Summer sex

My husband and I were both teaching at a summer school, I taught the little k**s and my husband the older so despite working in the same school we only ever got to see each other in passing. I had a full day of teaching but my husband was on pool duty as lifeguard for his group, I was jealous as he'll as the weather was gorgeous and I was in class. I decided I needed to get my own back. I put on my sexiest white lace thong, 6 inch heels and a thin white silk blouse, I decided to go for a knee length black tulip skirt. Tying my hair in a high pony tail I spritzed my husbands favourite scent over me twirling in the light feminine spray. Walking briskly past him in the dorm corridor I gave him a wide smile and winked, wiggling my bottom just a little as I walked into my classroom. The look on his face was enough to know my plan had worked, there was one place he wanted to be and it wasn't the pool!

The morning was hot, opening the window I caught sight of my man by the pool, his short blonde hair giving him a sun kissed glow as droplets of water ran down his arms and back to a well shaped arse! looking over his shoulder he caught me looking - his winning smile made my smooth mound moisten. As I walked round the room monitoring my students and helping them learn my thong rubbed against my lips making them tingle and moisten.

Class ended for lunch and as hundreds of k**s filled the corridor heading for the canteen I stayed to clean up. As I reached up to wipe the board clean I felt my husband's hand on my waist, smiling to myself I kept facing the board, wiping it slowly. Kissing behind my ear his hot breath and tongue teased down the side of my neck to my collarbone as he dropped his hand down the side of my thigh, his fingers reaching for the hem of my skirt.

I couldn't bear it anymore, I turned around and met his hot mouth with my own, exploring his mouth with my tongue I dropped my hands to his waistband slipping my hands in at the front and around to his bottom. He lifted my skirt up pushing it up around my hips and expertly running one hand up the centre of my blouse undoing the buttons almost instantly. Our kissing became more urgent and as he took my round firm tits in his hands I threw my head back letting out a man of pleasure. Grabbing me by the waist he lifted me up onto the desk so I was sat facing him, as he stood between my legs I shrugged my blouse free from my shoulders as he pulled my lace bra straps down my arms - lifting my tits out of their cups and taking them in his mouth, chewing on them, I slid my arms back, leaning back and pushing my boobs higher towards his hot tongue. He continued to rub and tug on my nipples as he ran his palm down the centre of my belly, over my waistband and down to my innocent, school like silk thong, pulling it up so it pushed hard against my clit he smiled as I let out a whimper. Slowly he rubbed my swollen clit through the fabric and along my slit feeling it's wetness grow at his touch. I lay back, flat on my desk and pulled my legs up resting my heels on the edge as he pulled my thong to one side and very gently ran his tongue down my slit and then back up again, circling my clit and beginning to suck I let out a moan and started to rub and knead my aching tits. He licked and sucked lapping up my hot sweet juice and pushed a finger into my tight hole feeling me wriggle at his touch and push against him as he teased my g-spot.

The bulge in his trunks seemed to pulse as he watched his wife - a teacher, squirm and moan on her desk powerless under his skilled touch. I decided I needed to balance the score and slid from the desk onto my knees. Lifting my arms up I pulled his waistband down letting his trunks drop to the floor and his almighty cock spring free almost hitting me in the face. Taking it in both my hands I ran a manicured hand up his shaft as the other cupped his balls, looking up I smiled mischievous as this strong man relented at my touch. I ran the tip of my tongue along the edge of his long shaft and squeezing this balls softly he took a sharp intake of breath, steadying himself against the desk as I wrapped my tongue around his girth and enveloping my lips over his end, as my head descending down his delicious cock his hand rested on my back at the base of my neck, I continued to suck and lick his cock as hard as I could manage, fighting the retch as his long rod hit the back of my throat, the resting hand tightened against my neck and he ran his hand up my hairline to my ponytail which as I grazed my teeth down his shaft he gripped tightly pulling my band out, letting my long dark brown hair cascade down my back and over my rock hard nipples, moving his hands down and under my armpits he lifted me roughly up, meeting my lips with urgent hard kissing, he pushed two fingers up into my soaking pussy making me gasp and moan at the same time.

Rolling me over he leant me forwards over my desk, pushed my thong down to my knees letting them drop to the floor. As I stepped out of them he moved my legs apart and pushed me further forwards, so my tits pressed against the hard wood desk he positioned his cock against my slit, running it up and down just on e, coating it in my juices before roughly spearing my tight hole stretching my hot cunt around his enormous length. As he pounded into me I pushed myself up releasing my tits enough so my husband could take them in his hands as he kissed down my neck and shoulder, pushing my hair to the other side. I met his thrusts as I felt my insides tighten, my breathing was shallow and fast, pulling sweet moans out with them, I pushed away from the desk, leaning at a right angle feeling his length power into me doggy style, just as I came to the edge of orgasm my husband removed his length and fed it to me as I licked and sucked, looking up at him my eyes blinking in awe at this sexy, tanned, muscular god so in love with me.

Just as I started to taste the first few drops of precum my husband lifted me back onto the desk, laying me on my back he placed the back of my thighs against his chest as I hooked my knees over his shoulders, he once again entered me, moving in Long slow strokes, playing with my tits as he looked over my body, arching my back to try and take in more of his length, it wasn't long before every muscle in my body tensed getting tighter and tighter, sensing this heckled up the pave, his hands moving to my arched back and holding my hips pulling me onto him, harder and faster, faster, faster I let out a scream convulsing in a strong orgasm feeling him fill me with his hot cum, he collapsed of top of me, we lay there, kissing, panting in the warm post orgasm glow.
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7 months ago
Lol we can start our own summer school xx
7 months ago
i am workin in the wrong school x x
7 months ago
Thanks - really glad you liked it, ..... Would having a teacher like me have helped/hindered learning? Lol
7 months ago
Very nice. My teachers never looked like you
7 months ago
Lol what a pity, I like a bad boy in the class
7 months ago
ill be on my best behaviour lol
7 months ago
Are you a good student though?
7 months ago
if your wife ever fancies teaching me!!! x