Awkward Next day After Party.

The day after that party my b*****r and I, sort of avoided each other. We still spoke, maybe it was my imagination, but it seemed more awkward to me. Maybe I was the one who made it awkward. Since the last time he touched me, I ached for him even more. Everything about him drove me nuts. I'd watch him scroll the mouse and I'd think about his fingers on my clit. I'd watch him shake the juice box and I'd think about the time he came. At some point I kept staring at his lips for so long that he noticed, so I had to say I though he had a piece of food on them. I touched his nipple, he touched mine...but so far we havent even kissed. Everytime I think about it, I can't help but salivating. I crave him like a parched person craves water, like a starving person craves my pussy craves his dick. I have caught my body reacting to his every movement. At some point he got me so horny that masturbating for two hours straight wasn't enough...I almost cried in despair when I kept thinking that he was in the next room, that he was at the reach of a hand, but then again, I had no gutts to touch him. Getting him d***k, became an obsessive idea. So I retrieved to my room, just to not tease myself any longer. It was 7pm when I heard sounds coming from his bedroom. At first I thought he was talking on the phone, or watching a movie, but soon enough it sounded like porn to me. Before I had the time to stop my feet I was at his bedroom door peeking. There he was, watching some girl on girl action. From the mirror placed at his side, I could see his body reacting to the video. There were no pants strong enough to contain it. I kept looking at him mesmerized. I wanted to see him touch himself. When suddenly he abruptly put the lid down. Then turned around, before I even had a chance to react. I will never forget that face expression, so shoked, beyond belief. I wanted to say something but my voice just wasnt listening to me. Instead I just stayed there clearing my throat. He quickly grabbed a pillow to put over his bulge. But not before I had the chance to see how aroused he was. His body craved relief, I could relate to that, probably on a whole other level. My hands were itchy with curiosity of what would it feel like to touch him, the way he touched himself that day in the bathroom. My mouth was watering just at the memory of his musky smell. That was what I wanted the most, to touch him, to taste him, to please him, see him lose control over the things I could do to him.
-What do you want?-he interrupted my thoughts quite rudely. My voice was still beyond control. I just stood there staring at him. He got up and approached the door. Is he going to ...kiss me?
-If there is nothing you want, you shouldnt just barge in like that. Hurry up and go to your room, you have no business here.-He said as he pushed me out with one hand, while still holding the pillow with the other. I have to admit, that hurted quite more than I expected. To be pushed out like that. If only he'd open his blind eyes. I wanted to do so much to him. Moron. Imbecile. Idiot. Jerk... I stood by his door a little while...just to see if he would apologies. But he didnt so I left just as I was approching my room, I could hear him step away from the door. I hate this stupid porn... why would he watch them...when I was there...when I could do things... a real idiot. I wonder if he remembers touching me at all... or was that the alcohol pleasing me?
I entered my room and went straight to my bed. But it was early and I couldnt fall asl**p. So I went browsing for the porn video he was watching. It was xhamster I recognized the site and the rest was quite easy. It was one of the newest clips. I put it on. I have to agree what those girls were doing to each other was hot. One of them was going down on the other one. Suddenly I pictured what it must feel like...I pictured my b*****r doing that to me. The bl**d rushed to my cunt automaticly contracted. That asshole pushed me out his room and all I could think about was his mouth on my pussy, his hands on my waist and his gaze upon me. I suddenly felt very jealous of this porn and shut it down. I dont want to see that shit anymore. So I lay down and just started thinking. When my b*****r and I were smaller I remember walking in on him in a bathroom. Back then I had no clue that boys and girls were different. He was pretty small himself and had no clue either. So we end up showing to each other what we had and explaining how to use it. He even let me aim while he was peeing. I remember the time my first time of the month came, and I was all grumpy and mean, he joked that I was PMSing and when I shot him a dead eye look I guess he must have understood. He didnt bug me for the rest of that day, instead he got me ice cream and brought home a rented movie I wanted to see long ago. Which makes it even worst...was that it was a chick flick but he stayed and watched it by my side till the end. Although he did drop crazy comments. I remember the first time we were watching a movie and there was a sex scene, how he closed my eyes and fast forward it quickly, trying to preserve my innocence. When deep down inside I already knew what longing and desire felt like.
Suddenly I heard a knock at the door and he appeared in the doorway.
-You should really knock you know? Anyway, there was this movie I tried to watch on the site, but it wasnt what I expected. So I decided to forget about it. Two Men and a Half is playing, wanna go watch?
I was still hurt and pissed. Wrong movie my ass. I bet he just saw me in the mirror or something and closed the lid. I saw his body react. But instead I nodded and followed him. Usually when we both watch something we do it in the living room. But this time he offered to watch it in his room. This doesn't make sense, but it pissed me off more and my body reacted against my will. I have never been on my b*****r's bed before. For some reason it seemed really private. But he claimed that he was tired from playing sports and the couch just wasnt comfy enough for his tired body. So he grabbed a beer and I got a cola...cause according to him, I'm too young to drink. At first I though we would sit ON his cover, but he got under it and offered for me to do the same. Acting as casual as I could, I got under his blanket. My heart was racing, this sheets, his sheets were full of his smell. The pillow behind me, was his pillow. I was in his bed. Just the idea alone was turning me on endlessly. How come with every breath I take with every beat of my heart, with every pore of my body I yearned for him, I longed for him, I wanted him. It was beyond just wanting him penetrating me... I wanted closesness. I wanted to be in his arms. I wanted him to embrace me and kiss me. I wanted him to be tender with me. I wanted his attention.
-You know I really feel pitty for you.
-Well you drinking your cola instead of this.-He said showing off his beer bottle.-If you dont tell mom and dad I'll let you try some.
Hearing this, was funny, I wondered if he truly believed I never had a drop of alcohol. Not long ago me and my best friend drank something ten times stronger than beer. So I just smiled and raised an eyebrow.
-So lets pretend you're not going to tell, right?- he asked. So I nodded, reaching for his bottle, the bottle his lips touched. But he pushed my hand away, puzzled I stared at him, I should have known he wast teasing. But he got closer...too close...not safe distance. My heart is pounding stronger than ever. His hand went on my neck and with the other one he was putting the beer to my lips. Why did it all seem so I so horny that I can't think of nothing else? But picturing anyone else doing it seemed stupid, was sexy. But that sexy feeling disappeared as soon as I felt the liquid leaking down my chin. He pulled away the bottle and laughed. And then with his hand wiped the beer of my chin, but not before it got to my shirt. Great...that moron stained my shirt. But for some reason it didnt matter, as much as the way he was looking at me. His eyes... those fucking eyes, that will hunt me all night. A smirk appearing on his face, my panties getting wet instantaneously. I should give up on wearing any...seriously. At this rate I will waste a million dollars just on laundry alone. So acting completely casual I got up.
-Thx a lot- I said with ton of sarcasm and left to the bathroom. Washed my chin and took my shirt of...when suddenly got goose bumps all over...I looked around, no one was there, but the door was slightly open. But then again this door is quite messed up, something I have been grateful for a long time now. I turned off the water and heard steps. In a moment, my b*****r's hand appeared in the door handing me a shirt. It was the same shirt he was wearing just now.
-What a hell? Did you spill some on yourself as well?-I asked covering myself with a towel, since I had no top at all.
-No, this is for you to wear.
-Why yours?-Fuuuck, why did I ask. I want to wear his shirt. Now he is going to take it back and probably shrugged it off. But instead he said:
-Just in case if you spill some more, I dont care about my clothes as much as you care about yours. Now hurry up put it on and get back, I am getting chilly without anything on and want to get under the covers quickly.
I grabbed the shirt, his hand disappeared.
-What's taking you so long?-ohhh shiit. I had no clue he was waiting by the door. I got caught of guard while sniffing his shirt. Great I am really turning into a perv here. I quickly put it on and got out. His shirt was pretty big and obviously had no cups for I felt really revealing...quite embarrassed really. I could feel my breast bounce with every step I made. I was relieved once he got to his bed once again and could finally sit down.
This must have been a dream, some twisted fantasy...heaven. My b*****r was sitting shirtless by my side, while I was wearing his shirt, that kept sending me the smell of his body straight to my nose. I hope I can wear this to my bed later and pretend I forgot all about it and then play with my clit all night with his shirt on my face, being able to smell it over and over.
This was really bliss. Sitting there by his side, drinking beer from out of his hands. He pulled out chips and I even got gutts to steal one away when he refused to give me any.
-It will go straight to your thighs and then you'll hate me-he said.
-Who are you to care about my thighs?-I asked.
-I could careless if they would weigh 200 pounds alone each. But who says you wont care?
-Trust me I dont.
-You probably just lying all girls care about the looks too much. No need to pretend you're any different.-He said and stuffed a chip half way in his mouth.
-Hey dont be greedy and stop making up excuses, just pass me one.
-Come and get it.- he said and before I could stop myself I pulled out the chip from his mouth with my lips. He stared dumbfounded. That gaze again...oh man... I wish I could take back the time. I started nervously laughing, pretending that this is all just a big joke to me, hoping he'll laugh it off and just look away. But he just stared. I almost chocked on that chip, swallowing it under his stare.
-Want some more beer with that?- he asked, I nodded.
-Would you get that from my mouth as well?-he asked and poured the beer in his mouth. Oh fuck...panties melting... the idea of our lips touching. Can't bare it, so I just laugh it off and reach for the bottle, but he holds it quite far away. Not able to say anything or else the beer will leak out from his mouth.
-Who da hell behaves that way with their s****r. You must mistook me for someone.-...(I want you... I am burning with desire for you)...- Just pass me the bottle silly.-...(if only I had gutts I'd drink everything and anything out of your mouth... stop toying with me...dont you see how much I want you)...but I couldnt say that outloud, so instead just reached further for the beer. My hair was now swipping his chest, my left shoulder touching his right, one of my legs on his just to be able to reach better. I fucking can't hold back anymore... I will lick the damn beer of from his chest if it would just leak. I should stop those thoughts when my leg feels a pulsation beneath it. I am about to pull up the blanket to see, but he suddenly swallows the beer in his mouth and passes me the bottle.
-Here I was k**ding. But bring another beer form the fridge will you? Since you finished that one.
-Fine.-I get up and go get another beer. When I come back he has pillow on his lap...just like before. Does he think I am stupid or something? That I know nothing of guys and biology? I want him so much more now.
He grabs the beer out of my hand.
-Thx. You know, I am quite beat. How about we call it a day. Two and a Half Men are finished anyway.
-Sure.-I say and pretend to leave.
-Turn off the lights ok? I will leave tv one for a little longer than go to sl**p.
-Ok.-I turn off the light and close the door. I stand quietly next to it for awhile and then open it up slightly. He is on the bed blankets put aside. It's dark besides the constant shifting TV light on him. He is playing with himself, he is touching himself again. I do my best to glance on TV and there is some cat food commercial, the laptop is off. He is playing with himself and there is no porn on. This time it's beyond me, as I watch his hand jerk his cock, I slide my fingers down my panties and under the waterflow of cum, start fingering myself with the same rythm as his hand goes. My nipples are hard, although I didnt touch them. My breath is out of control. My chest feels tight... it's hard not to breath...when all you feel like doing is moaning. As I watch him like this it feels like everything is twice more sensitive. The simple wind from a window is enough to caress my breasts. My hand as I am fingering myself is brushing against my clit. I can't keep legs won't let me stand any longer. The pleasure is too intense. I see him reach for a tissue, and I cross the hallway to my bed...another night of pleasure alone, but no masturbation has ever felt so intense. Even my clit is pulsating. By the time I am done, my hand is full of cum and there is a wet spot beneath me on the sheets. I fall asl**p half smiling. With the taste of the same beer he drank on my lips and his shirt still on me, lifted and pulled on my nose.
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4 years ago
thats so hot cant wait to hear more xx
4 years ago
gosh when is she just going to rape him
4 years ago
Wow, another great story. Very detailed.
4 years ago
Masterful- getting better all the time.
4 years ago
Hot story