it is incredible just how acute my embarrassment actually was! Was I really blushing? How could I become suddenly so coy when moments ago he was riding my mouth to his climax? And in this sudden silence, I was painfully aware of his gaze.I looked away, wondering whether or not he wanted to give as much as I needed to receive.
“Are you ok?” he asked, his tone tinged with concern.
“Kind of.”
“Kind of what?” He stepped a little closer to me. I eyed his cock. “Ah, I see!” he smiled, working his foreskin back and forth. “You thought I was going to cum?”
“Didn’t I do it right?”
“Are you k**ding? You were great! I was so close to cumming.”
The mere suggestion that he was going to cum, that I had brought him to the edge of release with my mouth, was such a hot turn on. My thoughts lingered on the moment, picturing the instant when his erection would convulse between my lips and his hot semen would flash into my mouth, splashing over my tongue and burning its way into my memory forever. And yet, before that moment, it was strange to think that despite all the cock-sucking, despite all the blissfully exquisite time he had spent in my mouth, and despite all the superlative pleasure he had received, I had never really fully consciously considered the full implications, the inevitable end product and ultimate satisfaction of sucking him off. But in my heart of hearts, I craved this release, hungered for his spunk.
“So, what did I do wrong?”
“Don’t be so sensitive!” he laughed, inching even closer. “You want this?” I nodded. “Sorry, I didn’t catch that.” He gyrated before me, working his cock between his fist. Oh, God, how I wanted him! “Say it!”
In spite of the lingering taste of cock in my mouth, unheeding the pre cum coating my throat and cheeks, I nevertheless hesitated to declare my desire. It seemed like the very act of vocalising it somehow made it all the more real, finally forcing me to confront the indisputable fact that I had thoroughly relished sucking on another boy’s wonderfully hot, powerfully hard and indescribably delicious penis. It was as if giving voice to my actions, in naming them, I was somehow crystalizing my hitherto repressed bisexuality, admitting to another soul a truth which I scarcely could admit to myself, and cementing its veracity into an intransigent fact; saying it would make it harder to dismiss. However, as I hesitated, my hitherto subconscious, or at least repressed, homosexual desires made their covert presence felt and I was over-taken by an almost overwhelming impulse to scream an acknowledgement of my cock hunger.
“Yes!” I cried enthusiastically, loudly. “I want to suck you off! I want your cock!” And I did, and I didn’t care who heard.
“You want me to cum all over your face, don’t you?” suggested Paul, immediately grasping and responding to the urgent passion and hunger in my voice.
“Oh God, yes!” I raved. “Shoot it all over me. I want to suck your cock!”
“Damn! You really want this,” he muttered to himself, teasing me with his engorged penis, snatching it away from my lips at the last second, leaving me gaping and lunging desperately at the fragrant air as he laughed heartily at my impassioned efforts. In the burning firestorm of licentious desire, the profound carnal conflagration which together we had ignited, and which now blazed in my loins, I relinquished myself entirely, abandoned my judgement, surrendered any sense of self, any sense of shame, of past or future; there was simply the all consuming cock hunger of the now, the undeniable and irresistible fire of my lust which could only be assuaged by his body, could only be doused by his semen, by flashing fountains of his cum. In my desperation, I gyrated at his feet, licking my lips, pouting and sucking on my thumb, moaning softly as I mimed fellatio. “Oh, yeah, you’re nasty. You’re going to me my dirty fucking cock slut from now on.”
“Fuck yes, talk to me like that! ” I pleaded, reaching up and caressing his flanks, dragging my nails down to his hips.
“Shut the fuck up, bitch, your mouth is mine, you dirty little cum slut!”
“I’m a bad boy,” I demurred, sucking my finger suggestively and playing along. It was as if we had suddenly shifted up a gear in our race to satisfaction.
“Say you love to suck cock,” he commanded. I hesitated, but this time, only to revel in the truth of it. “Say it, slut!”
“Ooooh, I love it; I love to suck your cock,” I answered truly. “It feels so good. So big, so hard. I want to taste your cum.”
“You’re going to suck me off whenever I say, right?” I nodded my head enthusiastically, honestly. “You’re going to suck the spunk from my balls, every day, whenever I say, because you’re a nasty little cum slut.”
“Oooh, yes I am,” I agreed, reaching for him, tweaking my nipples and caressing my body.
“Say it, you fucking cock slut whore.”
“I’m your nasty little cum slut. I want to bring you off every day. I love sucking cock!”
“You’re going to suck my cock-”
“And lick your balls!” I interjected, ardently, excitedly.
“And lick my balls,” he agreed, smiling down at me, “And then,” he continued, taking me by the hand and pulling me to my feet, “then you’re going to swallow everything I give you.”
“Oh, God, Paul,” I whispered, hardly daring to admit it to myself, “let it happen, give it to me.” The taste of his cock lingered deliciously on my tongue as he led me across the room to a large battered arm chair, where he settled himself, re-lighting the last of the joint. “Cum in my face,” I begged, licking my lips suggestively. “Do it! Shoot your spunk all over me!”
“Shut up,” he ordered, blowing out a huge thick cloud of smoke. I waited patiently while he chased the smoke with a slug of cold beer. “Now, make me cum.”
I took up my position on the floor, between his thighs and, without breaking eye contact, I rested my arms on his muscular thighs and scooped his hot rigid penis back into my mouth. Above me, he gasped and moaned his encouragement, cautioning me to take care as, in my enthusiasm and lust, my teeth were scr****g his fat shaft.
“Sorry!” I gasped, cramming his thick cock back into my mouth, sucking harder and faster.
“Oh, that’s it. Suck it like that. Faster, yes. Work it for me. Make me cum!”
I took his erection in my hand and began working his pole, my fist flying up and down his shaft as I drove him on to his climax. I held out my tongue and rubbed his glans over the warm wet surface. I beat his cock against my face. I pouted and kissed the very tip, working my lips over the hot velvety flesh, probing the opening with my tongue.
“My balls!” he whispered, breathlessly.
Without hesitation, without question, like some kind of sex slave, I stooped to his nut sack and began kissing the rucked skin, my tongue dancing over his scrotum.
“Suck my balls.”
And at once, I carefully took a single sperm barracks into my mouth and delicately sucked. Above me, I could hear him moaning his pleasure, and working his cock. Abruptly, his hand was in my hair, pushing me lower. I surrendered and let him direct my mouth to the back of his nut sack, his perineum and finally, his anus.
“Do it!” he commanded, f***efully.
Again, my tummy was a mess of butterflies but I was utterly feral with passion, blinded by lust and, like the cock slave I now knew myself to be, I capitulated to the moment, abandoning all reason and without any thought, I dragged my tongue the full length of his crack. His response was instantaneous and wild, raising his butt and shuffling forward, the better to expose his bum-hole. I hooked both hands behind his knees and supported him as he gave me his ass.
I licked and probed his anus with my tongue until it was sopping with spit before pushing my index finger right up to the knuckle. He gasped above me, pulling me by the hair up to his eye level.
“Fuck me,” he whispered, frantically. I almost didn’t recognise my friend, transformed as he was into this lust crazed sex machine. “I want you to fuck me, now!”
I kissed him, forcing my tongue between his lips, sharing his taste.
“I’m not finished,” I replied sweetly kissing him once more before going down on him again. “Ooh, your cock is perfect,” I remarked truthfully, sucking him carefully back into my mouth.
I sucked excitedly on his erection with the kind of eager enthusiasm reserved only for those who know they are about to taste fresh sperm. I knew that this time, there would be no stopping, this time I would finish the job. This time, he would splash his semen across my tongue. The thought was exhilarating, pushing me to new heights of arousal. I worked my head feverishly over his member, vigorously hammering my forehead onto his belly, breathing rapidly through my nose, snorting and moaning as I caressed his tummy and hips.
I found myself moaning wildly over his cock as it slipped greasily to and fro over my well oiled lips. Harder, faster, deeper. I maintained a firm tight seal over his appreciably throbbing erection as he bucked and writhed beneath me. He was close, I could tell and I became so aroused by the response I was initiating in him. All at once, I was overwhelmed by an insatiable hunger, an uncontrollable need to pleasure him, to take him higher, to experience the intimate moment of his release. It was a physical need, as if his orgasm were to be mine and, as I sucked him off, my arousal rose to meet his.
Above me, his breathing suddenly became laboured, as if he had been holding his breath for a long time and was suddenly gasping for air. His legs tensed and his tummy flattened. Suddenly, his hand is on my head. I focused entirely on his swollen and bl**d flushed glans, lashing it with my tongue and sucking so hard I thought my ears would pop! I upped the tempo, sucking f***efully all the while.
“Oooh, yes, Paul,” I whispered, licking the purple crown of his penis and furiously pumping his pole with my fist. “Cum for me, shoot it in my mouth! Shoot your hot spunk into me!”
“Suck it!” he gasped, pushing my head towards his desire.
I needed no second invitation and dived at once onto his cock, embracing his erection with my lips and pressing my tongue against his massively swollen glans, sucking and moaning loudly. I was so excited, so turned on by the certain knowledge that this time, he would empty his balls for me, this time, I would drain him, receiving my first taste of sperm.
Abruptly, he cried out in bliss and as the initial jet of semen sprayed into my mouth, an almost feminine high pitched moan slipped involuntarily from my lips. The taste, the texture, the piquant aroma hit me all at once and took me higher than any joint or pill. Before I could swallow, another even more copious load leapt from his balls and was smeared over my tongue by his quivering, thrusting member.
I had never experienced anything even close to it; the sensation of my best friend’s wonderfully hard cock pulsating between my lips and blasting warm jets of divine life giving semen down my throat, was elevating in the extreme. As I milked him, gasping and swallowing energetically, smearing his seed all over my mouth in a wild abandon, I knew that I would have to have this experience again. In that heavenly moment, that incomparable and radiant moment at the fulfillment of our union, I knew I was addicted to cock.
Again, I swallowed hard as two more powerful blasts of cum ejaculated unbridled from his penis. I was being inundated and suddenly my mouth was full of his hot jism. I gulped hard, swallowing as quickly as I could but each mouthful was the precursor to another which followed hot on the tails of the preceding load. Inevitably, I was overwhelmed, masses of hot semen cooling thickly on my chin, squeezed over my lips by his thrusting member. As he bucked and twisted beneath me, I snorted hungrily, greedily gorging myself on his cum, gobbling down what I could, lost in a helpless rapture. I gave myself utterly and without reservation.
“Jeez, you boys!”
I almost gagged in surprise spinning towards the source of the intruder. Another jet of glistening vitreous semen arced into the air, splashing into my ear as I faced the door; and there was Avril, leaning against the door frame, arms folded across her substantial chest, her long legs crossed at the ankles. I swallowed hard, wiping my mouth with the back of one hand, tenaciously gripping Paul’s pleasured cock with the fingers of the other.
“Avril!” he gasped, breathlessly, as his balls emptied all over my fist. I was incredulous. “You’re early,” he continued, as if we were sharing nothing more sensational than a beer. I glanced from one to the other.
She was a vision of whoredom, wearing the kind of outfit that would see her stoned in some cultures. Her thin denim skirt was slung low on her prominent hip bones, and left very little to imagination; when she raised her arms and pirouetted into the room, it rose up, just a fraction, making it patently obvious that she was wearing no knickers. The arse that I had been the inspiration for many a lonely wank was suddenly parading around the room, fully exposed in all it’s pert glory. Her thin white shirt was unbuttoned to the navel and tied across her tummy making a kind crop top, exposing an ample cleavage which her bright red bra struggled to contain. She looked every inch the perfect little slut, every man’s dream.
“Actually, it looks like I am a little late,” she teased, dropping her arms and coquettishly winding her long blonde locks around her index finger as she sashayed across the floor. Her skirt slid down over her thighs, leaving only the clasps of her suspender belt poking out from beneath the faded blue material; her legs looked as perfectly stunning under the black net stockings as every other part of her. She was heavily made up, dark eyeliner, pale blue eyeshadow and curled lashes. She licked her luscious bright red lips and asked, “One of you boys going to pour a girl a drink?”
I was much too embarrassed to move, kneeling in front of the armchair, breathless and red faced, fresh spunk slipping down my throat and dripping from my chin. Paul, on the other hand, was utterly at ease, heaving himself to his feet with a wide grin. A broad glistening cord of semen hanging from his still semi erect penis, swinging like a watch chain as he moved.
“You missed a bit, Cock Boy,” he noted, lifting his penis and adroitly flicking his cum into my face. “You two know each other, right?”
“Sure I know Jake,” she replied. “Not as well as I thought I did, though!” she smiled sweetly and winked. I could feel the heat in my face and neck as I blushed scarlet. “So, Jakey-boy, how long have you had a taste for cock?”
“I-,” my throat was thick with semen and the words wouldn’t come. I coughed but before I could answer, Paul interjected.
“I was his first, right Jake?”
I nodded, sheepishly.
“Ah, that’s so sweet,” she sighed. “What did you think? Did you like it? You certainly looked like you were having fun!”
“It was, er, surprising,” I replied, with a smile. “And unexpected.”
“Unexpected?” laughed Paul, absentmindedly pulling at his cock while stroking his belly. “Unexpected that you’re so good at it, you mean.” he chuckled, tussling my hair. “He gives a fucking tremendous blow-job!”
“Is that true, Jake? Do you?”
“Oh, yeah, loves a nice hard cock, does Jake. Don’t you, eh?” He tussled my hair again before adding, “Swallows, too, which was a surprise; would have drained my balls too if you’d have kept quiet for just a little longer.”
“Looked to me like he’d had a good mouthful already.”
“Well, you know me, babe.”
“I want to see,” she declared, avidly. I stared wide eyed at her, making her laugh lustily; she sure had a dirty laugh. “Yes, show me how you suck cock, Jake. I want to watch. I want to see you with a cock in your mouth, with his cock in your mouth!”
“Get over here and show her your moves,” he demanded.
I began to stand, pulling myself up on the armchair but Paul had other plans.
“Tut tut,” he chided. “On your knees, Cock Boy. I want to see you crawl like a dog.”
Slowly, I got on to all fours, and began crawling toward him, grinning like a fool, crazy for cum.
“You’ve certainly got him well trained,” she laughed.
“Oh yeah, he’s my bitch, alright. Aren’t you?”
I felt no shame, only an apparently unquenchable thirst for semen.
“I love sucking cock, I love your hot cum. I want to suck some more.”
“See? Anything I want, whenever I want it. Loves to swallow as well, don’t you, Jakey Boy?”
“Ooh yeah,” I crooned, wantonly. “It feels so good in my mouth!”
“I was thinking of taking him to Club X. I think he’d love it, don’t you?”
“What’s Club X?” I asked, my curiosity snapping me back into the room.
“Do you really think he’s ready for that? A blow bang, really?”
It was almost as if I wasn’t in the room! My two class mates stood mere feet from my naked prostrate form, casually discussing my penis pleasuring prowess, debating how much cock I could handle (or suck!) as I crept sensuously across the floor, like a cat.
“Sure he could, loves the cock, don’t you?” And it was true, cock sucking was a revelation to me. “Can’t get enough, can you, eh?”
“I want to suck cock every day!” I gushed, honestly.
“See? Got a great tasting cock as well.”
“Ooh, I can’t wait to try it,” she enthused, flashing such a suggestive smile that I almost climaxed right there in front of her!
“Watch this,” said Paul. “You want this, huh?” he teased, swinging his fat flaccid member, like a lasso.
“Mmmm, do I!”
“And what’re you going to do with it, if I let you have it?”
“I want it in my mouth, it feels so good!”
“See? He wants to drain my balls, Avril. Shall we let him?”
“Oh, please,” I implored, desperate. The singularly appetizing tang of semen lingered enticingly on my sex greased tongue, burning delightfully at the back of my throat. The lovely unmistakable aroma seemed to fill my head, invigorating my senses and galvanising my resolve to have him cum again. Fortified in this way, I never for a moment considered it anything less than a biological imperative, and certainly no abject entreaty as I prepared to give my mouth to him once more.
I stared openly at his manhood, willing it hard again. His penis, fat and heavy, still a little damp with my saliva, hung in front of his neatly trimmed scrotum, sperm weighted testicles giving shape to his ball-sac. He looked like a Greek statue, except with a more substantial penis and bigger balls. His body was indeed a work of art, broad shouldered with strong arms, a carved chest with deep brown nipples and a wonderfully toned six pack. His powerful thighs tensed fractionally as I slowly bowed to meet his genitals once more.
I scooped his balls, and the glistening wet tip of his drooping dick, onto my voracious tongue, letting my hot breath bathe his crotch, before lapping at balls and shaft, like a kitten at a bowl of milk. His cock soon began to swell and stiffen, rising like an erotic Lazarus from la petit mort; I quickly had his penis standing proudly at attention in front of his belly.
“Suck my balls.” At once, I shifted my attention from his shaft to his nut-sac, gently sucking, kissing, tonguing and probing. “Lower!” I knew exactly what he wanted and as he began to bend at the knees, I swiveled onto my back and let him lower his bum into my face. “That’s it, lick my ass, you fucking dirty faggot,” he laughed, as I flicked my tongue over the darkened and puckered skin of his anus. “Yeah, like that. See? Nasty slut, eh?”
“You like that, Jake, huh?”
I ignored her, pushing out my tongue and probing his anus. However, the fact that she was in the room was inescapable and added an exquisite frisson to the encounter. The sudden thrill was short lived though as Paul shifted position, sitting heavily on my face, pressing my nose against his bum crack. I couldn’t breath and wriggled beneath him as he whispered the filthiest of feverish encouragements from above.
Abruptly, he threw himself forwards, sliding down my chest, towards my cock.
“Bum me! Put that big fat cock in my ass and fuck me.”
I wriggled out from beneath him, pushing him violently onto all fours.
“Oh, yes!” he gasped, “Do it! Fuck me now!”
I held the tip of my penis against his anus and glanced across the room. Avril lay on the mattress, fingering her hairless pussy, her skirt hitched high over her wonderfully defined hips, her bra and top cast onto the floor. Her full firm breasts heaved invitingly as she masturbated, nipples standing firm as she worked cunt and clit, eyes closed and lips parted ever so slightly.
“Avril, get over here,” I said, my finger tips digging into Paul’s flesh as I gripped his hips.
“Who? Me?” she said playfully, skipping lightly towards us.
Relentlessly, I pressed my glans against my friends unyielding anus as she skipped lightly towards us. Abruptly, his body’s natural resistance was overcome and he cried out as the tip of my cock swiftly penetrated his wonderfully tight bum.
“Ooh, so hot,” I noted. “So fucking tight!”
He moaned his approval as I began to f***e my cock deeper into him, slipping inch after fat hot inch into his rectum as i invaded his body.
“You like that, huh?” I asked, slapping his butt cheeks, leaving a florid red hand print on the hairless flesh; now my turn to take control.
“Oh, God, yes!” he gasped. “It’s so fucking big!”
“You love, right?”
“Yes, yes, yes!”
“Say it! Say you love it! Say you want me to cum in your ass!”
“Oh, Christ!” he cried out in an agony of bliss, as I slammed my full nine and a half inches of solid hot cock fully balls deep into his body.
“Say it, you fucking nasty bitch. Who’s the cock slut now, eh?” I asked, withdrawing until only my bell-end was in his body.
“Oh, please sir, fuck me!”
“Say it!”
“I am, I am!” he yelled in a desperate high pitched plea as I violently slammed my erection back into his prone body.
“You’re a very dirty boy, aren’t you? A fucking nasty slut, eh?” I took my cock in one hand an began stretching his bum hole in broad circles.
“Ooh fuck yeah, that feels good, Jake. Fuck me with your big fat cock. Fuck me like a bitch!”
“I’m going to ride you hard and then you’re going to suck my cock clean.”
“Oh, yes! Do it. Cum in my mouth! Fuck me hard and shoot your-”
His words were cut off, mid sentence to be replaced by an inarticulate squeal as I crashed into him once more. With focused restraint, taking care to delay my orgasm, I began to drive my penis hard into my best friend’s ass. Our flesh slapped loudly with each successive coming together as I skewered him mercilessly. I pushed his head down to the floor and raised his hips, pulling them on to meet each successive thrust as I used my cock like a weapon, stabbing, stabbing, stabbing.
Now I was really fucking him hard, digging my fingers into his hips and pushing my penis as far into him as I could. Helpless, he bit down on his knuckles as I used his body. I reached beneath his tummy and began working his semi flaccid dick. As I continued to torment our mutual friend, Avril danced, just out of reach. She looked so hot, so sexy as she gyrated to the music, caressing every inch of her firm young body, playing with her tits and rubbing at her gaping cunt.
“Come closer, Avril,” I instructed. “Closer,” I repeated in a sing song tone until I was able to grab her by the hips and pull her pussy towards my mouth. She giggled sweetly, playing innocent as I hooked her long leg over my shoulder. The angle was awkward, and I had to moderate my thrusting but as I slid my cock into Paul’s body, she steadied herself against my head with one hand and spread her labia with the fingers of the other, exposing her clitoris to my powerful tongue. Soon, they were both moaning in bliss and I felt like a God.
I felt trapped in a delicious dilemma; on the one hand, ploughing Paul’s fantastically tight dirt box, making him grunt and moan with each thrust of my cock felt great. But I knew that I could never make him cum. On the other hand, Avril was a fine piece of ass, a real beauty with a dirty mind and by all accounts, a tremendous ride. I wanted them both but suddenly the decision was taken out of my hands.
“Stop, stop, stop, stop!” he begged urgently. I thought that I had broken him! “Oh, fuck! It’s too much,” he gasped, trying to extricate himself from my libidinous grip.
“Are you ok?” I asked anxiously, as Avril unwrapped herself from around my neck.
“Yes, yes I think so!” he replied. “I don’t think that I’m going to be able to sit down for a week though!” he continued, breaking the tension. “Just so fucking big!”
“Do you want to go again?” I asked, withdrawing just a fraction.
He moaned sweetly and there was a tantalising pause as he weighed up the prospect of another hard fucking.
“No, no,” he sighed. “I wish I could, you were immense!” I slowly slipped out of him. “Just a little too immense for me. I think I’m done!”
I guess he was lucky I wasn’t about to cum, I thought, wiping my cock on his T-shirt!
“You’re out of the game for a while, then?” asked Avril, real mischief in her voice.
“He’s all yours, babe.”
“Oh goody!” she yelped, clapping her hands. “You’re mine all mine! Where do you want it?”
“You’re a lucky man, Jake, my friend. Enjoy.”
“I’m bad, aren’t I?” She asked, licking her lips and stroking her sides.
I climbed to my feet, and held out my hand in invitation. She cocked her head lasciviously to one side, coyly covering her breast with one arm and pulling her skirt over her ass with the other.
“Who? Me?” she teased.
“Get over here.”
“Whatcha gonna do to me?” She stepped forward, little finger at the corner of her mouth and still trying to hide her substantial bosom. “Oh, please don’t hurt me,” she smiled, half in jest and half in genuine concern as she eyed my ram-rod erection.
Suddenly, I lunged for her, taking her by the waist. She squeaked playfully as I dragged her closer and pressed her topless body against mine. She felt wonderfully hot, her flesh smooth and firm. Gazing into her deep green eyes, I pushed my hand down the back of her skirt and squeezed her compact bum cheeks, massaging the rounded muscle of her ass with my fingers. She held my gaze and, taking my head in her slender hand, she pulled my lips down to her mouth.
I kissed her gently, licking her lip as I withdrew. Quickly, she pursued me, pushing her mouth firmly against mine and slipping her tongue between my lips. She moaned into my mouth, a delightful high pitched sound, as I hoisted her into the air. Immediately, she wrapped her legs around my waist and, gripping firmly at the hips, I spun her round and pushed her svelte frame against the bedroom wall. I cupped her fine ass in both hands and as she wrapped her arms around my neck, I lowered her gaping cunt closer to my upright cock.
She squirmed in my embrace, desperate to fill her cock slot with my hot hard flesh and I must admit the temptation to lower her hips over my erect penis and slowly slide into her hot wet hole, was almost irresistible.
“Put it in me,” she whispered, dragging her tongue over my ear. I hoisted her higher. “Oh please,” she begged, desperately reaching for my prick, “I want you inside me. Fuck me, Jake. Fuck me like Paul.” I pressed my glans against her pussy, the tip gliding easily into her. She sank her teeth into my shoulder and raked my back with her nails. I withdrew, and spanked her arse, hard. “Ooh, I am bad!” she chuckled.
“Careful Jake, she’s a tiger.”
I’d forgotten Paul was even in the room.
“The fuckin’ bitch bit me, man!” I protested, examining my wounds. “I’m bleeding!”
She giggled.
“She’s a handful, man.”
I grabbed her by her golden locks, making her laugh all the harder. She was still laughing as I threw her round, pushing her onto her knees.
“Ooh, Jake, so strong!” she cried, shifting her position onto her knees before me. “Can I kiss it? Can I put it in m-”
I took her hair in my fist and rammed my cock into her throat. She gagged and her eyes bulged.
“Not so fucking funny now, eh?” I growled, taking handfuls of her hair and plunging my erect penis balls deep into her larynx. As I vigorously fucked her throat, she held onto my hips, pulling me into her with ever greater enthusiasm. It soon became evident that she was fucking me with her head. “Damn! The girl’s a machine.”
“What did I tell you?”
“You like that, don’t you?” I made to pull out but she replied in the affirmative by digging her nails into my hips and pulling me into her. She was slurping lustily over my cock while I fucked her throat. “You fucking filthy bitch!” I breathed in a hoarse whisper.
She moaned her agreement, sending exquisite vibrations delightfully over my throbbing glans. As I watched my dick slip in and out of her beautiful face, I felt a curious emotion begin to rise rapidly within me, a kind of strange narcissistic jealousy as I envied her cock stuffed mouth. I had to have some. And, so taking care not to slip from between her lips, I began to steadily sink to my knees. Paul at once understood my hunger and stepped up to satiate my appetite.
“More?” he enquired, smiling.
“Fuck yes!” I panted, struggling to contain my climax. “Put that big fat cock-” I pause, savouring Avril’s technique, shuddering as a wave of pleasure swept through my body. “Oh, fuck me,” I moan, loosing myself in the moment.
I lean back on my heels, supporting my body on outstretched arms. Paul towers over me, placing his body between Avril and I. He adjusts his position, taking care not to disturb her. He lowers his manhood and I comply, enthusiastically dropping my jaw to accommodate him. He steadies himself with one hand on my head, with the other, he guides his engorged member towards my waiting mouth. His cock slips hotly over my lips, filling my mouth with his fat, steel stiff penis and once again, the sweet salty flavour of seminal fluid, complemented by the subtle hint of his tangy ejaculate, once more overwhelms my senses. At the recollection of the orgasm I had so recently sucked from his balls, an acute wave of lust consumed me.
Oh, Christ! I’m such a cum slut, I thought to myself. He gripped my head in both hands and, as he began to fuck my face with rapid shallow thrusts, I pushed my tongue up against his invading erection and sucked hard, heartily moaning like melodramatic a porn star. My breathing became shallow and erratic and as I gasped over his cock, I could feel my orgasm building rapidly, undeniably, inevitably. Behind his thrusting hips, Avril gasped and gulped as my spunk erupted from my balls in a colossal blast. My entire body heaved and shuddered as my cock delivered its load. And all the while, Paul fucked my head.
“More!” cried Avril, as she siphoned the last drops of sperm from my aching balls, milking my cock between thumb and forefinger. “Quit sucking each other off and fucking screw me!”
Paul pulled away, his glans slipping smoothly over my cock greased lips and, in an instinctive and beautifully balletic movement, as if it had all been choreographed, we each shifted our positions, arms and legs working in perfect synchroniscity. I lay back and as Avril swiveled, my cock never leaving her mouth as she brought her knees to rest alongside my shoulders, her pussy seemed to blossom above me, opening slightly like a fresh pink flower, revealing her glistening wet secrets. Her clitoris was engorged and exposed, standing clear of its hood; her labia swollen and parted, like fragrant fleshy curtains.I had front row seats to the greatest show on Earth.
As she worked my spent member, Paul moved to mount her from behind. His fat cock seemed to descend from the heavens as it hove into view above me. I watched, bl**d flowing swiftly into my penis, as he pressed his cock against her pussy, mere inches from my face. I took his erection in one and guided him into her vagina. Her lips parted easily in carnal consummation, her labia minora seeming to grip his shaft as he pushed himself into her, stretching her cunt hole with his big thick cock. I gaped, wide eyed and slack jawed as he slipped his wonderfully tumescent penis balls deep into her.
She moaned her endorsement enthusiastically over my rising phallus as he began working his manhood inside her. I rubbed her clit’ with the thumb of one hand, massaging his bum hole with the fingers of the other. He began to ride her at pace, his shaft flashing in and out of her wet hole like the drive shaft of a speeding steam train; his sperm weighted testicles swinging pendulously above me. To her credit, she maintained a tight suction and a steady rhythm over my erection, despite the impassioned and enthusiastically athletic rogering she was receiving!
In his exuberance, his prick slipped wetly from her smooth, sopping wet cunt. I was on him in a flash, enveloping his glistening glans with my lips, sucking avidly. His cock tasted divine and I savoured the combined juices of their coitus, like a wine connoisseur; then, as he slipped from my throat, I leapt at her gaping quim, lapping at her moist labia, sucking on her clitoris, shoving my tongue deeply into her wetly receptive vagina, drinking her juices as if they she were the very Fountain of Eternal Youth itself.
She ground her pussy into my face. I lapped at her cunt. Wildly I drove her on to her climax. Breathlessly she sucked on my cock. Resolutely, I flicked her swollen clitoris with the firm tip of my tongue. Abruptly, her body convulsed. I wrapped my arms over her hips and pulled her quivering pussy onto my mouth. She cried out wholeheartedly as her orgasm wracked her mind and body. Mercilessly, I propelled her higher, my lips and jaw drenched in her fulfillment. She bucked and writhed over my face as my tongue darted all over her sweet wet cunt. I worked her lips with mine, slipping my tongue deeply into her in a most libidinous French kiss.
My cock ached and I was itching to fuck her. Breathlessly, I lay back, licking my lips and swallowing. Without delay, Paul mounted her and slammed his thickly engorged penis deeply into her shuddering body. He fucked her hard and fast, his cock an enticing blur, his balls slapping against her pussy.
“Fuck me!” she cried, exuberantly gobbling my thick steely erection back into her throat.
The vinegar stroke was delivered, almost as the words had left her lips. From my intimate vantage point, I could see his secretion smeared spunk tube convulsing rhythmically as he delivered his load. He groaned bestially above me, his quivering cock injecting his delicious cum, spraying his sperm into her womb, splashing his virility into her vagina. He rode his bliss, their combined love smearing his shaft with thick white juice. As he withdrew, a bright marbled river of fresh spunk dribbled thickly from her shadowed and stretched hole, glistening invitingly, like melting ice-cream. If the pruriently piquant aroma was intoxicating, the taste was divine; I licked my lips and drank my best friend’s spunk from the gaping pussy he had so recently pleasured, and clearly enjoyed, and was thankful.
Thick gouts of bitter sweet semen and salty pussy juice slipped exquisitely from her stretched and pounded vagina trickling down my throat like honey. As I leisurely emptied her, she moaned her appreciation over my cock. I thrilled to realise that as I buried my nose in her ass, slurping spunk from her cunt, she was sharing my prick with my best friend, Paul. The sensation of two mouths, two tongues, two pairs of lips working your spit wet erection is simply magnificent. To hear them giggling as they worked my member between their lips was heavenly. I remember thinking, ‘Life doesn’t get any better than this!’
Or so I thought; this was, of course, before they took me to Club X. But that’s another story!
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nice details..first time is so nice
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Another fabulously well written story.