1 bored student and a Facebook risk.

Jenny just 19 and had been at University for a year and a half, she loved it and even enjoyed the assignments that she so regularly had to hand in. She was 5ft4 slim with light brown dyed hair and admittedly her roots were showing through but she did her best to keep herself in good order. Her house mate was away for the weekend Jenny lay in her room bored, she had been trying to think of something to do all day but had ended up instead masturbating over some porn she had found on the internet.

It had been months sense she had had any sex, it wasn't that she couldn't get any if she wanted it; he issue was that she had too many assignments due and had hardly had enough time to socialise and meet a guy for a good fucking. As she laid there her mind started to race, "I wonder how easy it would be to get laid" she thought out loud. She had always been turned on by the idea of renting her vagina out to who ever wanted it and she wondered if she could make it a reality.

Then the idea came to her, she quickly picked up her phone before she could talk herself out of it. She clicked on her Facebook app and in the status bar wrote 'Men if you want a fuck come to 7a Cromwell Street the door is unlocked and I am ready' she pressed send. Her heart was racing as she stripped off her clothes, "As if anyone is gonna turn up anyway." She said to herself. But she stripped off and lay face down on the bed anyway.

Just then she heard the door open and in walked a man who she hadn't ever seen before. It was then she realised that she had made the status public and anyone could see her slutty outburst. It was too late to turn back though the man was 6ft4 and had an out of shape build her looked like he was in his mid 40's. "Hi" Jenny said nervously. "I'm not here to talk" said the man unzipping his flies and pulling down his trousers.

With that he pulled out a cock that was around 6 inches but of a girth that can only be described as sturdy. He proceeded to open her legs and push the head of his cock into her already wet hole. What am I doing? Jenny thought as she felt this stranger’s member sink between her labia; but as with any risky situation where sex is involved she started to feel an intense pleasure from knowing that what she was doing was so 'naughty'.

The man continued to push his dick in her slowly until he considered her tight fanny to be wet enough for the pounding he wants to give her. At that point he starts to thrust hard and fast into her, in a style that makes it very clear he is using her as a cum bucket. Jenny doesn't mind though as she is writhing around and enjoying every sensation his fat member delivers to her now soaking cunt. She can no longer hold it the weight of his fat frame engulfing her, the feel of his cock slamming into her and the way he is licking her face brought her to the point of the most exciting orgasm she had ever had.

Her vaginal muscles clamping around his cock were too much for him also as he let out a load moan and filled her hole with his warm salty load. He thrust a couple more times till he was spent, just lying there on top of her a dead weight for around 2 minutes.

He quickly dressed and left the room.

It dawned on Jenny that she did not even know this man’s name and if the status was public she could have any number of visitors throughout the day. It was then that she heard the door go again...

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b careful 4 what u wish? or, raise your sites and get more of what u hope 4?
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Very good