Nirvana...Exctasy...Peak Pleasure

It was on your bed in your room. You show me shiver as I was looking at your mouth and there it was. Your hands got into my pants and felted for moisture. As your fingers drowned in my wetness you smiled knowingly and using my moisture started playing with my clit.
Your fingers were was a vibration beyond belief, no batteries would be able to keep up to that. As you flicked and torture my clit. I begged you for mercy with my broken voice...half whispers... half moans. You smiled and obeyed. Your finger slowed down... but it only mad things worst. My clit was as sensitive as it could be by now...with my wet pussy dripping even more than before. You kept sliding your fingers along my slit only gathering more wetness on my poor throbbing clitoris. My breath broke down into million inhales... I was sucking for air like a fish...with moans errupting one after another through me. And as I was cumming and moaning... you turned my normal kind of pleasure into a real torture. As you positioned your leg between mines...not allowing me to close them, and held my hands tightly with your free hand, you proceeded with sending shock waves through my body with the other one. Soon enough I felt my body was splitting in two... I begged for you to stop, but you wouldnt. My body arched and twisted...and shook in incredible strength...but I was pinned down by your powerful hand. I tried to wiggle myself out of it as a worm... but only found you rubbing harder my clit. I was splitting in twooo... my cunt felt like it would rip just from the pulsations it was experiencing. My clit was growing stronger and stronger under your fingers trying to fight it's way out... while instead exposing all its sensitivy to your strokes.
I'd scream...but I lost my voice from this harsh breathing... I can't control my body... I this painful pleasure that is jolting through me like lightning, and spreading through my body. My legs try to fight it... but I can't I am fully powerless against you... you even took over my body. No matter how much I try to calm it down I can't. I let go of all my inhibition...nothing exists but those singnals transferring from your fingers into my pussy. I feel like my clit will explose any if it's even possible...but the sensations are so real. My cunt is gagging up my cum...spitting it it contracts under your frenzic stimulation. I no longer care... I can barely feel the reality... the parents can come in any second...any minute... but I can't even control my screaming... I scream and moan...choking on my breath that cant catch up... my face is contorted as much as my body...that keeps shifting under the pressure of your fingers. I try to sit up... just to find myself arching my back and dropping back down... I no longer can take any of it... I feel like I will pass out... I close my eyes... and stretch out my neck still grasping for air... my mouth mimicking soundlessly "Mercyyyy...please...mercy" just to be interrupted by a powerful moan. I can't pull my hands out of yourse and give up on trying... but I still cant control my convulsing body... the world goes dark and light... I can't eyes wonder off to your face...they can't concentrate... there seems to be an earthquacke going through my body... like a volcano ready to errupt...I shake and tremble... and as I cum over and over... my pussy contracts so hard that it can feel itself from one side to the other...just like my thumb could feel my index finger if I would push them together.
You finally let me go... and take out your hand... just to take of my pants completely. I look at you... I try to say that ppl may come...any minute... parents... don't...but all I can do is move my mouth soundlessly with sharp whispers coming out from finish the word my voice couldnt even bare to start...
But you have no lift me up and push me over the dresser so that we are facing the mirror... you take your shirt off and watch me moan just at the sight... my pussy havent even stopped coming... you played with it so fast... that is still is so late and so slow compared to what you did to me.
You pull your pants below your knees and slide your cock effortlessly into my cunt. My cum slides down my legs...slides down your balls...and your legs as well... I look into the mirror...wanting to shake my head "dont"... but I didnt even had the you madly pounce into my pussy. So deep... that my G-spot starts pulsate back at you...I feel my cunt contract and then release some more cum onto your bouncing balls... Your cock is filling me up... and bumping into the dead end of my cunt... right into my G-Spot... I scream... my legs shake violently... I hold on to the dresser as tightly as I can with all the left over strength that I got...while you ravage me... and ravish me...**** me from behind... My cunt is errupting just like a volcano... and as you are almost ready to speed up your rythm...and I no longer can help it... I dont dare to look at the I scream out of my lungs...and tears burst out from my eyes... My breasts violently heaving under my lost breath, from what you are doing to me...and as you pull out of me...I want to turn around and suck your cum...but instead slide down the dresser onto my wobbly knees...and shake for a good five minutes afterwards...still shaken by this powerful tears dripping on the carpet and my cunt still violently convulsing...
for those good fourty minutes...the world seized to exist for me... I saw, heard, and felt nothing but unbelievable pleasure.
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very nice
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thank you
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very hot and naughty I love it :)