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Bored with fetish porn and stories =(

With all the fetishes that exist it seems I just can always find the right porn for me. I’m a submissive woman who enjoys serving and being humiliated by my master. It’s always hard for me to find porn that fits me in regards to humiliation. One aspect of humiliation for me is facesitting, but all I ever see is women on women or women on men. Why is it so hard to find a man on a woman? There are some here and there, but usually short clips, not really worked into a scene or play. To me there is nothing more humiliating than having my master sit on my face and f***e to lick his taint or ass especially when he is titty fucking me at the same time. Just thinking about him squeezing my big tits around his hard cock thrusting back and forth while his ass is rubbing up and down my face as I try to lick him gets me so excited. I love when my master uses my body for his pleasure even if it causes me pain or humiliation. That is enough me turn me on. Another aspect I have a hard time finding his men using their feet on women. I find this humiliating because I actually hate feet, but I do get turned on by men stepping on women, using their feet to slap their tits or use the toes to pinch their nipples, and men rubbing their feet all over a women’s body and face. Again it’s usually women doing it to men or men on men. Seems there is a large bias in two areas that really turn me on. So if anyone who is reading this and happens to enjoy making their own porn, please do something different and unique on your next fetish video and try some of things I’ve mentioned. Or if you’ve seen some of the things I’ve mentioned please leave me links on where I can seen them too. I’m about to start writing my own porn stories to help me masturbate. I’m sick of reading and watching the same things over and over.
Posted by Horny_bbw 2 years ago
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1 year ago
perhaps have you lick My ass while I drag My balls back and forth over your ass. pressing your nose into My taint as I fuck My slave's throat...