I supposed what I am about to retell is not unusual at all. Bored housewife, on holiday, chance cums along? However its when you get to the size of these guys things change.
I was in Las Vegas many years ago had been married 3-4 years husband was straight then (I think). We did the usual things that tourists do and use to go to the casinos every evening. We would go our seperate ways he playing the craps table me I love roulette. Then would meet up around midnight to compare how much we had lost. I suppose you could call us high rollers? Would think nothing of loosing $10,000 in an evening?
Anyway it was right in the middle of our week there so either a tuesday or Wednesday I guess. One particular casino treated us very well my husband had done some business with them years before but they always remembered him. We would get picked up from hotel in lovely stretch black Merc free meal and show tickets then slide in to the sasino around 10.30-11pm.
I also adored it as they had superb staff all super horny a couple of years before I got off with one of the female servers. UMMM now there another story.
We seperated on this evening and within 15mins had lost over $1000 terrible could not even get black or red right.
I walked away for awhile got a drink and sat and people watched for awhile. Some nice guys in tonight I noticed couple of cowboys lifted their stetsons to me and all i did was stare at their cocks.
I returned to the table to find a different crouper. Huge black guy with hands like shovels. He had a table supervisor standing behind him so that showed he was either new or had fucked up? I got into a winning streak and soon recovered my $1000 and more besides then I placed a bet late however it was accepeted right on the no more bets. However the chip had fell across the table $1000 dollars sat between red and a group of colours. Well it was called no bet and I got into a row with both of the guys. Called them cheating bitches etc. Table was closed and security called the main man had to come down and settle it. In the end they settled at half stakes as I had said I was playing a six group but they thought I had gone for red? What they should have realised was that I had been playing groups for 15mins? I got my money and walked away. Got a few yards and a large hand on my shoulder stopped me. It was the crouper who came to say sorry. I turned took his hand in both of mine and said thats fine we all make mistakes and slipped $100 chip into his hand. What is that for he asked I got it wrong? I said but I bet you will get the next thing right winked and turned away making sure he had a lovely view of a lovely toned arse with no underwear on walking towards the toilets.
I never made it to the toilets as a strong arm e****ted me though the rear of the casino. he was all over me hands cupping tits feeling me up through satin dress. Then his raido went and he had to answer I heard him make excuses and though fuck it thats blown. But he reutend and started back kneeding my tits finger fucking me through material. I was soon aware of another figure standing behind him nearly as big as all hands guy.
It was his supervisor watching. without thinking I said come and play and he did just that sliding into the alcove with me and all hands he wasted no time in lifting my skirt and sliding his big black tounge up and down my crease. God this was lovely and horny. I looked down to see what I thought was a curtain roill laying on the ground but soon realised as it hardened he had his cock out and boy what a cock. It was simply fuscking huge cut and jesus growing by the minute. No time for nice lady I pushed all hands aside and grabbed that fat fucker. Dropping down to me knees I tried to suck him but honestly could not get the head into my mouth. His cock was joined by all hands tool nearly as big I was in HEAVEN.
I slurped the new cock into my mouth and wamked the other they rose fast very fast and I knew I had over twenty inches of cock in front of me.
No messing I truned lifted my skirt and felt all hands slide into me I was lubed up ok and he pumped his hard rod into me. I managed to turn my head and was presented with the other fat fuscker in my face that was licked till a huge froth built up. He was starting to hump my holding hand so I stopped and he continiued to play with it himself. God I love watching a guy wank. I came off like a jack hammer and remember a hand clasping over my mouth as I screamed.
It was like a signal and the cock in my cunt shot its load deep inside me that just led to me continuing to cum.
He slipped out it felt like ahorse cock flopping out of a mare. Then my treat really started as I felt this huge black thing fill me yes I was stretched out wide and I mean wide.
He rammed that it so hard it hurt as first and this was a women who must have had a good 500 cocks in there before this one. He did not let up pause or anything kept ramming it in to tip to balls every stroke. Then as quickly as he had entered he pulled out I knew what he wanted and turned to catch the first of 7 good cum blasts across my face and hair . They reckon that really big cocks dont cum well this fucker did and more besides.
When we finsihed I hurried off to powder my nocse no wipe a lot of cum off myself. They went back to the floor. After a lot of preeing I went to the floor too. Met with my husband as I left the toilets. He smiles asked if I was OK of course I was.
89% (19/2)
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3 years ago
You were more than ok. You were fantastic. I love to hear about a wife getting some on the side. Thanks for posting.
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
you won on the black
4 years ago
Good story.
4 years ago
Oh, you slut you !
4 years ago
Very nice, u'r such a hot slut Deb's
4 years ago
Great story. Very horny.