Just Another Thought About You?

For the past few months, I had been fantasizing of that particular individual. I felt very excited and refreshing each time the lusty and naughty ideas came to my head. This is from one of my fantasy, and here I give it a shot. I had always dreamed of that man as my b*****r,father or even uncle. Having that naughty intimate relationship is wrong, but it is something difficult to control as we had very strong lust for each other.

He used to teach me how to play all ranges of guitar instrument in his free time, and look after me as my parents would be away for a business trip. In one particular day, he asked me to go over to his house to play the guitar, as he wanted to show me the new collection he got over from eBay. I went over to his ghetto, the next following morning and he greeted me with a nice cool smile. I just blushed and walk in swiftly as it was raining. I was seated in his converted living room where, collections of cool guitar were displayed. I walked up & lean over the window, as I waited for him to get ready the set up. He briefly came over behind me, and whisper my name softly that shook me up. I was flustered & zoom to grasp hold of the guitar turn on the amp and sit down on the stool. He walked and stand behind me, giving me instruction. This situation reminds me when I was small, he would come over with his big guitar and teach me how to play with my small tiny fingers. I silently followed his instruction. He lean closer & closer and his voice slowly become a lullaby to me. Suddenly he just move back. I was blushing bright as a tomato and dazed, so he thought I was getting a fever. But I just denied and continue to strum the guitar strings.

The next half and hour, he dragged a chair an seated beside me. He started to rest his hand on my inner thighs, and another hand just right under my breast to guide my hand movements. I felt my pussy getting damped under there, but each time he wanted to guide me into playing that particular note, his fingers might brush over my nipples. Its getting harder as each of those brushing becomes like a routine. He broke the silence by asking me " Are you fine with the adjustments of intonation I helped you with". I just nodded in agreement, his honey brown eyes piercing through me with the lusty kind of look, just like the tiger ready to attack the poor deer. He continue to show me small guidance, but this time his hands resting on my inner thighs started to tap in rhythm to the strings I am pulling. However, I started to feel his fingers are inching closer and closer towards my pussy, but suddenly stop and begin stroking downwards. I was actually wearing a mini skirt with tight top. I look like a schoolgirl with lots of nasty desires, yet shy and quiet. I felt like this teasing is killing me, I might beg or do anything he wanted to be pleasured or used by him.

After the next two hours, I chilled back on the sofa with him holding a cigarette on each other fingers. He asked me how I felt about the practice, is it nice to jam at his place once awhile? I answered him and throw away my cigarette butt at the ashtray. strangely we I felt as if both of us wanted to do something yet, don't know how to approach each other. He cunningly snuggle closer beside me with his arm resting on my shoulder. His fingers slowly drawing circles on my inner thighs. I quickly close my legs together, but his fingers keeps going in between them asking to path ways. I stopped him and said we should not be doing this, even having this desire is already sinful and disgraceful. How am I and you going to face my parents if they found out? He briefly answered, I had always love you since you were young, but now you are all beautiful,fleshy,and desirable. All man might come running to you, to suck your naughty pussy hole my dear naughty student. I just face away as I don't know how to give an right answer. I had always love him too, had a crush on him when I was back younger and now too. I had to make a wise choice, and I had turn him down. The atmosphere were tense and everything just went quiet. He speak to me again after awhile, like asking me about my views on sex? what am I into? What would you love or enjoy people doing it to you? I look away, and answered I love S&M, the feeling of being submissive and serve had always been a turn on. Getting pleasured endlessly would had been my perfect desire. His iris flared, mouth almost open and chuntering. I thought that might had been too much for him to handle. I had release my true self. In return he grabbed my hand and asked me are you really sure about what you said? is it true? are you willing to serve me than?

Will stop till here. Will be continued

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2 years ago
Very well written! Great job of getting your emotions and thoughts across. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses, naughty little student.......so tempting to an older man......