Well read through several stories some are good others crap.
One thing they lack is truth they are fantasy stories and are fine.
However when a lady such as me puts my fingers on the key board whilst wearing no clothes and with a very large dildo jammed between the seat and my cunt only one thing is going to happen you are going to get an actual happening.
This is from many years ago I was young but legal and even then a filthy young lady.
I travelled far and wide in my youth as my Pop was in the Air f***e. We often moved 3 times in a year due to his job as trainer. He could have left his f****y on one base and popped back from time to time however he took us with him. I saw a lot of the US in those days loved some of it hated some of it. Liked some poeple hated others.
We had moved from horrible sweaty Arizona to Florida. That was where I was born. It was lovely to be back home on the keys. Warm all the time swim whenever I wanted fool around all day long.
I had become known as a bit of a bike by some of the local lads. They thought I was 14-15 however I was 17 and a half then. As they thought I was young they would just suggest dirty things as I apsat them in the Street. A few high school guys had already been inside me and enjoyed themselves these younger lads where not really my scene I liked cock that could control itself and had seen my b*****rs wank often in their teens and cum far too quickly.
Anyway one day I walked to the shops some two miles for groceries for Mom it was a nice spring day warm but not over warm. I wore a thin blue mini skirt and top no bra and my ample young tits would bounce along with my step.
I had passed the usual groups of lads as I walked to the store same old silly things said about fucking me. I wondered if I went over what they would say or do but just ignored them I would have fucked them but did not fancy them really.
On the way back there was an extra group these guys I had not seen before they where a mix of young guys and some older 18-19. A couple looked interesting nice big bulges where it mattered. So I crossed the street as they wolf whistled me and asked what they wanted? They seemd very cock sure. One asked if I was old enough to ride his cock and grabbed his half hard rod in hios shorts . God it looked good ( I would soon find out).
I replied that I was old enough for sure. Another asked if he could smell my knickers and I said sure reached into my bag and handed them to him. He was bug eyed. I lifted my skirt before anyone could say anything. I revealed a pink shaved cunt with lips wide open and a glisten of wetness I was horny.
What do you do with that piss I was asked. No I fuck cocks I replied I was in my element here. I stepped towards the first guy and inches from his face reached down and unzipped him his eyes never left mine. I held his hardening cock between us and wanked it. Hie syes closed just for a few seconds as he felt himself harden. I carried on no one spoke that was the quietest 6 guys had ever been.
It grew and grew and jesus it was nice I can remember thinking how big and put both hands round it. He was not half caste more third caste. Big hairy balls hung full I thought. I quickened the strokes and it grew even bigger he grabbed at my bra-less tits groping them and then sunk his toungue into my mouth. Hot filthy kiss toungues all over the place. The other guys had gathered in a huddle and there was no way anyone could see us.
I released my grip on his cock and pulled my skirt up tucking it into the waistband. I then slid his cock back and forth along my cunt. I was already soaked an his juice joined mine. then lifting myself slightly and using his shoulder I stood on tip toe and quick as a flash guided his cock into myself. I them simply stepped down and half of it was in. It was like an alarm going off he thrust up into me and pulled me close. I could here the others muttering things like god she is hot and go one fuck her.
He needed no encouragement and rammed his long rod into me nothing said just hard on the spot sex. I soon noticed two more cocks standing either side of me so helped thos lads out with a hand each.
Sure as eggs is eggs young lad on my right was jetting his load everywhere within minutes. Still my lover kept raming me on and on he plundered my hot cunt. my top buy now was undone and all where feeling my tits. I felt a finger slide into my arse fine by me I thought you could have that as well?
Then stragely without a signal I came shuddered and shuddered. Ground down onto that thick cock as my cunt pulsed. As soon as I finished he started shooting and was about to pull out till I sunk straight onto it and had it pump into me. We broke away and I admired the thick cock that had been fucking me. It was a nice one around 9" and very thick.
The cum dripped slowly to start with then poured out. One silly younger guy said look she is pissing till it was pointed out to him that is was cum.
I was very hot now and wanted more so simply pushed my lover off the tree he had been perched against and opened wide whose next I announced and open my butterfly for all to see my wetness and the other guys cum.
Up stepped a younger lad cock in hand tried to play with me but made a hash of that so I grabbed him and welcomed his little cock into my hot cunt. As he stood there I fucked him. Riding his small shaft however it did the trick ok and I came for the second time. Shame was so did he stepping back and firing all over me. Well the other three guys who had not shot took their turn slamming there meat up me.
That was a nice hour I thought to myself as I fished my knickers out of my bag but lover boy was hard again and not in the mood to be turned down so I was turned around bent forward and jesus did he slam his meat up me once again. Fucked real well he did and once again shot his load into me.
I staggered home groceries intact to be greeted bu my mom asking if I had bumped into anyone. Just some new friends I replied.
Before you ask yes I did fuck them again.
86% (16/3)
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3 years ago
hot cum oozing out your sexy cunt turns me on
3 years ago
Another hot one. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
love this story!!
4 years ago
Nice reading to start our day.... love that naughty group play...
4 years ago
Your a cutie.. Thks for sharing that :)
4 years ago
You are sure about writing real stories and not fantasies. They give much more satisfaction.

The problem is I am not native English and I have a hard time expressing my real feelings and and actions in English. But I'll try to write some stuff. Like the little blog post I did earlier today.
4 years ago
just amazing very lucky guys ;)
4 years ago
4 years ago
loved this story! i would love to read more!
4 years ago
very hot
4 years ago