Some of you will have read about the first few times I fucked my b*****r. If you have you will know that I was way under legal when I started. Anyway what is legal? I come from the US and in some states you can marry at 13 but not fuck till you are 16 stupid or what. Anyway my cherry had been poped long before my eldest horny b*****r noticed I had tits and a sweet sweet cunt.
I mentioned before that a lot of our fucking happened in Mom and Pops barns. You could get out of the way up in the lofts and hear everything approaching. Therefore I have no idea how many girls my b*****rs fucked up there. But by the time I left home I had seen to around 40 guys in the lofts.
However the story you are about to read happened away from home. We often visited f****y whilst Pop was stationed away. We use to think it was Mom just being nice? After she died we found out what Mom was nice about. COCK plain and simple. She had fucked all Pops 6 b*****rs a fair few uncles and assorted relatives joined the list as the years went by. Pops side of the f****y had something special going for it. In short huge cock and I mean big. Thats where my eldest b*****r got his 9" from.
Anyway on one visit away to some distant uncle my eldest b*****r and I where just fooling around down by the local river. He had already fucked my pussy a few times that visit coupled up with a BJ or two. We laid in the hot summer sun half naked. No one around as the river was private and ran through that Uncles land so no worry at all.
We laid there and I drifted off. I was awakened by my b*****r sucking a hardening nipple. I had been dreaming the most lovely dream of my best friend licking my pussy and in those waking moments I could feel my juice running down my thigh. I pushed my b*****rs head firmer on to my tit and he responded by nibbling it. He hand was already sliding up my leg and I knew I was going to get fucked and about time I thought.
However rather than the wet hole he often fingered he went round to the back door sliding two fingers into my tight arse. He probed away. I would like to say it was nice but it hurt like fuck. NO ONE had been in there ever.
He made his strokes deeper and I started to loosen up and with thumb in cunt I actually had to agree it was real good.
I turned over for him and whilst I did that he released his hard cock and dropped his shorts. God he had a massive cock and those balls must have contained gallons of cum.
I lay there and let him do all he wanted. I could feel his hard cock slide across my arse from time to time and that felt good. His goo cooled my hot arse. He worked on my anus for ages and I got looser and looser. Then like a bolt of lightening I felt a pain looking back there he was sliding his fat meat into me.
I could not beleive it I thought this was all foreplay and that he would mount my pussy like that. He had always like the doggy.
However he had other ideas and slowly but surely 6" of that fuck cock was in me. It felt good and bad.
He seemed content with that amount of cock in and encouraged me to go on all fours. He fucked that cock up me and OMG it felt real nice. I reached back and started fingering my dripping pussy. He always loved that even when he was up to the nut sac in me.
I could feel that more cock had been inserted but could not have guessed when I looked back that he had all of it in me.
Now in pornos they fuck arse and its nice. Some girls will suck a guys cock after he has butt fucked them. However in real life things are different. The more he pushed the more I pushed. I could not hold back and the shit slid passed his thick cock. I could feel it oozing out of me. My b*****r paused and I thought he was going to go mad. The reverse was true. The more I shit the more he pumped he loved it?
I pushed for all I was worth and because of the restriction of his cock my shit went on for ages. However in amongst this I started to cum and as I humped my hand the shit flew.
My b*****r got very vocal and even more disgusting than usual. Some of what he said I dare not type here. However he really went for it. Ramming his thick cock into me as my small body shook under him. He pumped and pumped his cock into me. I could feel his heavy balls slapping my arse. He called me a filthy tart, he could not beleive his 13 year old s****r could take him I think.
I was then ordered to turn over quickly and there in my face was his thick dick it stunk and I gagged as my own shit came level with my nose. I backed back just in time and jets of his thick seed sprayed over my brow he angled his dripping cock so the rest hit me in eyes nose and mouth. I always loved his cum so had my mouth open already. However I found I was sucking a shit covered cock and that made me throw very quickly all over his cock the bank everywhere.
Was he repelled no the opposite and I was turned over and his still hard cock slid all the way in again. With no shit left he poked away revealling in that he made me sick and made me cum.
I fingered myself as quickly as I could very turned on at this and just as I felt his second load of seed fly into my bowels I came. God I can still remember how the sky went round and I felt really dizzy.
I must have looked a sight. Cum dripping from my arse and face shit on my stomach rnd my arse and everywhere else it could stick. Only one place to go straight in the river.
Now your cocks maybe standing to attention already after reading what a little slut I am. However it was over 30minutes walk home. So once we got to the felled oak in the pasture over looking the farm there was only one thing for it. I got there first lifted my pinafore skirt open my legs and went to haven the moment I felt his thick cock slide into my chocolate box as he called it. I came again and felt him pump and pump into me. It gave me great delight to sit at the evening table and feel his cum soak my tiny knickers.
88% (20/3)
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20 hours ago
You still stay in my memory
2 years ago
You should had his shit covered cock in your mouth when he shot his load.
2 years ago
You should have let him put his shit covered cock in your mouth while he came.
2 years ago
That is so fucking hot.
3 years ago