A night at the theatre

She'd been looking forward to tonight for a week, it was the start of her holiday and she was kicking it off with a trip to a west end show. She knew her husband wasn't keen on theatre but was touched he was so willing to go. Smiling to herself as she hooked each of the 44hooks down the back of her new black satin and lace basque, she couldn't help but picture his face at the end of the evening. Rolling her nude smooth top stockings up her long tanned legs, being sure to stretch the silk and giving it a rub down her calf and back up again, she clipped her suspenders to the tops. Her pussy looked so good just below the basque and suspenders, she looked at her tiny black thong ..... Should she, shouldn't she? .... It took just a few moments to decide,and she instinctively knew she'd made the right decision, the proof would show later that evening.

Slipping on her black suede heels, simple, elegant and tall they accentuated her toned calfs and smooth thighs, the straps of her suspenders following the curve of her round arse, she'd never worn suspenders before often preferring lace hold ups, but as she ran her fingers over her belly, onto her hips, down the side of her thigh to the simple stockings she could understand their appeal, they made a girl feel so very sexy especially in heels.

Looking in the mirror she added the finishing touches, a subtle spritz of scent on the collarbone, between her full round tits, and just above her soft smooth mound. She added her silver drop earrings and silver choker, before pulling on her tiny black dress. It was her favourite, with a low square neck and straps it clung beautifully to her breasts, the basque underneath enhancing them further still and minimising her already small waist. It was so comfortable, and hung softly over her arse. The dress ended mid thigh, long enough to be classy and elegant but short enough to rise giving a tantalising view of long smooth thighs when she was driving.

Pleased with her look she came downstairs, she could see the look of approval on her husbands face but couldn't help smiling, he was totally unaware of the new lingerie and she had no intention of telling him. They left home hand In hand, his long strong fingers intertwined with her slim, delicate fingers. He couldn't help running his fingertips over her wedding ring - he felt like the luckiest man in the world walking to the tube, guys eyeing up his wife and her completely unaware.

As they took the tube, he couldn't take his eyes off her legs, he was pretty sure those shoes were new, tall heels, rounded toe and a low cut showing off her beautifully crafted feet, tiny ankles leading to long tanned legs, he followed them up to the thigh before he noticed , she was watching him a mischievous glint in her eye. It wasn't long before they were there.

Heading to the bar he ordered a large white wine and a pint for him.

While her husband was ordering the drinks she made her way to the window, despite years of marriage she loved how easily her legs were still able to turn him on, little did he know she had only just started, she saw him approaching and couldn't help but flash a smile, a LARGE white wine, hmmm trying to get her d***k! Well, she'd turn that to her advantage, taking the stem of the glass delicately she leaned forward and kissed him letting her full soft lips brush ever so gently against his, she whispered her thanks before taking the glass and pressing it against those soft, perfect lips - she kept eye contact with him as she sipped from the glass, placing the glass on the table she bit her lower lip and sighed, "mmmm thanks honey, tastes so good" ......

He had no idea how she managed it, but she had his cock growing with just a sip of wine, and what was that twinkle in her eye all about, he didn't have long to wonder as the announcement came for the audience to take their seats, taking his hand excitedly he smiled as the seductress left and the young, excitable girl took over, she hurried them to their seats - her face alight with anticipation. The show was great but in truth he spent only half the time watching it the other watching her - emotion flooding her every inch as she lost herself in the storyline. From time to time she would glance at him, and blush - his face obviously giving away the fact that he wanted to take her right here, right now! Her coy smile telling him to be patient.

The show came to an end, it had been wonderful but he'd been quite patient enough he longed to kiss his beautiful wife and as they left the theatre he brought her down the side of the building, pulling her to him with a single strong tug she came to him willingly, bringing her arms up around his neck he leaned down kissing her deeply enjoying her sweet mouth. He ran his hand through her hair, holding her jaw up to his as she flicked her tongue in and out of his mouth, toying with his tongue , he ran the back of his fingers down her long, smooth neck and over her gorgeous tits, cupping one in his hand he loved their fullness. His other hand wrapped around her waist, giving her no way to escape, pulling her tightly to him he began to kiss her with a deepening sense of want, he let his hand slide down over her gorgeous arse, for a moment he wondered if he'd felt something different but before he had a chance to check she turned around, twisting from his grasp she put her finger against my lips, softly whispering "not here".

She took his hand and led the way back to the tube, he felt like a school boy as she darted in and out of d***k passers by, again seemingly oblivious to the looks she was getting from young and old alike. The tube was much quieter than earlier, just an old woman and a tourist on the tube, he took a seat and hoped she would sit next to him and give him the chance to cop a feel but she chose to sit opposite, crossing her legs a little higher than normal he skirt fell towards her hip, twisting a little in her seat she flashed stocking tops - but not her usual lace tops, these were smooth he couldn't help but do a double take, they were vintage style nude stockings held in place with suspenders - catching his breath he looked up and saw that gorgeous smile flash ... He understood the twinkle now and his cock responded by pushing painfully against his flies.

Flicking her skirt down, she grinned, he was like the cat that got the cream but didn't know the half of it yet, exiting the tube he couldn't take his hands off her arse, trying to get a second look, she turned and kissed him full on the lips, pressing her body hard against him she was beginning to get very wet herself.

Grabbing her by the waist he lifted her slightly taking her by surprise he lifted her kicking the side gate he pushed through it letting it bang shut behind him as he pressed her up against the side of the house, lifting her skirt up around her waist and kissing her hard, pushing his tongue into her hot warm mouth, he held her in place with one hand as he ran his other hand up from the knee tracing the top of the thigh until he got to the suspenders, he grabbed at the soft, tanned skin beneath them loving their firmness, he pushed his hand past them up to her arse as he pressed her hips into him responding to his urgent powerful thrusts, he reached around searching for her thong. Unable to find it in the dark, he let her drop back onto her feet, giggling she spread her legs, her stockings and suspenders looked shit hot and her long legs in heels were good enough eat. He brought his hands up her outer thighs, pushing her skirt up around her waist his eyes fell on her naked, bald pussy.... She'd been without panties all night and he'd not known, her pussy lips in easy reach the whole time, suddenly He couldn't resist running his fingers down the soft smooth mound, as his fingers traced over her slit it responded instantly, wetting his hands she moaned as she tilted her head back against the wall moaning in pleasure as he rubbed her swollen clit, slipping one and the two fingers into her tiny wet love hole he loved feeling her stretch around him and her groans became faster and shallower as he rubbed her g-spot loving the feel of her hot juices running over his fingers. Her palms flat against the wall she raised one knee, placing her heeled foot flat against the wall she guided my other hand up her inner thigh and around to her arse, giving it a squeeze he dropped to his knees and ran his tongue down over her clit, circling it two or three times he flicked it quickly and lightly making her whimper and beg him to fuck her.

Picking her up she wrapped her legs around his waist as he carried her to the patio table, the security light flicking on he let her slide down his body as he turned her around and bent her over the table, she obediently lent over the table and he stepped back to admire her round arse accentuated with long back straps, he smooth pussy lips beneath he unzipped his girly allowing his rigid cock to spring out, stepping towards he he let his length rest momentarily against he arse, pulling he cheek to one side he pressed against her sweet little hole , she'd never had it there before but tonight could be the night, his teasin was driving her wild, bringing his cock lower he poised his end against the entrance to her hole, before sliding into her, watching each inch edge slowly into her tight little hole, he loved her hot tightness grip him, holding her hips he pushed the last inch in and began to rhythmically slide into her and back out again, picking up speed he ran his hands up from her tiny waist to her tits, reaching around she lifted her torso allowing him to take them, squeezing them tight he had to get to the flesh, bringing his hands up, over her shoulder, grasping her extended neck as she threw her head back in ecstasy he brought his hands between her shoulder blades and undid the tiny zip, her dress slipping off her shoulders and down her belly, revealing black lace and satin basque -FUCK ! She'd never worn anything like this and the shock of it made his cock leap inside her, making her gasp and lean further back toward her, he placed his hands on her arse and ran his hands up her suspenders, around to her firmly encased belly, savouring the smooth cool feel of the satin he continued up reaching side the lace cups to take her breasts in each hand he squeezed them using them to pull her, harder onto his cock stick pounding away at her bald tight pussy, she was now stood upright facing away fro him basque, suspenders, stockings and heels ..... His own heaven sent sex toy!

He could feel himself starting to cum and so slipped out of her, allowing her the chance to face him, kissing him hard on the lips she flicked her tongue quickly inside his mouth, running her hands through his hair she moved her kisses to the side of his neck, kissing softly and quickly tracing a line down toward his collar she quickly made short work of his shirt buttons, running her hands back up from the bottom of his shirt to his shoulder she pushed it from his shoulders and kissed over his well defined muscles, her hands giving him goosebumps as he felt her manicured nails fall slowly down his spine, her kisses to continuing south, stepping backwards she led him in through the back door, before dropping to her knees and cupping his balls in her hands. Looking hi in the eye she wrapped her lips around his shaft, starting to slowly take his length deeper into her mouth, without breaking eye contact she started to pick up speed teasing, sucking, flicking and circling his cock with her tongue, she fondled his balls pressing against his arse she she took his full length down into her throat, god damn it - felt so fucking hot he could hardly stand it holding the back of her head in his hands he looked at this beautiful face, large eyes locked onto his he couldn't help but begin to thrust fucking her mouth and loving the feel of her hot sweet saliva coating his throbbing rod, almost without warning he shot his load deep into her thoat.

As she licked her lips clean, he helped her up from her knees, running his hands through her soft hair he kissed her softly, exploring her body with his hands he reached around and slowly unhooked her basque, letting it drop to the floor he took her tiny hard nipples in his mouth, sucking on the map hard as he rubbed and massaged them, leaning back against the table she tipped her head back pushing her tits into his hands, it wasn't long before once again hiss cock ached to be back inside her, dressed mow only in suspenders, stockings and heels he wrapped his arm around her waist and brought her hips towards him whilst pushing her back to lay back across the table, she arched her back, the cold of the table top shocking her hot smooth skin. Running his tongue from her chin, down her neck, between her magnificent breasts and towards her suspender belt he looped his arms underneath her knees, raising her legs up onto the edge of the table she let her heels catch of the table edge as he positioned his cock - slamming into her sopping wet hole she arched her back even more her tits rising with every hard thrust, she began to wriggle as her orgasm built, taking one knee he lifted it up, resting it on his shoulder before repeating his with the other leg, so they were crossed, making her already taught hole feel even tight, it was like fucking a Virgin and he pounded into her harder as he felt her muscles begin to grip hi he picked up speed as she began to buck and rock her hips against him, he could feel her orgasm build and she let out a scream as he whole body began to shake and quiver in an almighty climax, as her fiery juices stepped over him he couldn't hold back any more and fired his load deep into her tiny cunt, loving how they seeped out of her as he pulled out. Looking down at his naked wife sprawled on the table, their mixed juices seeping down her slit to her sweet little arse hole a wonderful though crossed his mind, the night was still young.....

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7 months ago
i shall be looking forward to those! x
7 months ago
Lol no not really although it's a fabulous show, but my hubby's rigid cock does make me horny!
7 months ago
Miss Saigon make you so hawnee!
7 months ago
Glad you enjoyed hon xx
7 months ago
Pictures to follow soon, just couldn't wait to take them at the time lol xxx
7 months ago
Prince Edward theatre and went on tube to Leicester square xx hope that helps babe - glad you liked the story xxx
7 months ago
Lovely story, would love if you filled it out with a little more London detail, like the name of the theatre and show, the tibe station names etc. As a denizen of London that makes it even more vivid for me.
7 months ago
God you two x love the way u want each so much xxx oo and mrs horny in a basque - id love to see that! Xxx
7 months ago
Incredible you guys are so hot!