Desperation Vs Sensuality

So this is my first time doing this... I dont know how I am going to go through with it. One of my relatives decided to set me up on a blind date. They say I have been single for far too long...and well they are right.
I go through some major preparation. A couple of yoga poses to stretch my slightly stiff body. Then I get into the shower...ohhh...the warm water feels so good on my skin. I roam my soapy hands on my body. I touch my neck, massaging it slightly, then slide them along my breasts, cupping them and rubbing them. My nipples get hard. Mhmmm... Then they slide along my stomach, then go on my back and slide down to my ass cheeks. I soap my ass cheeks, each in a circular motion, then spread them slightly, but my hands are slippery and the cheeks bounce back together. I put my leg up and position on it on the edge of the bathroom, bending over, I wash my foot slightly lifting it, and then circle my hands around my ankle and slide them upwards, to my thighs. I do the same for my other leg. feels so good...this sort of massage. As I get to the upper part of my thigh, I squat spreading my legs. I take the shower head and guide the water on my cunt. My soapy hand roams on my pussy lips. I make sure to wash every fold, then I slip my finger feels so good. I could feel with my finger, my cunt contract and leak on it. I change the pressure on the shower head to pulsation, and guide it on my clit. Oh shiiit... to powerful. I have to grab on to my shower curtain in order not to slip, while my legs began shaking, as my pussy exploses under the pressure of the water. As my clit becomes super sensitive, I guide the water away to the entrance of my cunt, where my finger was not long ago. And I feel the water press against it, enter it, and leak out. Hhmmmhhh... I have to do this...I have to climax...or else who knows what will happen on that blind date. And I have read enough articles to know, that men dont call if you give yourself up on a first day. So I have to... I want to... I can feel powerful orgasms ready to come out on the surface. Even my anus is contracting along with my pussy. And here it comes...HMMMMMMMHhhhhmmmmmmm...oh yeaaaaaaaaahhhh... oh fuuuuccckkkk...I start harassing my clit with one of my hands... OOOOOHHH pussy is cuming...over and over so hungry for some attention. My clit is throbbing against my finger...and my cunt is pushing out loads of creamy cum that drips down along with the water and then washes away down the drain. Hmmmm... that was good... I think it's enough... or else not only would I be late...but I probably won't be able to walk meet him...I think to myself as I feel my pussy pulsations echo in my thighs.

I come out of the shower. Dry myself softly and apply moisturizer everywhere along my body...I even apply some there and twitch slightly at the sensation of my slippery hand against my pumped clit. Ooohh... I have to stop really... I do. Unwillingly I push my hand away and concentrate on getting my clothes on. Hmm...what should I wear? After browsing through a couple of outfits, I opt for a top with a deep V-neck line, that reveals the best of my cleavage and since that top is pretty long, like a mini dress, I choose to wear mid length tights with it that end sligthly below my knee. Thong sandals...and of course as underwear...I chose to wear the thong as well and a lacy seductive bra. I am still not planning to give it up... but Cosmo is right... in order to feel sexy...wearing this kind of lingerie... even if you are the only one who knows about it, helps.

So here I am, in front of the cafe that my relatives described to me. So I try to remember what they said about what he should look like... but my attention gets captured by this hottie standing next to the bookstore nearby. He is leaning against the glass wall, casually puffing his cigarette. His other hand rests in his pocket. He is wearing a black T-shirt under a very casual yet still very classy looking suit. His lips look firm and they wrap themselves around the cigarette and suck the smoke in. As he inhales it, I see his chest slightly rise ...hmmmm...oh I go again... I can stop picturing him my mind he is already on my bed butt naked puffing his cigarette after a hot steamy ...hmmm... my cunt responded... and I feel my cheeks burn. Ok... I got to calm down... no one one can tell what is going down between my thighs...just take deep breaths and relax. As I am thinking all this I walk across to a table that is just a maximum of 10 baby steps away from the stranger. I position myself so that I have no choice but to look in his direction, although...that means I am looking away from the entrance of the cafe... but who cares... I am sure he will find me.. I am sure my relatives showed him my picture at the very least. They always show my pictures to ppl. Oh well... I take a deep breath and inhale the smoke coming out of his cigarette. To my surprise it smells sweet...and arouses me. I only wish I could see his eyes...but his sunglasses are too damn dark and impossible to see through. So I do my best to not look directly at him... but every now and then my eyes come back to him. I suddenly get irritated...where the hell is the moron my aunt tried to set me up with? I look at my watch and he is late by 10 minutes... I have made all that effort to come here on time...and that guy is late. I am getting twice more irritated as I see the object of my desire finish up his cigarette and putting it off by his shoe. Great... now I will be left alone...with nothing to do...waiting for that moron. What kind of guy is late anyway? Ok ...I am overreacting... I know I am ... it must be all my sexual frustration getting to my head. S

I look away... I dont want to watch him leave. My foot is unpatiently swinging crossed over my other leg.
-Excuse me...- I look up to see THE HOTTIE talk to me. I swallow hard... the smell of his cologne mixed with the cigarette's sweet smell is now rushing up my nose and sending signals to my brain...down my spine and directly into my cunt. I look at him expectantly, letting him know he got my attention, while pretending to be unimpressed. (he is just another regular guy...just another regular...hottie...fuck...wrong though)
-I couldn't help but notice that you are waiting for someone. Am I right?
Oh can't be... my aunt is an angel...can he be my blind date??!?!
-Um yes...I didn't realize it was you...(what is his name again?)...I though since you are standing next to the bookstore it couldn't be you. (I didn't even consider it could have been him...since when am I THAT LUCKY?!?!?)
-Oh yes...the bookstore.-He looks up at the title of the cafe and smiles back at me.-it must have escaped my mind that we were supposed to meet at the cafe. I just concentrated on being on the right street.- he says and slightly smirks.
I am completely vain must I be...if my salivary glands produce twice more saliva just by looking at this... this... ...if only I knew the Greek Mythology...I would have called him some kind of...God of sex...Of desire...Seduction. Oh my god that is it... that is what he is meant for... he is meant for seduction. Everything from his lips to his pearl white teeth...(how in the world he keeps those so white while smoking...I have no clue) his wide yet refined hands...with long yet very masculine fingers. His every pore oozes testerone... and my body reacts to it as if I was some cave woman based on nothing but instincts. I try to take hold of myself and get up on my somewhat wobly legs...(thank god I wore flats today) accepting the hand he is offering. We must look like two he stands on the other side of the mini fence and guides me by my hand all the way around it. He then tucks my arm into his in a very old school manner and I hold on to his arm while he slides the hand into his pocket. He pulls the most sleazy cheesy moves right now...and 1% of my still working brain realizes it... but the other 99% enjoys every bit of it...with all this he still looks as manly and as charming as possible. His confidence is like an explosion after the nuclear bomb...literally streaming through me and almost pushing me off my feet. I guess that is where the saying "being swept of my feet" comes from.
Suddenly I realize he is leading me away from the cafe. I slightly panic, but then realize that this is the man that my aunt chose for me. And a surge of relief passes through me. There is nothing to worry about. Suddenly my cell rings...I let go of his arm, taking out of my's my aunt. I'm grateful and all...but this annoying barely a couple of minutes have passed and she is already calling to find out how is it going?!?!?! My blinddate is looking at me intensely waiting for my reaction. I smile at him and turn off my phone. My aunt should's a good sing after all. As I do that I see relief spreading on my blinddate's face. I feel like laughing... I can't believe it...I wonder if he was nervous that I will say stuff about him to my aunt. If a guy like him, can't help but to be nervous... this only gets me hotter. He is THIS HOT...and still human. Cause I was literally considering that he has no human traits at all...I almost build up a new alien version about him. I reach out for his arm and he leads me to his Koenigsegg CCX. This is definitely one of the hottest cars I have ever seen and it suits him 100%. He opens the door for me and I slide into the most comfortable interior ever. The leather sits are so soft in grey color with the black thread. The guy by himself has got my pussy throbbing and with a car like that...this really seems like a dream. I have never sat on anything that comfortable.
In about a couple of minutes we arrive at the Auberge Du Pommier. I have never been in any place like that. I really feel underdressed. As I whisper that to him. He nods in understanding takes of his jacket and sits down in his T-shirt. But in spite of it all, he still looks like he belongs there and I dont.
-Is this better?-he asks.
-Not really.-I laugh nervously.
-Understood.-and before I can react he is dragging me out of the restaurant.
-We'll be back.- He throws at the couple of approaching waiters and we leave.
I regret what I said. I wish we could be back. I mean who asked me to open my mouth up like this. But then he said we will be back. Does that mean he wants a second date? Already? We barely even spoke yet. He makes me too nervous and everytime I open my mouth...I just feel like saying :"take me here and now" instead I keep it well shut, just in case.

So we have finally stopped. He helps me out of the car and guides me into Holt Renfrew. My eyes run around like crazy... there are so many beautiful dresses. He looks at me and at once leads me in a rush, grabs a gorgeous peach dress and purchases it at once. I keep looking at him in shock...oh my god that dress just cost him 25 000$. That is more than I have in my bank account both...savings and checking. As the cashier pack the dress carefuly in a bag, he stops her, grabs the dress and tells me:
-Go put it on in one of this cabins, the cashier will remember you. I will be back in a few minutes.
And then before I open my mouth he winks at me and leaves the store. One of the store sales girls leads me into the stalls. This is all happening so fast. I stand in the stall, looking at this beautiful dress. I can't accept it...can I? And before I stop hands reach for it, I put it on and it fits me perfectly, it just occurs to me he doesnt even know my size and yet it fits like a glove. I look at my reflection and can't stop staring... everything I ever hated in my body is now fixed. I look amazing...I could walk next to Hollywood actresses and yet feel amazing. I had no clue one dress could change my body shape so much. My breasts are comfortably are fitting in the cups of the dress, my bra had to be removed. My waist line is well defined and my legs look amazing. As I look at my legs, my gaze drops on my shoes...flats really dont go with this dress. But I cheer myself up by thinking that in this dress, no one will be looking down on my feet. I really feel like a million dollars. I tell my conscience to shut up, everytime I realize how expensive this dress is. The sales girl knocks at the door:
-Do you need help with the zipper?
I open the door:
-No it's ok I managed.
-Wow, you're really flexible, usually are customers wait for us to zip it up.
I see another sales woman pass by and frown at the girl that is talking to me. The girl dims right away and mutters:
-I am sorry. Would you like me to pack your other clothes for you?
I grab her hand and say:
-It's ok, dont pay attention to her. I dont like snobs myself. And I would love a bag if you can spare one, but I'll fold it myself.
She looks at me in surprise then lets out a giggle and comes back with a bag smiling genuinely to me. I get back to the stall and fold my clothes in the bag she provided...making sure my bra is far away and well hidden. Suddenly my cunt contracts... that smell... oh my god... this smell is invigorating. I open the door and see my blinddate. I should really ask him for his name...but I feel awkward I should know it after aunt repeated to me many times. I realize that smell was his...yes it is... his cologne and cigarettes... I can't believe my body reacts just to his smell. Soon I will be like some whore on crack rubbing myself against him...sniffing him. That idea turns me on more than repels me. He smiles at me, and then walks at me...forcing me to backaway... now he is with me in the stall. Oh my god... why...I will ruin this beautiful dress...if my cunt won't stop leaking. As my knees bend at a bench and I sit down. He knees before me... OH MY GOOOOD HE IS GOING TO PROPOSE?!?!?!
Then I realize he has a bag, he opens it and takes of my shoes. His hands are now on my bare feet...and it tickles. And then before I know it, a moan escapes my mouth. Oh fuck... I look at him petrified. He looks back at me, amused. His eyes twinkle. He lifts my foot up and puts my toes in his mouth... right there in the store... in the stall. My breasts are heaving violently as my breath is surging out me...his hands...his mouth...I have never had my toes sucked. Who knew it feels so good? As I feel close to climax. He puts my foot down. Puts a finger to my mouth and says:
His finger is now trailing on my lips. He swallows hard, retrives his hand fast and proceeds as if nothing happened. From the bag he retrives a box...a shoe box. Those are the most beautiful shoes I have ever seen. He slides my foot in them. They are just slightly loose...oh wait...there is a strap... he ties it up and it looks and feels amazing. As my both feet end up in those shoes I get up and walk a bit. I never knew heels could be more comfortable than flats. As I think about my feet, the image of them being in his mouth bounces back at me. And my cunt responds to it, by steaming and leaking. I regret wearing a thong... what if all my moisture leaks out.
-You look gorgeous. Although I can't say I minded what you wore before. So...let's go back then?
I can't believe that man. He is either crazy, bored...or I dont know what. But spend so much on me...I am scared to even ask how much the shoes cost. And all this just to bring me back to that restaurant... just so I feel at ease. I have never ever in my entire life being taken care of like this. Not by my exes...not even by my parents. He leads me out of the store to the car. All while I can't stop staring at him. This is a prank... this has to be a prank... I'll kill my aunt if it is.

Once again we stop at the restaurant. As I open my menu...I realize there is nothing vegetarian in it at all. Oh my gooood... but I can't eat meat...and I really can't say anything either...not after all the trouble that he went through. So I stare at my menu...trying to decide what is worse...sea food or veal... he asks:
-Are you ready to order?
-Um...yes.- (fuuuuck what should I have...)
He notices my uneasiness and looks at me.
-You know I haven't realize. You probably ate before hand, since you expected to be at the cafe. Would you like to skip the main meal and go straigh to desert?
I look at him's not that I am not hungry...but yes...I so would like to skip to dessert. I slightly nod, looking at him apologetically:
-If it's only alright with you.
-Of course. I have been craving their dark chocolate coffee cake for awhile anyway. Waiter could you bring us the dessert menu please.-He says to a suddenly appearing waiter.

In a couple of seconds..literally seconds...we are having our dessert. I ordered creme brule...since I have never tried one but heard about it lots of times. It is the most tender dessert I have ever tasted. It almost melts in my mouth. And best of all I have a glass of Magnotta Cabernet Franc Ice Wine to sip from time to time. Apparently it's some wine meant for desserts. Who even knew that there were wines meant for dessert? The taste is mouth is having an orgasm all on it's own. And I can feel as I drink the wine some kind of warmth spreading through my body. This is heaven... this must be heaven. We barely talk...I still don't know anything about him... but it's not awkward at all. Or maybe the alcohol takes a hold of me...I don't know. But this moment is what represents comfort entirely. As I finish my desser first...I slightly feel ashamed...maybe I ate too fast..not at all lady like. He notices it too. And my cheeks get red once again.
-Here have some of mine dessert too.
-No no thank you, I am full.-I smile back.
-Come on...just a bit. I hate eating alone.-as he says that he moves his chair closer to mine and is now sitting by my side instead of in front of me. He breaks a piece of cake with the fork and carefully directs it to my mouth. My lips part automatically and the cake lands on my tongue. I enclose my lips around the fork, making sure that the fork comes out 100% clean. As I finish and swallow the cake he leans in...he is very close. And then under his sharp stare his lips meet mines. And his tongue penetrates me. And the taste of the cake and the wine and the creme brule is spreading between us. His tongue is slightly cold and it adds to the sensation. I remember him sucking on my toes earlier and realize how warm his mouth felt at that time. It must be the wine...I think. And as I think that... I feel the warmth from the wine mix up with the warmth of desire. His tongue is teasing and persistent, he kisses me until shivers go down my spine and he feels it. He backs away slowly and smiles knowingly. Another piece of cake...piece by piece land in my mouth. All followed by his kisses. He drinks wine and pours it into my mouth and I drink it all. If I thought wine tasted good was nothing. I can feel my nipples hard by now and goose bumps running through my body over and over. I really really regret wearing a thong...I feel a ticklish sensation...of cunt leaking...I wish I could wipe it off... but definitely not in front of him. And as I think of that I picture what would his reaction be like if I were to spread my legs and please myself in front of him. Would he be shocked? Would he be turned on? Would he land me a hand...or more precisely a finger or two...or maybe his cock? MHHHHHMMMMMMMmmmmmmm...oh no... the stream of my wetness is literally running down my thighs I can clearly feel it now... and his mouth is back on face feels back feels stomach feels hot...and my pussy is burning and convulsing... Stupid cunt... I played with it already...what more does it wants?

Suddenly he retrieves, leaves the pay for the meal and leads me to the door. Awww...I wanted that to last forever... and we didnt even finish the cake. I am once again in his car.

In a couple of minutes we are at the cinema. He gets popcorn and coca cola...I am surprised to even see him with that, after that restaurant it looks weird. Moreover now I feel overdressed...but I keep quiet, I'd rather that than feeling underdressed.

We take a couple of the most isolated seats all the way in the back. I don't even know which movie we are going to be watching. The shows some commercials about Jhonny Depp, Catherine Zeta Jones...etc etc. The lights dim and as I innocently chew on the popcorn, I feel a hand slide up my thigh. I can't digets anymore... This guy is driving me nuts. He sucks my toes...he kisses me cunt leaks...and now his warm rough hands are lifting the dress up and caress my skin. I should move his hand away...but first I can't let go of the popcorn...and my other hand is oily in popcorn...and besides it feels so good. As he is touching my leg...I see his face...he is staring at me upclose...he is slightly frowning now...but it doesnt look like a mean looks like a concentrate frown. As his hand goes slightly higher...he quickly pops it out of my skirt and looks at his fingers... Oh fuck... he didnt even reach my pussy yet and has already my wetness on his fingers. But what is even more embarrassing is that he smells his fingers...plays with the wetness and then tastes it. And I can't explain really why... but just watching him do that...I moan. Thanks god for loud cinemas... I moan... I can't hold it back. He grabs my hand again...and pulls me out of the room. I follow him like a puppet... the popcorn has fell...the coca cola was left there...the only thing I had the time to grab was my purse. He goes to the female's bathroom...plays with the knob...but it's locked. He repeats the same with the men's bathroom, but same outcome. Suddenly he grabs me in his arms and rushes out of the building.
He only puts me down once we make it to his parked car.
-Get in.-His voice low...coarse.. he clears his throat. And without waiting for me to get in, rushes to the driver's seat. I quickly buckle up.

And he literally races to wherever we are going. I am surprised no cops stopped us. A couple fo drivers beeped at us and flipped us...but he doesnt even notice. He drives up to a huge building. Rushes to my door.
-Come out.-he says in the same voice, tenderly yet firmly pulling on my hand.
We get into the building. Into the elevator.
In the elevator he goes to the wall and puts me facing the sliding doors in front of him. He breathes loud...very loud. Each breath of his...make my body sweat from the heat waves surging through it. He reaches out to me...and grabs me by my waist and pulls me onto him. Now my back is on his chest. He moans as my ass rubs against his pants...his swallen pants. His right hand is now massaging my breasts, his other hand is under the dress grabbing my hips and pulling on them, while his bulge is pressing into me from behind. I can feel his breath on my naked shoulder. My body is stimulated in every way possible...and just a sniff of his cologne sends my body in hell's literally is BURNING UP. I try to think of the stuff I was thinking in the morning... not doing it on the first day...not doing it...not... but instead I keep thinking about the way I desperatly played with myself this morning and how soon...really soon... I just may feel what I have yearning for ...for so long.
The elevator doors open. I panic...but he doesnt at all. He pushes my body to the left...and towards his door...all that time... his cock pulsating through pants on my derrier. He opens the door quickly with the keys. Shuts the door behind on all three locks and a chain lock. In a hurry shuts all the d****s. I'm just standing knees barely capable of holding me up. It's going to happen... it's going to happen any minute now. He turns his cell off. Then he grabs my hand and leads to his bedroom...throws me on the bed. And rips the bottom of the dress... Ohhhh fuckk....25 000$ dre...ohhh fuck... I think I'm about to cum...before he even gets in...
He rips the button of his pants by madly pulling on the zipper. In a second his pants are on the floor along with his briefs, his shirt is tucked under his chin. He grabs my legs with his two hands and pulls me onto the edge of the bed, then spreads them into a V and pushes the thongue to the side. As he does that his fingers brush against all my slippery...creamy...wetness... he quickly penetrates one finger in, then pushes my legs slightly further apart and his huge pulsating massive cock penetrates into my convulsing cunt, as he licks my cum of his finger and sniffs at it. As he does that he pumps my pussy up even harder. I scream... I scream my lungs out... as his cock is going through different depths of my cunt. My cunt is fully's wrapping itself around his's violently holding on to him...not wanting to let him go. I can feel my muscles tense around him trying to hold on to his it is leaving...coming back...and pouncing into me... I hear my cunt slurping...I am so wet... He takes out his cock...and taps my clit with it...just to push it back in with new strength. Never in the world...I could have imagined myself being ravished...with such wild f***e by such a hot man. Just the idea of him on top of me sends fireworks down my body... My wet pussy is receiving everything his got. My hands are grasping for something to hold on my body is sliding up and down on his sheets. He now leans over me...and tears the rest of the dress up..revealing my breasts. He puts one of the nipples into his mouth while still banging into me like crazy. Pleasure waves from my nipple to my pussy are flowing through my body. I'm vision is now blury...I actually am starting to have blind spots. His face appears and disappears above me... as the room turns round ...I see sweat run down his body...and his glistening chest shows beneath his shirt that is still tucked in under his chin. I push myself up on my elbows and pull his shirt off. I put my arms around his neck and pull on him to come closer. Now my breasts are rubbing against his sweaty chest. Our nipples bumping into each other from time to time. I feel climax come one after another, while he is almost r****g up my pussy. Then he comes out, grabs hold of me and turns me on my stomach. He lifts my butt up so I stand on my knees on his bed. Then he spreads my ass cheeks and runs his tongue all the way down from my anus to my leaking pussy... HmmmmAAAAAAAHHHHHhhhhhhhh....FUCK YESSSS.... I can't help but screaming, half moaning...I can't control my body... I feel my mouth slightly drool as pleasure escapes from my mouth...His tongue is till at it for a couple of good minutes and the he spits on the slit between my butt and I feel his saliva slide into my anus. And then he penetrates it next. His cock still slippery from my cum...and now mixed with his saliva. This feeling is pussy is butt hole contracting non stop as his cock is spreading it wider and wider. I open my eyes and see his shirt on the side of the bed...I pull on it and bring it to my face. I dont care... I dont care anymore...I want to sniff it... I dont care if I look like some bitch... I inhale the smell of his clothes and the orgasms just get more powerful...each one of them rushing to my brain... As he sees that... he groans and moans in pleasure...smacking my ass cheeks while r****g my butt. And then he bends over me, while still inside...and reaches out to my clit...and I lose my sight...and hearing...all sounds are far away...I just hear my screams being born deep inside of me...and escaping through my mouth as my whole body tenses and releases into orgasms.
-YOU GREEDY BITCH... -he smacks my ass twice harder and pounces me up like some dough...
My knees fail me and I fall on my side...making him come out. He just pulls on me again and spits on my clit and slides his cock on me... making me plead for him to go my body convulses and twitches in pleasure...sweat running oozing from my pores...when I have barely even done anything... but barely have any strength to keep up... my muscles tense one orgasm after another...and as he replaces his cock by his thumb and vibrates my clit until a powerful squirt...I feel him penetrate inside me and I feel his load fill me up...mixing with my cum... My legs still twitching in his hands...he pushes himself into me deeper as he comes...his sexy face contorted in orgasm...
Ohhh fuck... what has he done...
I try to get up to rush to the bathroom to wash it off... but he pushes me back on the bed forcing to stay inside.
-My swimmers are no good dont worry.-he whispers exhausted.
I laugh in relief... he drops on me... I touch his hair...I lick his neck and ears...and feel his dick grow inside of me... this is the one of the best feelings I have ever experienced. Suddenly he starts moving again in me... and I struggle...
-Stop...stop.. you making me want to pee.
-Piss on me I dont care.
-Hey...what??? no...- and I rush to the bathroom.
As I come out from the bathroom and approach his bedroom. I hear him call my name.
-You are the hottest sex I ever had. - He purse in his hands... and then he opens the window...and - You wont be needing that anymore- throws away my mini vibrator on the street.
I dont know if I want to laugh or cry...but he didnt lie...I have never needed it since.

That day I found out his name was Mark, we exchanged phone numbers and he drove me home.

Next day I found out that he WASN'T my blinddate...that when I turned off my phone my aunt was calling me to let me know that my real blinddate got sick and wasn't going to make it.

Three months later we got engaged.

Two months since the engagement we got married.

In exactly 9 months since...we got a very cute baby boy we named James. (after the blind date that never showed up...we owe it to him)
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excellent very hot so much for bad swimmers
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loved it, too bad you're married, but then again, I love married ones more than singles, they're safer..